15 Stunning Photos Of Kaley Cuoco Having Fun In The Sun

Since she was a little girl Kaley Cuoco dreamed of being an actress and she started that journey when she was a pre-teen. Now, at 30, the actress is ending her tenth and final season of her hit television series The Big Bang Theory and searching for new prospects regarding her acting future. Before hitting it big on primetime stations like CBS and ABC the actress did small modeling gigs and had some small one-time roles on hit television shows. When she landed her spot as Bridget on 8 Simple Rules she didn’t realize it yet, but she’d hit it big.

The California native has been open and honest with the press and keeps very little about her life private. All of her boyfriends and even fling style relationships are tabloid and online gossip fodder to which she rarely objects. Many accuse the actress of using her dating life to acquire more press, but let’s be frank; if it ain't broken then why fix it? Although this hasn’t proved her best way to find a mate in the past, dating Henry Cavill and letting the press into her dating life has moved Cuoco to solid B-list territory.

Below not only will we cover 15 jaw-dropping photos of Kaley Cuoco, but we'll also inform you a little bit about her life and give further insight as to why she's one of the brightest (and sexiest) stars in Hollywood.


15 Black Bikini on the Beach


The actress most well known for her television work is pictured here on the beach in a black bikini with a cute, strappy printed top. This photo prominently displays two of Kaley Cuoco’s tattoos, one of which is now completely covered up. Right at the back of her neck Cuoco has roman numerals inked on her, but we can’t find those anymore. That’s because the television and movie actress got the numbers tattooed on her to mark the date of her wedding to professional tennis player Ryan Sweeting whom she dated for three months before getting engaged. The two were quickly divorced citing different reasons for the split, among them was Sweeting’s addiction issues. Just two months after the divorce Cuoco covered the tattoo completely with a giant moth in color ink. Her lower back tattoo is the Chinese symbol for ‘Faith’ which she has talked about being her ‘dumb’ tattoo on daytime talk show Ellen.

14 Sippin’ on Cocktails in Striped Bikinis

This shot was captured while Cuoco was vacationing with then husband Ryan Sweeting along with other friends and family in Cabo San Lucas for the Fourth of July holiday back in 2014. Also on the vacation was The Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky and her boyfriend Kevin Manno along with her sister Briana Cuoco and 8 Simple Rules costar Amy Davidson. Back when 8 Simple Rules was a television staple (2002-2005) Cuoco and Davidson were as close as real sisters. The show ran for 76 episodes until the untimely and tragic death of beloved actor John Ritter in 2005. For a couple of years after the end of 8 Simple Rules the actress bounced around in a couple of different TV and voice spots until landing the gig she’s still currently working on at CBS. In 2007 Cuoco was cast as Penny on The Big Bang Theory and still plays the character to this day.

13 Reading on the Beach

The blond actress was born in Camarillo, California to a realtor and his homemaker wife, she is of German, English and Italian descent. As a child Cuoco was a regionally ranked tennis player, she played the sport from the age of three until she was 16. She began acting in 1995 as a young girl in the movie Virtuosity. This photo was shot in the beginning stages of her television acting career, probably during or right before her run on 8 Simple Rules. We mentioned that Ritter’s death ended the show; that wasn’t necessarily true. The show continued without him and even hosted episodes meant to say goodbye to the actor that we all know and love. David Spade came on as a family member to help offset the hole left by Ritter’s character but the show’s rating eventually petered out and it was cancelled. Cuoco recovered well and it only took her two years to land her role as Penny.

12 Big Bang Theory Peach Bikini

In Season 8 Kaley Cuoco’s character is in a scene wearing a peach string bikini, this is a snapshot from that scene. Big Bang Theory started in September 2007 Cuoco starred in the first episode as the waitress and aspiring actress who lives across the hall from two ‘nerdy’ scientists that have no idea how to talk to a ‘hot’ girl. In the ten seasons of the show the actors have raised their salaries from $60,000 an episode to a whopping $200,000 an episode with a current estimate of each actor earning $1 million per episode. In the series Cuoco’s character Penny dates Leonard Hofstadter, one of the nerds across the hall. In real life the pair secretly dated for about two years and remained close friends after they stopped dating in 2010. Since then she has had some rocky experiences with broken engagements and failed marriages. Maybe 2017 will be her year for romantic success.

11 Beach Ready with Bangs

Pictured wearing a black bikini with the usual Cuoco bright blond hair cut with side swept bangs, Kaley looks like the California girl that she is. She has lived a lot of her dating life very publicly including her IRL relationship with co-star and onscreen Big Bang husband John Galecki as well as her divorce form IRL husband Ryan Sweeting. The actress cited the divorce as quite painful, especially with all of the tabloids swirling around their split. The pair finalized their split in May of 2015 and Cuoco said on “The Talk” that she knew deep down that there was more out there for her in terms of love. She met her most recent beau at a horse show and the two are very serious now. After riding horses for a couple of years Kaley Cuoco was pretty stoked to finally find a guy who shared her passion for the noble animals. They love riding together and have recently begun stepping out on the red carpet together.

10 Tribal Body Paint in Anguilla

Shot on the back of a boat in the Caribbean Island of the Anguilla Kaley Cuoco posted this photo to Twitter back in 2012. The actress went on a girl’s trip to the island and spent tons of time in a bikini hanging on beaches and boats around Anguilla. She tweeted quite a bit from that trip making sure that the world knew she was enjoying herself on vacation. This photo was never explained but the caption that Cuoco posted implied that the young women were inspired by Native American tribal paint although they’re simply painted with suns and stars. It is this kind of insensitive commentary that got her in trouble with an Instagram post this year on the Fourth of July. She posted a photo in what she thought was celebration but instead it caused tons of controversy, even to be fodder for the talking heads on Fox News at one point. In this now deleted photo the actress put the American flag on the ground and let her dogs sit on it for social media.

9 Dreams of Acting


Since she was a little girl Kaley Cuoco has been acting and modelling and when she was 18 she decided that it was time to get a breast augmentation. The young woman regrets no part of getting the surgery and would do it again in a heartbeat. Cuoco had the surgery in 2004 while she was working on the television show 8 Simple Rules. This isn’t the only thing Cuoco has been exceptionally open about, she’s also very open about her personal life. The 29 year old has been in a few public relationships and never turns down an opportunity to talk about it in the press. The first major profile boyfriend that she had was Superman aka Henry Cavill. In 2014 the couple stepped out in front of paparazzi frequently for the entirety of their short two week relationship. Since then it’s been said that the actress dates for publicity rather than love but that is just conjecture.


8 Black Bikini Stretched on a Lifeguard tower

The Big Bang Theory actress plays Penny in the show, a character who was just married to on screen boyfriend Leonard. In 2014 Cuoco married her real life boyfriend of three months Ryan Sweeting who was once ranked 64th in the world of Men’s Tennis. After being engaged for only three more months the pair had a dream wedding in Simi Valley, CA right outside of Los Angeles. The chandelier was complete with an upside down wedding cake suspended from the ceiling baked by none other than high end Los Angeles storefront The Butter End Cakery. She also wore a pink princess style Vera Wang wedding gown and was a beautiful but non traditional bride. The pair were wed in front of 150 of their closest friends and family at Hummingbird Ranch under a rhinestone canopy that shone beautifully in the evening lights. Unfortunately Sweeting dealt with very serious addiction issues and the pair was officially divorced a year or so later.

7 Kaley Cuoco in Sweet But Sexy Lingerie

Although this isn’t a bikini shot it seriously highlights the work that Kaley Cuoco puts in at the gym. Not to mention all the body parts that are getting shown off in the above photo, are also highlighted in a bikini!

Shape magazine did a spotlight on Cuoco’s Big Bang Theory workout with her trainer George King but it’s clear she works out year round and not just for her TV show. Aside from regular power yoga classes and other various workout classes, she spends three days a week in the gym with a trainer for an hour and a half sessions. Her trainer let readers in on the fact that Cuoco’s main focus is her abs, arms and butt but they rarely dedicate a single workout to just one of these target body parts. The pair will generally do circuit workouts switching off with BOSU ball abs and dumbbell work to target multiple muscles. Although she works out a lot and has fun while doing it, Cuoco isn’t a huge fan of the gym and definitely does it begrudgingly.

6 Candid Black and White Bikini in Mexico

Just before their wedding, after having dated for just about 3-4 months, Ryan Sweeting and Kaley Cuoco took a trip to Mexico to sit on the beach and just enjoy each other’s company. This candid shot was taken on that same trip. A year and some change after their wedding Kaley Cuoco separated from Ryan Sweeting citing his addiction as the reason for divorce. Sweeting was a professional tennis player until he got injured after winning his last title at the US Men’s Clay Court Championships in Houston, Texas just a year or so before he and Cuoco met and sparked up their whirlwind romance. Many gossip mags reported that after his injury Sweeting developed an addiction to doctor prescribed painkillers that squashed his inspiration to get a job or bring in any money of his own. After 21 months the actress filed for divorce but it wasn’t much of a surprise for Sweeting or any of their close friends and family.

5 Pre-Boob Job Kaley Cuoco in a Bikini

This photo was taken before Kaley hit it big in the television industry with 8 Simple Rules back in 2002. When she hit it big as the younger sister on the show Cuoco was only 17 when she landed the breakout role opposite John Ritter. Before she got the role in the family sitcom she first got her start as a child in the modelling world and first started acting in commercials. After acting in commercials she caught the bug and started auditioning for anything that she could. Early on Cuoco landed small spots on popular teen series like My So Called Life, Northern Exposure and 7th Heaven. With all of this exposure at a young age Cuoco was homeschooled after middle school. Once 8 Simple Rules was finally cancelled Cuoco landed a recurring role on the supernatural series Charmed for their eighth season. That role lasted only a season until she found her place as Penny on The Big Bang Theory.

4 Riding a Giant Swan at a Pool Party

Originally this photo was posted by Kaley Cuoco’s then husband Ryan Sweeting while the two were enjoying a pool party with friends. He posted this photo of Cuoco hugging a giant swan blow up pool toy in a black bandeau bikini with some dangly jewelry on his personal Instagram page. The actress also posted a photo of the super fun pool day featuring the swan and her two pups jumping into the water. The pair purchased the Tarzana, CA house featured in the photos from Khloe Kardashian after the socialite’s breakup with Lamar Odom. Kaley Cuoco purchased the 8000 square foot home shortly after signing one of their biggest deals in television alongside her co stars Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki for $1 million per episode. In the divorce Cuoco got both the Tarzana house and a beach house that the couple shared near Santa Barbara.

3 Looking Relaxed in a Sheer Cover Up

On what looks like a family vacation the television star is wearing a sheer, nude colored cover up paired with a dark bikini. Cuoco has always been family oriented, even in her years of fame. After signing the one million per episode deal she was quoted as saying that she’s thankful for this money so that she can take care of her family, specifically her parents. Kaley’s sister Briana Cuoco competed on television’s The Voice and made it quite far with Christina Aguilera as her coach. When she was voted off by Blake Shelton, Kaley took to Twitter to bash him for his decision. Her little sister has also made appearances on the actress’s hit show The Big Bang Theory. Briana played Gretchen in a season 6 episode of the hit CBS series. Cuoco was initially the only female that was to be featured on the show until she was joined by Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch.

2 Still Shot From Lifetime Movie

In 2007 Kaley Cuoco starred in the Lifetime original film To Be Fat Like Me, this is a still from that very same made for TV movie. The plot of the film is based on the novel Black Like Me, but in this film instead of understanding racial segregation and issues, Cuoco’s character creates a documentary called Fat Like Me. After her mother uses her college fund Cuoco has to win a documentary film competition and decides to wear a fat suit to further understand her overweight family.

A couple years before the Lifetime film Kaley Cuoco also starred in an ABC Family original movie Crimes of Fashion in the same year as her last season on 8 Simple Rules. This made for TV movie also starred Megan Fox as Cuoco’s nemesis and Stuart Gillard as her love interest and possible foe. The actress hasn’t crossed over much from television to movies, but her television success is undeniable.

1 Candid Cuoco in a Teal Bikini

On a friends trip to Mexico, Cuoco was pictured by one of her entourage in an adorable teal bandeau bikini while chilling out poolside.

She is no stranger to relaxing, or to Mexico. In 2014 the actress took a vacay with her former 8 Simple Rules co-star and former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky along with her then-husband Ryan Sweeting. The couple spent several vacations in Mexico and Cuoco still enjoys visiting the country even after their divorce.

To celebrate her 30th birthday Kaley’s sister Briana gathered all Kaley’s friends and flew them on a private jet to Mexico where the group pet exotic animals as pictured on their Instagram pages. The actress is a known animal lover and absolutely flipped over the fabulous getaway with her loved ones. Vacations, bikinis, and young handsome suitors are obviously all important to Kaley Cuoco as we’ve seen in this long list of information about the bikini-clad sitcom actress.


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