15Is Pennie Lane A Real Person?

Absolutely Penny Lane's a real person! Her name's Pennie Lane Trumbull. Some of her stories as told in the movie Almost Famous are fascinatingly true, too. Candidly recalling the time she met Cameron, she said, "I'd heard that this kid got a gig to write for Rolling Stone," she recalled.

"At the time, I was taking Journalism 101 at Portland Community College and thought I should be the one to get the big story. And then I saw Cameron, who was just 15-years old, and he really did look like that little boy in the movie. He was totally in over his head, and my heart burst for him. We were both in Seattle to meet up with the Led Zeppelin tour, but they were delayed and I only had two days before I had to go home. So I spent it with Cameron running around town and having fun. We went up the Space Needle 100 times, and talked endlessly about music and life. I knew then that he was very special, and he was going to go far. And I told him so."

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