15 "It" Girls From The 90s Who Are Ugly Now

This article presents a very interesting correlation. It seems to be that of all the celebrity babes from the nineties, almost without exception...those who ended up pretty damn hideous are pale blondes. I'm not sure just what this means for Hollywood, and the music industry, but perhaps the weather wears out their pallid complexion too quickly?

Sure, there are a couple of brunettes on this list. But they are nothing in comparison to the terrors of the blonde, former bombshells. The nineties were a great time for a lot of people. There were some brilliant babes...and some less than brilliant babes also. But that never changed the fact that the nineties gave rise to a ton of beauty that we could only ever fantasize about.

Now...a good lot of the beauty has faded, and those fantasies are all that remain. Sure, there's still Halle Berry, Drew Barrymore, Winona Ryder, Christina Ricci, and more who have retained their beauty. Or have at least found a new, and exciting type of beauty in their middle age. But don't let that fool you. Below are fifteen 'It' girls from the nineties who just aren't what they used to be. Once scorching hot, and the desire of men and women alike...and now burnt out, or faded away.


15 Jenny McCarthy

It actually almost terrifies me now, when I look at Jenny McCarthy. Thankfully, that is almost only during the Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve. But it still is kind of a bummer to be introduced to every new year with the above face gazing at you from the screen. Before the work, she was stunning...and even for a bit after some of the work. But now. Well the above photos says it all. She is quite clearly plastered in foundation, suggesting that she doesn't have any presentable skin left on her face, and that's just awful. Unless, of course, she just happened to do a really bad paint job that day. And it doesn't all stop right there. The tightness across her cheekbones, and lips is by no means her regular, everyday expression...or rather it didn't used to be. Now it is almost entirely her regular, everyday expression.

14 Denise Richards


Even Denise Richards looks sad about Denise Richards now. This was a woman who stripped down, and made out with Neve Campbell, during a nighttime dip in the pool in Wild Things back in 1998. She was even the somewhat uptight, extraordinarily sharp love interest in Starship Troopers! Not that you'd be able to see from the shot above, but Richards may have overlooked doing some research when it came to getting her boob job, and they ended up larger than she wanted. When she went to get a reduction from another doctor, they got even that happened is anyone's guess. All the same, almost from the get go, Richards has regretted any cosmetic cutting she has had done to herself. And nowhere does that show more than her overwhelmingly tightened, and saddened face. Even when smiling, her incredibly stunning eyes look incredibly morose. It truly is heartbreaking.

13 Tori Spelling

How is this Tori Spelling!? I actually struggle to recognize her in this photo. And wouldn't have accepted it was her without cross-referencing several sources. To be fair, it's not like she was the most smoking girl on Beverley Hills 90210, but she was by no means bad looking. And she even got better looking when it came to Scream 2, and Scary Movie 2 (even though she played a parody of herself in both films). The pregnant woman above hardly resembles any iteration one may have seen of Spelling, in any show or film. That could be because of the aging cosmetic work done to her face though. But, in her defense, the only regret she ever vocalized about any surgical work was her breasts. It turns out that shoving balloons in there negatively effects breast feeding. Who knew? Either way, she may not have been on your To Do List before, but she's certainly not making it there now.

12 Courtney Love


Apparently abusing heroin, and exploiting one's dead husband's private life ends up taking its toll on some people. Courtney Love, otherwise known as Kurt Cobain's widow, or that singer from that 90s band you either haven't heard of, or listened to in over a decade. Love got a face lift at age thirty five, and while that may have helped her seems like her face is beginning to fall. But good for her all the same. Her face did manage to outlast her career at least. That's got to be a bonus. When she was rocking out in a grunge band of her own, and probably banging groupies left, right, and centre, she didn't look all that bad. But the drug abuse, and some other pretty awful life decisions seem to not have done her any good. Now into her fifties, she's got the look of a strung out, and disoriented soccer mom.

11 Yasmine Bleeth

For those who have, or had no idea who Yasmine Bleeth is...well the photo above should be able to educate you. Once upon a time, she was a smoking hot brunette, with dazzling blue eyes, and a role on the hilariously silly, and exploitative television show, Bay Watch. But now, of course, as you look above, you can also see what Yasmine Bleeth is today. There is a bit of a difference. And sure, she is much heavier set, she's not as nicely proportioned as she was, and her hair looks a trifle less taken care of. But there's something different about the way she looks as compared to the other ladies in this article. She may not be attractive anymore, but she does actually look like a normal, everyday person. She doesn't look like someone made of plastic, or someone who has been melted in the sun, to have their skin stretch far too tightly over their face. She looks real. Unrecognizable, but real.

10 Tara Reid


Ok...that is more than terrifying. To think that Tara Reid was one of the hot girlfriends in American Pie, and she even graced the cover of Playboy. Sure, Hugh Hefner might not want much fat on his bunnies...but they have to have some. Reid is not many lacking meals away from looking like an actual victim of starvation. If you couldn't see every single, sharpened detail of her neck, there might be some attraction there. It's not often that a celebrity goes intensely then after their career has already faded. Usually, as one can see from many of the other photos in this article, they get bigger. Tara Reid is at risk for disappearing almost entirely. And not because of her flopped acting career. Because there is literally almost nothing left to her. An intervention or something of the like needs to happen here. No one deserves this.

9 Britney Spears

Remember when Britney said "hit me baby, one more time"? Well it seems like that might have happened more than one too many times. She used to be that hot, schoolgirl-outfit-wearing singer, and dancer. Every teenage (and creepy adult) male wanted her to do it again. Then she really went downhill in a bad way. Fame, drugs...all the usual suspects of stardom got in the way of her continuing career. She started dressing sluttier, and sluttier. So much so that it embarrassed even Madonna (and that's saying a lot)! Then the head-shaving, and all manner of depressive, near suicidal episodes. It was indeed a sad story. And for a time, after she recovered from the horror that was her failing career, she really looked good. But now it all is really catching up with her. The lines, the desperate need for makeup...the use of way too much makeup. It's sad to lose those youthful daydreams to terrifying photos like this.


8 Kate Moss


Kate is only forty three now. She started her modelling career back when she was only fourteen years old. That's not exactly a surprising age for a model to start up. However, it's clear that so many years in the business has begun to take its toll on Moss. Of course, the above photograph may be a bit unfair to Moss. It could have been taken at just the wrong time. Or she could be totally wrecked out of her mind. Either way, it is by no means a flattering photograph. And one can find many shots of her where she is still gorgeous, relatively speaking. But given today's obsession with the use of Photoshop, how can anyone trust that she really is that striking still. Especially with unedited images like the one above? But, of course, modelling has always been a rough business.

7 Sharon Stone

When she wasn't worrying about breaking up Wes Craven's marriage, Sharon Stone was starring in films like Basic Instinct, Casino, and the original Total Recall. She was a babe back then, for sure. She's one of the few women who have fought against the idea of having plastic surgery. That is admirable. But of course then there is every news outlet saying that she has at least had face fillers. And let's be honest here. With or without, her receding hairline, and tufts of white are probably more than enough to dissuade a guy from going there anyway. So what it hardly matters whether or not she's had any work done. But hey, if nothing else, she still has great who wants to bet on whether or not those are real?

6 Michelle Pfeiffer


Tim Burton's Catwoman. Meeeeoooooow! Also Al Pacino's moll in Scarface. Michelle Pfeiffer was a hot, hot tamale! And you know what? She might still be the most attractive woman in this article. To look at her photo, it might be too much to say she's ugly. But age has certainly caught up with her. But hey, she's  "all for a little something here and there - fine". She's not opposed to plastic surgery. And to look at her, she may very well not have had much work done, if any. But given the fading smoking heat from her prime, we should all be afraid of what she could look like in five years. "When people don’t look like themselves anymore, that’s when you kind of go, 'Oooh,' and it’s kind of sad." Here's hoping she remembers she said that!

5 Courteney Cox

It's almost painful to see Courteney Cox this way. And there's even more to that... She's horrified herself. Unfortunately it was just too late for her by the time she reached the conclusion that cosmetic enhancement was bad. She apparently didn't get surgery though, so maybe all of those injections will eventually dissipate, and we'll have the mostly real Courteney Cox back again. But damn... The way her mouth seems eternally sealed shut is just all sorts of sadness. Try to remember Cox from the ridiculous sitcom, Friends. She was gorgeous. Not to mention the Bruce Springsteen music video before that, and the Scream series after. There was a point in time that Courteney lost perspective, and thought she could beat her biological clock... But she was wrong. Of course, she has a stubborn hope that the effects of the work she has had done will not be permanent. But let's be realistic: she'll never be what she was, and that's actually just the way life is.

4 Pamela Anderson


Goodness gracious. When I started this article, my roommate peered over my shoulder, and wouldn't believe me that this is Pamela Anderson. Another former Baywatch babe, Anderson has had quite a career. And considering that it has been almost solely based upon her looks, one might be right ready to say that it is essentially over. No one is a stranger to the notion that Anderson, of all the women on this list, has had a few surgeries over the years (not to mention a few sex tapes as well). But there can't be too many who would want to shoot a sex tape with Anderson now. Not unless for her money at any rate. And surely that's a dwindling resource for a woman who made her fortune just by being beautiful...and by sleeping with the right people at the right time.

3 Kim Basinger

Ok, you know what? Kim Basinger looks pretty damned good considering she's 63. But unless you want to say she's a GILF (Grandma I'd Like to F*ck)... She's still probably not making the list of hotties from the nineties you'd want to nail. Even with the face lift she's certainly drooping a bit. That double chin might be a hint. And I'm still wondering if that's five-0-clock shadow on parts of her face, or just poor lighting from the shoot itself. And painted eyebrows...this probably could've been mentioned a few times already. But painted eyebrows really don't make for a pretty face. Especially not one that shouldn't have such dark eyebrows anymore. And why? Because she's 63! Again, she's not doing too bad considering that fact. But who's running out to rail her here?

2 Meg Ryan


Famous from When Harry Met Sally, and Sleepless In Seattle, Meg Ryan has long been a star. And judging by photos...very long been a star. There are some fantastically worse photos than this, but not that would necessarily fit the formatting of this article. So one can get the granny vibe from this shot. Now just for a comparison, Kim Basinger looks the way she does at 63. Meg Ryan is only 55. And while she won't confirm that she's had any "enhancements", there are plenty of surgeons who have come out to say she must have. And that's nothing to be ashamed of. It's just that the truth is she looked way better before she bothered to try and cheat time. But she's paying for it now, because she's made the wrong list.

1 Kim Cattrall

Hey look! It's Samantha! In case you guys aren't up on what I mean, this is the sexually deviant Samantha from Sex In the City Kim Cattrall(otherwise known as ). She is sixty years old now. Think about how not very long ago the Sex And The City movie came out. It's amazing what they can do with makeup, and editing to turn a senior citizen into a sex kitten. However, the crow's feet, thinning hair, and tight-veined skin cannot be covered up very well in the day to day. I mean, Botox, a face lift, and a boob job could...but that they haven't is the main thing. She sung the praises of those procedures for a long time. But is she despairing her decisions now? Sure, she'll always be hotter than Sarah Jessica Parker, but that doesn't mean she'll still be hot.

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