15 Instagram Posts Stars Were Forced To Delete

Ever since Instagram exploded into the social media universe back in 2010, celebs have been splaying forth curated versions of their personal and professional lives online for the rest of us everyday homo sapiens to marvel at. And while these culturally appointed demigods amass millions of followers and make more money than you can shake that proverbial stick at just by posting a duck-faced selfie, the rest of us hope to get half a dozen likes by applying the right photo filter to that totally cute pic we just snapped of our cat. Whatever. It's fine. It's not like we need that digital validation by our cyber-social peers to feel as though our life has meaning, do we? Of course we don't.

But that's not the point. The point is that even for the icons of fame and fortune that are fawned over by TMZ and Perez Hilton, Instagram isn't always the easiest terrain to navigate. They often run into some minor snafus, such as accidentally uploading a full frontal photo of their secret lover, or inadvertently live-streaming the gastrointestinal apocalypse that comes post-tacos. See? They're human too. They're just like us! The real difference being that every time a Kardashian sister posts on Instagram, she makes a hundred thousand dollars, and every time you post on Instagram, all you make is your mother upset because you spend so much time on the internet sharing pictures of your food and not enough time appreciating all she's done for you. (Although she's glad to see that you're eating well.)

Anyway, to prove our point, here are 15 Instagram posts that stars threw out into the landscape of the internet that were deleted soon after.

15 Willow Smith and Moisés Arias

Let's do some simple math. At the time that this black and white photo was taken and subsequently uploaded to Instagram, Willow Smith was 13 years old. The shirtless dude she is cozying up to on that bed is Disney TV alum, Moises Arias, who at the time of the pic was 20. If you crunch those numbers, basic arithmetic should tell you that the age difference between those two = creepy. Those are seven suspicious years, especially when the number 13 is involved. And while there is nothing explicitly unsavoury going on in that frame, how much do you want to bet that Willow's parents, the famous duo of Gotham's Fish Mooney and Tommy Lee Jonesalien-hunting partner, were less than thrilled with their daughter's choice of cuddle cohort and demanded she delete it ASAP?

14 Harry Styles' Wet Pants

WTF Harry? What the hell are you trying to show us here, man? Because it looks a whole lot like you got girl drunk on sangria and strawberry daiquiris at a London nightclub decorated in pleather and glow sticks, then laughed so hard when one of your equally inebriated mates stumbled face first into the lap of one of the nightclub's geriatric regulars that you literally pissed your pants.

Or maybe you just spilled a drink on your jeans, as was the official story. That would make a certain amount of sense. But if it was such an innocent photo, then why did you delete it? Why, Harry? Why take it down if you've got nothing to hide? The Harry doth protest too much, methinks!

13 Kylie Jenner Risqué Recliner

To be fair, Kylie Jenner is wearing way more clothes than her average snap in this post. But for some reason yet to be discovered, it was this specific photograph of the youngest member of the Kardashian/Jenner brood that was pulled from Instagram soon after it was uploaded. Sure, Kylie wasn't even 20 years old when the pic was made public, but as we mentioned, it really doesn't compare to many of her other much more scandalous (and much less clothed) posts. So what gives? Maybe it was the bad lighting or the fact that the photo is a tad overexposed? Yeah, let's go with that. Kylie Jenner must just be super picky about the coloring in her IG posts.

12 Justin and Selena Dance

Justin Bieber himself threw this gem up on IG back in the good ol' days when he still had an Instagram account. The post, featuring five photos of himself and Selena Gomez doing some sort of sensual dance choreography, immediately raised some eyebrows, thanks to the pair's perpetual "are they or aren't they?" status. Of course that question was pretty quickly answered after Bieber deleted the post, signalling, at least temporarily, that they aren't. Or weren't. Or whatever. It's genuinely hard to keep track of those two.

It makes us wonder what exactly is going in Bieber's brain when he decides to post pictures of his ex like that. Maybe he's drunkstagramming, which, presumably, is like drunk texting but with fewer emoticons and out on display for the whole world to see.

11 Blac Chyna's Throwback

Long before Blac Chyna was a stripper referenced by Drake and Nicki Minaj, before she was preggo with Rob Kardashian Jr.'s eggo, before she had dimple piercings and eye-popping wigs, she was a teenage girl named Angela Renee White. Blac Chyna tossed this throwback attack up on IG, captioning it: "Young Chy". Sporting a red dress, natural curly hair, and an innocent smile, the old school snap hardly resembles the Blac Chyna we know today. Of course, we didn't get much more info about this photograph before she unceremoniously took it down, possibly due to her followers' keen observations about some of the celeb's physical differences which have played into longstanding rumours regarding plastic surgery that have followed her ever since she entered the spotlight.

10 Ashley Benson Impersonates Amanda Bynes

The Pretty Little Liars alum got her fair share of flak when she posted this selfie along with the caption: "Doing my Amanda Bynes look this afternoon." And taking a gander at this snap now, four years after it was deleted, it's hard to find much wrong with it. Sure, she is having some fun at a fellow starlet's expense, but who really cares?

Well, to add a little context, Benson posted the mockstagram only five days after Bynes was involuntarily hospitalized back in 2013, and mocking your peer who was just hospitalized for apparent mental health issues isn't exactly the classiest social media maneuver. It is probably for the best that she deleted that post.

9 Kendall Jenner Takes A Dip

Who doesn't love a little skinny dipping? 'Tis a joy to feel the cool temperatures of a crisp mountain lake flow freely about your genitalia. Or the stagnant water of a backyard pool, as the case may be in this somewhat shocking bathing suit-free snap of Kendall Jenner that made its way to Instagram. Upon closer inspection, it is hard to say for sure if she is actually naked or if her bikini is simply hidden by the water and the mattress she is floating on. But the fact that Jenner did a quick 180 and deleted the post suggests the former rather than the latter. Or maybe she just didn't like her hair. That's always possible.

8 Selena Gomez's Provocative Pic

We could probably fill this whole list with Instagram pics that Selena Gomez and on-again off-again boy toy, Justin Bieber, post online and then almost immediately delete. This is just one of the many, featuring the former Disney star in a tank top, underwear, and nothing else. Compared to the Instagram feeds of a lot of other celebs, Gomez keeps things really tame. And honestly, this photo isn't exactly break-the-internet scandalous, but it is a wee bit steamier than your average Selena snap. And her fans certainly took notice. The post reached a million likes before it was suddenly pulled offline. But the internet never forgets and more than a few savvy fans managed to grab screenshots of the underwear-clad singer before she deleted it.

7 Kylie Reveals Too Much

Scrolling through Kylie Jenner's Instagram feed is a fairly spicy endeavour as the young socialite tends to favor photographs that are light on clothing and heavy on boobs and pouty lips. Most of the time, she manages to push the boundaries of IG's nudity guidelines without crossing them, but this particular post failed to sneak past the social media giant's rigorous censors and was taken down almost as quickly as it was uploaded. Considering the racy aesthetic of the rest of her feed, it's hard to imagine that Jenner got bashful and deleted it, so we assume that, despite the tiger emojis covering her nips (probably in homage to her boyfriend, Tyga), Instagram decided this photo of a photo was still too NSFW.

6 Kendall Jenner Has No...What?

Apparently, Kendall Jenner is lacking in her upper deck--according to the sweater she was wearing in this deleted Instagram post, that is. Sure, she doesn't exactly have a balcony you could do a scene from Romeo and Juliet on, but a quick scroll through her feed will provide ample evidence that Kendall Jenner's mammaries are fully intact and that she isn't afraid to flaunt them.

It's unclear what specifically prompted this post to get the digital axe. Apparently there is a line that Ms. Jenner is unwilling to cross, and self-deprecating sweaters are on the wrong side of that line. Of course, it's not the only post the reality star turned fashion model has deleted, so maybe if you were to dig through her Instagram graveyard, you would be able to divine a sense of her social media morality. Or maybe not.

5 Selena's Necklace

There is nothing overtly risqué or brazenly inappropriate about this Selena Gomez upload, but it still lasted less than a day on IG before the singer slash actress took it down. Accompanied by the caption "Love will remember...", the post features a close-up of a butterfly necklace dangling on Selena's chest. As per the norm, no explanation was offered from Gomez's camp, but it is easy to speculate that the post had something to do with ex-bf, Justin Bieber. And since Instagram doesn't have an official policy prohibiting embarrassing or painfully nostalgic photos, it is safe to assume that Selena pulled it offline herself after her moment of lovesick weakness faded and her sanity was restored.

4 Chelsea Handler Imitates Putin

Back around Halloween of 2014, comedian and actress, Chelsea Handler, went after Instagram for their double standards on male nudity versus female nudity. And, being the funny lady that she is, Handler did it with a little extra comic punch, parodying the famous photo of a shirtless Vladamir Putin on a horse. She put the photos side by side and uploaded them with the caption: "Anything a man can do, a woman has the right to do better #kremlin". So not only did she join the #FreeTheNipple campaign, but she managed to make a political jab at the same time. Of course, Instagram deleted the picture posthaste, but Handler wasn't done, sharing a screenshot of the takedown notification she received accompanied by the message: "If a man posts a photo of his nipples, it's ok, but not a woman? Are we in 1825?" Zing.

3 Miley Gets Sensitive

Considering the wrecking ball of implied nudity and explicit dance moves that is Miley Cyrus, you'd expect there to be more naked and/or inappropriate posts from the former Hannah Montana on a list like this. But instead of another voice in the #FreeTheNipple campaign or something equally nude and less political, we are catching a glimpse at Miley's more sensitive side. It seems that it isn't the photo itself that was the problem, but rather the caption, which read: "And I've never felt more alone It feels so scary getting old". Apparently emotional vulnerability is a lot scarier for Miley than twerking half-naked in front of millions of people, because she deleted the post without any elaboration or explanation.

2 Rob Kardashian Mocks Kim

It wasn't nudity, sexuality, or even the copious quantity of blood present in this post that forced Rob Kardashian Jr. to take it down. No, no, no. It was the serious AF shade he cast on his sister, Mrs. West, that raised eyebrows and prompted its deletion.

Rob posted a screencap from the David Fincher movie, Gone Girl, of a bloodstained Rosamund Pike, who (SPOILER ALERT) turns out to be a psychotic, manipulative, murderous lunatic. The Kardashian brother then captioned it with: "This is my sister kim, the b*tch from Gone Girl ...". Judging by the comments next to the screenshot, we are not the only ones baffled by the brutality of this post. Seriously, Rob, keep the sibling scraps offline, okay?

1 Scout Willis Protests

It is pretty easy to determine why this photo didn't last too long on IG. Scout Willis, progeny of Bruce "yippee ki yay" Willis, added her voice (and boobs) to the #FreeTheNipple campaigns that have haunted Instagram for a good long while now. Her pic hits the protests on two fronts: she let her bare ta-tas fly on her online profile, but she did so with a topless photo taken on the public streets of New York City. And then, to add insult to Instagram's injury, after the niptastic snap was forcibly removed, Willis uploaded it to Twitter with the caption: "What @instagram won't let you see #FreeTheNipple", where it has remained, thanks to Twitter's much more relaxed guidelines on nudity.

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