16 Instagram Pics That Shouldn't Have Been Posted

Instagram isn't for everyone. If you make the decision to join this distinctive social network, please make sure to carefully read the rules and proceed with caution. Also, remember that the classic proverb, "the rules are made to be broken," holds up in the fashion world as well as Instagram.

What's an Instagram-worthy picture? Basically, anything that's amazing that evokes emotions including laughter, appreciation, jealousy, and inspiration. Don't forget that unless you're a foodie, pictures of food should be used sparingly. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself: "Will this make someone hungry or will it make them want to throw up?" If the answer is throw up, don't post the picture. We've all seen avocado toast. It's very tasty, but unless if yours comes with 24-karat gold flakes, there's really no need to post that picture. Coffee art should also be used sparingly as Facebook is a better platform for that. You'll get plenty of likes from the teenage girls and middle-aged mothers.

Pictures of other people's children are absolutely prohibited unless their parents gave you permission to photograph them. Pictures of yourself that were published on a website with a watermark are never acceptable. Try pinning the picture to Pinterest or just get over yourself. Don't post pictures of yourself brandishing a rifle after a tragic mass shooting. It isn't a wise choice to make. Unless everyone is making the same pledge to take a stand, people will just assume that you wanted the attention, but you're not willing to change your ways. Let's take a look at 16 Instagram pictures that should've never been posted.

16 Brody Jenner Brandishes A Rifle Following Charlie Hebdo Attacks

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Reality TV star Brody Jenner was in hot water with his Instagram followers on January 8, 2015 after he shared a photo of himself brandishing a rifle on the social media site. In the photo, he can be seen aiming a rifle wearing a black hoodie and leaning against a black SUV. He captioned the image with a gun emoji. He uploaded the photo just hours after a masked gunmen in Paris stormed the offices of French satirical magazine, Charlie Hedbo, in a terror attack that left 12 people dead, including the editor and two police officers.

Many of his Instagram followers slammed Brody's choice of photo, commenting, "wrong day to post this" and "have some respect." While most of his followers seemed outraged by his choice of photo on such a tragic day, some others defended his right to pose with his weapon saying, "There is nothing wrong with guns or shooting them." Despite many requests by people on Instagram to delete the photo, Brody has left it up.

15 Hilary Duff Shares Controversial Kiss With Her Son

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Actress-singer Hilary Duff got the whole world talking after she posted a photo on Instagram of herself sharing a kiss with her son, Luca, at Disneyland. Duff captioned the mother-son shot, "Happiest happiest happiest happiest happiest happiest happiest happiest place on earth! We love you @disneyland."

This apparently offended a lot of her Instagram followers. It didn't take long for her fans to comment and let her know how inappropriate the photo was. Many told Duff it was inapt for her to kiss her son on the lips, while others stood behind the former Disney star, assuring her and the angry fans that they did the same with their own kids. Duff ignored haters and never apologized for the photo. A few days after the photo exploded online, she posted another photo addressing her inappropriate post. She posted another photo to Instagram with the following statement, "For anyone commenting that a kiss on the lips with my four-year-old is ‘inappropriate’ go ahead and click a quick unfollow with your warped minds and judgment."

14 Farrah Abraham Puts Young Daughter In Bikini

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Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is used to being criticized by people who feel like she isn't raising her daughter, Sophia, in an appropriate manner. Abraham is fading from the spotlight, but she's known for regularly posting pictures to Instagram that feature her dolled-up daughter.

A selfie Abraham shared on Instagram of a then-seven-year-old Sophia clad in a bikini for an Orlando photoshoot has caused many to question if she's fit to be a parent. One person stated, "This child should have stayed with her grandma, this parent is going to ruin this poor child's life. That makeup? That sexy bikini pose? She's like 7." Another person blasted Abraham's parenting choices stating, "There is one thing if a parent is taking these pictures in a family vacation but Sophia is a little too young to be doing a professional photo session with full makeup and hair !!!! For those who say they have done this when they were a kid and see no issue with it, unfortunately the world we now live in is a scary place..."

13 Naomi Jael Covert Breastfeeds Son At A Wedding

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A mother named Naomi Jamel Covert became an internet sensation and received both praise and negativity after a photo she posted of herself breastfeeding her then-10-month-old son, TJ, went viral. As of today, Covert received nearly 15,000 likes on the photo alone. It was also reposted on Empowered Birth Project's account, where it was liked more than 12,000 times. Many people applauded Covert's post, but others weren't so nice.

Covert shared that she was “shocked” by some of the comments on the photo that told her to “hide under a rock,” “throw a blanket on,” or “pump and bring a bottle.” She explained, “I wanted to show that it’s literally no big deal to breastfeed, no matter the circumstances. It’s just a breast; that’s what God gave me to use when baby is hungry.” She also finds it strange that many Instagram users "like" girls with crop tops and big cleavages, but call feeding a baby at a wedding "horrible."

12 Utah Middle School Teacher Shows Fitness Model Side Of Her

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Utah middle school teacher Mindi Jensen, won the battle to keep her day job after some parents complained that she was posting risqué photos on her Instagram account. The mother of four became a competitive fitness model after filing for divorce from her husband to help take her mind off of things for a bit. Some parents checked out her Instagram and labeled the photos as "p*rnographic."

Regarding the complaints, Mindi set her Instagram to "private" and changed her mind shortly after, saying, "I thought, why am I taking this picture off? I get comments and messages from women that I’m an inspiration to them and these women like my story. If I put it to private, it’s not going to reach these people that might need and understand me." She also said that the parents who are complaining aren’t the parents of kids she teaches. Since then, North Sanpete Middle School backed down, and she was allowed to keep her day job.

11 Award-Winning Author Dishes Out Tough Love To Daughter

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Houston-based author, ReShonda Tate Billingsley, allowed her 12-year-old daughter to open an Instagram account, asserting that the social media platform was to be used appropriately. Not long afterwards, Billingsley was distressed when she discovered an inappropriate picture her daughter posted to Instagram of herself lugging an unopened bottle of alcohol. The photo was captioned, “Wish I could drink this vodka.”

Billingsley decided the punishment should fit the crime. She snapped a picture of her daughter holding a sign that read, "Since I want to post photos of me holding liquor, I am obviously not ready for social media and will be taking a hiatus until I learn what I should and should not post. Bye-bye." She then posted the photo on her daughter's Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Many felt that Billingsley’s choice to publicly shame her daughter as punishment was inappropriate. One person wrote, “You have manipulated your child’s feelings with humiliation in an attempt to control her. You claim that you have done this to teach her a lesson about what she puts on the Internet is difficult to remove. This article is going to follow her for the rest of her life and in a negative way.”

10 Two Granddaughters Make It Rain On Grandma

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It's one thing to visit a sick grandparent in a hospital. It's another thing to take an improper photo inspired by song lyrics. In this photo, two granddaughters visited their grandmother at Stanford Hospital in Stanford, California. It sounded like a heartwarming visit, but it wasn't. The pair began throwing $100 bills on their grandmother for an Instagram photo in which one of them captioned, "My sister and I visiting my #nana at #stanfordhospital @ making her happy by making it rain with hundreds ?."

There's nothing wrong with having tons of $100 bills. In fact, it's a good thing because it means you're rich and living the good life. But there are times when nobody needs to see how much money you have. When it comes to a hospital visit, the focus should be on the patient's health and not on your cash. Instead of making it rain, you should try bringing flowers or balloons.

9 Olivia Wilde Puts Red Pepper Flakes on Avocado Toast

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Actress Olivia Wilde got buzz for her Instagram photo of avocado toast topped with red pepper flakes. Avocado toast is loved by celebrities and health foodies alike, but come on now, it's just smashed or sliced avocado on top of toasted bread. She could've made it at home, but she decided to order it at the Cafe Gitane on Mott Street in New York City. She defended her carbon copy photo, saying, "I love it for breakfast because avocado has protein and healthy monounsaturated fat, and it's also high in fiber so combined with the Ezekiel toast it keeps me full for a good 3-4 hours. Plus, it's high in other nutrients like Vitamins B, C, E, K, and potassium."

Sometimes, food doesn't need to be broadcast on Instagram. If you're trying to be like Gwyneth Paltrow, you shouldn't try so hard in your attempt because she's not a licensed nutritionist; just an actress, singer, and food writer who has hosted a health and wellness summit.

8 Bathroom Selfie With Another Man In The Background

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Selfies have come a long way since then. Bathroom selfies are very common, but they can go wrong in so many ways from dirty mirrors to accidentally revealing that you're on a toilet. We'd rather see photos of you and your friend(s) having fun, not a photo of you guys using the restroom.

In this photo, a seemingly cool guy in a suit and sunglasses takes a bathroom selfie with another man in the background using the urinal. We don't care if you're a working professional, it's just not cool to take a picture like that. Not only does it make you look bad, but the other person likely didn't want to be featured on social media. It's fine taking pictures to express your personality, but in this instance, it just makes you seem like you're the type of person who doesn't respect others and their privacy. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

7 Mariah Carey Reveals Too Much On Thanksgiving

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There are a couple of things wrong with this Instagram photo. As many of you already know, Mariah Carey is a well-known singer who has a tendency to act and dress like a diva. In this photo, she held a pie celebrating Thanksgiving and wrote a caption, saying, "#festivating #happythanksgiving ?" First off, she should've worn a more conservative outfit because Thanksgiving is about giving thanks for what you have. Second, the area around her right shoulder and left thigh look warped, which led to many people calling her out on Instagram.

Many people criticized Carey's Thanksgiving photo, commenting that her outfit was "horrid" and "inappropriate." But like other photos posted by celebrities, some supporters came to the rescue, saying positive things like "Don't listen to them, Mariah. You look fierce." As a mother of twins, she should've known better. But it's her life, and she can wear what she wants.

6 Beauty Pageant Contestant Shows Off Extreme Tan

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While tanning isn't a requirement for beauty pageants contestants, it's considered to be a necessity by many girls. Most people would agree that tanned skin looks better than regular skin. But like everything else, there's a line you must not cross, whether the disadvantage is health issues or just excess boredom.

For example, this young woman posted a selfie at a beauty pageant, but the overly tan look isn't pretty to look at. In addition to taking a popular look to the next level, she might be putting her health at risk as she might've increased her lifetime risk of developing skin cancer. The increase in a skin pigment called melanin can cause your skin to tan and show a sign of damage. Once skin is exposed to UV radiation, it increases the production of melanin in an attempt to protect the skin from further damage. And over time, being in the sun often–even if you don't burn–can lead to skin cancer.

5 Kim Kardashian Goes Totally Bare

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Like the rest of her family, Kim Kardashian isn't shy in front of the camera. The socialite broke the internet more than a couple times. In 2014, she broke the internet with her butt and full frontal nude photos on a winter issue of Paper magazine. It seemed like Paper wanted to draw attention to itself because their attempt in generating buzz definitely worked. Since then, she has taken multiple nudes, even though she's now a mother of two, a son and a daughter, and is currently going through a surrogate pregnancy.

Kardashian has to be a good role model for her children or else they'll struggle to grow up in the digital age. She has to remember that they could be bullied in real life and on social media. There are plenty of celebrities who hate the Kardashians, including award-winning singer Bette Midler, who tweeted, "If Kim wants us to see a part of her we've never seen, she's gonna have to swallow the camera."

4 Base Jumper Dangles Feet At North Head Cliff Before Falling To His Death

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This photo is terrifying in and of itself, but the story behind it is very tragic. Veteran base jumper and Cambridge University graduate Gareth Jones took this Instagram photo just days before tragically falling to his death. In this photo, Jones dangled his feet off a 300-foot drop at North Head Cliff in Manly, Sydney. This was the last picture he'd ever taken.

Three days later, Jones returned to the exact same spot where he took the picture. But this time, he fell to his death. He initially woke up early to watch the sunrise with his friends on the cliff that Sunday morning. Onlookers spotted him climbing over the safety fence to get to the edge of the cliff minutes before he fell. It's unclear as to how he died, but Jones' Instagram account (@bugsbunnyslife) lives on as a tribute to his incredible life as well as the lives he touched along the way.

3 'Selfie Killer' Shows No Remorse For Murder Of Father-In-Law

Amanda Taylor took a disturbing selfie with the dead body of her father-in-law, Charles Taylor, after she stabbed him to death at his home in Ellett, Virginia. She described the sickening move, saying, "It was just something that made me really happy." She was sentenced to life in prison for the gruesome attack which she carried out after her husband, Rex, took his own life in August of 2014. The 26-year-old mother of two showed no remorse when she was jailed. Today, she's still unrepentant, telling Crime Watch Daily in a phone interview from the prison, "I have absolutely no remorse for what I did to Charlie Taylor at all. I did exactly what I wanted to do."

Amanda mentioned that she killed her 59-year-old father-in-law with a bayonet-style knife in revenge for her husband's suicide which she blames on him. She said, "I just wanted him to feel the pain I felt. That's the most alive I've felt since Rex died." Describing the killing during the phone interview, she stated, "I was very happy, I was very happy just to finally get all that built-up hate and anger and all those feelings out on him."

2 Brooklyn Gang Member Suggests Murder Plot

via NY Daily News

Nigel Sandy, a reputed Brooklyn gang member, was held without bail on drug charges after federal prosecutors discovered chilling photos from his Instagram account, suggesting that he was preparing to avenge the murder of his best friend, Harold Culler. Sandy sought release on bail a day after the NYPD released a surveillance video depicting a “person of interest” in the fatal shooting of Culler. Both men were allegedly members of a street gang called the Yung Gunnerz and co-conspirators in a heroin trafficking case. Despite being a best friend and close gang ally, Culler was shot in the face and body on Hancock St.

Investigators monitored Sandy’s Instagram account, which was alarmed by comments. He posted a picture of himself and Culler in which he gave the middle finger and Culler held a gun in his hand. He also posted photos of himself wearing a Y.G. baseball cap, holding bottles of champagne and partying in a nightclub with other gang members and being within inches of a masked man pointing a gun at the camera. He was then arrested on charges of transporting kilos of heroin from New York to Maryland.

1 Danica Patrick Needs To Make Headlines For Winning Races

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Danica Patrick is a female NASCAR driver who has yet to win a race in her 176 career races thus far. However, she has seven top tens and one pole. While she paved new roads to success in NASCAR, she was slightly better as an IndyCar driver with one win, seven podiums, and three poles in 115 races.

Once again, Patrick made headlines in the NASCAR world for something other than her lackluster driving, which is nothing new. She mainly uses her Instagram to promote her clothing brand along with health and wellness. But this time, she was good for a head-scratcher. To celebrate Kyle Larson's 25th birthday, she posted a photo of Larson and his son, Owen. Sounds cute and innocent, right? Wrong. It was a questionable photo of Owen urinating on a tire.

We're assuming Larson wasn't offended by the photo since he did comment, "Haha awesome." But, how awesome would it be if you woke up and saw that one of your friends posted a picture of your son urinating on tires in an attempt to wish you a happy birthday? Anyway, she needs to make headlines for winning races before her career is in jeopardy.

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