15 Instagram Pics Of The Ladies Of The Arrowverse

Since its inception back in October 2012, Arrow and the rest of the shows in the Arrowverse have been the building block of the CW Network’s primetime lineup. Thanks to Arrow, Flash, Legends Of Tomorrow, and Supergirl, there are four action packed hours of superhero drama every week during the TV season.

Combine the Arrowverse shows with iZombie, and there’s one DC show for every night of the week – an impressive fete for comic book adaptations. With all of the Arrowverse shows, it’s the characters and how they all relate to one another that binds all of these shows, not just the fantastical elements of our stars’ trials and tribulations.

Ollie’s relationship with Felicity and Diggle; Barry’s grief over not being fast enough to save anyone he loves (despite being the fastest man alive); Kara’s bond with her sister; and a ragtag group of rebels coming together to save time on Legends – sure there have been memorable story arcs, but it’s the ties that bind that keep fans coming back.

Of course the ladies of the Arrowverse are all alluring enough to keep us coming back for more, too. In that spirit, here are 15 Instagram Pics Of The Ladies Of The Arrowverse!


15 Melissa Benoist (Supergirl)

If the cast of the Flash is above-average and on the saccharine scale, then Melissa Benoist’s level of sweet natured positivity and hope is just plain (say it with me), super! Her portrayal of the Girl of Steel on Supergirl can fill any fan with the warm and fuzzies. The casting director scored a huge hit when they hired her. She's the right amount of poise and strong will a superhero needs with the vulnerability and girl-next-door adorkableness that comic book fans could get behind.

Like any woman who is as confident in herself as Benoist seems to be, she can turn up the sexy just as easily as she can turn up an infectious smile. No she’s not the idea of a “conventional hottie,” but surely plenty of male devotees were super happy to see Mon-El leave Earth last season, once again leaving Kara as Krypton’s most eligible bachelorette.

14 Danielle Panabaker (Flash & Arrow)

From the dark world of Arrow to the generally saccharine world of The Flash is where we can find Danielle Panabaker–Dr. Caitlin Snow, aka Killer Frost. While situations have gotten rather gloomy for Team Flash, it’s the characters’ general optimism that set it apart from the grime and grit of Arrow.

Up until this season, when she turned into Frost, Caitlin was one of the show’s bigger optimists. Similar to Danielle Panabaker’s sunny disposition, Caitlin always looked to find the good in people, and even insane, megalomaniacal, talking gorillas.

No stranger to the superhero genre, (she starred in Disney’s Sky High), Panaker is also no stranger when it comes to “vogueing” for the camera in modelling shots like this one. Now that she is one of the “bad girls,” perhaps we’ll get to see more of this side of Panabaker’s Killer Frost on screen this upcoming season.

13 Katrina Law (Arrow)

Throughout the entire first season of Arrow, comparisons and parallels were drawn to Batman Begins, and true enough they were warranted. By the second season, the show was finding its own legs, with their own Al-Ghul. Instead of Ras or his oldest, more known daughter, Talia, Arrow introduced Nyssa to the fold.

The other Daughter of the Demon debuted as a member of the League of Assassins looking all over Starling City for Sara Lance, who Ollie thought he left to die on Lian Yu. While her relationship with Team Arrow has always been strenuous, Nyssa has always so far always decided to take up arms with Ollie rather than against him.

The younger Daughter of the Demon has been played by relative newcomer, Katrina Law. Taking a look at her pictures on Instagram, it’s easy to see why she’s a former Miss Teen New Jersey as well as the right mix of beauty and brawn to fit right in with the rest of Arrowverse castmates.

12 Kelly Hu (Arrow)

No stranger to playing in the comic book universe, Kelly Hu is a big time vet in the genre, most memorably playing the mutant Lady Deathstrike, and giving Wolverine a run for his money in X-Men 2: X-Men United, in one of the film’s and franchise’s best fight scenes so far.

Taking one look at Hu and it’s easy to see how she was once a former Miss Teen USA and Miss Hawaii – looks like hers rarely ever fade. Even now at 49, anyone would be jackpot lucky to be in her presence. She has turned up several times over the course of Arrow as China White, a leader of the Chinese Triad both in the present day and flashback storylines, even trying to secure a the Omega Virus to auction off to the highest bidder.

Much like comic book bad guy hotties in the pages, White is always a thorn in the side of our heroes, as recently as last season when she orchestrated a prison break of she and two other Arrow rogue hotties – Warner and Cupid.

11 Willa Holland (Arrow)

God help the poor girl, but somehow Willa Holland’s Thea “Speedy” Queen was such a wild child that her crazy vigilante brother, Ollie was HER voice of reason for the first few seasons of Arrow. But after maturing since coming back from the dead and tempering her own murderous Lazarus Pit–infested rage, Thea and Ollie lean on each other equally for support and advice.

Willa Holland is actually Hollywood royalty so-to-speak, for a brief time, her step-father was director, Brian De Palma, and it was Steven Spielberg who suggested that the family put her on camera, and the rest is history, as she would soon be signed as a young model for Ford Modeling and was cast as Kaitlin Cooper on The O.C.

While she should probably quit smoking, Holland does make a bad habit look good, her model looks and playful nature showcase an easy going girl who can have fun and be all business as well.

10 Caity Lotz (Arrow & Legends Of Tomorrow)

The Lance daughters are pretty much unkillable, aren’t they? Whether it’s Laurel or Sara, Earth-1, Earth-2, or just about anywhere in the multiverse, if a Lance lady gets killed, chances are we’ll see her again real soon. Case in point, the girl it all started with, the younger of the Lance sisters, Sara; played by the throaty Caity Lotz.

Lotz is one of the few actresses that are actually just as capable as her TV alter-ego. She’s a trained dancer, as well as MMA enthusiast, training in several different fighting styles, not to mention Parkour (maybe she really is an assassin and playing one on TV is her cover?) This would all explain why she has the body of an MMA fighter – because she probably could be one! It also doesn’t hurt that depending on the picture, the actress looks like a young Jennifer Connelly or a long lost Spears sister.

As leader of the Legends, we get to watch Lotz hop through time, seducing all kinds of women as one of the only LGBT characters on Comic Book TV.

9 Laura Vandervoort (Smallville)

We can have villains on our list, can’t we? Especially when played by an O.G. DCU actress, right? Laura Vandervoort first caught comic book fans eyes (and caused several mouths to drop) when she joined the cast of Smallville in 2007 as Kara Zor-El, aka Supergirl until the end of that show’s run.

With the current DCU and Arrowverse loving to pay homage to shows from the past, Supergirl is no stranger to bringing back past “Women of Steel” to help tell the current story. The ’84 film’s Last Daughter of Krypton, Helen Slater plays the current Kara’s Earthly mother, while Vandervoort has joined the proceedings playing constant thorn in the side of all Kryptonians, Brainiac, specifically Brainiac 8.

Vandervoort’s Instagram, @SuperVandie is filled with all kinds of shots that pay homage to the both her past roles and Canadian bombshell’s natural and fashionista beauty shoots. Now, Vandervoort is about to star in the Saw prequel, Jigsaw, but between all of the variations of Brainiacs, time travel, and multiple universes, surely we’ll see Laura V. back in the Arrowverse soon enough.


8 Violet Beane (Flash)

Thanks to the introduction of the Multiverse on The Flash, we get to have a variation of Harrison Wells every season. In season two, we met Harry from Earth-2 and his daughter, Jesse, who even Wells himself nicknamed Jesse Quick. Even if you don’t know Comic Books at all, you know that’s a superhero name if there ever was one. Even though Wells tried, the Speed Force eventually bestowed its gifts on her and she became the Flash of her world.

It sounds cheesy, but the actress who plays Jesse, Violet Beane gets to bestow her talents on fans whenever the character makes an appearance. She’s a cross between Emma Stone and Amanda Seyfried; which is never a bad thing as far as casting agents goes.

As far as her IG goes, Violet’s a 21 year old girl, enjoying the thrills of being an actress and a young millennial all at the same time. Her fans get to see her having fun and being a young Hollywood debutante, evoking images of the original pinup queen herself, Marilyn Monroe.

7 Juliana Harkavy (Arrow)

After Laurel as the second Black Canary was murdered and martyred at the hands of Damien Dahrk, Team Arrow sought to fill a sonic scream-sized void. Which they found in the form of Dinah Drake, a metahuman who shares Laurel’s real first name and her Canary Cry. After convincing her to take up Laurel’s mantle the team is off to the races showing the new Canary the ropes of how to be part of a vigilante superhero squad.

The actress behind Dinah Drake is New York born beauty, Juliana Harkavy, and like most New York girls, she is not afraid to show off just how much her street tough chiseled looks matches her natural beauty, in shots like this one, it’s obvious just how serious Harkavy takes her role and she does all she can to stay in top notch shape.

For fans of Harkavy and the character, we’re all in luck–she was promoted to series regular for the upcoming sixth season of Arrow.

6 Katie Cassidy (Arrow)


She might be one of the more divisive characters in the entire Arrowverse, Arrow’s own Laurel Lance; the second Black Canary. For some fans, Cassidy’s take on the character leaves little to be desired, especially since her comic book counterpart is one of the most beloved in the Green Arrow family, much less the DCU. But when you’re story arcs usually require you to consistently be a voice of reason that does the opposite of what reason is you might be a little divisive.

Coming back full force this season as Black Siren, her Earth-2 evil counterpart, we will see Cassidy don some slinky black leather yet again as she continues to torment Team Arrow.

One thing that fans won’t be so divisive on is how frickin’ fetching Cassidy is both on the show and in real life. While her character is always covering up, Katie doesn’t seem to mind shedding some layers for the Instagram cameras.

5 Candice Patton (Flash)

Iris West is everything to the Scarlet Speedster – Barry Allen, the Flash. His first friend, first love, and their whole love story pretty much causes Barry to do some pretty stupid things that cause a whole lot more bad than good. No, their relationship isn’t toxic, but Barry’s incessant desire to keep Iris safe, no matter the cost creates a lot of craziness in the time line of not just The Flash, but all points within the entire Arrowverse.

Luckily, Barry might have finally realized that he’s a bonehead and gave himself up to the Speed Force to atone for his crimes against time.

But in his defense, if your girl looked like Candice Patton, and you had the ability to completely screw with time, dollars-to-donuts, you’d pull all kinds of Heaven and Earth efforts just to keep her safe too, so can you really blame the guy? She’s got the girl next door look, with a come hither stare and from the looks of it, smooth enough skin you can slide right off of. Just admit it – you would destroy reality as we all knew it too, just to save this beauty.

4 Charlotte Ross (Arrow)

As mother to the queen of the Arrowverse, Felicity Smoak, Donna Smoak’s street smarts are easy to see in her daughter, when Felicity isn’t geeking out or having a panic attack. Despite not being book smart, she has had an enduring impact on Overwatch, not to mention Quentin Lance, who had a budding relationship with the hot momma.

Behind the role is Charlotte Ross, an actress who has been on all kinds of notable TV roles, such as Days Of Our Lives, Married…With Children (she was almost Kelly), and most notably, NYPD Blue.

Her pictures highlight a trend in Hollywood that hopefully is on the upswing…beauty doesn’t go away once these girls hit 30, which even at 49, she doesn’t look a day over. As an actress, part of her job is to look as good as she does, so Ross should be praised for her hard work.

3 Emily Bett Rickards (Arrow)

Fans of the Arrowverse all bow down to the queen of Oliver Queen’s world, Felicity Smoak. Played by Emily Bett Rickards, the character is the absolute voice of reason for all of these super–powered meatheads and vigilantes running around. Her friendship with Barry on The Flash is exactly what you’d expect a friendship between two silly bookworms would be, and her tech prowess makes Cisco drool.

Of course, her relationship with Oliver and Diggle to a lesser extent is the driving force of Arrow, as she is the voice of reason and comfort for both characters, and most importantly, a love for Ollie that repeatedly helps to pull him back from the brink of murderous insanity.

Rickards seemingly is every bit as adorkable as her on–screen character, with one glaring hot difference, with the glasses off and the hair down, Emily is absolutely beautiful and her looks are proof positive why she’s the head lady in charge of the Arrowverse.

2 Jessica Camacho (Flash)

Only appearing a few times and landing on this list and in Cisco’s heart, Jessica Camacho knows how to make a big time impression. As the Multiverse-traversing bounty hunter Gypsy, she has similar powers to Cisco and clearly knows how to use them far better than he currently does.

But as Cisco Ramon is the heart of The Flash, his crush on Gypsy was one of the more memorable aspects of the Scarlet Speedster’s third season. Considering the show has recently cast steely-eyed no nonsense Danny Trejo as Breacher, Gypsy’s father. Clearly, whatever episode we meet him in, Trejo is going to give Cisco a lot of hysterical hell before he begrudgingly gives the couple his blessing.

There isn’t a lot of information about Camacho online, but between her guest stints on The Flash, her recent casting on the new season of Taken and classical Latina looks, she should be just about all over everywhere in the next year or so as her stock in Hollywood rises.

1 Jessica De Gouw (Arrow)

As one of Oliver’s first love interests/people not in Team Arrow to know who he is, Helena Bertinelli and Ollie try to teach the would-be vigilante, Huntress (Helena’s alter-ego) the differences justice and revenge (“pot, meet kettle”). Once Helena realizes that Ollie was just dating her to get intel on the Huntress, she goes all superheroine jilted lover, which means now the would–be heroine is a villainess.

Due to other casting commitments, fans got robbed to see more of Huntress’ story arc and also Jessica De Gouw’s perfect porcelain face. Whether it’s all her (bless good genes), or great make–up ( for our female readers), Jessica De Gouw should get an award for how perfect her face is–her porcelain skin and blue eyes help her stand apart from all of the rest of the Arrowverse hotties.

Now that her commitments on Dracula and Underground are cleared up, here’s hoping for a return of the Huntress real soon!


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