15 Instagram Photos That Prove Sarah Snyder Has The Coolest Fashion Style

Throughout the history of fashion, there have always been a few people out there who are not afraid to take things in a new direction. These are the trendsetters, the brave souls who try out new things and show us all what the next phase in fashion is. These people inspire us to live (and dress) dangerously, take risks, and really go all out when it comes to what we wear.

Whether you're going to the store to buy some milk, or you're off to a high class VIP event, it always feels great to dress in amazing clothes. It's one of the few luxuries in life that really feels worthwhile. Looking good is feeling good, and we should always do our best to feel great. And right now, fashion seems like it's the only thing left in this world with any soul remaining. There are some very interesting developments and new styles happening in the fashion world, and it's great to see these new developments.

Social media has made it possible for clothing trends to spread like wildfire, and a few figures have emerged as trendsetters on platforms like Instagram. And on Instagram, one celebrity is getting inspiring people and getting them talking like none other – and that person is Sarah Snyder. Although she first rose to fame for dating film star Jaden Smith, she's now best known for her amazing Instagram account and all of the mind-blowing outfits she posts herself wearing. Recently, Leonardo DiCaprio was seen having dinner with her, and after reading this article, you'll be forced to agree that he is extremely luck to date this fashionista if the rumors are true.

15 She Is The Queen Of Streetwear In This Black And White Look 

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One thing's for sure about Sarah Snyder; she can pull off the streetwear look like none other. Being a model and all, this comes as no surprise, but this isn't quite the sort of clothing you see on the catwalk. Sarah Snyder is coming up with this style all on her own. It shows that she has amazing creativity and a great instinct when it comes to outfits you can wear out on the street.

This particular outfit has so many things going on, but it's definitely not overwhelming. The brand is clearly Palm Angels, a cult fashion brand from the USA. The brand started off with strong skater influences, and is now pretty sought after by fashion aficionados, a club which Sarah Snyder is most definitely a part of. The contrast of black and white is especially pleasing, as is the "in your face" branding.

14 Looking Stylish In A Blue Plaid Jumpsuit 

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Plaid is something which never seems to completely go out of fashion, and Sarah Snyder definitely loves showing off this look. It's actually a very creative look, and definitely a unique and modern take on such a timeless pattern. The fitted jumpsuit ends in a corset-inspired top with laces on the sides. It's unique and "out there," but it doesn't feel overwhelming, either.

Many people pointed out that while Sarah Snyder was dating Jaden Smith, the two seemed to have very similar styles. This is a great example of why the two were so similar in the way they dressed. You can definitely imagine Jaden wearing a similar pattern, but obviously not so tight and body-hugging! Clearly they both share a love for fashion and taking real risks with style.

13 Yellow Is A Great Color For Her

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Although Sarah Snyder seems to adore more subtle fashion pieces, she also definitely has a penchant for colorful, vibrant and loud outfits. Fashion is all well and good when you play it safe, but it never gets really fun unless you really take some risks and start to wear things that you know are going to turn a few heads. And this outfit is definitely one that would have gotten her noticed.

Sarah Snyder is wearing something that definitely has some strong 90s themes here. You can definitely see the vibes and influences of the famed 90s rave scene with this outfit, although there are clearly some modern twists. The vibrant yellow top does a great job of showing off Sarah Snyder's awesome abs, and the jeans have just enough detailing to really stand out.

12 Looking Very Chic In Paris In Thigh-High Red Leather Boots

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Anyone who knows anything about fashion knows that Paris is the beating heart of the fashion world. And as a model who has worked with huge brands like Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana, she is probably very familiar with the beautiful city of love. Whether she was just here on a whim, an expensive shopping trip, or for modelling work, we can assume that she had a very good time indeed.

And we can also assume that she turned a lot of heads while walking down the streets of Paris, especially if she was wearing something like this outfit. Standing in front of the Eiffel Tower, we're not sure which to marvel at more: her or the world famous architectural feat. This daring black dress is accented perfectly by those lavish red boots and accessories.

11 Her Loud Yellow Dress Is Making A Statement 

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As you might have guessed, yellow is clearly a favorite of Sarah Snyder. She wears a lot of it, and you have to admit that the color really looks amazing on her. Perhaps it's just the fact that she has great taste, but it could also be the fact that yellow really highlights and brings out her beautiful blonde hair. Whatever the case, this short yellow dress looks absolutely incredible on her.

There are so many influences in this short yellow dress. You can see what appears to be Eastern style paintings of creatures, but there are also strong hip hop vibes in this outfit, a la "Wu Tang Clan." What's obvious is that Snyder's place of birth, New York City, must have exposed her to all kinds of different people and different styles, which no doubt helped build her amazing fashion sense.

10 Cute Short Dress With Tough Combat Boots And Braids 

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Like many Instagram stars, Sarah Snyder seems to be constantly traveling the globe, making sure to stop in some seriously tropical and picturesque locations. How does she finance these trips? Who cares. What's important is that she keeps sharing and posting these amazing pictures of herself in some seriously fashionable outfits. This picture is a clear example of why she has so many fans.

At first glance, it's a very simple dress, but sometimes simple is what it's all about. This dress is made by the famous fashion brand Fendi, and they are known for mastering simplicity and all of the right details. Something as simple as the brand name written across the dress can create a powerful image, and that's really what makes this outfit so engaging.

9 Urban Camo Is Her Thing – Especially In A Cool Blue Palette 

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Camouflage was huge in the 90s, but now it's back, alive and well again in 2018. A lot of different streetwear labels have been reintroducing camo prints in imaginative and fresh ways, and it's definitely a trend that a lot of people, like Sarah Snyder, are embracing. Camo is just one of the 90s trends which is making a comeback today, and a lot of people are pretty glad.

The best part about the current camo trend is that the color schemes are a lot more interesting than we're typically used to. A lot of cult streetwear brands are starting to bring out camo patterns in bright color schemes like orange, blue, and even snow camo. In this picture, Sarah Snyder shows that she's on board with this recurring trend in a delicious baby blue camo outfit.

8 Her Chill Skater Look Is Super Cool 

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Of all Sarah Snyder's looks, this one is definitely a lot more toned down, but that doesn't mean it has to be any less exciting or praiseworthy. Sometimes, a few splashes of color in the right places is all it takes to make a turn a boring outfit into something worthy of pure genius. And with this skater-inspired look, Sarah Snyder shows that she is very versatile in her looks.

This outfit seems to be straight out of a skater magazine or video, and the checkered Vans (which are so in right now) really complete the look. Another trend right now is that style of Sherpa collared bomber jacket that Snyder is wearing, although that brilliant lime green really brings a modern touch to a time-tested wardrobe staple. She may not be able to kickflip but she definitely looks the part of a skater girl (a fashionable one, at that).

7 An Extravagant Sweatsuit Fit For A Baddie 

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It's really interesting to see how drastically Sarah Snyder's style can change from one day to the next. One minute she's in skinny jeans and bomber jackets, and the next she's in a very extravagant sweatsuit with lavish detailing. Outfits like these are almost a parody of certain fashion movements, which makes them so interesting when they're properly pulled off. And Sarah Snyder is definitely pulling this off.

You may have also noticed that Sarah Snyder is rocking the red hair with this look. Some may prefer her characteristic blonde braided locks, but there's something about her red hair that definitely looks amazing as well. In the comments section of this picture, users joked that Sarah Snyder looks a little like the "catch me ousside" girl. The difference is that Snyder has style!

6 The North Face And Supreme Collab

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It should come as no surprise that a fashion conscious girl like Sarah Snyder is very much on board the Supreme bandwagon, and in this picture she's showing off a piece from one of the brand's most hyped collaborations. North Face jackets are definitely still very much in style, but when Supreme announced that they were collaborating with the brand, there was some serious frenzy.

We're not sure if Sarah Snyder was there lining up for the release, but she's definitely managed to get her hands on a seriously sick coat. That amazing, creamsicle orange is really eye-catching, and goes great with the rest of her outfit. If anyone can help sell Supreme clothing, it's definitely Sarah Snyder, as she makes this brand look incredible.

5 Green Is Definitely A Great Color For Her 

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We've already gone over the fact that Sarah Snyder seems to love plaid, and this is yet another example of why Sarah is so good at rocking this timeless, classic pattern. This oversized coat looks very warm, but it's also brimming with style. The green plaid checker is giant and in your face, but it never seems overwhelming. And in the cold streets of Paris, Sarah must have looked both stylish and enviably toasty.

Sarah Snyder is truly a world traveler, something she shares in common with none other than Leonardo DiCaprio. The two were spotted having dinner together along with a few other friends, and this was probably topic over which they bonded. Of course, the media went crazy with rumors that the two were actually dating, but this is probably not the case, seeing as Leo is over 20 years her senior. But you never know...

4 Turning Heads With This Pink And Beige Outfit

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Sarah Snyder's love for camo once again shows itself in this amazing outfit, and this style choice was something the majority of her 1.5 million followers absolutely loved. Of course, there are plenty of guys that follow her simply because she's incredibly attractive, but she has plenty of female followers as well who love to see her new outfits each day. She's definitely someone who inspires with her sense of style, and it's safe to say that she's a real trendsetter.

Her beautiful sand-colored thigh-high boots go well with the desert camo skirt she's wearing, and that little touch of color with the pink tank top really ties everything together. It's something she can wear out and about, but I'm sure if she walked into the corner store she's hanging out in front of, everyone jaws would immediately hit the ground. It's clear that tons of girls out there would love to have her wardrobe!

3 She Has Great Taste In Chanel Sneakers

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Sarah has always been a keen observer of the rules of fashion, and she clearly shows that she knows that number one rule with this image; shoes are the most important part of any outfit. From all the pictures so far, you've probably already come to the conclusion that Sarah loves streetwear, and great sneakers are essential to a cool streetwear outfit. And what better brand of sneaker to wear than Chanel? Obviously, not many people can say that they own Chanel sneakers, and she's pulling them off with real style.

It's pictures like these that might cause her ex, Jaden Smith, to want her back. But that ship has sadly sailed. They broke up not too long ago because they had reportedly "grown apart." They were together for about two years though, which means that in terms of Hollywood relationships, they must have had some genuine feelings for each other. Sarah is still only in her early 20s though, so we're confident that she'll be able to move on and find someone new pretty soon.

2 Her Night Life Outfit Is Stunning

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At the end of the day, it's pretty obvious that Sarah Snyder looks absolutely incredible in pretty much anything she decides to wear. And it's the fact that she can pull of so many different looks which makes her truly unique. Usually, celebrities are known for one or two trademarks styles or looks. Sarah seems to be able to pull of almost every style known to the fashion world without even that much thought or effort.

And although she definitely seems to favor the streetwear end of fashion, she's also definitely capable of dressing up and looking marvellous when the occasion calls for it. In this picture, she looks like she's heading out for a big night out on the town, and she's dressed meticulously. Some might even say that she's dressed to kill. Once again, simplicity is the name of the game here, and with that beautiful faded pink dress, the only detail she really needs to add is that sparkling diamond necklace to complete the look. She definitely looks like she would make a fine date for some lucky guy out there.

1 Court Side Casual In A Fitted Bodysuit

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As a model with connections in high places, Sarah Snyder can obviously do things that most of us can only dream of, like going to see a basketball game with court side seats. Who knows whether she was attending the game by herself, with tickets she bought herself, or whether she was on a date with someone special (someone with connections).

Either way, Sarah's outfit is definitely on point. It's not the kind of outfit that draws too many stares, but it's definitely something that is simple and refined in a very fashionable way indeed. That sheer panel down the middle of her top is definitely very much in style these days, and it's enough to give this simple black outfit that little bit of edge, which she's famous for.

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