15 Instagram Photos That Prove Gianluca Vacchi Isn't Gay

Gianluca Vacchi is essentially Europe's version of Dan Bilzerian, with a few twists. Like Bilzerian, Vacchi inherited his fortune from his father, who was an Italian business man and the head of the manufacturing company SEA (Società Europea Autocaravan). He was just another crazy rich guy until he took his antics to Instagram where he became Internet famous after sharing a dance battle between him and his partner, Giorgia Gabriele. The couple has been together for more than three years, but according to reports, their relationship may have sunk. But we'll get into that later!

Just because European men are a little more effeminate than American men, many have speculated that Gianluca Vacchi is actually gay. There's nothing wrong with being gay, but  these claims are based on nothing other than his appearance, how weirdly close he is with Zac Efron, and his seemingly unprecedented love for wearing pajamas in public places. If anything, the claims are a little offensive because they are based strictly off of stereotypes. But as you're about to see, there is ample proof that Gianluca Vacchi is a wealthy, heterosexual man, who is constantly surrounded by European supermodels. He's not gay, he's just lucky.

15 He Loves Women More Than His Money

Giorgia Gabriele met Gianluca Vacchi back in 2010, though the two didn't start dating until years after. The 32-year-old model is 18 years younger than Gianluca, which led many people to speculate whether or not she was a trophy girlfriend, or if he was just her sugar daddy. The couple dated for three years before splitting, so they must have liked each other. The exact reason for their split is unknown, but it might have had something to do with Gianluca's new DJ career.

At 50 years old, Gianluca started touring the world to show off his DJ skills. Why? Because he's probably having a midlife crisis. His attempt at selling out shows inside of clubs is similar to when Paris Hilton tried to launch her career as a DJ. Most DJs have to earn their stripes inside of local clubs, and that's where they develop their skills. Gianluca, on the other hand, was thrown to the top of the business simply because he was born rich. Maybe Giorgia Gabriele felt awkward supporting her man her hobby and decided to call it quits. It's hard to say!

14 The Playboy Life

As the son of an Italian billionaire, Vacchi has lived a very privileged life. His net worth is said to be estimated over $400 million, with an annual income at an estimated $15 million. He's tried to launch a number of business ventures on his own, including a record label and a watch company, but neither have found significant success. Don't be fooled, everyone — Vacchi isn't a self-made man. He was born rich. Nonetheless, that doesn't mean that I'm any less jealous.

Vacchi's most successful business venture has stemmed from his social media account. Due to the fact he has over 11 million followers on Instagram, Vacchi has been able to turn himself into a brand. He lives an extravagant life, and as a result, he uses that to sell extravagant products like sunglasses, and other lifestyle products. It's hard to say if Vacchi even runs his own social media account because he has surrounded himself with worker bees his whole life.

13 Just Friends With Zac Efron

While his best friend is more than likely his wife, Gianluca Vacchi has developed quite the friendship with Zac Efron. The actor has shared photos of Vacchi on his Instagram page, saying that he essentially looks to Vacchi as an inspiration. Furthermore, Efron called Vacchi the most interesting man in the world, due to his resemblance to the man from the Dos Equis commercials, Jonathan Goldsmith. Surely Instagram celebrities like Vacchi and Bilzerian were influenced by that marketing campaign.

The pair have been spotted spending ample amount of time together. At this point, they're in a fully-fledged bromance. In 2014, Vacchi shared a photo on Instagram of him and "Z" riding horses on the beach with their shirts off. Afterward, the pair showed off their synchronized diving skills off of a yacht. It was a video that you would expect two high-school girls to share on Snapchat during their first weekend away from their parents.

12 Pulling Her Close

When reporters asked Giorgia Gabriele about how she first became interested in Gianluca Vacchi, she said that it definitely wasn't love at first sight. In a surprisingly honest interview, Gabriele said that there are many things she likes about Vacch, and that she would be a hypocrite if she said that his money doesn't matter to her. I'm sure that this isn't news to Vacchi, but he loves her all the same.

As you've probably seen, Vacchi has more tattoos than your average multi-millionaire. He has a tattoo on his hand dedicated to Giorgia, which reads "ti amo mia." Ti amo means "I love you" and "mia" refers to Georgia. We're wondering if Vacchi is going to get that tattoo removed now that him and Georgia have permanently split. Then again, maybe he could just start dating girls named Mia!

11 Getting Old

Gianluca Vacchi is now worth hundreds of millions of dollars, but it wasn't always that way. According to Vacchi, he was broke in his late 20s and had "more debts than money." Somehow, Vacchi was able to turn his financial woes around within a decade and was back to living the high life. But even though he looks happy on Instagram, Vacchi insists that he isn't.

In an interview, Vacchi said, "I am not happy because I'm very critical with myself. So I can be happy for 10 minutes. But on the eleventh minute comes a new question to myself. so I'm not a happy man on a constant basis, I am just a happy man sometimes." In the same interview, Vacchi said that he was afraid of getting old and would resort to getting plastic surgery if he feels like he needs to. His body looks great for someone 50 years of age, but it's only a matter of time before he tries to keep the wrinkles off his face.

10 Living It Up

What's fascinating about Vacchi is that most people wouldn't consider him to be flaunting his wealth around. In reality, that's what he's doing. But many people have noticed that Gianluca Vacchi, though he spends most of his time crafting the perfect Instagram photo or video, it seems like he has a genuine love of life. He (apparently) lives his life like a 14-year-old boy would if you gave him a billion dollars. It's charming.

The average person has no reason to like Gianluca Vacchi, but his reach on Instagram is almost unprecedented. He's impacting people's lives around the world, allowing them to live vicariously through every single one of his posts. Who cares if they're fake? The man looks like he's having fun and living life to the fullest. We would all do the exact same thing if we were in his position.

9 Money And Women

In early 2017, Vacchi almost passed away from a bacterial infection. The exact circumstances involving the infection are uncertain, but in an Instagram post he wrote, "When you risk your life, everything has more value, the grass is more green and the sky is clearer." He later added that Giorgia Gabriele helped him through the difficult time in his life, and now it seems like he's dead set on living life to the fullest.

Besides having a love for money, Vacchi has a love for material possessions. When asked if there was anything he collected, Vacchi jokingly said that he collected women. But, in the same interview, Vacchi almost fueled his rumors about his s*xuality by saying "To tell you a secret, I only wear women's watches, very little ones, especially from Cartier which I love. Then I wear lots of bracelets! I have bracelets everywhere. I'm not the last of the mohicans, but the last of the dandies."

8 They Were Once In Love

When asked if he had ever suffered for love, Gianluca Vacchi said "We always do! It's not normal if we don't. Any fantastic thing in life brings with it a negative side. And of course, I'm jealous. If a man is in love, he's jealous." Could he and Giorgia have called it quits because he was getting too jealous of her flirting with men, or maybe she was getting too jealous of him flirting with women? It will probably remain a mystery. It's such a shame, too. They could have been Instagram's hottest couple.

After dating for years, the couple had a pseudo-engagement but they never made any public plans for a marriage. That said, the couple discussed having a child together one day. Gabriele said that it's every woman's dream to be a mother. With everything seemingly going right for them, why did they break up? Could it have had something to do with one of them changing their mind about wanting children?

7 Lots Of Time On His Hands

Growing up, Gianluca Vacchi had an extraordinary childhood. His father was a billionaire, which meant that Vacchi was able to pursue his passions. One of those passions, was making music. As a child, he received piano lessons from his grandmother, who was a piano teacher. Somewhere down the line, Vacchi stopped pursuing music for most of his life and instead stepped into his father's role at S.E.A.

We're not entirely sure what Vacchi does for the company, but he has an awful lot of free time on his hands. Since becoming an Instagram celebrity, Vacchi found the time to comment on the 2016 American election. When asked about Trump, Vacchi said he believed that Trump was a "revolutionary spirit" and that he "broke the veil of bourgeois respectability, of hypocrisy." We're not quite sure what that means.

6 Looking Comfortable With A Beautiful Woman In Bed

Gianluca Vacchi is what you would call a lifestyle guru. Essentially, he's made sharing his extravagant life into a brand by sharing photos on Instagram. When people see him lounging on yachts, driving motorcycles, riding in private jets, or hanging out with Zac Efron, people get jealous. Everyone wants to live Vacchi's life because he's constantly flexing on social media.

Some times, Vacchi takes his lifestyle to the next level. In one of his Instagram videos, Vacchi was seen riding a jet ski while wearing a suit. The caption read, "In life it doesn't matter what you drive, it's how you drive it that makes the difference. Enjoy." Not only is he rich enough to own a nice jet ski, he's also able to ruin a stylish suit just for the fun of it.

5 Posing Like An Everyday Couple

They aren't a couple. This was just a photo that Gianluca Vacchi took with reporter Aicha Nicole for her website. In the interview, Gianluca disclosed a number of previously private details about his life, and what it's actually like to live his life. What he said might shock you.

In the interview, Gianluca was asked if there was anything that he desired but couldn't have. Instead of joking like he had with other questions during the interview, he responded by saying, "I would like to be less pretending with myself, but that's the engine that keeps me running. I don't wish for any material things, because thank God, I have so many! I would love to be more serene because sometimes I really push myself." If you've ever had the debate in your head about what you should and shouldn't post on Instagram, imagine how stressful it must be for someone with millions of followers!

4 Always Looking For More

Rich people are almost always adrenaline junkies. When you have all the money in the world you can do just about whatever you want, so it gets hard to find fun things to do. Gianluca Vacchi is no exception. In fact, he's one of the biggest social media adrenaline junkies that we've ever seen. Seriously. He's been worth hundreds of millions of dollars since he was born. He's probably done it all.

His most famous stunt involved standing on a Harley Davidson, in pajamas, while driving through a curved hillside. And that wasn't enough for him, either. Vacchi has posted videos of him hanging off his boat's boom, as well as videos where he's riding a bicycle underwater at the bottom of a pool. Why? Because he's crazy, that's why. If he keeps upping his antics, he's eventually going to be one of those lunatics that skydive without a parachute attached to their backs.

3 He Really Loves Dancing

As previously mentioned, Gianluca Vacchi became Internet famous after a video of him and his lady dancing on a yacht went viral. After that video, Vacchi has continued to share his love for dance by posting countless videos of him dancing with beautiful women on yachts. It's to the point where most people are convinced this is what he does all day, every day. It's probably how he maintains his physique.

Since becoming an Internet celebrity, \Vacchi announced that he was going to start working as a DJ. His most recent song is called "Viento" and was released in the summer of 2017. To be honest, it's a pretty good song and the music video is essentially just Vacchi dancing on a boat with beautiful women. Most people would say the video was unrealistic, but we all know that Vacchi loves to dance on his yacht. As you can see from the photo above, he's no stranger to holding dance parties out on open water.

2 He's Always Surrounded By Women

Though he became famous for dancing with Italian supermodel Giorgia Gabriele, Gianluca Vacchi has now become known as the European Dan Bilzerian. His Instagram account went from 1.2 million followers to over 11 million in a short time. Whether or not he paid for those followers or people have fallen in love with his lavish lifestyle is unknown.

Since rising to fame, people have speculated that Gianluca Vacchi is gay, but if we can judge his sexuality by the photo above, he is as straight as an arrow. It seems that the more famous he gets, the more beautiful women he surrounds himself with. His girlfriend, Giorgia Gabriele, probably wasn't too happy with how touchy Gianluca has gotten with women, as the couple announced that they had ended their relationship after three years. The news came in July 2017, and Gianluca seems absolutely unphased. When you have hundreds of millions of dollars to your name, it isn't too hard to find someone to keep you company.

1 Women Follow Him Everywhere These Days

This photo, taken of Gianluca by the paparazzi, shows what the Instagram star looks like without the power of Photoshop. It's a candid photo that reveals Gianluca is in shape, but he's still a 50-year-old man. He isn't as shredded in this photo as he is on his Instagram account because it's just not possible for his body to not look aged. He's almost a senior citizen for crying out loud!

Many Instagram celebrities have spoken out about their use of image editing software so that they can create an edited version of themselves to share online. Other Instagram stars have revealed how much work actually goes into crafting the perfect post. Some say that they can be posing in front of a mirror for hours or tweaking the image with Photoshop to meet their fans unrealistic standards. As you can see here, Gianluca is no exception. That said, he still looks great for his age!

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