15 Instagram Celebs With Hot Fashion Style Who Are Paid More Than 6 Digits Per Post

Did you know that you could actually earn money while you are glued to your phone? For the uninitiated, everyone has the chance to earn money while sitting on a chair and posting on social media platforms. In today's digital world, digital fame is not the only thing that is rampant, but also digital earnings. No, this is not about cryptocurrencies, but this is about how people earn by posting on social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram.

While every social media platform compensates its users, we are here to talk about Instagram. According to some researchers, Instagram has high interaction levels compared to other social networks. So how can a simple Instagrammer earn money by posting on Instagram? There are few points that should be made clear.

Instagram is not like Youtube where you can sell space on a certain video you uploaded. You don't need to run ads in a posted photo. To earn a certain amount per post, an Instagram user should be an Instagram influencer. This is a user who has established credibility and a lot of followers. To be an Instagram influencer, aside from having at least 1,000 followers, you also need to have a high engagement rate – your followers need to like and comment on your posts a lot.

If an Instagrammer already established credibility, it is time to look for brands to do some sponsored posts. Brands partner with Instagram influencers and sponsor posts to help spread product information. A lot of Instagram users have been earning at least $200 to $400 per Instagram post and that is just the earnings of an average Joe. Imagine how much an Instagrammer with millions of followers can earn for just a single post.

Here is a list of Instagrammers who are paid 6 digits per post. The first five Instagrammers – from Katy Perry to Ariana Grande – are estimated via the Instagram Money Calculator, while the rest – from Lebron James to Selena Gomez – are on the first ever "Instagram Rich List" that was released by Instagram. Yes, Selena Gomez is definitely the richest Instagrammer!

14 Katy Perry Has Over 68.4 Million Followers

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As of this writing, Katy Perry has 68.4 million followers, and she is estimated to be paid $102,613 to $171,021 per Instagram post.

Katy Perry is the famous American singer and songwriter with tons of followers, not just on Instagram, but also on all other social media platforms. More than just a pop icon, Katy Perry is a social media icon, too. Aside from her earnings per post on Instagram, she was also hailed as one of the reigning queens of Twitter. Why is she one of the most followed celebrity users? People say that Katy Perry is relatable and true to herself, making more people fall in love with her.

For those who do not know Katy Perry very well, Katherine Elizabeth Hudson is her real name. Before becoming a famous singer-songwriter, she was a singer in church when she was still a child and had a career in gospel music during her teenage years.

13 Miley Cyrus Has Over 73.9 Million Followers

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Miley Cyrus has over 73.9 followers on Instagram, and she earns between $110,951 and $184,918 per post.

This American singer, songwriter and actress definitely has a lot of followers. She has shocked the world almost every day with her Instagram posts and that is not a secret. Miley is the kind of celebrity that has a lot of controversies and issues but will always be admired because of her realness and truthfulness regarding what she really wants. She just wants to be herself and that is what her fans love about her.

We all know that Miley Cyrus is the Hannah Montana we will always love because of her music and her personality. Yes, the world was shocked because of her haircut and her change in persona from the sweet teen to a woman who expresses herself uncensored. Her lifestyle and her life choices are closely observed all over the world, including her latest hairstyle and romantic relationship with Liam Hemsworth. No wonder she has a lot of followers.

12 Justin Bieber Has Over 96.1 Million Followers

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Justin Bieber has over 96.1 million followers on Instagram, and he is estimated to have earned between $144,283 and $240,471 per Instagram post.

Of course, if you are a Belieber, you will follow Justin Bieber on Instagram! Justin Bieber is also the kind of celebrity that will always be closely watched for his music, his love interests, and every other issue or controversy that will be linked to him. He is that one bright star who will always have fans all over the world. He was also in a relationship with the richest Instagrammer Selena Gomez, and there are signs that they are back together again.

Aside from the issues and controversies that Justin Bieber is facing in his everyday life, let us not forget the fact that this Canadian singer-songwriter also started his booming career when he was first discovered through his Youtube videos exposing his musical talents back in 2008.

11 Taylor Swift Has Over 106.1 Million Followers

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Taylor Swift has over 106.1 million followers and her estimated earnings for an Instagram post is $159,152 to $265,253.

Aside from Taylor Swift's net worth, she is also earning a lot as an Instagram celebrity influencer and she totally rocks it. Of course, Swifties will definitely follow her on Instagram and her swarming fans are also from all over the world. Tay Tay's music tells the story of her life and the lives of the people around her. This American singer-songwriter is one of the leading contemporary record artists of her generation.

Known for writing narrative songs about her life, which are almost all about her past relationships and her breakups, Tay Tay is one celebrity who won a lot of awards by expressing herself through music. People also know that this American sweetheart is Selena's bestie.

10 Ariana Grande Has Over 117.1 Million Followers

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Ariana Grande has over 117.1 million followers on Instagram, and she earns between $175,691 and $292,818 per Instagram post.

Say hello to Ariana Grande! There is no wonder that the Arianators are also from all over the world that is why she established herself really well on social media. Everyone just can't get enough with her iconic ponytail and, of course, her music. Ariana is one of the inspirational singers who showed how important social media is, especially after the explosion incident at her concert in Manchester in the UK in 2017.

For those who do not know, Ariana actually began her career at the age of 13 when she entered Broadway. She was also a Nickelodeon baby and played the role Cat Valentine in the series Victorious. After that, she really became victorious when she hit the peak of her career success.

9 Lebron James Has Over 31.6 Million Followers

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According to Instagram's Rich List of 2017, Lebron James has 31.6 million followers on Instagram and he can earn $120,000 per post.

Now, Lebron James is ranked as number 10 on Instagram's Rich List. This makes Lebron James not just a king in basketball, but also a king of Instagram posts. By the way, King James is one of the two men included on the list. Also, he was named the Instagrammer of the year in 2017.

Why was he dubbed the Instagrammer of the year? Looking at his Instagram posts, he really did post some entertaining and sometimes cryptic photos and videos. Some of these are his posts about him dancing in a weight room, joking about his hairline, dancing with J.R. Smith, and his family videos.

8 Gigi Hadid Has Over 35 Million Followers

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Gigi Hadid is a popular celebrity on Instagram with over 35 million followers and she can earn $120,000 per post, just like King James.

Who would not follow Gigi Hadid on Instagram? She is a stunner! There is no doubt that she is one of the most influential models in today's era. Gigi even bagged the record for the most Instagram followers of any fashion person in 2016. So yes, she is one of the lead influencers of the Instagram world. Although she is not a part of the music industry, she still has tons of fans and followers because she is one of the most famous fashion icons in the world today. She was even named the International Model of the Year in 2016 by the British Fashion Council. Let us not forget that she has a sister, Bella Hadid, that is also one of the most beautiful models in the fashion industry today.

7 Cara Delevingne Has Over 40.4 Million Followers

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Cara Delevingne has over 40.4 million followers on Instagram and this young English model earns $150,000 per Instagram post.

Who would resist following Cara Delevingne? Cara is an English model. Just like Gigi Hadid, Cara is one of the most influential models in today's world. In fact, she won Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards in the years 2012 and 2014. Adding to her modeling portfolio is her achievement as a model representing Chanel, Burberry, Mulberry, Dolce & Gabbana and Jason Wu.

More than just a model, Cara is also an actress. Her first film was the 2012 adaptation of Anna Karenina where she had a minor role. Later in 2015, she starred as Margo Roth Spiegelman in Paper Towns, the Enchantress in Suicide Squad in 2016, and the main character in Valerian and The City of a Thousand Planets in 2017.

6 Kourtney Kardashian Has Over 58.1 Million Followers

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According to the list, Kourtney Kardashian has over 58.1 million followers on Instagram and earns $250,000 per Instagram post.

Here come the Kardashians! Kourtney Kardashian is indeed one of the highest paid Instagrammers in 2017. The American socialite never failed to amuse her followers with her Instagram posts, especially her vacation trips, either solo or with her kids or the epic post imitating Victoria Beckham's iconic pose. Kourtney is a Kardashian, which means that she unavoidably has a lot of followers on Instagram and other social media platforms. She even has a Youtube channel that shows a lot of her bizarre videos, including how to properly eat Kit Kat, which she considered "life-changing".

5 Khloe Kardashian Has Over 68.4 Million Followers

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This Kardashian sister has 68.4 million Instagram followers and earns $250,000 per Instagram post.

We have another Kardashian on the list – Khloe Kardashian. Instagram's Rich List surely knows how to keep up with the Kardashians. This celebrity businesswoman and socialite definitely has a lot of followers because of her Kardashian charm, making her one of the most talked about celebrities when it comes to gossip, issues and controversies.

There has been a huge boost in Khloe's Instagram followers because the world also wants to know the latest scoop about her pregnancy. Recently, she just posted about how her curlier locks are coming back because she can't have a Brazilian blowout due to her pregnancy.

4 Kendall Jenner Has Over 82.1 Million Followers

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Kendall Jenner has 82.1 million followers on Instagram and she was said to be earning $370,000 per Instagram post.

Yes, her surname is not Kardashian, but Kendall Jenner is a part of the Kardashian-Jenner family tree. Aside from being a TV personality, Kendall is known for being a fashion model, especially to brands that are well-connected to social media, such as "The Instagirl Era" movement of Vogue magazine and Social Media Modeling by Harper's Bazaar. Let us not forget that she also walked for Victoria's Secret and acted as a brand ambassador for Estee Lauder's multimedia campaigns.

Kendall is a fashion model that was hailed by Forbes as one of the top-earning models of 2016. Later in 2017, Forbes listed Kendall as the highest paid model and she was also dubbed one of the top 15 most followed celebrities on Instagram.

3 Kylie Jenner Has Over 95.7 Million Followers

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Kylie Jenner has 95.7 million followers on Instagram and she earns $400,000 per Instagram post.

The whole world knows Kylie Jenner due to her many achievements and the changes in her life. Ever since she was just 9 years old, the world began to watch her on the TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians and the world also saw her grow up into a TV personality, model, socialite, social media personality, and an entrepreneur. Aside from her luxurious lifestyle, Kylie is a young entrepreneur who became successful.

Kylie started establishing her own clothing line together with her sister Kendall after collaborating with the clothing brand PacSun in the year 2012. Kylie also established her own cosmetics line – Kylie Cosmetics in 2015. She is, indeed, one of the most influential celebrities, not just on Instagram, but also in real life.

2 Cristiano Ronaldo Has Over 106 Million Followers

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Cristiano Ronaldo has over 106 million followers and can earn $400,000 per Instagram post, just like Kylie Jenner.

What makes Cristiano Ronaldo famous? For those who do not know Ronaldo, he is a Portuguese soccer player and he is quite famous not just in Portugal and Spain, but also worldwide. Together with Lebron James, they are the only two men that are included on Instagram's Rich List of 2017. You still don't know why he has a lot of followers?

Aside from being a professional soccer icon, Cristiano is also known as a fashion icon. He even opened his own fashion boutique called CR7 in Madeira, Portugal. He then expanded his business by establishing another branch in Lisbon. Oh, and he also has his own fragrance.

1 Kim Kardashian Has Over 101 Million Followers

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Kim Kardashian has 101 million followers and she earns $500,000 per Instagram post.

Of course, Instagram's Rich List of 2017 will never keep up with the Kardashians without Kim Kardashian on the list. The American TV personality, actress, model, businesswoman, and socialite will always be one of the most influential people. She is famous for being famous. Why do people follow her on Instagram? The simple answer is they just want to keep up with Kim Kardashian and her lavish lifestyle.

Instagram followers watch out for Kim's posts, especially when Kanye West surprises her with expensive gifts. Those thousands of flowers will always be remembered as one of the most romantic gifts Kanye gave.

Selena Gomez Has Over 123 Million Followers 

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The ever-famous Selena Gomez has 123 million followers on Instagram and she is on the top when it comes to earning on Instagram. According to Instagram's Rich List of 2017, Selena earns $550,000 just for one Instagram post.

Sorry Kim Kardashian, but it's Selena's moment in the sun! We all know that Selena Gomez is one of the most loved celebrities, not just because of her music, but also because of her strong personality. She may be sweet and charming, but she is one of the strongest women around. Do you remember how she was able to cope with her breakups and how she was able to recover from lupus and kidney problems?

She is one of the most influential people in the world because her followers see how honest she is. She is not afraid to show who she really is and that is what her followers and avid Selenators love about her. Sometimes, it is really the personality that is important. But of course, Selena is also an extremely talented singer.

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