15 Instagram Babes Who Can Probably Lift More Than You

If any of you are familiar with the layout of a standard gym, a bench press more than likely looks familiar, maybe an indoor basketball court, oh yeah, and that smoking hot babe doing squats in the corner. ‘Fitness Models’ as they are commonly referred to nowadays, are taking the internet by storm, and by storm, we mean dropping all of our jaws and signing up for gym memberships with no particular interest in lifting any weights. The fact that these girls are beautiful certainly helps attract attention, but upon closer examination, these women’s strength might baffle you. They aren’t just good at repping squats and lunges, they are downright strong!

Sure, we may be guilty at staring for a bit too long and drooling a little more than we initially intended, but we can’t help ourselves. These women are as strong as they are attractive, and boy are they attractive. If you're strolling around your local 24 Hour Fitness and come across one of these devious animals, DON’T FREEZE. Remain calm, keep walking and act as though you had no idea this future supermodel was doing a ‘yoga-like’ stretch just inches to your left. Calmly, and collectively reassess the situation from a more advantageous vantage point. Women like these nowadays are a dime a dozen, so whatever you do DON’T FREAK OUT. As you peruse the following pages you might want to grab some tissues in case they make you bawl like a baby, they almost made us shed an occasional tear or two.


15 Svetlana Bilyalova

Known for her masterful selfies, and epic body, Svetlana Bilyalova resembles an exotic lioness when spotted in her natural habitat; the gym. Born in Moscow, Russia, the 25-year-old fitness diva has obvious beauty, but an even more eye-popping physique. She has accrued over 5 million followers on Instagram and one peek into her jaw dropping account will most surely make you a follower as well (if you aren’t already). She has been featured on some seriously popular magazines like Sports Illustrated, but Bilyalova has mostly gained her popularity via social media. Her unique look and stunning body are more than enough to catch our eye, and we’re guessing she caught your eye too! Svetlana Bilyalova has made our list for obvious reasons, but most of all because she is incredibly strong, and we’d have no problem letting her out-work us in the gym (if it means we get to watch!).

14 Alice Matos


Fitness Competitor Alice Matos is quite possibly the most jacked woman on our list, after competing in several fitness competitions across the globe, Alice Matos has cemented herself into women’s physical fitness for good. She gets her motivation from trying to “defy all obstacles that the human body can endure”, and is incredibly disciplined in terms of nutrition and supplementation. Born in Brazil, this bombshell is the epitome of fit, and chances are she can lift more than you, and us. Alice Matos looks like a beauty and lifts like a beast, she has a unique way of reeling us in with her eyes and making us not want to leave when we focus in on her muscles. Alice Matos is proof that bulky can look sexy, and she pulls it off better than anyone.

13 Jenna Renee Webb

Jenna Renee Webb is a fitness model of epic proportions, she has been in headlines for other reasons though. Caught amidst a serious domestic dispute with UFC heavyweight star Travis Browne, Jenna Renee Webb found herself involved in much more than she initially thought she was dealing with. Now Webb has been linked in a “love triangle” with UFC stars Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne. After engaging in some trash talking via Twitter, the three star-crossed lovers have shared their opinions and distaste for one another, and apparently ended the dispute. Whether or not Webb still holds a grudge, it’s certainly not apparent from her pictures; all of her images on social media are as sexy as they are impressive. Jenna Renee Webb personifies the term ‘blonde bombshell’ just about better than anyone, C'mon, just look at her!

12 Tana Ashlee


Tana Ashlee has nailed down a strict and regimented fitness program called ‘Train with Tana’, in which she has narrowed down key techniques and tips that have helped her lock down her rock solid body. She’s as smart and as business savvy as she is sexy, and boy is she something to look at. Tana is a personal trainer that has become popular in the fitness world for both her knowledge of the industry and her incredible physique and beauty. Cultivating a following of 1.5 million subscribers on her Instagram, Ashlee has effectively provided not only a unique and awesome fitness routine, but she’s also something that appears to have fallen from heaven itself. Tana Ashlee has got it going on and she knows it, she has found a way to build a brand and make a killing doing so.

11 Sendi Skopljak

The Instagram phenom Sendi Skopljak was born and raised in Bosnia, and she has developed her own brand of fitness and health. At just 25-years old, she has already solidified her name in the fitness model industry (for obvious reasons) and has set her sights on bigger and better things. She blogs about her daily life, and with such a passionate following, she has successfully built her brand into a multifaceted “lifestyle coach” approach. Upon viewing her website, users have the ability to pick and choose their own categories to help adjust their lifestyles. Sendi has tailored her own fitness goals and made them accessible for her followers to learn from. Besides being incredibly knowledgeable and having a rock-solid fitness program, Sendi is drop dead gorgeous; it’s not hard to see why she landed herself among our top choices.

10 Cally Clarice Breaux


Call Clarice Breaux is one of the youngest Instagram fitness models to make our list, she’s both incredibly gorgeous and incredibly strong. Her impressive physique has transferred into the modelling industry, where she has become a world renowned bikini model. Staring at her Instagram, she leaves no doubt that she has the best physique in the game, she’s somehow bulky but also incredibly trimmed and petite. Cally Clarice Breaux has developed her own fitness brand and built a solid foundation for her to continue to grow. At such a young age, Cally has a lifetime of fitness coaching ahead of her; it’s safe to say we’re going to be watching every step of the way. Cally Clarice has the innocent and sweet look going for her, as well as the devious and ‘girl next door’ vibe to her.

9 Meredith Mack

Meredith Mack is an absolute bombshell, she is so captivating we almost forgot she was a fitness model. She struts her stuff like it’s nobody’s business, and with all the junk in her trunk, she can strut it as much as she wants. Meredith Mack’s body gives off the impression that she is a Greek goddess, her tight core, and bulky muscles are just about the sexiest thing we’ve ever laid our eyes on. Meredith has had a career that consists of bodybuilding, fitness modelling, and modelling for agencies and companies. Meredith has diversified her one unique skill into several revenue streams that continue to pour in the cash. She has laid her workout routines on her glamorous website that is filled with both informative, and jaw-dropping content.


8 Sarah Stage


Sarah Stage (now pregnant with her second child) first made a raucous introduction into the fitness world when she stirred up a conversation while working out pregnant. Stage took the idea and ran with it; creating an entire fitness routine focused during pregnancy. Before all her controversial introduction, Sarah Stage had landed on covers of magazines and several other publications such as Playboy. In a career that started with her attempting become a high-end fashion model, Sarah Stage soon shifted focus to the fitness end of the industry. Now having dedicated her life to fitness and her children, she has successfully capitalized on her unique twist of fashion fitness. Sarah has battled her fair share of critics, especially when she started flaunting her rock hard abs over a barely noticeable 6-month baby bump; but more power to her!

7 Amber Dawn Orton

Running one of the higher end fitness products currently on the market, Amber Dawn Orton lets her clients know that fitness isn't a short term fix. Priced at $3,700 for a 52-week program, Amber Dawn Orton provides a full body makeover and lifestyle changes that are a necessity when wanting to revamp your lifestyle. ADO (Amber Dawn Orton) fitness program is a complete attack from her team of lifestyle coaches, and they’re all beautiful. What might discourage many males from attempting her fitness modality, is the fact that she might lift more than all of us combined. Amber Dawn Orton has made our list for obvious reasons, she’s incredibly sexy as well as absolutely jacked. Amber has completely revamped the ideology that bulky isn't sexy for women, she is the personification of thick and gorgeous. Amber Dawn Orton might outlift us at the gym, but we’ll be too focused on her physique to show any shame whatsoever.

6 Lauren Drain Kagan


Lauren Drain Kagan is probably the hottest girl on our list, which is certainly saying something with the list of beauties we have compiled for you. She has a wild background that is full of skills and talents, including a nursing degree, a banishment from the notorious Westboro Baptist Church, and a fitness modelling career that is second to none. She is a true jack of all trades, she has cultivated a following and a brand that has cemented her career in the fitness industry. Her curvaceous physique has captured the eyes of over 3 million followers on Instagram, and for good reason. If we caught her mid workout in the gym, we would have to halt our entire workout routine just to continue watching her from afar.

5 Caitlin Rice

With a customized fitness routine that begins with a personal questionnaire that involves your fitness goals, Caitlin Rice offers a unique twist at fitness. Focused on encouraging yourself and others around you to revamp their lifestyles in the safest ways possible, Caitlin Rice has built her life around a fitness mindset. Included on her website is her own apparel and line of clothing, and the only thing we want to continue seeing is her showing off her crop-tops and yoga pants. Anything we can do to deviate from the fact that she can roughly lift twice as much as all of us is more than welcomed when thinking about our own fitness voids. Caitlin Rice is stunning and incredibly knowledgeable in the fitness realm, oh, and she’s not so bad to look at!

4 Abbie Burrows


Another master at multiple skills, Abbie Burrows has lived a life full of substance and personal resilience. Having graduated the University of Wyoming with a degree in Biology, this fitness model then took her rocking hot body to the realm of bikini modelling, where she has been a household name in the competition. One of the alumni from the legendary LFL (Lingerie Football League), Abbie Burrows has made a name for herself whenever she’s showing off her incredible physique in skimpy clothing. Burrows has been up front about the fact that only a few can monetize their lifestyles into serious cash, she uses her fitness platform to help launch her success as a model, but everything else she does that involves fitness is simply a hobby.

3 Paige Hathaway

Like several of the bombshells that have landed on our list, Paige Hathaway has a website that tackles several different avenues of fitness and lifestyle. She has several videos on YouTube that allow you to create your own fitness routine, based on your fitness goals; not someone else's. Paige is an absolute beauty to look at, and she can more than likely lift more than you can. She is the stereotypical ‘blonde bombshell’, but she’s a beauty that has brains to boot. With a decked out website full of contests and awesome content, she allows users to follow her routines, and follow custom work outs. Paige Hathaway is one of the most beautiful, well-rounded women on our list; and if we ran into her at the gym, chances are we’d be incredibly focused on just how round she is...

2 Amanda Lee


With a following of almost 10 million, Amanda Lee is a crossover success in both the fitness modelling world, as well as the social media realms. As a personal trainer, we’re not sure there's a price she could charge that would be too much for us to sign up (even if she can lift more than us). Just one look at this devious beauty had us hooked, and we can only imagine what she must look like inside the gym. Amanda Lee landed on our list for obvious reasons, and just one glance at her Instagram made us fall in love with her even more. This Canadian born fitness model was a dancer in college, and we can only imagine how much the boys drooled when she hit the dance floor!

1 Hannah Stocking

Probably the most popular fitness model on our list, Hannah Stocking has cultivated a social media personality that is downright impressive, even considering how many “celebs” have gained popularity today. A YouTube sensation, and former girlfriend with NBA superstar Klay Thompson, Hannah Stocking has still remained relevant with her incredibly funny Vines, and YouTube videos, oh, and she’s super hot. Her down to earth personality coupled with her downright unreal assets, make a perfect resume to fit our list. Hannah Stocking has an Instagram that is second to none and has a following of roughly 9 million users. If we crossed paths with Hannah Stocking in the gym we just might collapse right then and there. Even if she can probably squat 3 times as much as us, we’d be willing to eat some humble pie just to take a look at her.

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