15 Insanely Hot Pictures Of K-Pop Stars You Need To See

A relatively new musical style to North America (and much of the world) with a unique look, and plenty of catchy tunes, is K-pop. The "K" of course, stands for Korean and put in the simplest terms possible, as the name indicates, it is South Korea's take on pop music. There are some interesting and unique features of K-pop that makes it a genre all on its own, distinct from other genres. This genre really took North America by storm a few years ago with Psy's Gangnam Style video, and more recently, Sistar's Touch My Body was featured in an episode of Fox's show Family Guy.

The majority of music is synthesized, and the videos feature colorful outfits, catchy tunes, an upbeat overall feel and seamless transition between English and Korean lyrics. One of the most unusual aspects of K-pop is how the groups are formed. Entertainment companies often sign performers to contracts before they are famous and sometimes with little or no performing experience, and then train them in dance, music and acting, before forming a group out of talented trainees. While this style has drawn the ire of certain groups in the West, you can't argue with the results and most of K-pop blows North American pop out of the water.

One final aspect that everyone can enjoy about K-pop is that this genre has really mastered putting together all-girl groups. The American equivalents are absolute trash, but K-pop boasts several all-female groups that are comprised of stunning Asian ladies. Here are fifteen of them in the sexiest shots we could find of them; no need to thank us, just pass it on. Here are fifteen of the sexiest K-pop stars in the world.


15 Krystal

Born in San Francisco, Krystal Soo Jung's family came to the United States in the 1980s. They visited Korea in the early 2000s and Krystal and Jessica (her sister) were both discovered and offered singing and dance training by a talent agency. The rest is history, as both have become successful in their careers. Jessica has worked in modeling, music, acting and has started her own fashion line. She was also a member of K-pop group Girls' Generation.

Krystal started working with f(x) back in 2009 and since then, has released four albums with them, along with her acting career which includes television roles, and a few movie cameos.

14 Nari 


Starting out our list is the stunning Nari, a member of the girl group Wassup (Wa$$up). They have been together since 2013, and got their first public exposure in that summer, releasing Hotter than a Summer. Their style is somewhat unique in that they rap and draw inspiration from other genres, including reggae. The group started out with seven members, but dropped down to four earlier in 2017. As long as those four stay as sexy as they are and keep doing what they're doing, they'll be fine.

Nari trained as a dancer and worked for several other Korean musicians in a few videos before starting with Wassup. The blonde look with her awesome body is working for her, needless to say.

13 Minhee

Twenty-four year old hottie Minhee, is the lead singer of the band Stellar. The band was first formed in 2011, but when two members JoA and Kim Lee-Seul left, Minhee and Hyoeun took up and the band has been a success ever since. They didn't do very well in 2011 and 2012, but the lineup change actually brought results, along with the fact that the marketing minds behind their label The Entertainment Pascal, ramped up the sex appeal aspect of their act back in 2014. What can we say? Sex sells, and the K-pop business certainly knows this as well as anyone.

12 Victoria


The second member of f(x) to grace our list of sexy Korean pop stars is Victoria. The thirty year old is Chinese by birth and trained in dance from a young age, later moving her career to dancing and modeling in South Korea in the late 2000s. After a few music video parts and a couple of commercials, she became one of the members of f(x) in 2009. With catchy tunes and a wide variety of sounds, f(x) is one of the better known K-pop groups out there and as you can see, the stunning women who make up the group are just one reason for this. While she isn't showing off a ton of skin in this shot, Victoria is just a beautiful woman and doesn't need much to look absurdly sexy.

11 Gain

Wow, imagine waking up to something like this every morning (if some of you readers out there do wake up next to something like this, well done). Son Ga In, known professionally as Gain is one of the members of Brown Eyed Girls, with whom she has worked since 2006. The group formed prior to this, and she was approached by them after an unsuccessful audition on a South Korean reality show: Let's Coke Play: Battle Shinwa; yes, that's the name of the show, awesome, right? Gain joined the group in 2006 and they have been a mainstay in K-pop since 2009.

When she isn't singing she's probably acting, and has had a few movie roles and television appearances as herself.

10 Kyungri


Kyungri is the second longest serving member of the group Nine Muses (9Muses). The name of the group is inspired by Greek mythology and with good reason, these five women (the number of members fluctuates; a common occurrence in K-pop) are pretty much Goddesses. Not the Charlie Sheen type of drugged up adult star Goddess, but classy, beautiful, graceful, etc.

Kyungri started working with the group in 2012. They have been somewhat inactive for the past few years, but are expected to make a comeback later in 2017. She has said in interviews that in her dating experience, men who are interested in her often try to get introduced by her friends rather than approaching her on their own, something by which she is frustrated. This should serve as a lesson to all dudes that a direct and honest approach is better than a gimmick or getting set up by friends.

9 Yuri 

Girls' Generation's Yuri has a contract promoting swimwear and we couldn't be much more impressed.

Girls' Generation is one of the biggest musical names in Asia and one of the K-pop groups that has a large following worldwide. They have been around for a while, since the early 2000s, found huge success in the late 2000s and have reinvented their style a few times. The eight woman group is likely the most successful of any in the genre and most of their members have achieved success in other show business endeavors.

Kwon Yu-Ri (Yuri) is probably the most famous and beautiful of the bunch (judge for yourself, they're all gorgeous) and started working with them in 2007. Like many of the ladies on this list, she has branched out from music, acting in a couple of movies, a few TV shows and of course, reality TV.


8 Suzy 


There is something profoundly sexy about a woman with messy hair on all-fours.

Bae Su-Ji, who goes by the stage name Suzy, went to a performing arts school in her youth, with the goal of getting into performing. Her future looked bleak after she was eliminated from the Superstar K TV program (basically a South Korean American Idol but much better), but she was noticed by JYP Entertainment and was trained by them for a year prior to being set up with Fei, Jia, and Min to form the group miss A. As of 2016 the group is down to three members, and inactive, with the departure of Jia. The three remaining members have been doing their own thing since, with Suzy mainly acting, and starting her own reality show Off the Record, Suzy.

7 Uee 

Girl group After School's Uee (real name Kim Yu-Jin), was an athlete and originally wanted to be an actress throughout her early years, but was hired on by the Good Entertainment Media Group, who pushed her to become a singer and dancer. She debuted with Five Girls, before Good Entertainment went bankrupt. She then joined After School in 2009, and while the group hasn't been officially disbanded, Uee primarily works as an actress these days, with starring roles in Korean shows Night Light and Marriage Contract. Any woman who looks this good can likely find work anywhere in the world, and we aren't sure whether what we like more, her face or body.  

6 Hyolyn


It's hard to figure out which of the members of Sistar is the hottest, as all four of them are beyond beautiful. We chose Hyolyn's picture above because of the leopard print outfit and cat ears. It may be a bit twisted, but this is a sexy look. Hyolyn got her start in South Korean show business after a successful audition for JYP Entertainment and was originally supposed to work with the group Secret, but joined another label, Starship, and got grouped in with the other three members of Sistar.

In recent years she's been performing solo more often as there was some drama within Sistar between her and the other members of the group.

5 Seolhyun

This may certainly go without saying but light blue jean shorts with a shirt that covers very little is one of those relatively effortless looks that often results in something great. The fact that Seolhyun of AOA (Ace of Angels) is playing with her hair just adds a bit of sex appeal to this picture. She was found at a modeling contest and signed with FNC Entertainment, who grouped her into the band AOA, of which she is still an active member, despite the amount of time she has spent modeling and acting in the last few years.

4 Jaekyung 


Kim Jae-kyung was a member of Rainbow along with six other girls (all of whom had their own color on the rainbow, hers was red) until late 2016 when the band's contract with their label was up, at which point they all decided to go their separate ways. About a month later Jaekyung signed with a new management agency with the intention to be finished with her singing career and focus on acting (a common theme, among these hotties, right?). Her acting career started back in 2012, with several television appearances, but as of last year, she decided to make it her priority. This picture is stunning, with a delightful combination of a beautiful girl, with a skimpy dress, lying on a bed, for some reason with balloons and shoes all over the floor.

3 Nana

If you're a fan of stunning eyes and a near-perfect body, then need we say anything like "look no further"? The second member of our list to belong to the group After School is Nana, known outside of show business as Im Jin-Ah. Like Uee, who we featured earlier, Nana was added to the band a few years after it was founded. She joined along with Raina in late 2009, bringing the total number of members up to seven. After a few years of singing, she got into acting and has had quite a few jobs. Along with these performances, she is a sought after model, and has represented numerous brands including Sketchers, FOSSIL and Baskin Robbins. This is all in addition to maintaining her spot in the band, so she's a busy lady, but looking like she does, that is to be expected.

2 Hyuna


There is nothing particularly hot or sexy about the act of eating, but somehow Hyuna, one of the magnificent Goddesses of K-pop, manages to make eating a bowl of what looks like Froot Loops (maybe?) look wonderful. Think about how awesome it would be to wake up one morning and walk out of your bedroom, and see this sitting in your living room. In our dreams, in everyone's dreams, right?

Hyuna was a member of 4Minute, a girl group that was together since 2009 but got disbanded back in 2016 after a contract could not be reached between members and the label; Cube Entertainment. She was one of the main models featured in Psy's Gangnam Style video. She renewed her contract with Cube, and now works as a solo singer. She's been in a few reality shows since 2010 and has been the subject of a couple of documentaries as well.

1 Yura 

Well, if you're not a fan of K-pop yet, we hope this picture does the trick. A barely dressed woman, lying on a bed, next to a rose with a sexy look on her face can only mean one thing.

Yura is one of the sexiest women in K-pop and has been a member of the band Girl's Day since 2010. One of the most popular acts in Korea, they started making music for the Japanese market as well, and have created three albums, along with many group appearances on various variety shows. The group is also active in social and political causes, advocating for Plan International's programs for children in Korea.

Yura has also been acting since 2012, and has scored leading roles in several shows since then.

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