15 Insanely Hot Photos Of Gisele Bundchen

We’ve seen a lot of Gisele lately due to the huge win that her husband had at the Super Bowl this year. Her reaction to his win proved that she’s his biggest fan and even had given Brady a lucky charm that he wore during the game. Perhaps that charm was the result of his win! There’s a good chance it sparked the huge comeback. Gisele Bundchen certainly isn’t famous because of her husband, she’s known to be the most famous supermodel in the industry and probably the youngest one retired. She started modelling in the 90’s, making a huge career for herself as a supermodel.

She’s worth millions of dollars and has been seen in a multitude of ads as well as in the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. She is one of the highest-paid models in the industry. Before Brady, her most notable relationship had been with actor Leonardo DiCaprio who she dated for five years. They were both huge in their industries so they seemed like a match made in heaven. Many people thought the two would be in for the long haul but the relationship fizzled and it was rumored that they broke up because she wanted a commitment and a family. If you haven’t followed Gisele’s career than you are truly missing out. Here are 15 hot photos of Gisele that will make you wish that she would come back out of retirement!


15 Bikini Babe

Gisele has graced the cover of many magazines, and the bikini shoots have to be one of my favorite. Her body is just perfection and it’s no wonder that men swoon around her. This picture shows her shaded in the sand with a blue patterned bikini. She looks relaxed and amazing, a girl who doesn’t have a care in the world. You might be surprised to find that she wasn’t that interested in Tom Brady when they first met. When she heard about Tom she had just gotten out of her long term relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio. At the time Tom wasn’t even single, he was dating actress Bridget Moynahan. “Tom Brady, definitely not too shabby. He’s cute, but if he has a girlfriend, he’s gay to me. There are too many men in the world to go after a man who has a woman. Life is too short.”

14 Lingerie Modelling


A large part of Gisele’s modelling career was in the lingerie industry. After all, she did have one of the most coveted modelling positions, that of a Victoria’s Secret Angel. She often did their annual fashion shows during fashion week, and it’s one of the most popular shows aired live throughout the year. Gisele has said at times that she has a modelling alter ego. We can understand why that must be since it would take a lot of courage for most people to get up on a stage in front of thousands of people or take off your clothes in front of a camera. Beyoncé has also said that she has an alter ego when she’s on stage, someone she can tap into to get the job done.

13 Laid Back and Sexy

A great picture of Gisele laidback in a beige dress that almost looks see-through, the coloring of the dress from a distance makes it look like her bottom is bare. I love this look for Gisele because it shows how versatile her look is and it’s no wonder that she is an industry favorite. You may not realize how lucky Gisele is to have become a supermodel, after all, she was discovered in a McDonald’s. She was on a field trip with 55 other girls going to a local modeling course and an agent picked her out of the crowd. She had never even seen a fashion magazine and had intended on being a professional volleyball player because her volleyball skills were quite good. Imagine how different her life could have been had she pursued a career in volleyball instead of modeling.

12 Laying in the Sheets


Gisele looks so seductive laying in bed with a sheet draped over her. It’s a close-up picture of Gisele that shows a sexiness as well as a softness to it. She’s stunning in almost every picture she’s in, a true supermodel. It’s hard to believe with all that skin showing that Gisele has tattoos but she does! Nothing big of course because tattoos in the industry are still frowned upon for the most part. She has a little star on the inside of her wrist and it has a special meaning: “My grandmother told me and my sisters that everyone has a special star. I looked at my star every night before bed, just like brushing my teeth. When I came to New York and I opened the window of the 35th-floor apartment, there’s light pollution and fog, and I couldn’t see my star. So I drew it on my wrist with a pen, but it kept washing away. Then I went to a tattoo parlour on Second Avenue and had it done. It was something I had been missing, and now, no matter where I went, it came with me.”

11  11. Sultry Eyes

A great picture of Gisele close up and in black and white. The reason her career has been so successful is that she doesn’t need to don a bikini to be coveted. She can book a ton of gigs based on that face alone. She has that beach girl appeal with her tanned skin and long blonde hair. She has a signature style that includes though sultry eyes that pull you in. Gisele has a whopping five sisters in her family but she is the only one that went after fame and fortune. Her sisters are Rafaela, Graziela, Raquel, Gabriela as well as a twin Patricia. Patricia is actually Gisele’s manager in Brazil while Gabriela is a lawyer. Her sister Rafaela works as a social networking manager, while her sister Graziela is her accounts manager. She has a lot of family working for her and even has a sister Raquel who is a federal judge in Brazil.

10 Great Assets


How can you not love this picture? Maybe Gisele is using her alter ego in this picture, showing off her assets in a fun and sexy way. The corset is form fitting while putting her assets on display. The expression on her face is daring you to say something. You might be shocked to hear that Gisele had terrible skin growing up and she ended up creating her own natural skincare line for teenagers who suffer from acne. “When I was a teenager, I had pimples—oh, God, every time someone looked at my face I thought they were looking at my pimples. I put mud on my face to dry them out, and it worked. I wanted to teach girls to love themselves and take care of their bodies. What is the first thing you see every morning? Your face! What do you put every day on your face? Cream! I have made the simplest, purest cream—an everyday cream—but it comes with an affirmation.”

9 Legs That Go All the Way Up

Supermodels have to be at least six-foot-tall and Gisele certainly doesn’t disappoint. Those legs seem to go on forever. It’s a guy's dream to come home from work and see his girl washing his car looking the way Gisele looks right in this picture. A simple outfit of shorts and a bikini top and she comes off looking like the perfect woman. Gisele was the supermodel that wore the most expensive bra created by Victoria’s Secret. The bra was called the Red Hot Fantasy Bra and it was worth more than $15 million because it contained over 1,300 gemstones throughout the bra. It hit the Guinness Book of World Records in 2006 because it was the most expensive lingerie ever created at that time. Now that would be one hell of a Valentine’s Day gift. It’s rumored that Leonardo DiCaprio purchased one of the coveted gemstone bras for Gisele.


8 The Butt Shot


Every girl wants a good bum, that’s why the gym is filled with ladies doing squats. There is something about a nice round bum that guys go nuts for. This picture doesn’t actually show much and yet it shows everything. It’s a stunning picture of Gisele in a luxurious and sexy pose. Gisele’s breasts were so coveted as the “perfect breasts” that in Brazil the tabloids coined her as “Boobs from Brazil.” The reason she was given this name was because as her career grew in popularity her fans wanted a set of breasts just like hers. In Brazil during the year 2000 there were over 36,000 breast enhancements performed and they blamed Gisele for it because it was her breasts they were asking for. I don’t blame them, she seems to have the perfect size. It’s not uncommon for celebrities to get the brunt of an attack because what their fans do in their name.

7 Seductive Style

She has the look of love, or is it lust? You can’t go wrong with this outfit which consists of just a bra and jacket, but it’s obvious why Gisele is one of the sexiest women in Hollywood. She knows how to draw a man in with just one look, this picture proves she knows how to be seductive. I love the fact that no matter whether she’s being glamorous on the red carpet or casually out running errands her beauty is effortless. Giselle was once considered for the role of Alex Munday in Charlie's Angels, the role that eventually went to Lucy Liu. The role was first offered to Gisele who turned it down in 2000 and it eventually went to Lucy. Imagine how different Charlie’s Angels would have been if the supermodel would have taken on that role?

6 Sleek and Thin


This supermodel is sexy and slim laying out beside a car. It may seem like an odd location, but it certainly works. A perfect pose to accentuate her body in the best possible light, long and lean. She looks amazing in black, showing off her sleek curves. Gisele has done many bikini covers throughout her career, and she looks just as good in a one-piece. Everyone loves Gisele especially the people of New York City. Gisele has a residence in New York which she stays at regularly and New York Magazine wrote an article in 2005 of 123 Reasons to Love New York City, and they listed the fact that Gisele lives there as the 43rd reason to go there. It sounds like the people of New York City know a good thing when they see it.

5 Supermodel Pose

This striking pose of Gisele is truly unique. You can see why she’s a supermodel, not just for her ability to pose but because of her striking features. She is a stunning example of what it takes to be a true supermodel. Those cheekbones and those eyes make for a beautiful face. The top she is wearing reminds me of the polka dots from the 50’s era; it’s a cute top that’s insanely sexy as well. Considering how public she is with her modelling career, Gisele is very private when it comes to her personal life. She refused to share any wedding photos of her marriage to Tom Brady in 2009. It wasn’t until five years later that she posted a photo on Instagram for their fifth anniversary. It was the first time anyone in the media saw a picture of her wedding.

4 Fashion Show Style


Christmas comes early in November when Victoria’s Secret annual fashion show airs live. Gisele had always been a favorite for the fashion show, and you can see why. Gisele shows off her bare midriff in this barely there Christmas outfit. It takes more than good looks to be a top supermodel and have the kind of career that Gisele has had. You have to have the ability to perform in front of a camera as well as walk a runway wearing some pretty insane outfits. Some of those outfits they have to wear during Victoria’s Secret fashion show are more like circus contraptions. Gisele got coined “The Body” for her ability to sashay down the runway in ridiculously high heels sometimes in slippery situations. Those runways aren’t always easy to walk down, and the day she got coined that name by McQueen, she booked more jobs than she could keep up with.

3 Her Fun Side

That stunning smile is beyond beautiful, look at those teeth! I love this picture because it shows her fun side while at an event. The outfit is perfect with its open top that shows her midriff. She looks great in just about anything, but you can see she has an amazing sense of style. You might be surprised to find out that Gisele has graced magazine covers over 7000 times all over the world. The only person that beat that number was Princess Diana. She has worked on covers such as Vanity Fair, TIME, Newsweek, Allure, Vogue, Elle, W, Veja, Forbes and Harper’s Bazaar. She has created a life for herself as a fashion icon, a supermodel that will go down in history. Not too many models can retire in their thirties, but she put the glamorous life behind to focus on her family and husband.

2 Not a Stitch On


This could be a scandalous photo except you can’t really see anything. It’s enticing because you don’t have to see any assets of Gisele’s to be completely enthralled by the photo. I love that it’s in black and white as this photo shows like a work of art. Sitting on a beach with her long locks flowing in the wind, she’s never looked more stunning. You won’t find a better more natural image of Gisele than this one. Gisele is very environmentally friendly; she may have got that from the time she spent dating Leonardo DiCaprio. These days the home she shares with Tom Brady in Los Angeles has a rainwater recovery system, waste reduction recycling system; it uses a gray water system, solar energy, and a reduced energy consumption program. She really means business when it comes to preserving the environment for future generations.

1 Sail with a Wink

We’ve already seen those legs in action, but wow they are breathtaking every single time we see them. She’s obviously playing on a yacht, whether it’s hers or friends is hard to say. She’s sporting a sexy white one-piece swimsuit that looks absolutely stunning. I love seeing these types of photos because it looks like Gisele is having fun, she’s not working on being composed. She was the highest paid supermodel before she went into retirement. She was making upwards of $35-44 million a year; no other supermodel has even come close to that amount. Her personal fortune is worth a staggering $336 million. That’s a shocking amount of money for someone so young, but not so surprising in the fashion industry. She is not the kind of celebrity that brags about her wealth, in fact, she has always downplayed it. One time she told The Wall Street Journal, "who are they speaking to when they come up with these numbers? Not my accountant that's for sure."

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