15 Insanely Hot Photos Of Eva Mendes

We know Eva Mendes as the hot actress that has made a name for herself in Hollywood. Not only is she known for her role in the acting industry but she is now known as the woman who got to have Ryan Gosling’s babies. Yes, it’s true there are women all over the world that hate Eva just for that fact. During his Golden Globe speech, Ryan Gosling thanked his wife in the most endearing way for staying home with their child and allowing him to work at doing what he loves. It can certainly be a sacrifice for an actress to give up her career so her husband can shine. But isn’t that what love is all about?

It's true Eva Mendes hasn’t had the kind of success in the industry as Ryan has and maybe that makes it easy for her to be the one staying at home. The two seem to be doing quite well, and it’s probably due to the fact that both these stars keep their relationship on the down low. But her relationship isn’t all there is to know about the actress; she has been in Hollywood for a very long time and has made quite the name for herself. What we know for sure is that she is one hot woman, she has the type of body most women would kill for because she has all those curves, never mind that booty. If you want to see the hottest photos of the beautiful Eva Mendes, then check out this list.


15 All in White

What’s not to like about this picture? We have Eva all in white, a mesh sweater with a bikini bottom. We see all her curves which are the best part of Eva’s body. She has a naturally sexy body that doesn’t require a lot of work and the kind of booty that didn’t require squats. You may not be aware that Eva got her big break in Hollywood by doing a Will Smith video. For his song “Miami” you can see Eva briefly in the video mouthing the words of the song as she drives by him. She wasn’t in the video very long, but it certainly helped launch her career. The two eventually made the movie Hitch together, and she called Will out during an interview for not even remembering she had once been in a video of his. She got the last laugh, however, becoming a pretty big star herself.

14 Ready for Bed


This sexy photo has Eva languishing in bed, and she couldn’t look happier doing it. In just panties, this girl shows off all her curves looking better than ever. I love the pearls draped around her neck and the fact that her hair is pulled back for this photo. It brings together not only a cozy feeling to the shot but one that is powered with seductiveness. One thing she can’t seduce away is spiders because she is deathly afraid of them. It’s not just a regular discomfort with them either. Most people generally don’t like spiders and would certainly rather someone else deal with them, but when it comes to Eva, she is so scared of them that she will run away screaming. Some of her co-stars have even set up plastic spiders just to see her run off. I don’t like spiders, but I don’t think I’ve ever run screaming away from one.

13 Legs That Go On Forever

I love this picture of Eva Mendes with a black dress and some pumps. Her legs seem to go on forever, and they couldn’t look sexier in those heels. Her hair is thrown over her head giving off a mysterious vibe. She’s ready for a night on the town, and no one is going to get in her way. Eva is so secretive about her relationship with Ryan Gosling that it took the media months before they could even tie the two together. Eva met Ryan on the film The Place Beyond the Pines in 2011 and once filming was over the two seemed inseparable. There was a date in Disneyland followed by a trip together in Paris. There were plenty of sightings of the two together which caused the media to question everything they did. The problem was neither one of them were willing to discuss their relationship or lack thereof.

12 Just the Jewelry Please


It’s hard to say whether or not Eva is wearing any clothes or not in this photo, but I don’t think anyone is complaining. I love the fact that all you see is skin except for the beautiful jewelry that falls elegantly around her neck. Her hair is gracefully pulled back into a mess of curls that we just can’t get enough of. Considering how great she looks all dressed up you might be surprised to hear that Eva doesn’t really enjoy going out that much, in fact, she prefers to stay home for the most part. She doesn’t mind hanging out with friends, but she is not the kind of girl that enjoys going to the club. She’s a homebody and the only time she leaves is if she has to work in another city. She enjoys nights in snacking and watching her favorite TV program.

11 Her Feminine Side

A great photo of Eva Mendes showing off her feminine side. She is absolutely stunning here, showing off her sexy side in a see-through dress. Her hair is let loose, and she is using that mega-watt smile to draw us in. It’s a casual look, and yet it’s every bit as sexy as her evening wear look. She is very careful when it comes to revealing anything about her relationship. Even Ellen who is pretty smooth about digging into celebrities lives tactfully had trouble getting anything out of Eva. She offered her an attached onesie that she could wear with Ryan, “if she happened to see him around.” When asked about their relationship during an interview, Eva explained why she doesn’t like talking about it. “That’s the most precious thing to me. And I’m so protective and I just felt my guard go up.”

10 Smoldering Eyes


Eva has some pretty intense eyes as you can see in this picture. With that smoky makeup, it really makes those eyes pop. Everything about this picture screams seductiveness and mystery. She certainly is mysterious considering how private she is about her personal life, but who can really blame her when her life is spread around just for people's entertainment. When Eva first started off in the acting industry, she seemed to be stuck in the B-rated movie section for awhile starring in films such as Urban Legends: Final Cut and Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror. She had a slow start in the 90’s, but it didn’t last too long before she was getting some serious roles. It wasn’t until she appeared as a love interest of Denzel Washington's in Training Day that her career turned around for her.

9 Hot White Bathing Suit

A sexy pose in a bathing suit that hugs all her perfect curves. There isn’t any need for Eva to wear a bikini with the body she has, the curves can be flaunted in anything. This pose not only shows off the fact that she’s very sexy but that she’s confident with herself as well. Men love a confident woman that is not afraid to show her true power. When it comes to her career, Eva does have some goals of her own, and one of them is to work with director David Lynch. He is definitely a director that is a surreal master, and it may have been why Eva did the movie Holy Motors so that she could prove to Lynch that she was capable of being his muse. It was one of the best films she has been in and hopefully, Lynch took notice and will consider her for a future project.


8 Lady in Red


A revealing dress that shows off Eva’s assets in the most flattering way. We love Eva because she’s not one of these stick thin actresses, she owns her curves and never apologizes for anything. She is a great role model for women everywhere. I love the fact that her hair is left loose and messy around her face. Considering how smoking hot she is in these pictures it’s surprising to find out that she once considered being a nun. She was raised a Roman Catholic, and it was just something she thought about. "I wanted to be a nun when I was very little. Well, that was until my sister told me that they don't get paid. Then I went off that idea quickly." It was a good thing she did because Hollywood would have missed out on a knockout actress.

7 An Oriental Style

This is an amazing dress for Eva, not only because it’s a stunning dress but because it fits her body perfectly. She really looks great in the dresses that have the low V-neck in the front, mainly because she has nice breasts. Okay, I said it, but it’s true. Dressed to the nines, Eva looks like she means business. Eva takes her career very seriously and thinks about how to maintain it regularly. A talent manager found Eva when he was going through a friend’s portfolio. He booked her right away and so began her acting career. "I don't go to premieres. I attend film openings I'm in, and that's about it. Fame and celebrity doesn't matter to me. The longevity of my career does." Eva certainly sounds like someone who has a good head on her shoulders.

6 Killer Smile


Part of Eva’s appeal in Hollywood is that she’s absolutely gorgeous. Those eyes, that body and never mind the fact that she has the most incredible smile. It seems this star has the complete package. I love this outfit she is wearing, another V-neck dress which always looks good on her. This girl seems to have it together but she is admittedly seeing a therapist, but she says it’s just for fun. "I see a therapist just for fun. I love it. Not for a specific thing, but just, like, maintenance. It's so cool." She even goes so far as to encourage her family to go into therapy as well. "I'm like, 'You guys just go, trust me, go to therapy.'"

5 Serious Attitude

This is the kind of strength and confident attitude we are used to seeing from Eva Mendes. After all, she has proven in Hollywood that she is a force to be reckoned with. In just jeans and a halter top, this girl looks on fire, it’s a casual look, but you can imagine her on a date with it. Eva has done a lot of commercial work and print ads throughout her career. She doesn’t shy away from nudity as is evidenced by the multitude of photos you can find from magazines. She used to be the face of Revlon cosmetics and even participated in raising money for a campaign the company was doing for breast cancer research. She also appeared nude for a perfume print ad for Obsession. The ad was so scandalous however that it was banned in the United States.

4 Sexy Siren


This photo is a great example of some of the print work she has done for magazine shoots. She looks incredible in the picture wearing a sheer shirt. She’s completely naked underneath the shirt, and it gives her quite the seductive vibe to her. I love the whole outfit and her loose hair, she looks free. Not everyone has been a fan of Eva’s acting abilities, in fact, she got a lot of flack for the role she played in The Women. It probably wasn’t the best role that she’s even done, but she’s definitely improved since then. She was even nominated for a Golden Raspberry Award for the film under the award of “Worst Actress.” Definitely not the award that actors typically go after, but Eva was able to laugh the whole thing off so no big deal.

3 All Dressed Up and Somewhere to Go

Eva looks sexy in just about anything that she wears, but she truly looks like a knockout in this white dress that displays her assets perfectly. She’s sitting casually but still manages to look perfect. Her hair is long and loose with an expression on her face that says, “What?” This is the kind of look that says that she doesn’t answer to anyone. With a dress like that on, she can probably get whatever she wants. Ryan at times can’t help but gush about Eva, and we can certainly see why. As far as he is concerned, she is, “the one.” During an interview with Hello! Magazine Ryan told them, “I know I’m with the person I’m supposed to be with. There’s nothing else I’m looking for.” What more can you ask for then a boyfriend that talks about you in that way? They are both lucky to have one another.

2 Blowing Kisses


Who is Eva blowing kisses to? It’s a great shot of her wearing a red evening dress looking as hot as ever while she blows kisses to some mystery man. The dress hugged her body perfectly, and the color looks great with her hair. Eva always looks wonderful with her hair down and styled. She has been in some pretty good movies since her breakout role in Training Day. She starred in Once Upon a Time in Mexico, All About the Benjamins and 2 Fast 2 Furious. She earned a Teen Choice Award for Once Upon a Time in Mexico. When she played alongside Will Smith in Hitch, she was the first ever minority to get a leading role in a romantic comedy. It was these movies that helped Eva along in her career, allowing her to branch out and grab better roles as they came along.

1 Hot Lips

One of Eva’s best assets are her full lips; they are the kind of lips that make women rush to get Botox. She has the natural pout that men go crazy over, and women are envious of. She looks deep in thought with a simple green shirt and hooped earrings. She looks amazing even in casual attire, no matter what she puts on she ends up looking wonderful. Eva doesn’t necessarily believe in marriage, and the media is unsure whether the couple is married. The way they have been secretive about the fact that Eva was pregnant who knows how far their secrecy goes. She also dated George Augusto before Ryan for ten years without needing to get engaged. “If we go back to the origin of marriage, it was very unromantic,” she has said. “It was about land, basically. It was about ownership. So I think it’s a kind of an unromantic idea. When I look around and see the emphasis people put on getting married and weddings, I think, wait a second, what does this really mean?”


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