15 Insane Video Game Fan Theories That Might Be True

While it is nice when someone tells a complete story that ties up all the loose ends of a plot in a fulfilling way, it can also sometimes be even more satisfying to have the author leave some questions unanswered. After all, this gives the person consuming the content the chance to use their own imagination to fill in the gaps and explain some of the vital parts in their own unique ways. Often, these fan theories can even become more famous and accepted. Just think of some of the most iconic characters that only grew in popularity thanks to the efforts of diehard fans who came up with their own theories.

Out of all the media that is available for people to watch, read and play, video games are perhaps the most encompassing. They can often take hours to complete like novels but don’t feature the same in-depth storytelling as a book, giving plenty of material to players to come up with their own fan theories about the events in the favorite titles. Many of them are simply charming additions to a story that can easily add a little extra to a campaign, while others can be sinister and starting supplemental material that adds a dark side to games that you never thought possible.

15 Donkey Kong Country Has An Anti-American Message

Donkey Kong Country is widely considered to be one of the greatest platformers ever created. Developed by Rare for Nintendo, it released on the SNES console and gave players the chance to defeat an army of crocodiles who had taken control of Donkey Kong’s island and stolen all of his bananas.

According to an idea put forward by The Game Theorists, this threat symbolized the Banana Wars that the United States was involved in, whereby the United Fruit Company was able to gain a complete monopoly on the banana trade through US military intervention. Clues that allegedly confirm the theory include the fact that many of the crocodiles appear to wear US army gear, the final boss King K. Rool doesn’t even like bananas, and the fact that the invading army is apparently using the island as a way to find new oil reserves.

14 There Was A Huge Pokemon War

Pokemon has been such a phenomenal success over the years that it was always likely to spawn a huge number of fan theories. Perhaps the most famous of these theories is known as the Pokemon War Theory, which states that the world the franchise is set in has gone through some sort of major conflict several years before the first game takes place.

Several features of Pokemon Red & Blue seem to indicate that this is the case. There are hardly any adults around in the world, with men, in particular, lacking in number, and many children appear to be orphans This could suggest that many of them have been killed during a battle. Even more convincing is the fact that Lt. Surge flat out says that his Pokemon saved him during the war.

13 Squall Dies In Final Fantasy VIII

Although Final Fantasy has never been a series that has prioritized making complete sense all of the time, one moment has always stood out for players. During Final Fantasy VIII, one of the main characters is seemingly defeated in battle when he is violently impaled through his entire body by a giant shard of ice. He then falls down a hole, seemingly to his fate.

However, just moments later, Squall appears unharmed and carries on his adventure without any sort of explanation or any of his companions seeming to notice the horrific injury he just sustained. One theory holds that this is because Squall really did die and that everything contained on the second disc of the game is really just a “final fantasy” as he passes away.

12 Master Hand Is Actually A Child Playing With Toys

While Super Smash Bros. is undoubtedly fun, it makes little sense in the canon of the various Nintendo franchises that take part in the series for them to be fighting each other in a series of brawls without any rhyme or reason. That is, unless they were simple parts of a child’s imagination as he battles the various figures that he has as toys.

The fan theory begins to make sense when you realize the final boss in the various Super Smash Bros. titles is a character called Master Hand. This is a gigantic hand wearing a white glove that seems to have unlimited power and complete control, as if it is a kid just playing with his toys in his bedroom.

11 Majora’s Mask Is All About Coping With Death

There are two separate components to this theory, one stating that Majora’s Mask is about Link coming to terms with the loss of his fairy friend Navi, or that he has himself died and is struggling to cope.

The main arguments stem from the idea of the five stages of grief. After being knocked out and awakening in the rather depressing sounding Termina, Link spends his time meeting a variety of different characters who seem to be the personification of certain stages. These include a monkey king who is in a rage with anger and a tree-creature called Lulu that is seemingly depressed.

The ending effectively sees the protagonist having to battle four of these stages as he tackles versions of himself before finally winning light arrows and gaining acceptance.

10 Mary Was Dead In The Car Throughout Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2 is arguably one of the most iconic survival horror games ever made. Released on the PlayStation 2 in 2001, it won near universal critical acclaim for its story, graphics and gameplay. While it is not a direct sequel, it did explore some of the background to the first game, but the main part of the plot centers on protagonist James as he returns to the town of Silent Hill to fulfill a wish of his death wife to return her there.

One prominent fan theory states that Mary, his wife, was present throughout the game in the trunk of his car. If James had murdered his wife and hid her in his car, it would explain his erratic behavior and why the town appears to be so foggy and unsettling. Fans believe the theory is confirmed by something James says in one ending – that he can be together with his wife as he crashes the car into a lake.

9 Kirby 64 Takes Place On A Post-Apocalyptic World

Out of all of Nintendo’s properties, the one that you would least expect to feature a terrifying futuristic Earth that has fallen to some kind of apocalyptic event is Kirby. That is exactly what many people believe has happened in Kirby 64, with the planet Shiver Star actually being a dystopian version of our own planet.

The theory contends that Shiver Star must be Earth mostly due to the fact that it so strongly resembles the planet. Outlines of the continents can even be seen through the ice if the player looks closely enough, while it also has its own orbiting moon much like Earth. The last piece of evidence is that when Kirby arrives on Shiver Star, it features factories, shopping malls, and other buildings.

8 Ubisoft Games May All Be Interconnected

There have been various theories over the past few years that seem to connect major franchises that are made by the same people, most notably with the wide-ranging Pixar theory that links the likes of Toy Story and Wall-E together. The latest is a fan theory from fans of Ubisoft games, who believe that many of the games released by the publisher may actually be set in the same universe.

The main claim comes from the fact that Assassin’s Creed universe has already been confirmed to take place in the real world, with Ubisoft actually appearing in Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag as a game developer. Proponents of the theory explain that other games, such as Splinter Cell and Watch_Dogs, could be set in the same universe with many of the characters possessing similar abilities that could mean they are modern day descendants of Assassins and Templars.

7 Animal Crossing Is Actually About A Group Of Child Kidnappers

Despite its rather strange premise, Animal Crossing has grown to become one of Nintendo’s most famous and popular franchises. The titles in the series see players taking on the role of children who are tasked with helping to run a community of animals by completing chores and tasks to ensure that the villages run effectively.

Many believe the game has a more sinister undercurrent, though. The games start with the young character being taken by a character inspired by a Japanese creature that steals children, before being forced to live and work in the village. You can’t leave the village and are held in mountains of debt that you have accrued from having to live in a house, exactly the way a cult of child kidnappers would, ensuring you can never leave.

6 The Protagonist In Limbo Might Not Be A Hero

Although Playdead is only a relatively new developer, the two games they have released so far have garnered critical acclaim and widespread praise. However, each of them is also incredibly ambiguous and purposely do not explain much of the story, leaving the interpretation of the story to the people playing rather than explicitly stating major plot points.

This leaves Limbo open to all kinds of theories and ideas from fans to help fill in the gaps. One of the darkest and most prominent is the possibility that the protagonist in Limbo, a young boy, may not be a hero searching for his sister. In fact, he could be a more sinister character who has invaded the world. After all, any children you come across on your journey instinctively run away from you and the alleged monsters may just be guarding their land against a hostile threat.

5 The Fat Cop In Max Payne 3 Doesn’t Exist

Max Payne 3 is a story-driven game from the makers of Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar, but is far darker than many of the other games from the developer. Throughout the story, one of the main features is a former police officer who chats with Max as he continues through the story. The only problem is that a lot of people do not seem to believe that this cop is a real person.

The evidence begins to mount up when you consider that he does not seem to actually be involved in the plot in any way. He just shows up unannounced and discusses the problems Max is going through as the protagonist deteriorates as he spirals out of control with alcohol and drug abuse. Most interestingly, the cop and Max seem to share a history of having their wife and child murdered.

4 Super Mario Bros. 3 Is Just A Stage Play

Super Mario Bros. 3 brought the series back to its more traditional roots following the release of its out-of-place predecessor that's simply a re-skinned version of another title. That is, all except for one particular point – the fact that the game appears to be a stage play rather than any real event.

The evidence for this theory is easy to spot from the very first time the game loads up. A curtain literally rises to the top of the screen as the characters are introduced by running into view. Furthermore, the obstacles and environments that make up the various levels appear to be mechanical and manufactured, stuck in place with nails and screws as if they were simply props. The final piece of evidence comes in the way levels end by the character exiting to the right, as if leaving a stage and going into the darkness of the wings.

3 Mass Effect 3 Shows The Main Character Being Indoctrinated

Mass Effect 3 proved to be one of the most controversial games of the last generation. Despite the fact that it was the final installment in a wildly successful trilogy and improved on almost every aspect of its predecessors, the ending was seen by many to not be of the necessary quality. Fans felt that it was inadequate in explaining the story and that the developers had misled players into how their actions and choices would affect the conclusion.

One theory changes all of this by claiming that Commander Shepard was being indoctrinated by the Reapers all along and the ending was just his mind trying to fight back against the thought control. The games all make clear that the Reapers indoctrinate their enemies through prolonged exposure, while Shepard has had more contact with the aliens than any other person. The ending even plays out as a dream sequence, with bodies and obstacles suddenly disappearing and the environment strangely morphing as you progress.

2 The Portal Companion Cubes Are Actually People

Out of all of the different memes and iconic moments that came out of the first Portal game, one of the most striking was the weighted companion cube. This rather cute little item was simply a small cube with a heart painted on its side. The object became a much-loved figure in the game and was mercilessly destroyed by GLaDOS after the A.I. forced you to become attached to it.

What makes matters even worse is the fact that one theory postulates that the weighted companion cubes are much more sinister as they contain the corpses of dead people inside them. The main evidence comes in the form of snippets from GLaDOS about the cubes being able to talk and that they are sentient. More evidence is gained from graffiti by “Ratman”, who seems to think that his colleagues were turned into the cubes.

1 The Player Kills A Raticate In Pokemon Red & Blue

One of the main features of all Pokemon games since the very first installments has been that you have a friendly rival who you battle throughout the story. In Pokemon Red & Blue, this rival was Gary Oak. You fight each other several times, though, as is usual in the franchise the creatures are only ever knocked out and faint.

That is, apart from one special exception. A rather distressing fan theory concludes that the player must kill a Raticate. Gary catches a Rattata that later evolves into the Raticate before battling the player aboard the S.S. Anne. When you next run into Gary he is in Lavender Town, seemingly mourning at a Pokemon graveyard, but no longer has his Raticate.

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