15 Insane Fan Theories About Riverdale

One of the things the cast, writers, directors, and producers hope for is their show going viral. When everyone is talking about a particular show, you can bet its ratings will soar through the roof and getting the resources for a sequel or many other installments becomes much easier.

For the most popular series, movies, or even games, fans come up with theories about particular events, and some make a lot of sense, but others are too crazy. However, regardless of how accurate or inaccurate some theories might be, the more theories there are, the more you can be sure people are paying attention.

Riverdale is one of those shows people couldn't stop talking about throughout its first season, especially the few weeks leading up to the season finale, because there were so many unanswered questions. The single event that attracted more fan theories than anything else on the show is the identity of Jason Blossom's killer, with audiences having to wait until the last episode to find out the truth.

Although many fans are creative and their theories would make a great series or explain something in a series, most series never turn out how fans expect. Some people have even claimed writers read the theories and come up with conclusions no one would expect. Even series based on books hardly ever follow the original publications to the letter, because writers and producers want even those who have read to books to have their minds blown.

Here is a list of some of the most insane fan theories the fans of Riverdale came up with. Some are ridiculous, some make a lot of sense, some still beg an answer, and we already know some of these are wrong. Which of these do you think is the most insane?

15 Archie, Not Jason Was The Target The Murderer Had In Mind

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This is a fan theory most fans held strong to until they discovered the true identity of Jason's killer. This theory made so much sense because on the day of Jason's murder, Archie was at Sweetwater River and according to Mrs. Blossom, the two did look alike. To support Mrs. Blossom, both these characters were football players, they were both red-headed, and Ms. Grundy tutored both of them.

So it was possible the killer, who might not have known Archie too well, thought he was killing him, but instead killed Jason. Fans also thought it to be suspicious how Archie was removed from the plot, which would have made even more sense if he was the one who was killed.

This theory is closely tied to the one where Ms. Grundy's abusive ex-husband was to be Jason's killer, because he suspected his ex-wife had an affair with one of her students. Her ex-husband had to silence his ex-wife's lover because she had possibly shared information about the abuse she went through with him, but he didn't want such information getting out, so he killed who he believed was her lover.

14 Jughead Will Turn Into "Captain Thrash" For A While

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Since Riverdale is loosely based on the Archie comics, some fans go out of their way to read back the stories in order to try to discover what will come next. Sadly, the writers aren't sticking to the main story as written in previous publications, since a lot is different in a way a comic-faithful fan would find hard to know the specific direction the show is heading.

One fan is convinced Jughead will go through a punk phase, possibly for an episode or two, where he will refer to himself as Captain Thrash. The fans who support this theory got the idea from a 1983 comic strip where Jughead went punk for a while but turned back to his normal self after a few days.

This comic strip was part of a comic book already on the market in 1983, a time when punk music had exploded and every teenager was trying to get the most of it.

13 Jason Committed Suicide

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Arguably, Jason's murder is the one event in Riverdale where fans have come up with so many theories that there's enough to have a complete list on its own. Fans had to wait until the last episode to discover who was truly behind the murder, with the progression of the series making almost every character seem guilty, including Jason himself.

According to this theory, this plot is similar to Romeo and Juliet's story. Since the Coopers and Blossom families are at odds, you can understand where this fan is coming from. According to this theory, Polly's parents told Jason their daughter had died, a situation Jason couldn't come to terms with and committed suicide a week after receiving the news because he couldn't see how he could live without Polly.

The circumstances surrounding Jason's death were weird, but since now we know for sure who killed him, this theory is now void, but the fans here had surely thought outside the box.

12 Betty And Jughead Are Related

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This is one theory fans think could be true but would probably go crazy if it was. We know Betty and Jughead have been friends since forever, and their relationship has since advanced into a romance. These two are so in love they even address each other in pet names, specifically "Betts" and "Juggy." After confessing their love for each other after the Jubilee, these two made out, and could have gone all the way, but had to stop because of an interruption.

This theory seemed to come to life when Betty and Polly discovered they had a brother, whose identity was a mystery. FP, who is the leader of a criminal gang called Southside Serpents and is also Jughead's biological father, seemed to know Betty and Polly had a secret brother since he even brought up the topic during dinner.

The reason fans hate thinking about this theory is they know Alice and FP had a thing in the past, and the mystery brother could very well be Jughead.

11 Joaquin Is Betty And Jughead's brother

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It's easier for a Riverdale fan to believe this theory about Betty and Jughead's relationship more than the one preceding it. According to some fans on Twitter, FP and Alice hooked up and gave birth to a son, the man we know today as Joaquin.

We don't know much about Joaquin's history, but chances of this turning out to be true are high. Since we never see Joaquin going to school, we can confidently claim he already graduated from high school and is, therefore, older than Betty, Jughead, and other siblings he might have and not know about.

Joaquin and FP are members of the Southside Serpents and they are very close, possibly because FP suspects he is his son. In addition to having the Coopers' bright blue eyes, his age is right, the actor playing this role once teased things surrounding this theory, and according to his publication, he is supposed to resemble FP and Alice.

10 Veronica Lodge Might Break Up With Archie And Date Chic Cooper

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Veronica Lodge is one of the main characters on Riverdale and is potentially one of the most influential. Despite being a new student in school, she is part of Josie and the Pussycats and is the River Vixens captain. She recently moved from New York to Riverdale because her dad, who she was living with, was arrested and incarcerated. We love Veronica because she is sure trying to become a better person, while still struggling to find out the truth about her father's intentions and loyalties.

This theory is based on the Archie comics, the books on which we can claim form the basis of Riverdale, although quite loosely. Some fans are convinced Betty's older brother called Chic Cooper will join Riverdale in the upcoming season, become the new music teacher at the school, and later have a romantic relationship with Veronica even if it's for a short period.

9 Jughead's Relationship With Betty Isn't Real

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Have you ever wished for something so much you actually imagined it was true and no one could convince you otherwise despite the facts not adding up? If you have never, then you probably know someone who has. Some fans think Jughead, who is writing this story, is sharing what, from his perspective, ought to have happened. This might mean his narrative isn't what truly happened, but what he believes should happen.

We can't deny Jughead can be a bit strange at times, which is one of the reasons we love this character so much. However, there's a chance Betty might be out of his league and the dating and all the romance is just in his head.

Being Jughead's narrative, he can make it whatever he wants it to be, so he can alter the facts in ways he sees fit. The truth might be Jughead is telling the story the way he would want things to turn out between him and Betty, and is only hoping for this romantic relationship to be true.

8 Jason Is Fred Andrews' Son

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Jason Blossom might be a recurring character in Riverdale, but most of the fan theories revolve around him and his death since he was already dead when the series was beginning. Jason continues to appear in flashbacks and dreams, appearing to Cheryl as a ghostlike zombie. We already know Cliff Blossom was his dad, but according to some fans, he was Fred Andrews' son. Almost anything in Riverdale is possible, owing to the complicated relationships we keep discovering with every other episode.

On the other hand, Fred Andrews is one of the main characters in the series, who owns a construction business that he hopes his son will take over one day. We know Fred Andrews' wife is Mary Andrews, and Archie is their only son. If this was the case, the theory about Cliff Blossom killing Jason makes even more sense. This would mean Fred had been in a relationship with Penelope, and Jason's twin sister Cheryl was also Fred's daughter.

7 Sabrina Is About To Make Her Debut

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Every Riverdale fan out there is waiting patiently for the introduction of Sabrina, a character everyone, including the writers of the series, knows should be part of it sooner rather than later. Fans expect she will be called Sabrina Spellman, a student at the high school and resident of Greendale. Some crew members had hinted at her debut on the season finale, but for a number of reasons, it was never the case.

One of the main reasons Sabrina hasn't appeared so far is probably because she will add a supernatural element to the show. This will be a huge shift because it will obviously grab all the attention from everything happening now, and yet so much is already going on and needs time to unfold in a natural way.

Fans are sure the show will take a turn for the supernatural in the coming seasons, especially with the introduction of Sabrina. Already, characters see Jason as a zombie or ghost, Archie has seen werewolves, and all the talk revolving around angry gods and voodoo dolls is sure to get more coverage in coming seasons.

6 Jason Protected Cheryl When Their Father Abused Her

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There is no question about how bad Clifford Blossom was, since we all know he was Riverdale's main antagonist, he was a drug lord, and he killed his son. Some fans went ahead to suggest he was more evil than we could all imagine, claiming he must have abused his daughter either once or on several occasions, and Jason must have either protected her from him, or she must have told him about it.

These fans assume one of the reasons Cliff killed his son was to protect his reputation since he knew a secret much darker than what the family business was involved in. With this theory, Cheryl's behavior and attraction towards Jason could be explained by how she saw him as the only person to run to for protection from her father as well as other kids at school.

It's likely Jason wanted to expose his father because he was fed up with his behavior, thus the plan to help Cheryl escape safely before then.

5 Ethel Is Capable Of Murder

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Ethel Muggs looks sweet and innocent the moment you lay your eyes on her, but according to some fans, she is capable of bad things, including murder. Ethel is a recurring character and in addition to knowing she is a student at Riverdale High School, she is also a victim of sexual rumors spread by Chuck Clayton. All she did was help Chuck with a math problem, but he started telling everyone they had sex, and someone wrote "sloppy seconds" on her locker.

Ethel teamed up with Veronica and Betty to hatch a revenge plot against Chuck for spreading the rumors, but some fans believe this isn't the first revenge she has been involved in. Some fans believed Ethel must have fallen victim to Jason's manipulation, and she went as far as killing him for it.

Apparently, Jason manipulated her into giving him a lot of money, since Ethel seemed to come from a relatively wealthy background, despite her parents losing most of their money. Jason intended to use the money to run away with his pregnant girlfriend but Ethel found out and killed him for the manipulation.

4 Clifford Blossom Is Archie's Father

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Archie attends Riverdale High School, and we love him because he is cool, he plays for the Riverdale Bulldogs, wears number nine, which belonged to Jason, he is an upcoming musician, and he is dating Veronica. From what we have learned on the show, his parents are Fred Andrews and Mary Andrews, but some fans think Fred isn't his real father.

The fans who came up with this theory claim Cliff Blossom is his real dad, because the resemblance between Archie and Jason was too great, and the Blossom family immediately started liking him. Fans interpreted this closeness as a desire for Cliff to get closer to his real son and make him heir to his family business since he had no other male heir.

Those who disagree with this theory are open to there being a close relationship between the two families, since they all come from Scotland, around the same region, and their resemblance in appearance is evidence of a relationship.

3 Polly And Betty Are One And The Same

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This is perhaps one of the craziest fan theories out there, so weird it attracted even the attention of Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Riverdale's executive producer. The fans who came up and support this theory claim Polly and Betty are one person, where Betty's alter ego, Polly, killed Jason.

In the series, these are two different girls. Polly is Betty's older sister, she was engaged to Jason before he died, and she is expecting twins. She used to be a student and a cheerleader, but she had to be admitted to Sisters of Quiet Mercy, from where she recently escaped. Betty, on the other hand, is a student at Riverdale, she is part of the River Vixens at school, and she is in a relationship with Jughead.

We got to see Betty's dark side when she unleashed her anger on Chuck, something she later claimed to be ashamed of but also left her feeling confused. This is probably what led to people coming up with the theory.

2 Alice Has Supernatural Powers

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Almost everyone believes season two will have a lot of supernatural events in it, but many of those believers await the introduction of Sabrina for the events to start taking place. However, some fans think Alice Cooper has superpowers, and will probably be the center of the forthcoming supernatural events.

In the first season, Alice was the co-owner and editor of a local newspaper, she is Hal's wife, and Polly and Betty are her daughters. Some fans believe Alice has witch's blood coursing through her veins and has gifts she hasn't used for years. Furthermore, some fans believe her daughter Polly will give birth to Sabrina, a witch who will get her powers from her grandmother.

To support this theory, some fans cite the threat she issued Hal, her husband, when she told him she would do something both of them would regret. Some fans assume she was referring to her supernatural powers.

1 A Zombie Apocalypse Is Coming To Riverdale

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This theory is wild, and many fans are convinced season two will have an afterlife plot, something similar to the zombie apocalypse. Many were disappointed when Sabrina didn't appear in the last episode as some cast members had claimed, but even the writers have assured the fans that Sabrina will appear on the series in the near future.

In other publications, Sabrina caused the zombie apocalypse when she attempted to resurrect Jughead's pet dog, but everything went wrong and zombies attacked. Cheryl, Jason's twin, had a nightmare where Jason appeared as a zombie, and people see this as a sign of things to come. Also, since Jason's body was discovered with a gunshot wound to the head, his killer must have been firing at a zombie because this was how zombies are killed.

This theory also suggests Jason's murderer didn't take his life for any other reason except to prevent a zombie apocalypse.

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