15 Inked Up Girls From The "Other" Industry

Sit back, relax, and have some fun with these blazin’ hot inked up ladies from everyone's favorite industry

Don’t deny it. Everyone has their specific stash of material from the “other” industry. Everyone also has their favorite star. However the “other” industry has such a wide array of material in the form of different “acts” and “storylines” that there’s a plethora of content for everyone to enjoy. The “other” industry has so many niches and types that if one has a specific taste, they can literally choose their preference. These days, it’s not out of the ordinary to see someone inked up. Everyone and their grandmother has a tattoo; those tats could be on specific parts of the body or all over. The adult industry has had no qualms with placing focus on inked bodies; in fact, many stars of the modern era have become known for it. These inked up stars have made huge names for themselves and have crossed over in various facets. Some have become entrepreneurs and others were inked up before being inked up was considered cool. So sit back, relax, and have some fun with these blazin’ hot inked up ladies from everyone's favorite industry who have taken us by storm. And don't get your panties all in a bunch – they're not ranked.

15 Joanna Angel

The legend herself. Joanna’s entire career has been at the forefront of punk-inspired content featuring inked up ladies including herself. Her company, BurningAngel, is still going incredibly strong today. Joanna’s appearance is marked by her constantly dyed hair and her various tattoos. She has a sleeve on both of her arms. Ms. Angel has certainly made an indelible mark on the industry, having starred in a crapload of scenes and making the now ever-so-infamous parody of AMC’s mega hit show The Walking Dead, titled The Walking Dead: A Hardcore Parody. Joanna’s sexuality, edge, and rebelliousness is perfect for her niche and it has made her one of the biggest and most renowned entrepreneurs within the adult world. The inked up vixen always had an eye for the cam, earning a Bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in Film Studies. The queen of punk hardcore within the industry was smart enough to focus her talents in the right direction.

14 Kleio Valentien

Kleio contains the looks that many men (and women who roll the other way) dream of; she’s a smokin’ hot blonde who’s lathered in ink and loves to work nude, literally. Kleio started getting tattoos when she was 18 years old. Her left arm features a buxom zombie in lingerie and there’s plenty of body art to be amused by just by giving her work a nice long look. Kleio’s appetite for the other industry began deep in the heart of Beaumont, Texas. It turns out Valentien did nude modelling for an art class located in Austin and eventually made her on screen debut for Burning Angel. Valentien paid the bills as a veterinary technician and a bartender before delighting a lot of her fans for years to come. Kleio has been nominated for a bunch of AVN Awards that focused on her punk slash inked persona and she has been featured in some notable adult titles including Evil Head and Axel Braun’s Inked.

13 Skin Diamond

Skin Diamond was one of the most popular and well known stars in the other industry. A huge part of her popularity is due to her amazing looks, her “shaved on one side” punk inspired-haircut, and of course, her tattoos. One of her most recognized tats would most likely be the phoenix located on her back. Skin Diamond may be “retired” from the industry but she definitely left her mark. Diamond has always been into modelling, working as an alt-model with GodsGirls and also gaining work as a Fetish model, doing shoots in the US and Europe. Her hotness and entrepreneurial fortitude has earned her a plethora of pop culture centered opportunities. The AVN Nominated and Urban X Award winning Diamond posed for David Mack, a comic book artist for Marvel. She’s been featured on CNBC’s list of most popular porn stars. Diamond has also been in music videos and plays the role of Dylan Quinn in Showtime’s late night erotic show Submission. Skin Diamond uses her true name, Raylin Joy, when it comes to her writing and music career.

12 Christy Mack

It’s no surprise that Christy Mack is on this list. The damn woman began her career as a tattoo model. She did shoots for tat-focused zine’s Rebel Ink and Inked Girls. Some of her most known tats include “Love Sick” which is on her knuckles. Christy Mack was immediately featured in ink-central adult titles the moment she stepped into the “other” industry. We’re talking titles like Hot Body Ink, Whores Ink, Inked Angels and a hell of a lot more. Of all the hotties in the group, Christy Mack is most definitely on the upper tier of an already stacked deck. Aside from being inked up, Mack is known for her voluptuous frame and like other fellow contemporaries her distinct “Mohawk-esque” hairstyle which often features the sides of her head shaved (she now sports a shorter cut). Both of her arms are full sleeves and there are many others throughout her (amazing) body. Christy started her body art when she was 16 years old. Christy Mack designed most of her tattoos.

11 Bonnie Rotten

There have been few recent card carrying members of the adult industry that have taken the it by storm more than Bonnie Rotten. The 23-year-old has been one of the most known stars ever since she stepped in and looks to only be getting started. Rotten is known for being lathered in ink along with her obvious buxom body. She began her career as a fetish model, modelling for Girls and Corpses, which is described as a “horror-comedy” magazine. One of her most famous tats is “Dead Girls Don’t Cry” which is located across her stomach, along with the spider webs that cover her chest. Her porn name is even spawned from one of her tats, which is located on the back of her right leg. Bonnie’s favorite tattoo is a zombie from the comic Night of the Living Dead: The Beginning, Issue I, which is on her stomach. Rotten has taken her look and love for the industry and has formulated an empire in the process. Bonnie is the first “alt-porn” star to win Female Performer of the Year at the AVN awards.

10 Bella Bellz

Bella Bellz took the other industry by storm with distinct Native American-Italian fused hotness, amazing booty, and of course, her tats, which are located throughout her body and yes, on her most notable ASSet. Bellz, who’s Cherokee, was encouraged to provide her talents to the adult world by her friend and fellow star, Jada Stevens. Bella rose up the adult ranks quickly, despite entering the industry at 29. Bellz, like many other ink lathered babes in her field, is featured in ink-centric titles such as Inked Angels 4. Bella was nominated for four AVN awards for the year of 2016; most of those awards are focused on her increasingly famous backside opposed to her ink-filled frame. There’s a strong chance that Bella Bellz will continue to become one of the more known entities within the adult industry.

9 Misti Dawn

When you have a drink named after you called the Misti Dawn Swizzle at a bar in LA, you must have done something right. Misti Dawn is yet another example of an adult star taking advantage of her opportunities and making the absolute best of them. Dawn has always had ink be a part of her modelling career, starting out as a "SuicideGirl" when the site was just beginning its ascent. She joined the adult industry in her mid-twenties. Misti’s time in the industry was relatively brief, but her distinct look and attitude enabled her to pursue various projects. The now retired star has found her niche with a hybrid of makeup, cosplay, and acting gigs. Dawn appeared in the Elijah Wood led Max Landis short film Death and Return of Superman. Misti is probably known among a variety of podcast listeners, having co-hosted “Bagged and Boarded” which is on Kevin Smith’s Smodcast network.

8 Janine Lindemulder

Chances are that you’ve seen Janine Lindemulder in one way or another, even if you’ve never watched an ounce of adult material in your life. The tatted-up adult film star was on the iconic album cover of multi-platinum punk band Blink 182’s biggest album, 1999’s Enema of the State. She appeared in many music videos (most notably Blink 182’s “What’s My Age Again?”) and has also modelled for Penthouse. If one were to view Janine today, they’ll notice that the AVN award winning vixen has a shitload of tattoos. The actress started out performing specifically in girl on girl scenes and then, after making a comeback in the mid-2000s, added dudes into the mix. Janine was featured in a leaked sex tape with Vince Neil and was involved in a highly publicized, volatile marriage to Jesse James (aka the guy that cheated on Sandra Bullock).

7 Harlow Harrison

Harlow Harrison is yet another inked up hottie in the adult industry. This buxom beauty enjoys the bossome things in life such as live music and smoking pot. Harlow has plenty o’ tats around her frame including a large design topped off with a crown smack dab in the middle of her chest. Harrison also has ink draped down her left arm and on the side of her torso. Harrlow’s time in the industry is relatively short, but she’s managed to make her presence known nonetheless in films like Axel Braun’s Inked 2. High school, like it was for plenty of others, wasn’t the greatest experience for Ms. Harrison. In an interview with Harrison said,

“I would hang out with the stoners, the goth kids, and the ‘emo’ kids. As far as who I dated, not much has changed – I still love my very fluffy, Latinos, covered in tattoos. Chubby is hubby!”

Harlow is also one of the most responsive stars in social media, talking to the fans frequently on platforms such as Twitter.

6 Juelz Ventura

Juelz Ventura was born in Brazil but grew up in the Midwest and currently (according to her Instagram) reps Atlanta. She was more known for splitting from her former husband Bill Hall (a former baseball player for the Milwaukee Brewers) and obviously being incredibly hot, than for how inked up she was. That all changed when Juelz became covered in ink. Juelz became so known for her ink that she’s won awards for it. Ventura has won awards as Female Performer of the Year (Inked Award) and Sexiest Painted Lady. Juelz has also been featured in “ink-based” flicks as 2013’s Inked Angels and 2015’s Lex’s Tattooed Vixens 2. Juelz may have rolled with athletes in the past, but she’s had no issues making a huge name for her herself in the adult industry. Ventura along with her ink, have become one of the industry’s most recognizable and hottest stars!

5 Mason Moore

Mason Moore is on the list if nothing else because she’s super hot and contains the funniest yet most pertinent tats of all. Moore’s luscious lips and huge, well, you know, aren’t even the most known parts of her body, that would be her tattoos. She has a sleeve filled up and even had an alias by the name of “Tattoo Girl.” Moore sports a number of tats referencing battling it out in the ring or plain ol’ (sexual) competition including “Who’s Next”, “Hit it Like a Field” and “TKO” which is notably located right above her money maker. Moore has retired from the industry but with lists paying homage to her such as this one, her ink-filled bossome body is obviously remembered. Mason came into the industry right when having a crapload of ink began to reach its apex of having many studios focus on that aspect of performers.

4 Tatiyana Foxx

Ms. Foxx is a prime example of pure thickness and she knows it. The busty beauty has a notable sleeve that’s hard to miss whenever she goes to work. She’s worked with the likes of Penthouse Films, Jules Jordan, and Elegant Angel. She provided a brief history outlining the tats on her arm:

“The skulls and roses show that I have overcome a lot of trials and tribulations in my life and I have become strong. I have bloomed like a beautiful rose. They were done by Chris cap at Poker’s Tattoo in Las Vegas,” Foxx explained.

Foxx loves to embrace the fact that she’s not a smaller woman; she loves her arsenal of curves and is very confident in her abilities. If Ms. Foxx wasn’t in the adult industry she says that she would be a “saxophonist, coroner, or photographer.” Fortunately, she went another way.

3 Cadence St. John

Cadence St. John was included on ZZ insiders Top 10 Alt Porn Stars. That’s all that needs to be said. Is it any wonder why this tatted up lady is on a 15 hottest inked list? Yeah, exactly. If one were to take a nice long look at Cadence they would notice the plethora of tats all over her body. Being a star known for body art has become so common that the AVN Awards, which is the flagship entity for the adult industry, created an award for favorite tattoo artists. Cadence is also aware that her tattoos are the most recognizable aspect about her.

“Most of my tattoos were done by Mark Hanson at Black Saints and Fury at Subculture Industries at Santa Rosa, CA and Coop at Kathouse Inc.,” said Cadence, courtesy of Cadence doesn’t hold back in regards to her confidence. She loves considering herself as a sexual being and loves to embrace it.

2 Emily Parker

Emily Parker is one of the hottest inked up ladies around. She’s yet another shining example of a star in adult entertainment using her explicit notoriety to launch her own empire. Parker’s favorite tattoo is located on her left arm. It’s a little cat that she describes as her best friend.

“Veronica Ricci drew for me when we were about 7. I got it tattooed by Brandon Bracamonte at Fallen Angel in Citrus Heights, CA, on her birthday one year. She was so shocked and surprised that I had saved it all these years,” she said, courtesy of Parker’s entire upper frame is littered with colorful tattoos that are showcased all over.

Parker has not one, not two, but three websites for her adoring fans to visit and express their adulation on:,, and Parker prides herself on being a much authentic version of, herself.

1 Jessie Lee

Jessie Lee is a blonde that has become known for her tats and her punk-aesthetic. She has done a lot of work for Burning Angel and is one of the more known and appreciated stars in the alt-porn world. Lee sports a tattoo on her neck that she is super fond of.

“My friend Clamore Wolfmeyer at Black Label Tattoo in Frederick, MD, did the tattoo on side of my neck. It’s a rose inside the mouth of a skull. My other favorite is the camera on my hand, which was by Erich Foster over at Rise Above Tattoo, in Buffalo, NY. ”

Jessie Lee’s most notable movie is Jessie Lee’s Girls’ Night Out. Although Jessie has made her mark as one of the more known ladies with ink in the industry she would still have some semblance of a life if she wasn’t working within it. Believe it or not Jessie would still most likely be working as a barista at Starbucks if she wasn’t in the industry.


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15 Inked Up Girls From The "Other" Industry