15 Inappropriate Scenes In Video Games Your Mom Wants Deleted

Nowadays, the Video Game industry is usually monitored by the ESRB rating system. You know -- 'E' for everyone, 'T' for Teen, 'M' for Mature, and so on. This rating system is used to keep young or immature audiences from getting into something they shouldn't (though some get into it anyway). This article is mainly focusing on the 'M' part of the scale. This is where you'll find the usual extreme violence, gore, language, disturbing content, and sexual content.

The contents of this list will explore the down and dirty -- the nitty gritty -- portions of gaming, parts that may make a player embarrassed to have the sound on or to have a parent walk in the room. Others are naughty little secrets that a player may accidentally come across throughout their games.

Turn the lights low, and turn on some sultry music, these are 15 Video Game moments that are totally NSFW.

(Note: Spoiler warning ahead and sexual content. Viewer discretion is advised.)


15 The Witcher 3- The Unicorn

The Witcher book series is much like Game of Thrones when it comes to its fantasy worlds, action-packed scenes filled with gore, and of course, it's filled with dirty little moments. The Witcher video games series is no different, as the player takes control of Geralt of Rivia during his final adventures.

In the third and final installment of the video game trilogy, Geralt and Yennefer of Vengerberg reunite and search for the Child of Destiny. During their search on the islands of Skellige (a mixture of both viking and celtic cultures), the player has the chance to see Geralt and Yennefer get it on -- while on the back of a stuffed unicorn. The scene can come out of nowhere for some unexpecting viewers, but rarely is it turned away.

14 Duke Nukem 3D- Shake It Baby


Lets address something about good ol' Duke Nukem: he practically lives in a bad, cheesy, '80s movie. He wears sunglasses at night, blows away aliens with all manner of weapons -- usually followed up by a cringe-worthy one liner -- and is always in the mood to get it on with the ladies.

During the second level of the game Duke Nukem 3D, toward the end, Duke will find himself fighting aliens at a strip club. Pole dancers can be seen doing what they do best -- and despite them being pixelated, it's still really intriguing. The player can even interact with the dancers, causing Duke to say "Shake it, baby!" while paying them. In response, the dancers will flash Duke with all their charms. Even for a game that's considered old, it not only plays well but is pleasing to the eye.

13 Shadow Warrior- Bathing Anime Ladies

Both the original and newer versions of Shadow Warrior pit the player against the demonic with a wide verity of weapons -- mainly swords and guns. You wouldn't be shunned for thinking that nothing sexual could be found in this game. But you would be wrong.

Throughout the game, the player can find many hidden areas and secret zones. Some of these zones are actually home to a pixelated anime lady bathing herself while humming. When Wang (The main character) approaches, they'll instinctively cover themselves up. Wang will be prompted to say some crude comments, but one that's most infamous is him saying, "Want to help wash Wang or help Wang wash wang?"

12 GTA: San Andreas- Hot Coffee


Okay, look... you can't have an article about controversial moments in gaming without Grand Theft Auto getting involved. The game literally thrives off of how many people it can offend -- one of those people being Jack Thompson, a former lawyer and activist against violence and sex in video games.

One piece of GTA history that Jack Thompson used never actually made it into the final cut of the game; moreover, it was actually hidden in the game's files. Apparently, Rockstar intended a full-fledged -- but awkward -- sex mini-game including half-naked character models and all. Of course, the game would include different positions and changes to the rhythm that the player could change on a whim. This piece of deleted content actually got the game pulled off of some shelves until copies with the files completely removed could be put in their place.

11 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain- Quiet Shower Scene

Even though the reason why Quiet trudges through the battlefield in a bikini has been explained in-game (she uses photosynthesis. Don't ask; it's a Kojima game), it's still kind of bizarre to see a mute woman aiming a sniper rifle at you while practically wearing swimwear. Originally trying to kill Venom Snake, Quiet becomes a member of the Diamond Dogs team later on in the game.

If you don't clean yourself off by taking a shower at Mother Base, the crew will point out how much you smell. Normally, you'll be greeted by a scene of Ocelot throwing a bucket of water on you. If you max out your bond with Quiet, however, she steps in front of Ocelot's water barrage and instead offers to take a shower with you. Cutting to a first-person view of Quiet bathing herself and the crew of Mother Base ogling at the bathing super solider, and you've got yourself an awkward -- but not unwelcoming -- moment in this game.

10 South Park: The Stick of Truth- 'Walking' In On Mommy And Daddy


South Park is full of moments that would make George Carlin blush. It's foul-mouthed, offensive, insanely violent, and wrong in all the right ways. As one would expect, the video game spin-off, South Park: The Stick of Truth, would be just as bad -- so bad, in fact, that some scenes were removed from the game, depending on its location.

One scene that would make anyone red with embarrassment is the mission where your character (who's the new kid in South Park) wakes up to find the Underpants Gnomes stealing their - - well-- underpants. After being shrunk down, the player chases the gnomes into their parents' room where they can see them having full-on sex in their room. What makes it more awkward is that if you look at them for a certain amount of time, you can get an achievement. Oh, also, you have to dodge your own father's scrotum while fighting the gnomes.

9 Batman: The Telltale Series - Where The Cat And Bat Go To Play

The company Telltale has come out with plenty of great titles such as The Walking Dead Seasons 1-3, Tales from the Borderlands, Game of Thrones: Iron from Ice, and The Wolf Among Us. Their game Batman: The Telltale Series, is another one of those great works of art. This game takes a different approach to the Batman mythos by showing that his parents were corrupt and his rise as the Batman.

One thing that's added in is the relationship between Selena Kyle, a.k.a. Catwoman and Bruce Wayne. If the players choose to, they can make it as romantic as they want, causing an affair behind the back of Selena's boyfriend (who happens to be Harvey Dent, a.k.a Two-Face). During a botched attempt against the Children of Arkham during "New world Order," Selena takes an injured Bruce back to her flat in Gotham. There, the players can choose a very sexy -- and awkward -- route as to how the night goes out, performing each action until the scene goes black. The next morning, you take control of a nearly naked Bruce Wayne and try and hide from Harvey when he stops by, making the sequence more hilarious than it has to be.


8 Wolfenstein: The New Order- The Train


With the release of Wolfenstein: The New Colossus coming over the horizon, it would be blasphemy not to include the scenes in The New Order that showed how intimate BJ Blazkowicz and femme fatale Anya Oliwa are in their relationship. And they're really, really intimate.

Now, the scene in the resistance base could be pointed out by its cut-and-dry performance, but this spot has to go to the train scene. Right after BJ is interrogated by Nazis, he enters the room Anya and himself are staying in. After a cute moment of them making small talk, it suddenly cuts to a love-making scene to rival most movie moments. The scene is so well done that it stuns players for just a moment because, in a game where you blow up Nazis, no one would expect a scene like this.

7 Mass Effect Andromeda- Full-On Nudity

Mass Effect Andromeda's first steps into the world were more like a tumble downhill. Even so, the game itself is downright fun -- taking the player out of the boots of Commander Shepard to those of the Ryder Twins. And even though there's a new galaxy to explore, the romance is still the same.

Well, it's mostly the same. The difference between the romance in the original trilogy and this game is that some of the scenes bare it all -- literally, as in some of the romance options, it's like watching softcore p*rn! Despite all of the flaws at launch, Mass Effect Andromeda is a great game with even sexier romance scenes than some of its predecessors.

6 Far Cry 3- Citra 


Far Cry 3 is a game that became an instant cult classic. With great gameplay and a weird and wacky story, it has many memorable moments. One that seems to stick with most gamers is that of the mysterious -- yet beautiful -- Citra.

Being the sister of the uncontrollable Vaas, Citra obviously wants you to kill him. Toward the end of the game, Jason Brody (the main character) is faced with the choice to free his friends or to sacrifice them. Choosing the latter of the two causes a first-person sex scene to occur -- a very realistic sex scene. Granted, most moments of lovemaking don't end with one of the partners stabbing the other, but it's still a scene you'll want to watch with the doors and windows shut.

5 Conan: Exiles- Exposure To The Elements 

The MMORPG Conan: Exiles puts players in the position of a character saved from execution from Conan himself. After being freed, the character may build his or her own civilization and fight other players online. The game, however, is still in its early stages and very buggy -- meaning, it might not be out for a while.

One option at the start of the game is to decide whether or not you want it to be censored, partially censored, or full-on uncensored. Choosing the latter hides nothing on your character. Male or female, you can see all the parts in his or her full glory. If you're playing as a male, you can even see your 'serpent' flopping around in the breeze in first-person mode, making it hilariously awkward and a game you definitely don't want your children playing anytime soon.

4 SiN- Sinclaire's Sensual Secret


The Video game SiN from 1998 was released with plenty of bugs and problems, making it a game hidden under the radar by many. For those who remember the game, the antagonist Elexis Sinclare is probably the most recognizable villain, seeing that she's nothing more than a polygonal barbie doll with mindset of a Dominatrix-like Bond Villainess.

During one mission of the game, the player enters Elexis's compound. One can access security footage of the buxom baddy herself lounging in a hot tub, while moaning can be heard. That may be enough for some players, but others tended to go deeper.  Using the noclip cheat, players can actually see her m@sturb@t!ng in the hot tub. Nowadays, a scene like this would be amped up with the 4k graphics, but back in 1998, this was more than enough for the boys to handle.

3 God of War (pretty much all of them)- Mini-Games

The God of War series can be considered nothing short of amazing. Taking control of angry Spartan Kratos, players cut down the gods of Ancient Greece. No, seriously... the third game starts with you literally killing a god. That's how angry this guy is for being betrayed.

Now, for being an angry guy, you'd think Kratos would need some lovin', right? Well in each of the games (except for Ascension and possibly the upcoming God of War 4), you'll find some lovely ladies whom Kratos can spend a few moments with. In God of War 3, you can even kill Aphrodite in a completely different way, if you catch my drift. Each of the games zoom away as you perform quick time events, showing that for all his strength, Kratos lacks in the stamina department.

2 Dragon Age: Inquisition- Romance Galore


Mass Effect's sword-swinging cousin, Dragon Age, has no shortage of romance. The best scenes tend to come from the third installment, Dragon Age Inquisition. This game offers several romance options, all of which are great in their own way.

Some of the love scenes are romantic, some tragic, and some downright hot and heavy. Some of them don't even try and hide details, from a drunken Sera describing how the female Inquisitor does her 'landscaping' to the powerful Iron Bull describing his massive member. These moments are well made and just as raunchy as Mass Effect Andromeda's -- showing where the mind of Bioware's designers usually go to.

1 Grand Theft Auto 5- First Person Pr-------tion

Trying to write an article about NSFW and sex scenes in video games is hard to do without including the Grand Theft Auto series, so much so that it's hard to limit it to one game in the franchise. So, in Grand Theft Auto 5, you can go ahead and pick up prostitutes and have sex with them. Nothing new there, considering that it can be done in other games. But have they ever done it in first person?

No, they have not.

The re-release of Grand Theft Auto 5 for next-gen consoles gives the player the ability to play the game in first person. It was a big step up in the series, and it made the interactions of the three protagonists more interesting. And the entire game is kept in first person -- including the sex with prostitutes. Now, it doesn't involve anyone getting naked or any graphic sex in your car, but it does give you the full gist through the character's perspective.

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