14Sasha’s Live Booty

When you witness a WWE event Live, the experience is quite different as opposed to watching it on television. While watching it on TV, you really don’t get the luxury of seeing everything that goes on. Instead, the WWE makes you see what they want you to see with their

camera work throughout the show. When you attend a Live event however, anything goes.

In this particular tag match, some fans might have turned the channel at home because heck, sometimes, tag matches just drag on a little too long. For the live fan however, why look away when you’ve got Sasha’s booty directly in your line of sight. With the best seat in the house, this fan took things a step further by snapping the inappropriate candid pic of Banks’ backside. She hates interacting with fans in candid settings, so she likely preferred this picture over an actual interaction at, let’s say, an airport!

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