15 Inappropriate Real-Life Fan Photos (These WWE Superstars Don’t Want UsTo See)

Oh, the life of a WWE Superstar! It’s just so unique compared to any other line of work. In pro sports, teams travel by bus and usually have the luxury of having minimal interaction with fans because of it. Even celebs, when not stuck on a movie set, can hide out at home. For a WWE Superstar, that’s not the case as not only are they constantly travelling but they’re also coming from different locations. If that wasn’t bad enough, they’re also responsible for their very own ground transportation. So yes, the chances of getting spotted in a candid setting are much higher for a WWE Superstar. For that reason, we’ve gotten access to a slew of candid photos from the past, some more inappropriate than others.

In this article, we take a look at the inappropriate photos that these Superstars wouldn’t want you to see. From airports to even a place like Walmart, these pics crossed the line in terms of a wrestler’s privacy. We’ll also take a look at candid pictures taken at live events that also crossed the line. From Sasha to Bayley’s booties, these candid pics are definitely “Not So PG”!

Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Here are 15 of the most inappropriate real-life fan photos. Let’s get started, shall we?!

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15 Roman & Dean Road Trippin'

Once Seth turned heel, Roman and Dean began travelling together as a duo. Seth recalls the guys being an absolute mess in terms of travel once Rollins left their side. Seth remembers the very first week of their split, seeing Dean and Roman stuck on the side of the road due to a complication; yes, life without Seth wasn’t the greatest early on for the duo of Reigns and Ambrose.

As we stated earlier in the article, the travelling buddies are now back together. However, as of this writing, the travelling duo has been relegated to Rollins and Ambrose due to Roman being diagnosed with the mumps. All Superstars have taken a shot in order to prevent the condition from spreading even further. It remains to be seen when Roman will return. Survivor Series is questionable at this point...

14 Sasha’s Live Booty

When you witness a WWE event Live, the experience is quite different as opposed to watching it on television. While watching it on TV, you really don’t get the luxury of seeing everything that goes on. Instead, the WWE makes you see what they want you to see with their camera work throughout the show. When you attend a Live event however, anything goes.

In this particular tag match, some fans might have turned the channel at home because heck, sometimes, tag matches just drag on a little too long. For the live fan however, why look away when you’ve got Sasha’s booty directly in your line of sight. With the best seat in the house, this fan took things a step further by snapping the inappropriate candid pic of Banks’ backside. She hates interacting with fans in candid settings, so she likely preferred this picture over an actual interaction at, let’s say, an airport!

13 Roman At The Gym

Spotting a wrestler usually takes place in three locations; one, the most obvious, an airport. Two, a restaurant because after all, the WWE Superstars are required to grab their own food while on the road. And three, of course, a gym. The WWE does not supply wrestlers with weights, because that would be ridiculous and way too heavy to carry around. Instead, the Superstars must visit a local gym to get in a quick workout if need be.

In this picture, a fan snaps an inappropriate candid picture of Roman Reigns as he stands at the counter. Looking at pictures of his fellow Shield members Ambrose and Rollins, the two are much more on the down low when it comes to going out in public (although Dean still gets recognized a lot). As for Roman, the guy has no fear usually going out completely exposed, even if you don’t know him, you know he’s someone given his size, that hair, and his epic tattoo.

12 Undertaker Rocking The Dad Look

Despite keeping the mystique of his character alive within the realm of the WWE for decades, Taker hasn’t followed that up outside of the ring. He’s been spotted in countless public settings in the past, from beaches to airports to local stores, to even rocking a dad look in the picture above. Despite being caught in these situations, we credit The Undertaker for always being a stand-up dude and posing for a picture with a fan. In terms of fan pictures in candid and inappropriate settings, Taker is without a doubt one of the very tops on the list.

Nowadays, all we really have are the candid photos as he remains on the sidelines at the moment. It remains to be seen if his in-ring days are done with or, if he has one more farewell match left in the tank before he heads towards the WWE Hall Of Fame.

11 Dean At The Store

Poor Dean Ambrose, the guy seems to get spotted everywhere. From airports to corner stores, Ambrose has a slew of pictures in both settings. We credit Ambrose for posing so many times alongside enthusiastic fans, there truly aren’t very many Superstars that have the patience that Dean has. Looking at his insane amount of candid photos online, one can make the argument that he’s got the most fan pictures out there (more than any current WWE Superstar). Residing out of Vegas also doesn’t help his cause; that’s one of those areas where travelers just look for a recognizable face to serenade.

As of this writing, Dean is back to travelling with his Shield buddies. When the group debuted, they rode together but that came to an end when Seth double crossed the group and you know the WWE, they love keeping kayfabe alive. In terms of travel, Seth is usually the driver, Dean is the one that speaks erratically in the passenger seat and Roman, well Roman usually gets quite sleepy in the back seat.

10 Charlotte’s Candid Bottom

In this inappropriate candid photo, it’s like Charlotte herself knows the picture is being taken judging by her facial reaction. When you pull the splits in the middle of the ring and look like that, you should expect some cameras to go off. This fan catches Charlotte in the midst of a perfect split, kudos for such perfect timing, but yeah, a little inappropriate, wouldn’t you say?

Nowadays, Charlotte is working her craft over on SmackDown Live as she traded places with Alexa Bliss during the Superstar Shakeup. She’s lost a little bit of her luster since, but that tends to happen when a Superstar leaves the flagship show for the Tuesday show that just does not draw in the same amount of viewers. Despite being over on SmackDown Live, you can still expect great things from Charlotte especially with WrestleMania season looming.

9 John Cena & Nikki At The Airport

Oh the airport, when it comes to fan interaction with a WWE Superstar, the airport is a common place for meeting a wrestler. For the most part, Superstars still take the picture, even if they aren’t too thrilled. However, wrestlers such as Seth Rollins get infuriated when the meet up is planned and a fan pulls out an 8x10 ready to get signed. Without a doubt, there are boundaries and meeting a wrestler for the purpose of reselling an item is an absolute “no-no”.

In this instance, Cena and Nikki are spotted because after all, it isn’t that hard to spot such popular faces that are not only WWE Superstars, but also pretty popular when it comes to mainstream culture. We credit Cena for usually at least pulling a smirk; he’s been approached for various candid airport photos in the past and although he doesn’t seem to be thrilled to take the photo, he at least poses and rocks a slight smile, like in the picture above inside a shuttle bus.

8 Randy At Walmart

At the age of 37, the master of the RKO is in a different place. He’s now a family man since remarrying his new wife Kimberly Kessler. The couple has a child together, and another four children from Kim’s prior relationship. You can just imagine the zoo-like atmosphere Randy deals with when he’s way from the ring and back at home with his wife and kids.

Orton has admitted that he loves spending time with his family, and particularly loves the circus-like atmosphere back at home. Without a doubt, he’s making more pit stops at local stores nowadays and this picture is perfect evidence of that as he was spotted alongside his wife at a local Walmart. You need to keep the kids busy, and Walmart is a good place to purchase a thing or two that’ll help with that.

As for this picture, it certainly breached many boundaries. At that point, at least ask for a darn selfie or something.

7 Vince Crashes The Bentley

Flying around in private jets and limousine riding on the ground, pictures of Vince in candid settings have been few and far between over the years. The only place you might get a real-life look at Vince is back at home near the WWE HQ in Stamford.

In a rare occurrence, Vince was in fact spotted back at home, however the reasoning is one he’ll want us to forget about. Just nearby the WWE HQ, McMahon crashed his Bentley. Now the details are kind of skewed but the other car was also extremely damaged following the collision. Vince was seen out of his car as an onlooker snapped the inappropriate real-life picture. Thankfully, everyone was okay and of course, Vince was likely able to repair his vehicle (or bought himself a new one).

6 The Bella Booty

Oh, Nikki Bella. Who could have predicted that the former Divas Champion would turn into such a huge mainstream face? She helped the WWE excel in the world of reality TV due to her involvement on Total Divas. Even non-wrestling fans picked up on the show and it brought in an entirely different audience. Of course, the WWE recognized this and gave the Bella twins their own show, Total Bellas. Nikki continues to thrive outside of the WWE nowadays as a part of the popular Dancing with the Stars program.

A key reason for her success is the way she is in public. Nikki is great with people, especially with the WWE fans. Bella is one of the few that usually rocks a smile from ear to ear when meeting a supporter. As for this picture (maybe not intentionally), the fan gets an inappropriate shot of Bella's booty looking flawless in a pair of yoga pants.

5 Randy Takes A Peak

Live events differ from actual televised shows or PPVs. During WWE Live events that are non-televised, the Superstars involved in the show are much more easy going. Following a match, many of them pose with fans that are ringside. We’ve seen some of the funniest selfies as a result, however in terms of this specific picture, it doesn’t get more inappropriate than this. Oh Randy!

In a rare instance on this list, it’s actually the WWE performer that’s in the wrong in this one. Orton takes a “Not So PG” glance at this fan's, well you know, puppies! Of course, in a PG era, you’d never see Orton pull off something of the sort during a live event. Credit the fan for snapping the picture at the perfect moment, catching him in the act. He’s now a family man alongside his new wife, so yeah, he’ll certainly want such a moment buried deep in the archives.

4 The Paige Incident

Similar to Vince, Paige was caught in this situation by a fan and the footage went absolutely viral. Since her WWE absence, Paige has been in a relationship with Alberto Del Rio, a relationship that many view as toxic. An onlooker added fuel to the fire making the claim that the two got into a terrible dispute and one that resulted in Paige making remarks about Del Rio’s constant drug use. Yup, it wasn’t pretty.

Adding to the situation, this picture was posted as Paige looked like a wreck on the phone. She was even caught saying “you ruined my life”. Nonetheless, the situation boiled over and the two are still a couple today. Paige is back at the Performance Center after a long hiatus and a return might be taking place in the foreseeable future.

3 Roman & An Enzo Fan

Okay, now this one might not be the most inappropriate on the list, however it isn’t a picture Roman Reigns will be flaunting around anytime soon, especially given his heat with Enzo. Roman has now turned into a locker room leader and he showed that power during a tour, kicking off Enzo from the bus due to his erratic behavior while on the phone. The situation showed just how unpopular Enzo is behind the scenes. According to recent gossip backstage, Amore is still banned from the WWE locker room. Ouch.

Despite the heat, let’s give Enzo some credit as he’s the current Cruiserweight Champion. Enzo was put on the show with the intent to elevate the roster. It’s up for debate whether or not he’s done that however....

2 Bayley’s Candid Glutes

The most PG Superstar on the WWE roster is without a doubt Bayley. Heck, you can even make the argument that aside from her in-ring violence, she’s rated G when it comes to promos and everything else. What isn’t so PG about Bayley however, is a certain physical asset; when fans are running a Twitter account based on your booty, you know it’s certainly something.

Along with a slew of candid inappropriate in-ring booty pics, this one was taken of Bayley while in regular clothes. Rocking some tightly fitted leggings, once again, her booty comes off looking "Not So PG!" As an avid fitness enthusiast outside of the ring, we can see where all those squats are going and that’s directly towards her backside. Given her audience, she’ll want us to forget about such photos.

1 Rollins & Reigns Post Flight Rust

If you’re going to take a chance and talk to a wrestler, make sure you do it before a flight, and not during or after. You can just imagine how a larger-than-life WWE Superstar feels after sitting in a plane seat for an extended amount of time; without a doubt, they’re none too pleased following a trip.

In the picture above, you can clearly see Rollins and Roman feeling the effects of the travel. The fan wisely takes a pic from a distance, however Seth in particular doesn’t look too impressed. Airfare is one of the rare expenses paid for by the WWE, however it is still quite taxing nonetheless going from destination to destination. When meeting WWE Superstars in public settings, always ask yourself, is this an appropriate place to snap a picture? If not, keep walking.

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