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Jojen Reed is Lord Howland Reed's son, who was Eddard Stark's friend since the period of Robert's Rebellion. He was part of the series for a total of 10 episodes in seasons three and four, making his debut in the "Dark Wings, Dark Words" episode, and bowing out in "The

Children" episode.

Jojen is originally from Greywater Watch, with his allegiance being with House Reed and House Stark. His sister Meera Reed is the only sibling he had, who cut his throat to save him from the pain of the fatal stabbings he received from reanimated skeletons. Jojen and Meera had joined Bran when he was on his way to the Wall and beyond as he was seeking the Three-eyed Raven. Along the way at Craster's Keep, they came across the Night's Watch mutineers who capture them. In order to escape, Bran had to warg into Hodor, who killed Locke and cut them loose. On reaching their destination, they are attacked by the reanimated skeletons.

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