15 Important Game Of Thrones Characters We've Forgotten About

When it comes to captivating audiences, no other series does it quite like Game of Thrones (GoT). It is hard to explain what we especially love about this series, because everything about it seems so perfect. Some of the things about GoT that deserve a thumbs-up include its interesting storylines, the amazing actors who bring the characters to life, the fabulous costumes and scenery that are too good to be true, and so much more. Unlike most other series that have a few characters who take center stage, this series has so many great characters with powerful roles that it is impossible to point out who the main character truly is.

One thing that audiences have come to understand with this series is that any character can die at any point, and the series will continue to attract even more fans. This means that, as the series continues, so many characters who were once playing major roles continue to fade in our minds as we try to accommodate the new ones and try to understand how the story is unfolding. Apart from Jon Snow, who was killed but was then resurrected, this series has so many great characters who are never coming back, and a few others we never got to totally understand.

This article is about 15 Game of Thrones characters we have not seen in a while, who never come to mind anymore when we think of Game of Thrones. Some of these characters will need you to read their stores to the end before remembering who they are, but in other cases you will only need to look at the character and everything about them will come flooding back to your mind. Which of these have you completely forgotten?

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15 Jojen Reed

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Jojen Reed is Lord Howland Reed's son, who was Eddard Stark's friend since the period of Robert's Rebellion. He was part of the series for a total of 10 episodes in seasons three and four, making his debut in the "Dark Wings, Dark Words" episode, and bowing out in "The Children" episode.

Jojen is originally from Greywater Watch, with his allegiance being with House Reed and House Stark. His sister Meera Reed is the only sibling he had, who cut his throat to save him from the pain of the fatal stabbings he received from reanimated skeletons. Jojen and Meera had joined Bran when he was on his way to the Wall and beyond as he was seeking the Three-eyed Raven. Along the way at Craster's Keep, they came across the Night's Watch mutineers who capture them. In order to escape, Bran had to warg into Hodor, who killed Locke and cut them loose. On reaching their destination, they are attacked by the reanimated skeletons.

14 Dagmer Cleftjaw

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Dagmer Cleftjaw is a character that you probably have forgotten was even part of Game of Thrones, although you must admit that his name sounds familiar. Cleftjaw made his appearance in the second season in "The Ghost of Harrenhal", but did not make it to the second season because Ramsey Snow flayed him to death.

Cleftjaw was an Ironborn Raider, hailing from the Iron Island and had pledged allegiance to House Greyjoy. His skill in battle made him Theon Greyjoy's closest friend and was pushing him to take Winterfell. Cleftjaw was not an individual you would want to cross paths with, because he had no regard for life, even that of little children. He executed Ser Rodrik Cassel because he defied Theon, and went ahead to kill two children to represent Rickon and Bran Stark. Rob Stark sent Ramsey Snow to Winterfell to tell him that he would spare the Ironborn if they surrendered. Their refusal to surrender led to Ramsey Snow and his men to kill Cleftjaw and his fellow Ironborn by flaying them.

13 Ros

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Ros is probably one of those characters that most men will find it hard to forget, but since the last time she was on Game of Thrones was in season three, it is possible that our memory of her is fading. We first saw Ros in season one in "Winter is Coming", and appeared in 14 episodes of the show until Joffrey killed her by shooting her with arrows using a crossbow several times.

One of the reasons most men would find it hard to forget Ros is her role as a prostitute, where she entertained many men and at least one woman. Ros was Theon Greyjoy's favorite woman in the brothel right outside Winterfell, and he did not like it that she had to go to King's Landing. At King's Landing, she gained employment in Lord Baelish's brothel, managing it and entertaining guests such as Tyrion Lannister. King Joffrey killed her because he discovered that she was Varys' spy.

12 Talisa Maegyr

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Talisa Maegyr is also Queen Talisa Stark, one of the main characters in the second and third seasons of the Game of Thrones. Talisa first appeared in season two's "Garden of Bones", and made appearances in 11 episodes before Lothar Frey stabbed her in her stomach repeatedly, killing her and her baby.

Before becoming queen, Talisa, who was born in the Maegyr family, which was apparently living in the Free City of Volantis, was working in the battlefield as a healer in Robb Stark's army. When Robb's mother, Catelyn Stark released Jamie Lannister, their most valuable prisoner, Talisa went to comfort Robb, and after sharing stories of their past and their feelings, they fell in love and slept together. Talisa, who was now Queen Talisa Stark, got pregnant but never got to give birth to their child. Lothar Frey approached Talisa from behind and stabbed her numerous times with a dagger, killing her and her baby, in what we know as the "Red Wedding Massacre".

11 Gendry

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Gendry is one of the few characters on this list who are still alive but whose whereabouts are unknown. The last time we saw him was in season three in "Mhysa", the 17th episode he has featured in since his appearance in season one. Gendry is probably the most significant bastard in the series because he is the only one of Robert Baratheon's children who is still alive, meaning that he is the only legitimate heir of the Iron Throne.

The first time we saw Gendry; he was in King's Landing and was learning how to become a blacksmith. At some point, King Joffrey sought to kill Gendry, who although was a bustard, posed a threat to his kingship. As he was on the run, Lady Melisandre bought Gendry, revealed to him that he was Robert's Son, and reunited him with his uncle Stannis Baratheon despite planning to kill him. Davos Seaworth saved Gendry and sent him on his way to King's Landing.

10 Janos Slynt

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Janos Slynt is one of those characters whose role made us dislike him in every way. He was present in seasons one through five, except season three. We first saw him in "Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things", from where he featured in 15 episodes. Throughout his career, he received titles such as Lord of Harrenhal and Lord Commander of the City Watch, titles which he lost before his death. Petyr Baelish succeeded him as Lord of Harrenhal and Bronn as Commander of the City Watch in King's Landing.

Slynt came from King's Landing, and his allegiance was to House Baratheon, his own House Slynt, and the Night's Watch. Slynt carried out Joffrey's orders to kill all the illegitimate children that Robert had, and he was famous for being brutal and untrustworthy. When Jon became Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, Slynt disobeyed his orders and insulted him; a mistake that led to Jon beheading him.

9 Doreah

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Doreah is one of those characters that you could have missed if you were not keen enough. Doreah appeared in just the first two seasons, with her debut episode being "The Kingsroad". She appeared in 11 episodes in total, since she met her demise in the second season in the "Valar Morghulis" episode. Doreah came from Lys, and her allegiance was once with Xaro Xhoan Daxos, then with Khal Drogo, and finally with House Targaryen. She started out as one of the bed slaves in a pleasure house in

Doreah came from Lys, and her allegiance was once with Xaro Xhoan Daxos, then with Khal Drogo, and finally with House Targaryen. She started out as one of the bed slaves in a pleasure house in Lys, but was later bought and moved to Pentos by Illyrio Mopatis. We got to learn that her mother sold her to the pleasure house at the age of nine, but touched a man for the first time when she was twelve. She was a master in the art of seduction before Viserys Targaryen bought her. After betraying Daenerys Targaryen, she was locked up with Xaro Xhoan Daxos until she died.

8 Salladhor Saan

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Salladhor Saan is also known as the Prince of the Narrow Sea and is one of the few black actors in Game of Thrones. He happens to be one of the few characters on this list who has not yet met their demise. Salladhor is a pirate, smuggler, and trader who commands a fleet of thirty ships.

Salladhor San has appeared in seasons two through to four and was introduced in "The Night Lands" episode. Salladhor came from the Summer Islands and Lys, and his allegiance was with House Baratheon of Dragonstone. For a period, Salladhor had joined Stannis Baratheon's cause if his men would receive pay in gold and plunder from King's Landing, but he abandoned him following the Battle of Blackwater. He returned to Stannis after receiving pay for his services. Salladhor's expeditions have made him aware of the numerous gods that exist, leaving him to conclude that the only god he believes in is between a woman's legs.

7 Viserys Targaryen

Via HBO.com

His name and the color of his hair make it obvious that he is Daenerys Targaryen's relative. Appearing only in season one beginning with the "Winter is Coming" episode, Viserys appeared in only five episodes and met his death in the "A Golden Crown" episode. In the short period that he was in the series, we utterly hated him because he was self-centered, arrogant, and narcissistic.

Viserys only cared about himself and saw everyone around him, including his sister Daenerys as nothing. He sold off his sister to Khal Drogo in exchange for the Dothraki's assistance in reclaiming the Iron Throne. Viserys' arrogance led him to disrespect the Dothraki, and proved to lack any form of leadership skills. For the first time, Daenerys stood up to him since she was fed up with him, had gained Drogo's favor, and was pregnant with Drogo's child. When Viserys threatened to kill Drogo's unborn child, Drogo poured molten gold on his head, giving him the "Golden Crown" he had always wanted.

6 Catelyn Stark

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Catelyn Stark was Eddard Stark's wife and mother to Robb Stark, Sansa Stark, Arya Stark, Bran Stark, and Rickon Stark, although Robb and Rickon are deceased. Catelyn played a central role in the first three seasons of the series, appearing in 25 episodes in all.

Catelyn was originally from Riverrun, and her parents were Hoster Tully and Minisa Tully, with her only surviving sibling being Edmure Tully. She had allegiances to House Tully through birth and House Stark through marriage. Catelyn went by the title "Lady of Winterfell", a title that her daughter Sansa goes by these days. When she discovered that the Lannisters had attempted to kill her son, she developed bitter feelings against them, feelings that only got worse when Joffrey had her husband executed. Together with her son Robb, they try to broker alliances in order to have their revenge on the Lannisters. Catelyn died in Riverrun when Black Walder slit her throat.

5 Robert Baratheon

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King Robert Baratheon, who was also called the Usurper or the Stag King, is perhaps the only legitimate king we have seen on the Iron Throne since all others after him have been frauds who do not have Baratheon's blood in them. Sadly, King Robert Baratheon never went past the eighth episode of the first season, since after a hunting accident that saw him injured, his wife Cersei poisoned him and he died.

King Robert Baratheon was originally from Storm's End, with allegiances to House Baratheon of King's Landing. King Robert was married to Cersei Lannister, a woman he never really loved, since theirs was a political marriage. He was in love with Lyanna, Ned Stark's sister, who he was betrothed to. Rhaegar Targaryen kidnapped Lyanna, who did not survive the uprising. King Robert never had any biological children with Cersei, since Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen were Jaime's children, but he did have close to 20 bastard children.

4 The Spice King

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Can you remember this Spice King from season two? The first time we saw this fellow was in the "Garden of Bones" episode, and he appeared in three episodes before his demise. The Spice King resided in Qarth, and his allegiance was with the city's ruling council called "The Thirteen", of which he was a member.

Apart from trading in spices, the reason for calling him the Spice King was that according to him, pronouncing his name is especially difficult for foreigners, which is why he did not use it often. While in Qarth, Daenerys's dragons were stolen, prompting Xaro to call a meeting with "The Thirteen" to discuss the issue. In this meeting, the Spice King said that even if he knew where the dragons were he would not tell. Pyat Pree claimed to be responsible for the dragons' disappearance, and that he was working with Xaro, the self-proclaimed King of Qarth. The Spice King's mockery of Xaro led to Pyat killing the Spice king and the other ten members of "The Thirteen" using his magic.

3 Shae

Via Hero Complex - Los Angeles Times

People everywhere have unanimously agreed that the world has only two kinds of people, "those who love Tyrion Lannister and those who do not". If you are the people who love Tyrion, then your memory of Shae is not that fuzzy. Shae appeared in the first four seasons of the show; with her first appearance in "Baelor" in season one. She appeared in 20 episodes, with the bulk of them being Tyrion's lover. The sad thing is that she had to die at the hands of Tyrion, and never got to realize just how much he truly loved her.

Tyrion took a special interest in her, fell in love with her, and had to make her Sansa's handmaiden in order to hide her in plain sight. Shae and Sansa became close, but Sansa's marriage to Tyrion left her jealous. Tyrion organized for Shae to leave King's landing for her own safety, but she returned and testified at his trial falsely and bitterly. Tyrion killed her in self-defense, after discovering that she was having an affair with his father.

2 Ser Amory Lorch

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Although this series is full of brutal warriors, Ser Amory Lorch would probably top the list of the worst of them. Lorch appeared in season two, and he made his debut in the "What is Dead May Never Die" episode and appeared in three more episodes before facing his death in "The Old Gods and the New" episode.

Amory Lorch's allegiance was with House Lorch and House Lannister, doing most of his killings by order of the latter house. He once caught Arya Stark taking a parchment with war orders against Robb, her brother. Lorch then decided to kill her but she managed to escape. Arya rushed to Jaqen H'ghar, who was an assassin who owed her three lives and told him to kill Lorch as the second life he owed. Before Lorch could denounce Arya to Tywin, Jaqen H'ghar shot him with a poisoned dart, and he fell dead on Tywin's doorstep.

1 Ygritte

Via Game of Thrones Wiki - Wikia

Ygritte is probably the only woman in the series to have won Jon Snow's heart, despite being a Wildling. We first saw Ygritte in season two in "The Old Gods and the New", and she appeared in 17 episodes, from the first season all the way through to season four. Ygritte was one of the Free Folk, who believed in choosing a king and not depending on any royal bloodline. She died fighting the brothers of the Night's Watch at Castle Black, shot in the back by Olly.

Jon Snow first captured her, but she led him to an ambush where he had to become a Wildling to save his life and discover their plans. Jon Snow managed to escape, but Ygritte's love for him prevented her from killing him with her arrows. In the battle at Castle Black, her archery skills enabled her to kill many brothers of the Night's Watch, but her hesitation and eventual refusal to kill Jon Snow led to her death.

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