15 Images The White House Doesn't Want You To See

Now more than ever, all eyes are on the Donald. Not because of his latest episode firing someone or pulverizing an interview, but because, yes, he is now officially the President of the United States of America. Most people are still trying to wrap their minds around how this actually came to be. It really is quite simple though isn't it? He was voted in, further emphasizing the importance of getting to the polling booth on voting day and not just poo-poo-ing the results when you don't like who won.

For the next four years, he's the big man on campus, praised in all his glory by some and definitely despised probably by more; it is fair to say that Trump has had some unforgettable moments in the past. The public has not been shy to scrutinize his relationships with his family. This ranges from too close to his daughter Ivanka to a potential abusive relationship with Melania and goes so far to even implicate his parents as racists.

Let's take a further look into why the president has caught our eye so vividly. The following are 15 pictures that the White House definitely does not want you to see.

15 A Dancing Ivanka

Ivanka has always emitted an air of class and poise. She has grown into a mature woman who is able to hold her own gracefully. This pristine image was perhaps molded over the years because this photo gives us the creeps. Little Ivanka is doting short shorts and grinding her backside on her father's lap while dancing. Donald never put a stop to this as they both seem relaxed and carefree as though this type of physical intimacy happened on a regular basis. She is old enough that this behaviour was able to make most people uncomfortable and question how close this dancing father/daughter duo really is.

14 Parents and the KKK

In September 2016, this image circulated like rapid fire. This photo made the rounds as the election intensified. It is not too difficult to photoshop any image and this one was so different. The original photo was very normal. It goes to show that people can easily believe anything they see on the internet and portray it as fact to the public. During the election frenzy, anyone and anything was on the table for prodding and poking, including elderly parents. This family has a thick skin though and is used to the public eye. Hang on to your hat momma and poppa Trump because you're in for a wild ride and nobody is safe this time around.

13 Hating the Hunters

Unfortunately, there isn't only one picture that depicts the inhumane slaughter these savages did while killing beautiful animals for "sport". Trump's sons went on an expedition in Africa  with the sole purpose of killing, not only once, but twice in 2010 and 2011. They managed to kill an antelope, waterbuck, two buffalos, a cheetah and a crocodile. Let's not just give them the benefit of the doubt that they chose to hunt in order to preserve wildlife and regulate population. Hanging a massive crocodile by the neck from a tree  while smiling in front of it  seems like they are doing the world such a favor right? Animal rights groups and general outrage from the public gave a clear response that this psychotic behavior is not admired.

12 Loving Wife

Before Melania Knauss became Mrs. Trump, she upheld a booming modeling career. In 1996, a series of a provocative photo series were released. It starred Ms. Melania and fellow model Emma Eriksson. Other images in the series of photos include the duo in barely there underwear and heels in public, whipping each other. This photoshoot was done when they were in their young twenties for about five hours in an NYC apartment. The photo series is provocative and raunchy that a now First Lady would never be caught doing. It goes to show, sometimes you never know where you're life will end up, just think of that before you say cheese. Pictures are forever.

11 Size... it's all that matters

If there were ever comparison shots that received the most interest, it's this one. Without hesitation, the media and general public were quick to compare Trump's minimal turn out to that of Obama's inauguration. Trump's camp went with accusing the media of lying and comparing the sizes with different time ranges for both presidents. Trump also boasted that: "We had, it looked honestly it looked like a million and a half people. Whatever it was, it went all the way back to the Washington monument." Whatever negative press the Donald ever seems to get, he always seems to come back full force with confidence and genuinely believes what he is saying to be true. Despite what he says or how many showed up, this will not be a smooth four years.

10 CNN's terrible taste

The television station decided to chronicle the 2016 election and create a book about it all. CNN released two editions recording this presidential race, using two different photos of Donald Trump on the cover. Trump was not shy to say that CNN: "...used the worst cover photo of me" in regards to these books. Trump has had a history of taking up issues with the media and using unfortunate photos of himself. He was also quick to tweet (as he always does) about the media being wrong about the election results. The whole world seemed to think it was an impossibility that Trump would get so far in the race, yet alone win it! Look who is getting the last laugh now. CNN can be sure to release a happier looking Donald now that he's in the hot spot.

9 Trump University

This 'university' was created in order to help real estate developers learn precisely how to get rich. The instructors were allegedly hand picked by Trump in order for the participants to have access to Trump's real estate 'secrets'. It all sounds fine and dandy, only more and more downfalls kept happening making Trump University fail. First, he needed an educational license, which sounds to us like something pretty basic one should know when opening a school. The name was then changed to "Trump Entrepreneur Initiative". As time went on, this course load seemed to be too much to handle forcing Donald to drop out and close the program in 2010. He also walked away with a $25 million lawsuit that needed to be settled because of this whole educational fiasco.

8 The not so glamorous beauty pageants

When you think of the Miss Universe, Miss USA or Miss Teen USA beauty pageants, don't you think of beautiful women, poise, talent and entertainment? Well since allegations against Trump and his behavior towards these contestants surfaced, those positive thoughts seemed to get eliminated. Trump apparently would continually barge in the dressing rooms of the contestants unannounced, some, as young as 15 years old. He's even shared these opinions on Howard Stern's show saying: "I'll go backstage before a show and everyone's getting dressed...no men are anywhere and I'm allowed to go in because I'm the owner of the pageant and therefore I'm inspecting it... you know they're standing there with no clothes...and you see these incredible looking women and so I sort of get away with things like that."

7 Not pledging allegiance

Being patriotic goes hand in hand with being American. Showing your sense of pride and passion for your country is a must and is shown enthusiastically by most of the people living in that country. Naturally, the leader of the country should be one of the most patriotic, if not the most USA-loving person there is. Your love of your country is shown through proudly waving your flag, upholding the beliefs and morals your country builds itself on and unquestionably pledging allegiance to your flag. An unfortunate photo op occurred when Trump was sharing the stage with some front runners and is the only one shown not holding his hand over his chest during the anthem. Perhaps it was bad timing and he followed through doing it, but pictures like this do not paint him in the all-American attitude.

6 Autographing a boob

We're not sure how many boobs are in this picture, but there is definitely one with a pen in his hand. Despite trying to be a crowd pleaser and gain votes, it is important to uphold a certain code of conduct when running for president and, better yet, becoming president. Trashy behavior like this is not something to be proud of. It increases his already bad rap for sexualizing women, despite the fan clearly wanting and enjoying it. It is just an overall look you don't want represented to the world demonstrating what kind of leader is running the show. This isn't a rock concert, frat party or tacky contest, this is a grown man in one of the most prestigious positions of power in the world. The only use for his pen should be for signing empowering and proactive legislation, not female anatomy.

5 Friends with the enemy

The way Hillary and Donald communicated and treated each other during the campaign trail painted a very clear picture that they do not like each other. They portrayed complete difference of opinions and ideas for the present and future American. Complete disrespect was constantly shown and it was down right aggressive, petty and nasty behaviors. Little do we know, that the dramatic duo were actually very good friends in the past. Many photos dating way back before the election depicted them as close. The Clintons even were guests at Melania and Donald's wedding. It was a false image presented to the public, but a picture speaks a thousand words and this is a point proven with every pixel.

4 Bad hair day

If it's not his ferocious attitude and public demeanour that made him famous, then it is definitely his hair. This trait has caught everyone's eye and we can't look away. Is it real? Is it fake? Is it orange? Is it blonde? There are just so many questions! It also moves so much, we feel like we've seen every meme possible making jokes about the wind blowing it in every which way. He has even gone on late night television allowing hosts to pull on it proving that it is in fact real.  The man rocks it with confidence, we will give him that. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it is safe to say that he shows no signs of insecurities about his looks, especially his frock.

3 Too much Access to Hollywood

This train wreck happened just before Donald got elected and people lost their minds. The words that came out of his mouth disgusted many and painted him in a chauvinistic light. He was unaware his mic was on and the conversation between him and host Billy Bush was leaked to the public. He was just about to be interviewed by Arianne Zucker and this “locker room talk” ensued. “I better use some tic tacs just in case I start kissing her. You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful- I just start kissing them.” Trump said. He went on, “it’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait and when you’re a star they let you do anything, you can do anything.” These words were more than disturbing highlighting that he uses his fame and power to take advantage of women. He later apologized, but nobody forgot this display, costing Billy Bush his job.

2 The baby making the babies cry

Naturally, babies are not always happy-go-lucky when you need them to be. Photo opportunities are a chance to show the public just how great you are. After all, he is making American great again, right? When choosing to hold someone else's baby, it is chancy, unpredictable and not always a good idea. In 2016 in Colorado Springs, the cameras started flashing as Donald held Kellen Campbell's little babies, who started to get red and burst into tears. The president tried to defuse the horrible photos that would emerge. Unfortunately for him, these photos were shown all over, only enhancing his bad image. This photo gone wrong only emphasized that not all women, men and even babies adore Trump. It can happen to anyone, but at the time, this was not a good look for Trump.

1 Imitation at its worst

In November 2016, things hit the fan and not in a good way. This was probably one of the worst reactions the president received because of the politically incorrectness of it. Having zero experience in politics, it only makes sense that Donald wouldn't even know a thing or two about political correctness as well. During a speech, he began to imitate a reporter who is handicapped. He began to flail his arm and clearly looked as if he had a disability. Trump naturally denied this allegation. Whether it was intentional or not, it did not help his image. It's completely insulting to make fun of another person for whatever reason, but this definitely took the cake. Things like these are so absurd for a man in his position. Despite the public outcry shaming him for these actions, Donald did not budge as usual.

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