15 Images Of Catwoman From Terrible To Breathtaking

Catwoman is a very seductive character, with her outfits bringing out her sultriness almost all the time.

Catwoman is one of DC's best female characters, and she usually appears in association with Batman. Like every other character out there that wears a mask, she has a secret identity where she goes by the name Selina Kyle.

The reason we have a weird relationship with Catwoman is that we know she is a thief, but she often helps Batman take down villains and usually ends up in a complicated love-hate relationship with him. In recent memory, many of her crimes have had good intentions revolving around them, so we can claim that she does the wrong things, sometimes, for the right reasons.

Catwoman is a very sexy character, with her outfits bringing out her sexiness almost all the time. Usually, we would expect her to wear a one-piece costume with a zip in the front, and depending on her mood the zip can be all the way up or all the way down. In addition to her expert training in martial arts, her weapons of choice tend to be her razor sharp claws and her whip.

Catwoman has appeared in various media over the years, with every one of her appearances having slight to major differences with the former. Therefore, if you were to search for Catwoman images, you would find numerous different images, with each image being the subject of different interpretations.

Therefore, you are bound to find some images of Catwoman that are just terrible, but others are nothing short of breathtaking. Here are Catwoman images divided into three main categories, five from comic book covers and animations, five from games, and five from live action actresses.

Do you agree with the order in which they appear?

15 Catwoman Defiant (1992)

Catwoman Defiant is a comic book where Catwoman has to fight against Mister Handsome and his men, who are destroying beautiful works of art in Gotham. She runs into Batman a few times, who instead of handing her over to the authorities for stealing pearls, offers to work together with her to bring down the criminals.

This suit is probably one of the worst suits we have ever seen Catwoman in, because there is hardly anything positive to say about it. Blue is not a color that we would readily assign Catwoman, and the suit appears a few sizes bigger, especially around the arms, the legs, and waist. In addition, we cannot see a zip on her front side, so we do not know how she gets into the suit or how she removes it.

Her mask is different from the goggles we are used to seeing her with, and this costume has whiskers. This is definitely not one of Catwoman's best images.

14 Gothtopia Catwoman #27 (2014)

This is the cover of the 27th issue of Catwoman's fourth volume of The New 52. Catwoman is clearly working together with Batman here, owing to her choice of attire and her participation in taking down criminals. This suit is definitely not breathtaking, but it is sending out a clear message about Catwoman's intentions and role in the comic.

The colors that are not usually part of her costume - the red, yellow, and grey - remind us of one of Batman's most reliable sidekicks, Robin. In addition to the cover suggesting that Catwoman is Batman's newest partner, we can clearly see that she is wearing a cape, an item of clothing that she doesn't usually wear, and she does not have her signature sharp claws on her fingers.

We love seeing Catwoman working together with Batman in Gotham to solve crimes, but we love her other outfits even more. This look might be great when showing allegiance, but it makes our favorite cat look too weird.

13 Viewliner Ltd.: Comic Book Cover Art Catwoman #1 (1993)

This is the comic book cover of the first issue of Catwoman volume 2, where it begins with Catwoman working for Bane. Catwoman is one of those characters whose allegiance can shift depending on where she gains most. In this case, Bane is running Gotham City, and since Catwoman is the best diamond thief in Gotham, whenever she steals, she has to give her loot to him.

This image of Catwoman is truly amazing since she is wearing a purple suit with black gloves and tights. Her suit fits her so well one would be tempted to think that she was wearing body paint and not actual material. Her long whip sure looks as if it can deliver a very painful sting to anyone who crosses her path, and her razor sharp claws look as if they can cut through dense metals.

This look is breathtaking, and if costume designers ever really manage to come up with a costume that would fit a woman so perfectly, it would be great.

12 Catwoman: Race of Thieves (2014)

This Catwoman: Race of Thieves comic book cover is the 30th issue of Catwoman's fifth volume. In this series, Catwoman finds herself fighting alongside Batman in order to take down the bad guys and restore order and safety.

We all know that this cat is great at stealing diamonds and falling in love with Batman, which is why fighting crime for her feels wrong, yet pleasant in a weird way. This black and shiny suit makes us understand why Batman has to keep falling for this beauty since we can see all her curves and just how great they are. Weirdly, however, it appears as if her fingers do not have sharp claws.

This image of Catwoman on the cover looks amazing, especially since she appears to be posing for the audience as opposed to fighting, as is the case in most covers. This is truly a breathtaking image of Catwoman and we love it.

11 DC Showcase: Catwoman (2011)

DC Showcase: Catwoman is a 15-minute long animation based on Catwoman that hit the screens back in 2011. In this short film, Catwoman attempts to take down Rough Cut, a Gotham City criminal who is smuggling precious cargo into the city.

Catwoman uses her creativity and excellent fighting skills to discover that Rough Cut was smuggling girls into the city, who were more precious than diamonds. Catwoman seeks Rough Cut, fights him, overturns a truck he is trying to escape in, kills him and saves all girls. This animation is Catwoman's storyline continuation, which had begun in Batman: Year One, and was the fifth of DC Showcase animation series.

Since this is an animation, her suit fits her perfectly, and it exaggerates every part of her body to make her breathtaking. Although she has her zip all the way up to her mask in this image, the instances where she pulls it all the way down to her belt make her unbeatable in combat, because her adversaries will hardly focus on the fight.

10 Batman: The Telltale Series Catwoman (2016)

Before she became Catwoman, we do not know much about Selina Kyle, but according to this game, we know that she used to work as a hired thief for anonymous clients. Before this game starts, we find that Catwoman had already taken up a contract to steal an information drive from Gotham City's Mayor. She has to break into City Hall, steal it, and take it to the rendezvous point at a particular warehouse.

What is exciting about this game is that Selina was probably in a brief relationship with the Mayor, but he never got to know what she does when they were not together. As you would expect, she meets with Batman on several occasions and the two even share an intimate moment.

This image of Catwoman is one that shows us that she has her sights set on accomplishing the mission at hand, judging from her utility belt, her weapons, and her backpack.

9 Injustice: Gods Among Us Catwoman (2013)

Catwoman is one of the playable characters in Injustice: Gods Among Us. Back when it hit the market in April 2013, it was the highest grossing game that month in the United States and the United Kingdom, and it won numerous awards, including the "Best Fighting Game" for 2013.

To play the game, you only need to select your favorite DC character and try to beat an opponent. People who are familiar with NetherRealm Studios' Mortal Kombat would feel at home with this game owing to numerous similarities between the two such as in the controls, online functionality, game mechanics, and so on.

If your choice character is Catwoman, then she will look like this image here. The minute you set your eyes on her, you need no convincing that she is ready for a fight. This image has little to do with sexiness, but everything to do with stealth and combat. Catwoman looks great in this image, but not quite breathtaking.

8 Batman Arkham City Catwoman White Suit (2011)

In Batman Arkham City, Catwoman is a character that a player can download on the Xbox 360 console, PlayStation 3 console, or the PC version of the game. The main story in the game begins with Bruce Wayne finding himself trapped in Arkham City with criminals, after Hugo Strange discovered that he was Batman. Batman got free and saved Catwoman from Two-Face's attempt to execute her, and she returned the favor later by helping him escape from being buried in rubble.

Catwoman has her own storyline of heists, which intersect with Batman's story. Here, she is agile and can use weapons such as gauntlets and, of course, her whip. Catwoman's missions are exciting and they change the pace of the game, making it exciting for players.

This image is Catwoman as she appears in a white suit. This is unique and it looks great. The suit appears to have everything we love about Catwoman's costume and it makes her look outstanding.

7 Catwoman Infinite Crisis (2015)

The 2015 video game Infinite Crisis was a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game developed and published by Turbine and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment respectively. The characters in this game are the heroes and villains in DC, who compete against each other in battle. Catwoman was one of the champions in the game, where a player would choose her to battle in a team together with other players and fight against other players or against the computer champions.

Although the servers for this game are down, this is how Catwoman appeared. Although this is her in action, there is no question about how great she looks. Her costume clearly presents her as a very sexy character that does not even hide her beautiful face with her goggles.

Catwoman is especially dangerous with her whip when she uses it from a distance, she has excellent martial arts skills, her kicks and claws are dangerous, and the use of her burglary skills will gain the player more credits.

6 Mobile: Injustice 2 Catwoman (2017)

Injustice 2 is finally out, since it hit the market on May 11 with a big bang. This is an amazing game, owing to the wealth of mechanics, the incredible visuals, and the class fighting. If you have not had an opportunity to check out the game, you can do so online.

Of course, the most dangerous villains and superheroes in DC are options that you can pick, and Catwoman is definitely one that you should try out. From Catwoman's YouTube promo, it is evident that her sharp claws and her whip are serious weapons that she can use to beat any opponent.

This image of Catwoman is amazing, since it is a perfect blend of breathtaking beauty and strength. We have not seen her wear such a suit on many occasions before, since, in addition to her perfect fitting body suit, she appears to be wearing the perfect armor for her body.

5 Lee Meriwether's Catwoman (1966)

Lee Meriwether is one of the women who has played the role Catwoman in the past, and chances are that you did not see her in action playing this role. Meriwether was great for that role since she is a great actress and a former model, who won the Miss America pageant in 1955.

If you watched the crime drama Barnaby Jones in the 1970s, then you have definitely seen her in action, a role for which she won two Golden Globe Awards and an Emmy Award nomination. Other roles that we can remember Meriwether from include The Munsters Today, where she played Lily Munster and in her more recent role as Ruth Martin in All My Children, which ended in September 2011.

Her portrayal of Catwoman in the movie Batman in 1966 was great, in addition to her appearances in Batman the TV series the following year, where she played Lisa Carson, Bruce Wayne's love interest. Her portrayal of Catwoman is far from breathtaking, owing to the fact that she was one of the first women to play the role and this was one of the first costumes ever made.

4 Halle Berry's Catwoman (2004)

Most critics out there agree that Halle Berry's portrayal of Catwoman was the worst in history, and it is possible that Berry agrees with them. People must have reacted so negatively to this film and to Berry's performance because this was the first movie starring Catwoman, without Batman anywhere in the picture, and it failed to meet people's expectations.

Michelle Pfeiffer's portrayal of Catwoman in Batman Returns twelve years earlier had set the bar so high that critics were looking for the slightest error in the new film to come against it with everything they had, which they did.

Although she was just following the script and what the directors were telling her, it seemed as if she did not give the role her best possible performance. Furthermore, her costume, which some people claim was "bondage-inspired", did not resonate well with audiences, since it showed too much skin, and was anything but decent. Sadly, this image falls into the terrible category.

3 Julie Newmar's Catwoman (The 1960s) 

This was Julie Newmar's portrayal of Catwoman back in the 1960s, and she continues to be an outstanding actress, even today, at the age of 83 years. In addition to acting, she was a singer and a dancer back in the day - talents that contributed to making her who she is today.

Playing roles as a temptress, an Amazonian beauty, or appearing in sexy costumes in shows such as The Phil Silvers Show, contributed to making her a "larger-than-life sex symbol" back in the day. For her role in The Marriage-Go-Round, Julie won a Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Play in 1958 and appeared in numerous other stage, TV, and film productions.

Julie played the recurring role of Catwoman in Batman, the series, which ran from 1966 to 1967. She modified her costume by moving her belt from her waist to her hips since she wanted audiences to notice her beautiful hourglass figure. Her portrayal of Catwoman is one of the best ever.

2 Anne Hathaway's Catwoman (2012)

It is likely that most people have watched Anne Hathaway's portrayal of Catwoman in film, since The Dark Knight Rises is still one of DC's most successful films and it hit screens in 2012. Hathaway's performance was such a relief, owing to the negative reception of the previous Catwoman, and there are even rumours of Hathaway reprising the role in another upcoming Batman movie.

Hathaway's performance was so good that she won Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress - the first Catwoman to receive a good award. In order to fit into the character, Hathaway had to intensify her workouts in the gym and go through extensive martial arts training, because the role was awfully demanding.

Thanks to advancements in technology, Hathaway's Catsuit is probably the best one ever made, and her gorgeous body makes it look even better. Hathaway's look as Catwoman is truly amazing, and her performance as this character is even better.

1 Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman (1992)

Michelle Pfeiffer was the first modern Catwoman seen in film, appearing in Batman Returns, one of the most successful films released in 1992. In order to pull off her outstanding performance, she had to go through rigorous training in martial arts and kickboxing.

Pfeiffer's performance in the movie was so good that critics agree her portrayal of Catwoman is the all-time best, and her image is undoubtedly breathtaking. Arguably, Pfeiffer's performance added a form of sexiness to the franchise that was lacking in the previous film, while at the same time proving to be witty and intelligent.

Her black leather costume is truly the best one we have seen on TV or in a film, and it has won the hearts of many over the years. According to her story, Selina made a cat costume herself - the visible stitches on her costume are evidence of that - and they are part of what makes the suit so great and her appearance breathtaking.

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15 Images Of Catwoman From Terrible To Breathtaking