15 Idiots That Didn't Clear Their Search History (And Ruined Their Lives)

It’s without a doubt that a lot of people in our generation spend plenty of time browsing the Internet and several different social media sites. As a matter of fact, the lot of us probably spend too much time in front of a screen, but it’s just become a modern addiction for so many people. We spend the majority of our day checking our phones, posting on social media, clicking through different sites and of course, not getting our own work done.

But what many people don’t realize is that every site you click on remains in your browser’s history. Yes, even the ones that you secretly look at during the evening hours, and especially when no one is around. You know, the searches that you don’t tell anyone about and the sites that you frequent, but are too embarrassed to admit. And your family members might stumble upon all of the things you’ve searched the night before, whether they intend to or not. What they might end up seeing would probably shock them, to say the least. With that being said, here are 15 Reddit confessions from people that didn’t clear their search history. As a result, it not only did it leave them completely embarrassed, but it also ruined their lives.

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14 Wife Found Out About Searching For Side Views Of Chests Online

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One Reddit user admitted that his wife found some interesting searches on his computer: "When I click on these images they would open through Imgur web app. Today my wife needed to look something up for a flight and started to type when a history search of ''side bo*b'' popped up she began to look further and found every Imgur search through Reddit. I didn't see the big deal so I never thought to clear history. She is devastated and feels I have cheated on her."

Okay, first of all, you can see side bo*bs for free. They are everywhere, Heck, they are even at your local Target or Walmart store if you look closely enough. And second, no, what you search on your computer does not constitute as cheating. At least, not according to a lot of normal, sane people who search random stuff on the daily.

13 School Project Went Horribly Wrong

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This Reddit user's friend made some poor decisions when working on his school project: "My friend searched for 'hot and dirty African slaves' after having touched on the slave trade in school. He was searching for it in completely innocent terms (as in those that worked on plantations worked in the hot sun in the dirt) but his mom took it as something s*xual and banned him from the internet for a month."

This is by far the creepiest search history confession I’ve ever heard. I can understand that the search was very unintentional and according to this poster, innocent, but wow – talk about awkward. I don’t think I could look my parent in the face if they caught me searching anything like this. I would voluntarily hide myself in my room for about a month out of shame. This is when you wish encyclopedias were still available both at school and at home.

12 Side Eye From Dad After Getting Caught

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This guy sure needs to learn how to be more stealthy about his internet searches: "I found some website full of girls in bikinis (not even any nudity) and looked through it in fascination while my dad watched football. Then I had a panic attack and deleted my history of browsing that site, then panicked even more and told my dad that I went to a site and this other site popped up full of bikini girls and shut it down. So he came and checked my history and couldn’t find any evidence of it. He wasn't an idiot, I’m sure he knew what I did. But he let it slide."

The best part is that this dad knew but he knew better than to say anything. Hey, we all have a curious mind, especially during our teen years, right? Way to go, Dad, for not embarrassing his kid.

11 Kid Leaves His Nintendo 3DS Full Of Incriminating Evidence

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This 6th grader should not have been using his Nintendo 3DS to do such shady things: "I left my 3DS in the downstairs bathroom with p*rn on it while my mom cleaned the bathroom. I realized while she was cleaning, went to retrieve it when she was gone, only to find it wasn't there. I waited until she went back down and up again, returned to the bathroom and my 3DS was there with the tabs closed. This was in grade 6."

Yikes. What’s worse is knowing that your mother has the evidence, yet you are too embarrassed to talk to her about it or try to retrieve it yourself. This is definitely a tricky situation. This is also another reminder to keep your stuff close, and your really valuable stuff even closer. Don’t mess up! You might be spending the rest of your life wondering if your mother ever went through your 3DS.

10 Mom Catches Son Asking Some Big Questions

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"My son was acting a bit weird, so I decided to look through his search history. I found lots of searches along the lines of "What's kissing like," "What's sex like," and "How to get girls to notice you." At that point I knew I had to have a talk with him. I sat him down and slapped him on the head and said 'Goddamnit, you're 27 years old, just go to a bar and get drunk or something!'"

Leave it to mom to slap some sense into you when you need it the most. I mean, I can imagine a 14-year-old boy searching something up like this, but when you’re almost 30…. it’s hard not to judge. And it’s hard not to wonder what you’ve been doing by yourself in your room all of these years, too. Sheesh.

9 Girl Watches Psycho Making The Creepiest Search At School

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This Reddit user saw the creepiest internet search as it was happening: "Okay so this was in high school and not my kid, but the guy sitting next to me in class on the computer. I watched him slowly type out, 'Smiling... (okay, no big deal) wet... (oh lord, what's happening?!) teen... (please don't Google search this at school) boy.' What? Smiling wet teen boy?!"

My goodness, kids just don’t learn, do they? The last thing you want to do is search something very inappropriate at school. It’s bad enough when you do it at home (and get caught by your parental units) but you can’t erase that stuff when you’ve searched for it on a public computer. Duh! Plus, this is perhaps one of the weirdest searches I’ve ever heard of. And no, I don’t want to know what the result was. Moving on!

Guy Caught Searching For "Pregnant Asians"

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This one is short, but definitely creepy: "My mom walked by when I was looking up pregnant Asians, and she was very confused."

Well, at least this person wasn’t looking up anything inappropriate. I mean, whatever gets you going, right? But this had to have been awkward as hell. The last person who needs to walk in on you while you are searching something that’s inappropriate is your own mother. Yet this happens all the time. Come on, people! Lock your doors! Or better yet, learn how to knock first, parents! This is the kind of embarrassment that the two of you are going to have a hard time getting over for a long time. Imagine waking up the next morning, going to the kitchen to make breakfast and having to pretend that you and your mom didn’t see what she saw yesterday. Awkward!

8 Guy Finding Out About His Cousin's Private Medical Problems

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This guy found out way too much about his cousin: "My cousin was in my house and using the PC. Back then, he didn't have internet, and he came to my house to use it, anyways, after he left I opened the history out of pure curiosity (I know, I'm a jerk). I saw him googling about premature ejac*lation. It really put things into perspective. He was always this big, manly guy, but even he had problems."

Oh, man. I can’t say that I would judge this guy for looking at his cousin’s search history because, you know what, I would probably do the same. And not just with a cousin, but any family member, especially if they left their browser open. But you can sure learn a lot about a person simply by checking out the last few things they’ve searched.

7 Found Father-In-Law's Gross YouTube Searches

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This guy will never be able to look at his father-in-law the same way again: "This has to do with my 75-year-old Vietnamese father-in-law. Anyway, I go to see him one day and surprise, surprise, he asks me to look at his tablet cause some settings are messed up. I accidentally open up YouTube and was about to close it, but I pause as I notice all of the videos have pics of hot young Asian chicks. I quickly exit out, and hand it back saying I don't know how to fix it, and now have incredibly awkward knowledge of my FIL's secret YouTube searches."

Here’s the thing: there are very few people in this world that actually get along with their in-laws. I’m not one of them. And I certainly would never, under any circumstances, ever see their search history. I have a hard time looking them in the eye as it is!

6 This Guy Is Sick In The Head

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Wow, this guy admits to some pretty disgusting internet searches: "If my parents ever happen across my browser history (most likely because I've died suddenly and was unable to signal a friend to wipe my browser history), there will be lots of brother-sister p*rn, MUFON reports, and sites about serial killers."

I would like to think that, as a parent, I would know my kid, but I’m sure if I looked up their Google search history, it would leave me absolutely floored. And it would also make me want to lock my bedroom door at night. I mean, if there’s anyone responsible for the kids' warped mind, well, it's the parents. They made the kid, after all.

5 This Guy's 8-Year-Old Son Is Seriously Twisted

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This guy's kid just searches for the weirdest stuff ever: "How to get a 6 pack for kids. Oh, and how to get away with murderer. My son is 8. After a serious chat, I uncovered that he meant how to get away FROM a murderer. Need to sleep with one eye open just in case."

Oh my goodness! First off, how are kids even this smart? Back when I was 8 years old, I didn’t even think about trying to get a six pack or how to avoid murder, for crying out loud. I was still playing with my dolls and obsessed with my favorite animated shows like Inspector Gadget. If I were this kid’s parent, this would definitely creep me out. No child has to worry about getting murdered, nor should they spend their time searching about it on the Internet. Mind blown.

4 Were You Searching For "Sexy Bobs?"

via: thesun.co.uk

This guy is proof that we need spell check: "My friend didn't know how to spell bo*bs (extremely sheltered and bad a spelling) so one day I was at his house and used his family PC and saw in the search history 'hot nak*d Bob's.'"

Okay, we all make mistakes. Even though I’m a pretty good speller, I’m also a pretty fast typer and I end up making a lot of unnecessary mistakes. I can only imagine what someone would think if they saw all of the misspellings in my search history. And the fact that spell check tries to change some of my intended words sure doesn’t help either! But this is pretty funny.

3 Too Much Information About Your Neighbor's "Interests"

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I know a lot of kids are very advanced when it comes to computers, tablets and smart phones but this is something I just can’t imagine. I mean, are kids looking up adult stuff while they are still in pre-school? Here’s what happened:

"A friend of mine was cleaning out his neighbor's computer of viruses and we decided to print out his search history. The kid is 5 and the amount of p*rn he searched up is unreal; it went on for about ten pages. Then when Ok Google came out, a guy searched up 'doctor who conventions' and got 'tople*s teens.'"

WHOA. I mean, talk about getting to know a different side to your neighbor and his family! This is freaky stuff and another reminder to keep your Google search history to yourself.

2 Caught By Grandma

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One person wrote that he unfortunately got caught looking up some rather questionable searches just for his elderly and very religious grandmother to snoop up on him. And she was definitely not happy with what she saw:

"I remember when I was like 15 and super edgy, I went on 4chan/b all the time. I saved a gif of someone setting a cat on fire for some reason, and my overly religious grandmother was snooping through my computer and found it. Needless to say, she probably thought I had serial killer tendencies. She was not a happy camper. Much like that cat."

There is nothing worse than seeing your grandparent disappointed, especially if it’s a grandmother you totally love. But this was a facepalm moment. How embarrassing!

1 Strange Bodily Noises

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This girl certainly is not shy about her internet searches: "I googled 'period farts' last night, but honestly I don't think a single person that knows me would be surprised by that or anything else in my history."

I would normally say that this is TMI, but man, this is the weirdest search I’ve ever heard before in my life. And I’m a female, too! I can only imagine the look of horror on a person’s face if they happened to see this in my Google search engine. I’m sorry, but some things you just need to keep to yourself – and that includes questionable sounds that come out of your body. We don’t need to see or hear that. Heck, your computer doesn’t even want to know that you are doing that, too. We’re all grossed out here. Eww!

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