15Mike Tyson

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Iron Mike Tyson was once regarded as the baddest man on the planet, and probably still is, although he’s mellowed down a bit since he hung up his gloves. The guy was fierce in the boxing ring, and was an all-round crazy individual. Some of his antics were hugely entertaining,

but questionable, to say the least. He may have been entertaining, but let’s face it, Mike wasn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the box. Being a heavyweight fighter and getting punched in the head for a living probably didn’t help matters. His wild ways have been well documented. By his own admission, he’d never had money, so when he started earning millions, he had no clue what to do with it. He’d splurge on anything and everything, and eventually ended up financially destitute. But it wasn’t just his spending that landed him in financial difficulty. He was also scammed by those he thought were in his corner. Over the course of around a decade, boxing promoter Don King scammed Tyson out of millions. The matter was settled out of court. Incidentally, King was also sued by other boxers, including Muhammad Ali and Lennox Lewis. It’s amazing that King’s still involved in the boxing industry.

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