15 Identical Twins Confess Their Secrets

Identical twins are some of the most interesting people on the planet, if only for their physical features. As a society, we are fascinated about everything having to do with twins, especially identical ones. But there's something much more interesting than just their appearance. Twins also have a strong, almost telepathic bond with each other, with the ability to read each other's emotions. They are connected from birth, and live their lives very differently from everyone else as a result. They also tend to work well with each other, and usually end up being really good friends throughout their lives. Growing up together can be fun and interesting, not just for the twins, but the people around them as well. Countless twins have made careers in film, modelling, and Youtube and other social media.

But it's not all fun and games. Things can get pretty dark, pretty quickly. While some pretty funny things can happen to twins, there are also some dark facts about what it's really like to live life with a genetically identical counterpart. Sometimes we don't fully consider the ramifications of having someone who looks and acts so similarly to you – almost identically. It is the kind of thing that can totally change your life, and not always for the better. Relationships sometimes suffer, mistakes can be made, and things can go downhill pretty fast. As it turns out, twins on Reddit often have some pretty shocking secrets to tell...

15 Even They Don't Know Who's Who

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Here's something that most people don't even consider. We all know that people have a really hard time identifying twins, and figuring out which one is which. But what about the twins themselves? Could it be that even they don't know who is who? This might sound ridiculous, until you consider the facts. Identical twins can only be distinguished by their birthmarks or scars. So what happens when there are no characteristic markings? In that case, even the parents get mixed up. Which means that one twin might have been named "Dave" for example, and somewhere along the line he got mixed up with "Tom." That means that some twins out there might actually be their brother...

One twin on Reddit admits that might actually be a possibility, saying, "When I looked through photo albums with my parents of us when we were younger, they had no idea who was who and neither did I. So I guarantee my parents mixed us up many times when we were babies, so yes, I could be my brother."

14 They Use The Same Tongue 

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Something that's pretty well-known when it comes to twins is their intense, almost eerie connection to one another. Twins seem to have an almost telepathic link with one another, and their emotional bond is almost always strong. We've all heard the urban legends about one Twin "feeling" the other twin's passing, and so on. But is there any actual truth to this? According to one set of twins, they've actually invented their own language that only they can understand. That's right. They have their own tongue that no one else understands:

"We have our own language! It's like pig Latin in the sense that it's modified English that no one can understand especially when we talk really fast. We use it a lot and it's pretty useful. I think we just heard about it in 5th grade and adopted it and have used it ever since. We've never heard of anyone else using it, though...."

13 Her Boyfriend Wants Them Both

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It's pretty much every guy's fantasy to date two identical twins at the same time. Why have one when you can have two, right? But as it turns out, dating a twin isn't always as easy and as awesome as it might seem – particularly if you're the twin. Even though they might be twins, most are not willing to share men, even if they do share clothes and other things. That means that it can get pretty awkward when one girl's boyfriend "accidentally" makes a move on the wrong twin. But was it accidental? You be judge:

"One time though we were at a park and my ex-boyfriend tried to pull my identical twin towards him and said 'come here and warm me up' but he claims it was an 'accident.'" Sounds fishy to us.

12 They Traded Places In The Bedroom


It doesn't take a genius to figure out why men desire being with twins. The idea is that these girls would be more comfortable with each other, seeing as they're twins, and that they would be more inclined to join in on each other's romantic trysts. But in most cases, this fantasy only exists in men's minds, and most female twins would never do something like that. However, one guy remembers dating a twin, and her sister would often come into the room and pretend to be her:

"I dated a girl a couple years ago that had an identical twin. They said they would switch class schedules for a day and stuff like that for fun. I was able to tell them apart due to the way they presented themselves. Everyone has slightly different facial expressions and stuff like that. For fun, my GF would leave the room I was in and her twin would come in and pretend to be her. It rarely worked. Fun game, though. And no I didn't get with both of them, so don't ask."

11 Working The Same Job Has Its Advantages

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Twins are known for having similar personalities, similar hobbies, and generally being very similar. That's because twins actually have identical DNA (although their RNA is different). But does that always equate to similar personalities? Sometimes. In fact it's an interesting phenomenon to study scientifically, particular in the areas of nurture vs. nature. In the case of these twins, they were so alike that they actually ended up working at the same job. And as you might expect, this has its advantages:

"I was working in retail when a customer was giving me a hard time I was the new guy. We ended up arguing a bit before he demands to speak with my manager to complain about me. So I call upstairs for the manager to come down. The manager comes down and introduces himself, the look on the guys face was priceless when he realized it was my identical twin brother! He was so defeated."

10 These Twins Played A Crazy Practical Joke

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Twins are always getting tons of attention, as they are a pretty rare sight. Some twins hate this, and feel like animals at the zoo with people oohing and aahing over them nonstop. Others seem to love the attention, and there's tons of twins on social media and YouTube who have cashed in on their rare situation. Some twins actually use their likeness to pull pranks on people, such as this hilarious incident:

"I had a friend who had an identical twin, and they both spent the first month of University (they went to the same school) convincing everybody that there was actually three of them and that they were triplets! By the time they decided to come clean, nobody would believe them that there wasn't a third of them around somewhere. 'You can't trick me, I've hung out with Luke countless times!'"

9 Twins Messed With A Girl On The Phone 


Dating an identical twin can be hard, but sometimes they don't make it any easier. So many twins on Reddit have admitted to playing pranks on their partners, and letting their twin pretend to be them just to see if they can tell the difference. While this is all fun and games, it leaves the door open to some seriously awkward situations... Like the first time a girl says, "I love you." Here is what this Redditor had to say:

"My dad is an identical twin. When he was dating my mom in college, he used to play a game with his twin. He would call my mom and part way through the conversation hand the phone off to my uncle. My uncle would see how long he could carry the conversation before he had to tap out and hand the phone off to my dad. Anyways, the first time my mom ever said "I love you" to my 'dad,' she was actually talking to my uncle. My uncle faltered, and that was when my mom realized what had been happening."

8 He Attended His Twin's Funeral - They Thought He Had Risen From The Afterlife 

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Twins often seem like very happy people. This is presumably because for their entire lives, they've had a person just like them to keep them company throughout life. Not just someone, but someone pretty much identical to them in every single way. Most of us dreamed of an opportunity like that – being with someone who actually understood what we were going through. Sadly, when one twin passes it's a serious blow to the surviving twin. They actually feel like they've lost a part of themselves, and in many ways they're right. But one story on Reddit sparks a little bit of happiness into this sad tale, and it all has to with the funeral of one of the twins:

"I'm reminded of a story I saw here on Reddit, about a really old man, who was with his wife for like 50 years. He eventually ends up passing away, without ever having told anyone he had an identical twin.. so his brother shows up to the funeral, and chaos ensues."

7 How To Win Bets Using Your Twin

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Being a twin actually comes with all kinds of advantages most of us would never consider. The more crafty and shrewd twins have figured out how to use this to their advantage. Some have even figured out how to gamble and win money with their unique situation. Think about it. How amazing would it be if you could be in more than one place at once? What if you could convince people that you were much faster than you were, using your twin? That's exactly what this guy did:

"My twin brother and I went to different colleges and didn't generally reveal to the friends we made that we each had a twin. One day a group of people approached me in the street, calling me by my brother's name and asking me if I would like to join them in the pub. I knew that my twin brother was already at the pub so I said I'd bet them free drinks if I beat them to the pub in a foot-race, even if I gave them a head start. They agreed and ran off at top speed while I stood there casually checking my watch and buffing my fingernails on my lapel, only for them to arrive exhausted, and find 'me' standing at the bar, drink already in hand."

6 One Twin Broke Up With The Other Twin's Boyfriend

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One thing's for sure – twins usually look out for each other. The strong emotional bond between the two is something that ties both twins together, and most twins would do anything to help the other. That connection is often tested by all kinds of different incidents, but time and time again twins have shown that they can work extremely well as a team. One girl admitted that she actually helped her twin sister break up with her boyfriend by pretending to be her:

"My sister and I switched places about 8 months ago in order to save her from a terrible boyfriend. My sister is too sweet to hurt a fly, but she really needed to dump this guy. So we switched places, I met up with the jerk at the bar and told him very honestly that him and I (my sister) couldn't be together due to his abusive nature."

5 He Couldn't Tell Them Apart - So He Hit On Both Girls

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We all know how awkward it is to be on the receiving end of unwanted attention. If someone is flirting with you and you don't like it, it can be incredibly stressful and weird to tell them to back off. But imagine having to that again and again, with the same guy. One girl experienced this, and it was because he always mistook her for her twin sister. One has to wonder though, was he really that blind? Or did he just want an excuse to flirt with both girls at once?

She said, "Her boyfriend would mistakenly hug me or be flirty or check me out or call me my sister's name, all while my twin was standing one foot away. It became too awkward for me to the point where I just completely ignored his presence and didn't make eye contact when he was around so that he would finally stop mixing us up. Sometimes that didn't work, so I would immediately sarcastically insult him and throw in a couple "dudes" and "bros" to solidify the fact that I was the non-romantic twin. Eventually I just started to turn around and just walk away whenever he approached. He eventually picked up that "his twin" was the one who wasn't a complete jerk to him."

4 She Cheated On Him - Then Her Triplet Took Her Place

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There have been numerous stories of people dating the same twins. Because the girls are so similar, they usually have the same taste in guys. That means if one sister is done with a guy, the other is likely to want to snap him up right away. Whether the other sister is okay with that totally depends, but it does happen. In this case, it all worked out in the end. One triplet was actually cheating on a guy, and then the other triplet felt bad so she took her sister's place. They ended up dating for years:

"I dated an identical triplet for a while. I fund out later that one of them pretended to be her sister for a date, because her sister was going out with an ex. I ended up hooking up with the sister later that night. Funny enough, I knew it as soon as I saw her naked, she didn't have a birthmark that the one I was dating did – It took some effort to pretend like I didn't notice. I ended up dating that sister for a while a few years later and she came clean about it."

3 Dating Twins Was A Weird Experience... 

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While most twins you meet will be very reluctant to share men, there are some exceptions. This is clear from the stories on Reddit. Although most twins deny ever dating the same guy at the same time, some admit to kissing or flirting with guys that their sisters were dating at the time. The craziest part is that nobody would ever know – unless one of the twins told them. This can really mess with a guy's mind. Is it really worth all the confusion? In this case, a guy confesses that he once dated a twin, and her sister was extremely friendly:

"I was dating a girl in college, the first time i went to her house, she opened the door, I told her I liked what she did to her hair and kissed her, she kissed me, we went inside, she then yells 'your boyfriend is here.' They were weird girls..."

2 The Downside Of Dating Twin Guys

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We've talked a lot about dating twin girls, but what about twin guys? As it turns out, dating twin guys has its weird moments too. Walking around with a twin guy can be strange, especially when girls walk up to you and accuse you of stealing their boyfriend. Huge conflicts have happened this way, and nobody ever realizes that these guys are actually twins. In this case, the situation was made even worse by the fact that the girl who ran up to them was actually crazy:

"I am not a twin, but my boyfriend is. We were walking to class when a girl approached us. She confronted my boyfriend about why he stopped talking to her/hanging out with her. At first it was extremely awkward for me. But I figured out what was going on and laughed it off. Turns out she was a crazy girl that his brother saw/talked to one time in their dorm laundry room and didn't talk again after that instance."

1 Everyone Thought He Was Having An Affair 

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Another situation involving twin men is one of the best twin stories on Reddit. This involves a guy taking his wife to dinner. No big deal, right? Well, a guy across from them couldn't stop staring, which made the man start to wonder his problem was. Eventually, he realized what was wrong. He went over and asked the man if he was confusing him with his twin brother. As it turned out, he was actually the twin's boss, and he thought the twin was cheating on his wife:

"I was going to a restaurant with my wife. While we were waiting for a table, this guy across the way kept on staring at me. I knew something had to be up. I've had the occasional classmate mistake me for my brother (and we went to different collages). And for reference we live and work about 30 miles apart, and this restaurant was close to where I live. So I walk up to the guy and say 'Do you think I'm Paul?' (my brother's name). And in that moment all the tension was gone. The guy happened to be my brother's boss, and thought I was cheating on his wife."

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