15 Iconic Roles You Didn't Know Were Played By Twins

Twins are not as rare as you might think. Identical twins, however, are random and not as common as twins overall.

There is a 1.5% chance that a woman will give birth to twins. The odds of having triplets or quadruplets is not that different from that of having twins. The likeliness of having trips or quads is less than 15 out of every 1000 births. This is equal to about 1 in 67 pregnancies.

The chances of twins, triplets, or quadruplets increase for women who become pregnant after the age of 35.

Many famous celebrities have lesser-known twins. Some even have identical twins. Vin Diesel, Ashton Kutcher and Kiefer Sutherland, all have twin siblings.

Sometimes, celebrities will turn to their twin for help in tackling the complexity of playing the same role or when the same character needs to be seen in the same scene. Children actors are often used to play the same character because children can be moody. The odds of a successful shot are greater when two actors are playing a part. The same theory is used with animals who might look alike.

For your reading pleasure, we have compiled a list of twins in some of the most memorable roles from TV shows or movies. For your reading pleasure, we have established a list of twins in some of the most memorable roles from TV or movies. You are already starting to see double!

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15 Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are by far the most well-known and successful set of acting twins in modern times...well, probably of all time. The fraternal twin sisters began starring in TV, film, and video in 1992, at the age of six. Their most famous role was the portrayal of Michelle Tanner on the popular television sitcom, Full House. Michelle Tanner was one single character played by both twins at different times. The young lookalikes parlayed their popularity along with that big TV money and combined it with what they learned about life and business while on set. Eventually, they managed to build a successful company, Dualstar. The Olsen Twins' company participates in entertainment productions, fashion designing, and manufacturing. The business exploits of the girls have propelled them to the status of being two of the wealthiest ladies in Hollywood at such a young age. This is the reason we say the Olsens are the cream of the crop when it comes to sibling doubles.

14 Julian From Big Daddy

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Big Daddy was a 1999 comedy starring Adam Sandler. In the film, Sandler plays a 32-year-old man-child who refuses to grow up and take on the responsibility of life. This is a frequent role for Sandler since he wears it so well. Sonny, Sandler's character, is forced to grow up when a 5-year-old boy is abandoned on his doorstep. The boy, Julian, is the son of one of Sonny's friends, Kevin. Sonny takes on caring for the kid while Kevin is away in China on business. The child, who chooses Frankenstein as his nickname, is played by Cole and Dylan Spouse. This is like Mary Kate and Ashley playing one child. The male twins tackle the single role of the boy. The boys have participated in similar roles where they both alternated playing one character, but none were as popular for them as Julian, the fanboy of Scuba Steve.

13 The Matrix

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In a scene in the movie The Matrix where Neo is training and sees the woman in the red dress, you might notice it appears that several citizens walk by more than once. This is not CGI. The directors for The Matrix decided to enlist the services of as many sets of twins as possible for filming this sequence. The thought was that just how The Matrix experiences instances of déjà vu, having duplicate people who aid in furthering the story. Of course, that was just a benefit. The real reason was that it would have been more costly and time-consuming to use digital effects for this. Next time you watch this scene, see how many sets of twins you can spot walking along.

12 Linda Hamilton As Sarah Connor

Linda Hamilton, from the Terminator series, has a twin sister who is not an established or well-known actress. In Terminator 2, Leslie Hamilton appears in several scenes opposite her twin sister, Linda. When we see two Sarah Connors on screen, Linda is the Sarah up close and in focus while Leslie is the other Sarah Connor. This is a little-known fact and interesting piece of trivia. There were multiple terminators, so why can't there be multiple Sarah Connors?

11 Oompa Loompas

Deep Roy is a little person actor who does not have a twin. However, he did play every single Oompa Loompa in the Willy Wonka remake, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, starring Johnny Depp. In the original film with Gene Wilder as Wonka, Rusty Goffe played only the head Oompa while other little actors played other of Wonka's little Trump-colored helpers. Rusty Goffe acted in Star Wars: A New Hope and Flash Gordon. Roy was in another Stars Wars movie, Return of the Jedi, and the same production of Flash Gordon as Rusty. Deep also had roles in the Harry Potter film series and the Star Trek rebooted film series. Although Deep Roy was not a twin, he was one man playing at least one dozen of the same character in a film. There is room to dispute Deep Roy on a list of twins, but there is no disputing that Oompa Loompas are iconic cinematic characters.

10 Terminator 2 Guards

Besides Linda Hamilton, another set of twins were used in Terminator 2. Dan and Don Stanton were used to highlight the abilities of the T-1000 Terminator who can take on the image of anyone. In one scene, the futuristic killer transforms into an authority figure played by Dan Stanton, or is that Don Stanton? It's hard to tell who's who. In the film sequence, Don kills Dan, or Dan kills Don. One of them dies when T-1000 stabs him in the eye as the real guard is getting a cup of coffee. The dead Stanton is then dragged to a closet and hidden so the T-1000 Stanton can continue his evil plans.

9 The Rogers Brothers

In the early 1990's, there was an independent wrestling tag team by the name of Bobby and Blare Rogers. The brotherly duo used their similarities to climb the ranks of pro wrestling and would often switch places during tag team matches to give themselves the upper hand. The brothers held many tag team titles during a time when there were far fewer championships than there is today. The brothers eventually realized they could make as much money with less work and have an even bigger advantage. Either Bobby or Blare would perform in singles bouts with the other brother ringside. The fresh Rogers would switch places in the match with the Rogers who had been wrestling the match. The two even had matching wardrobes outside of the ring. Eventually, they lost their powers of identical appearance as they got older when Blare packed on the pounds. Today, they once again look alike, both as chubby, balding, middle-aged men. The Rogers Brothers are seen above with their manager, Fabulous Frank.

8 Saunders Triplets

The Saunders triplets were three baby brothers who all took on the iconic role of Harry Potter in the first film based on JK Rowling's popular wizardly literary stories. During Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, in those scenes where we see Harry Potter as an infant, that is one of the Saunders triplets. We can't tell you their names because it is a secret. No, seriously, the trio of Saunders Brothers were simply credited for their performance of Potter as the Saunders triplets. Their names are out there somewhere to be discovered, but it is not an easy task. It was thought that the Saunders were back in the first sequel to play Albus Severus Potter, but that was not the Saunders.

7 Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy does not have a twin brother. He is just that plain talented. Murphy has taken on the roles of multiple characters in the same film. Okay, there is nothing that special about an actor pulling double duty in a film to either keep payroll down or to get a bigger paycheck themselves. However, Eddie Murphy took on the roles of multiple characters that had to interact with one another in the same scene. Murphy has done this more than once. In Coming to America, Eddie interacts with himself in barber shot scenes. He shows off his talents once again in the Nutty Professor remake and sequel where he has dinner with himself. Eddie Murphy acts out the parts of several members of the Klump family at the dinner table and in the sequel while dining out.

6 Scully's Baby In X-Files

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Scully's baby, William, in the X-Files, was played by Travis and James Riker. The boys, who did grow up to be X-Files fans, claim they have never seen their work as the baby of Agent Scully. James and Travis, now teenagers, are already successful models. The X-Files was a popular science fiction series where FBI agents, Mulder and Scully, investigate sensitive cases that often involve the unexplained or extra-terrestrial beings. The series was so popular that it came to theaters in 1998 with X-Files and returned in 2008 with X-Files: I Want to Believe. The series was resurrected in 2016 on FOX and will most likely return in the future.

5 Caitlin Fein In Deep Impact

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Caitlin and Amanda Fein were spared from death in an Extinction Level Event in Deep Impact. The twin sisters played the role of Caitlin Stanley, daughter of Beth Stanley. Beth was the arrogant colleague of Jenny Lerner in Deep Impact. Jenny was the MSNBC reporter who broke the story of the meteor heading towards Earth. Jenny was giving a spot in the caves to be spared a sure death, but she gave that seat up to Beth Stanley. The Fein twins can be seen in their biggest on-screen moment during the film when Jenny snatches the toddler up to bring her to the roof where the helicopter is waiting to fly the chosen ones to safety. This is when Jenny tells Beth, who would rather have had her child die with her, that Beth and the child can have her spot.

4 Baby Geniuses

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Leo, Gerry, and Myles Fitzgerald, a set of triplets, shared the movie roles for a set of twins in the film Baby Geniuses. The two baby genius twins, Sly and Whit, have grown up to become a set of three young fine men who all excel in hockey. Back in 2014, the mini hockey team of Fitzgerald boys all committed to attending Bemidji State University. At the institution of higher learning, the teenagers will hone their hockey skills while getting an education that will bring them closer to being adult geniuses rather than pretending to be baby geniuses. In the films, Christopher Lloyd and Kathleen Turner are set to experiment on the infants so they might decipher "baby talk." "Doc Emmett Brown" became bad and his fiendish female lab partner's plans are foiled when baby Sly slyly outsmarts them by escaping and recruiting other babies to assist in stopping the mad scientists.

3 Godfather III Bodyguard

Even the Mafia sometimes solicits the assistance of twins. In Godfather III, the new Godfather, Vincent Mancini-Corleone, hires a set of twins in the film. Armand and Francesco are notorious Italian bodyguards hired to protect the patriarch of the Corleone crime family, Michael Corleone, played by Al Pacino. Real life twins, Rogerio Miranda and Carlos Miranda, played Armand and Francesco. These twins are not that effective. Although Michael is not killed while attending the operatic performance of his son in Sicily, both twins are murdered by a hired assassin named Mosca at the theater in Palermo. The would-be Lee Harvey gets close enough to Michael to get a shot off, but shoots and kills Michael's daughter, Mary Corleone, played by Sofia Coppola.

2 Social Network

Social Network was the film about Mark Zuckerberg and how Facebook came to be the billion-dollar company that allows people to comfort their insecurities by telling people they never met (but call friends) how great their lives are by showing pictures of their cats and their dinner. Armie Hammer, who also played a role in The Lone Ranger film, played the role of both Winklevoss twins in Social Network, sort of. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss both appear to be Armie Hammer because his face was used for both twins. Hammer was one twin, and another actor's body was used as a stand-in for scenes with both twins. Hammer's face was superimposed onto the body. Perhaps this is where Facebook scammers came with the idea of creating duplicate profiles of your friends and relatives so they could try to sell you stuff you don't even want or need.

1 Milton Twins

Victoria and Vanessa are the Milton twins. They are twin sisters who have appeared on film together in many productions. However, these are not exactly Disney films or the kind of films you would watch with your sister, mother, or kids. The Milton girls are adult actresses. We don't mean the opposite of child actors either. Vanessa and Victoria perform in the kinds of movies that single males watch on the Internet when no one else is around. The girls star in pictures with adult content. Not that we have seen any of their work. We didn't even know who they were until we researched the topic for this article. We do know that they appear in scenes together and scenes with each other, based on what we have learned. While we are not here to judge what someone does for a living, we can say that their roles are not at all iconic. They are pornographic.

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