15 Humiliating Pictures Celebs Wish Would Disappear

When we think about celebrities, most times we are reminded of their riches, countless prestigious awards, and platinum albums. Being a celebrity comes with fame and fortune, and not to mention, the expectation that is constantly radiating from the media and the public eye to be perfect at all times. Because if not, you'll find yourself headlining the tabloids.

Unlike everyone else who, when having a wardrobe malfunction or embarrassing moment with our friends, can just forget about it or swear them to secrecy, these celebs are always being followed by the hum of paparazzi and the flash of constant cameras. You may think you want the life of a celebrity, but take a closer look, because a life of fame denies you of all your rights to privacy.

These next 15 photos will make you feel even more thankful for your privacy, and are going to show you that celebrities can be caught at their worst and most vulnerable times. And without any say, their photos are immediately sent directly into the public eye. Here are 15 humiliating pictures celebs wish would disappear.

15 50 Cent - Can't Throw A Ball

We all know 50 Cent is a serious badass who, back in the day, was an incredibly well-known and successful rapper. He was super popular in the 2000s and when turning on the radio or MTV, you'd immediately be bumpin' to one of his hits. And he's been tremendously successful since his rap career too, by making appearances as an actor. Point being, 50 Cent has always been cool and popular. But when he started off the game for the Mets vs. Pirates by throwing the first pitch, suddenly he wasn't so cool anymore. And because it had been on television, not only do we get to relive this moment as a picture, we get to re-watch the moment as many times as we please.

He had such a bad throw that this superstar nearly hit the cameraman who was standing pretty far away from the plate. I mean I understand that being on live TV throwing a baseball would be totally nerve-wracking, but an eight-year-old could've done better.

Luckily for 50 Cent, he's still a successful rapper and actor. Although, he could've played the whole thing off a little better by throwing a joke or two out, but I think it's pretty obvious that he doesn't prefer to relive the memory.

14 Leonardo DiCaprio - You Used To Call Me On My Shell Phone

Today, Leonardo DiCaprio is a highly respected actor with a ton of talent. He's played in a wide range of box office hits and has been nominated for countless Oscars, and finally won his well deserved Academy Award last year. But, just like anything else, you've got to start somewhere with your career. And when you're just starting out, you don't exactly get to very picky about offers... which is where I believe this gem came from.

This picture of Leo and a shell... I can't say I exactly understand the appeal of this photo. I mean I get the appeal of young Leo being a shirtless heartthrob while looking into the camera with a very sensual look and wet, dripping hair... but why the conch? Perhaps, Leo's really just waiting for an answer from the Magic Conch... and someone snapped a high quality picture while he wasn't sporting any clothes, only lots of water... just a wild theory, but I'm trying to cut the guy a break because Hollywood is always going to haunt him with this one.

13 Fergie - A Very Exciting (And Wet) Performance

Getting excited for a performance or a concert is very common, but when I think about getting exciting about a performance, this isn't what I had in mind. Fergie had taken her excitement to a whole new level at a concert back in 2005 where she had peed herself onstage.

Fergie later opened up about the incident, calling it, "the most unattractive moment of my life." It's easily one of the most humiliating moments in Hollywood history, and I can't help but to feel bad for Fergie. She's jumping around and her adrenaline is pumping, and sometimes you get so excited you just pee your pants... right?

12 Joan Smalls - She Wears Her Hair On Her Sleeve

No one ever really cares what a supermodel chooses to wear, they look good in anything, hence the word, supermodel. I mean, these women could be wearing pasties and pirate hats, and the next day, it would be featured as the newest trend. Supermodels have that kind of effect on Hollywood, but when Joan Smalls wore her hair extensions on her jeans, it hadn't become a trend, just an embarrassment.

Although this wasn't the look she had in mind, she still looked fabulous, as always. But I wish someone would have told Joan, it is girl code after all.

11 Christina Aguilera - Spray Tan Drip

Unfortunately for Christina Aguilera, looks like she didn't wait for her spray tan to dry before going on stage to perform at Etta James' funeral. Her performance had been nothing short of eloquent and emotional, but just like any other embarrassing moment, no one is going to remember much of the performance due to the dripping residue rolling down her inner thighs. People speculated that it was something other than fake tanner rolling down her legs, but we trust X-Tina in this case.

Other than the malfunction, she looks amazing and definitely gave a tremendous tribute to the late singer.

10 Julianne Hough - Controversial Halloween

I'm not exactly sure what Julianne Hough was thinking with this idea. Hough decided to dress as Crazy Eyes from the hit TV show, Orange Is The New Black. And this doesn't sound like a problem, it's a perfectly good costume to portray one of your favorite characters from a television show. The problem, however, was that Julianne Hough decided it would be a good idea to use makeup to darken her skin to match Crazy Eyes... Yes, the blonde bombshell did blackface. I'm not really sure how she thought this was a good idea.

Inevitably, there was immediate and intense backlash on Julianne's blackface costume. She later apologized for her decision and admitted to how embarrassed she was. Thank God she said it, because I couldn't help but be embarrassed for her if she thought blackface was perfectly okay.

9 Justin Bieber - A Sick Performance (Literally)

Being a performer can be pretty demanding, but surely you'd except that when you're Justin Bieber. That's right, the Biebs getting sick and vomiting all over the stage while performing live has made the list. But in this instance, surely you've gotta feel a bit bad for this dude, because everyone gets sick from time to time, but normally there isn't an audience with flashing cameras all around to capture the moment.

Unfortunately, when you feel it, you do it. There's no way to stop yourself from throwing up and when it happens so publicly, there's not much you can do. Looks like Bieber came down with a bit of "Bieber Fever," pun intended. Justin blamed the fiasco on spaghetti bolognese and milk, but I'm sure that wasn't the only thing that'd been sliding down his gullet before his concert. But it looks like this performance is one he doesn't intend on repeating.

8 Jennifer Lawrence - Laugh It Off

Laughing it off was exactly what J-Law did after tripping over her dress on her way to receive the most prestigious acting award on the planet, an Oscar, and her very first one too. The Academy Award winner played it off by joking, as any one would, but it's obvious that the move was completely embarrassing and totally regretful.

With this move, Jennifer Lawrence is going to be remembered more by her trip on the Academy stairs than by the movie she had won Best Actress for. It's pretty unfortunate, it really is. But luckily for Lawrence she's always played everything off as funny and relatable, so it almost seems like perhaps this was supposed to happen. Who knows, but either way anyone would be wishing to set the clock back and have one more go at doing it right.

7 Ryan Seacrest - God Bless Glo-Ups

Ryan is lucky to have had a glo-up like this, because without it, I'm not sure he would've been so famous. Everyone knows Ryan Seacrest mainly due to his appearances as the host of American Idol and he was also the guy to help the Kardashians get their show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, off the ground to become the most watched reality TV show on the planet. Seacrest is surrounded by A-listers, and he too went through those awkward stages of puberty just like the rest of us.

Seacrest doesn't speak of his old school photo, which is a pretty common attitude to have toward all the embarrassing photos only your mom calls you cute in. Although we aren't positive about how Ryan feels about this photo, his silence gives us the idea that he doesn't like it much... or that he's not very happy this picture surfaced in the first place.

6 Ashlee Simpson - Lip Syncing Mishap On SNL

I'm sure artists lip sync all the time, and although it does kind of ruin the magic of things, it's still a reality. But they don't go through malfunctions where everyone finds out that they're doing it. This moment of Ashlee Simpson lip syncing on SNL, is truly cringe worthy. And it's not something people are going to forget about anytime soon.

This has got to be on every list of "Embarrassing TV Moments" ever; what happened was that the wrong backing track started playing without notice. Ashlee just stood there on stage while it played out until she began doing an awkward jig, which made things more uncomfortable. She eventually fled the stage due to embarrassment and humiliation.

5 Anne Hathaway - Feelin' Breezy

The concept of women not wearing any underwear has been proven to be better for their health, it doesn't leave any kind of unflattering lines, and some women prefer it as they deem it more comfortable. So I can understand why Anne Hathaway chose not to wear them when attending a red carpet event, but she might have wanted to be a little bit more careful when getting out of the car that night. A breeze and a hoard of photographers aiming cameras up her skirt probably wasn't what she was going for. A humiliating moment for sure, but she probably barely batted an eye at the whole thing. It happen!

4 Tara Reid - The Slip Seen Around The World

We've seen a lot of nip slips in Hollywood, but Tara Reid tops the list as the OG of the topic, along with Janet Jackson. Yes, wardrobe malfunctions are completely expected, especially in Hollywood because we've seen so many.

But we certainly don't expect a wardrobe malfunction to end a career. Tara Reid's nip slip  had been the most talked about nip slip in Hollywood history. It all stemmed from the criticism about her oddly shaped nipple and deformed breast implant, and sadly her career never bounced back from the embarrassment. And neither has her body.

3 Katy Perry - Piece Of Cake

"A piece of cake" is probably exactly how Katy Perry thought her next stunt would be going. And she's no stranger to doing these weird and crazy antics when performing, so at the 2008 MTV Latin America Awards, Katy had the idea to jump into a huge cake... which she ultimately just face planted in and covered herself in cake.

Once the stunt had concluded, Katy tried to continue but she couldn't stay on her feet and kept slipping all over the stage. Her band mates even tried to help her along during the show. But it looks like Katy didn't do the math to figure out that cake, a slippery stage, and flats just won't end well... more specifically, it'll end on the floor.

2 Kanye West - Yeezus, Look Out!

While keeping his head down from the paparazzi, the God that is Kayne West, walked right into a street sign while walking down the street with his wifey Kim K. Yeezy had accidentally bumped into a stop sign after being flooded by paparazzi.

After bumping his head, Kim is there to nurse him back to health before he regains his strength and proceeds by chewing out the paparazzi. Looks like Yeezus didn't see the "sign."

1 Beyonce - Super Bowl Pics

Out of all the celebrity wardrobe malfunctions, embarrassing falls, and cringe-worthy moments, this had to be one of the worst of all time. The legendary Beyonce had been hitting the headlines in a whole new way with this photo, and for once, instead of worshipping her, everyone had been laughing at her.

I would say that this legendary picture of Beyonce and all of the hilarious memes went viral, but that would be an understatement. These photos completely took over the web and within hours, everyone had caught sight of the original picture and its memes. It had even been rumored that Beyonce and her team tried the best they could to completely abolish this photo from the entire web. And we can all see why. But on the bright side, everyone is back to worshipping Beyonce and her talent, despite this embarrassing pic.

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