15 Huge TV Show Crossovers You Completely Forgot Ever Happened

With the incredible number of shows available to us and live TV viewing dwindling, crossovers are becoming rare and catching them is even rarer

We've all seen crossovers on television. No, we don't see them very much anymore, but they were once a staple on many networks. Some people see them as shameless self-promotion while some love them. If you're a fan of both shows crossing over, there's a good chance that you can't get enough of crossovers. But that isn't as common as you'd think. Especially now with the incredible number of shows available to us and live TV viewing dwindling, crossovers are becoming rare and catching them is properly even rarer. So, with that in mind and the thought that crossovers might be a dying breed, we decided to check out some of the cooler ones in history. Rather than focus on the ones that everyone is aware of or expected to have happened, we wanted to look at some of the more unusual crossovers.

Whenever a show has a spin-off, there are bound to be several crossovers to follow. We'll avoid those altogether. We saw plenty of overlap in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, Doctor Who and Torchwood, Cheers and Frasier. We've also seen plenty of animated cameos of characters on The Simpsons, so we will be avoiding these as well...for the most part. We only want to highlight those crossovers that you forgot ever happened or never saw in the first place. Going back and rewatching these episodes might not be as exhilarating as being surprised by them live, but knowing they happened puts you one step closer to knowing everything there is to know about television. That's reason to celebrate. Here are 15 Huge TV Show Crossovers You Completely Forgot Ever Happened.

15 The Cosby Show And The Jim Henson Hour

You might think it's impossible that these two shows crossed over, but they actually did. They crossed over and it was every bit as weird as you're imagining. Titled "Cliff's Nightmare," Cliff (Bill Cosby) eats a sausage hoagie that was apparently poisoned or laced with heroin, and it gave him vivid and horrifying nightmares. During these horrific dreams, Cliff is visited by several characters from The Jim Henson Hour, including Gonzo, Sweetums and Statler, Digit and Leon. Since both shows were part of NBC's lineup, the crossover wasn't really out of the realm of possibility, but they were such different shows that it almost felt strange. This is definitely a Muppets Christmas Carol type of episode, which is a good thing.

14 Brooklyn Nine-Nine And New Girl

In what is the newest crossover on the list, Fox decided to smash Brooklyn Nine-Nine and  New Girl together to try and boost ratings. Since many people no longer watch television live, crossovers like this can be missed entirely or not make a whole lot of sense. In this case, the crossover started with Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Det. Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) commandeers a car from a civilian who turns out to be Jess (Zooey Deschanel) from New Girl. After some banter and an accident, the crossover appears to be over. On New Girl, however, the story is taken through to its conclusion. We see Jess visit the 99th precinct and talk to other members of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast. Neither are particularly strong episodes on their own, but combined, they were much stronger. It was nice to see a crossover in an age where they happen so rarely as well.

13 Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air And Blossom

Many people are familiar with the episode of Blossom in which the titular Blossom meets "The Fresh Prince," aka Will Smith, but this isn't the one we're talking about. In that scene, Will Smith was playing Will Smith. He wasn't in character, so it doesn't classify as a crossover. There was a true crossover between these two shows, though. It came in the Blossom episode "Wake Up Little Susie." The episode starts off with Hillary Banks hurting her ankle and Blossom's brother, Anthony (Michael Stoyanov) fixing her up. Hillary then gets him to drive her to the event she's late for. There's nothing special in the episode outside of the fact that Hilary shows up, which feels strange for whatever reason. So, there you have it.

12 King Of The Hill And The Simpsons

Although the shows have had plenty of subtle and direct references to each other, there was only direct contact once between King of the Hill and the Simpsons. There were other connections, but the big one and the one we're most interested in came from The Simpsons episode "Bart Star." This is one where Homer coaches the Springfield school football team. Well, in one scene, we see a scoreboard showing a 28-3 score between Springfield and Arlen. Arlen, if you remember, is the home of the King of the Hill gang. When the camera shows the fans in attendance, the whole posse from King of the Hill is there. Hank Hill complains, "We drove 2,000 miles for this?" taking most of the attention, but the neighbors are hanging in the back as well.

11 Family Matters And Full House

Steve Urkel showed up in a couple of different shows, including both Full House and Step by Step. In Full House, we first met Urkel as one of DJ's friends' cousins. He shows up and annoys everybody as per usual. Urkel really shines in his second appearance on Full House, though, which was the second crossover between the two shows. This episode is called "Stephanie Gets Framed," and it has Stephanie struggling with the fact that she needs glasses. Who better to come by and cheer her up than the kid who made wearing glasses the dorkiest thing on Earth? It really isn't a great example. It's not like Urkel made glasses cool. It's largely because of his character that kids in the '90s were ridiculed for wearing them.

10 St. Elsewhere And Cheers

By now, you've almost certainly heard that St. Elsewhere is connected to almost every show in existence. At least, that's according to the Tommy Westphall Universe theory, one of the more popular fan theories. Because of the seemingly imaginary world of St. Elsewhere, it affects other shows in strange ways. For instance, since the crossover between St. Elsewhere and Cheers happened, does that mean that Cheers exists in the same imaginary world? In the Cheers episode, "St. Elsewhere," three of the doctors from the classic hospital show showed up for a drink at the Cheers bar. They were mocked and booed by the other patrons, which was a little mean, but we got to see some of the characters' funnier sides, which was nice. Overall, it was OK in our books.

9 Power Rangers And Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Quite a bit has been made of the strange and ultimately terrible crossover between Power Rangers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Both franchises were in the dumps, and the show's creators were looking for a cool way of engaging with and blending both fanbases. These weren't the traditional versions of the shows either. They were Power Rangers in Space and Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation, the lesser spawn of greater sires. In the Power Rangers episode hilariously called "Shell Shocked," the beautiful Astronema brainwashes the turtles and tries to get them to take down the Rangers. Obviously, this doesn't happen, or else what was it all for? The two crime-fighting teams end up joining forces to save the world. The one notable part about this crossover is that neither of the teams believed the other was real. Had there not been unbelievable damage and worldly events as proof? How could they not know of the other?

8 Seinfeld, Mad About You And Friends

The crossover between these three gigantic shows is fairly well-known, but we couldn't avoid it altogether. For those who don't know, Lisa Kudrow was already a recurring character on Mad About You when she was cast as Phoebe on Friends. As a little joke, the writers suggested that the two characters were actually sisters (Phoebe and Ursula). To take this further, Friends had Helen Hunt from Mad About You show up to Central Perk and bump into Phoebe. She then confused Phoebe for Ursula, which confused Phoebe. And, because a confused Phoebe acts like a normal Ursula, Hunt was convinced that she was speaking to Ursula. Get it? The crossover took it one step further when, in Mad About You, we learned that Paul Reiser's character has been subletting his old apartment to Kramer from Seinfeld. When he meets up with Kramer to sign the lease over to him, Paul and Kramer talk about Jerry from across the hall and Paul reveals that he never liked Jerry. How about that?

7 Caroline In The City And Friends

Friends was so popular that plenty of other shows were hoping for a crossover to boost ratings. One of the crossovers that doesn't get the recognition it deserves was with Caroline in the City. Although it appears that Lea Thompson's character may have been only loosely based on Caroline in the City because she talks lovingly of her brother, which is out of character, it is a pretty funny scene. It comes in the Friends episode "The One with the Baby on the Bus," where Chandler and Joey babysit Ben and try to pick up women with him. Caroline approaches them and mistakes the two guys for gay parents, but the laughs are in the banter. In Caroline in the City, Chandler showed up in a scene as well, which was also pretty good. He tries to hit on Amy Pietz' character in the movie store, but fails spectacularly as Chandler is wont to do. It's a pretty solid two-way crossover overall.

6 The Simpsons And Duckman

Over the years, characters from countless TV shows and films have showed up on The Simpsons. It's almost like a right of passage for a well-known character to appear on the loved cartoon. It rarely goes the other way. While some other animated shows, like Family Guy and American Dad, have had some of the Simpsons' characters appear in their towns, it doesn't happen very often, and it only happens on enormous shows. It did, incredibly enough, happen in an episode of Duckman. The episode in question was called "Haunted Society Plumbers," a Halloween episode. In the end of the episode, we see Duckman and Cornfed run away from an apparent ghost, which turns out to be Homer Simpson in a sheet. He picks up some donuts and eats them. Classic Homer.

5 Sabrina, The Teenage Witch And Boy Meets World

The fun first started with this crossover on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. In an effort to promote two of its newest shows, ABC had Salem, the talking cat, swallow a magic time ball and then run through the sets of You Wish, Teen Angel and, the big kid on the block, Boy Meets World. All the while, Sabrina (Melissa Joan Hart) is chasing him down. Since none of you probably ever watched Teen Angel or You Wish, we'll focus on the Boy Meets World crossover. When it came time for Boy Meets World, the episode "No Guts, No Cory," we see Salem wandering the halls of the school while the kids are learning about WWII. Cory sees this stray cat, picks him up, and then says what all teenagers are thinking, "I wonder what it was like during WWII." With that, Salem whisks them all off to the 1940's. It's actually a really good episode, even if the crossover element is more of a reason to see the cast elsewhere than anything else.

4 Everybody Loves Raymond And The Nanny

The beauty of the crossover for these two shows is more in the background information than the actual crossover itself. In The Nanny episode "The Reunion," Fran Fine (Fran Drescher) goes to her high school reunion and bumps in to Ray Romano. She has a clever line stating, "Everybody loves Raymond," with a wink and nudge, and it's all fine and dandy. Outside of that, it's not all that memorable. There is something interesting here, though. The reason they did this scene in the first place was because Ray Romano and Fran Fine actually did go to high school together. What the heck are the chances? We bet that at their real high school reunion, Fine and Romano made every other student feel pretty awful about themselves.

3 Cougar Town And Community

Every one of the crossovers on this list are acknowledged openly. There is always some verbal reference to the character taking part in the crossover, but not in the case of the Cougar Town and Community crossover. Well, at least one half of the crossover. In the Cougar Town side, Busy Phillips' character is sitting down in a conversation and in the background is Abed (Danny Pudi) from Community. While the Cougar Town characters talk, Abed looks on, often staring directly at the camera and reacting to what the characters are saying. To end the scene, he stands up quickly and runs off making a commotion. Alone, this scene is a weird reference to Abed's character on Community. It's made glorious when, on Community, Abed talks about the time he was an extra on Cougar Town. It's then that it all makes sense.

2 ALF And Gilligan's Island

In one of the greatest crossovers of all time, ALF's "Somewhere Over the Rerun," the main character, ALF, becomes a huge fan of Gilligan's Island and watches reruns like crazy. One day, he falls asleep and dreams that he is on the island with the group. The amazing bit here is that this is over 20 years after Gilligan's Island went off the air and the cast reunited to do this. In this fantasy world, the stranded members of the island have been there for 25 years and have become severely depressed. It's honestly an amazing episode and one that uses the crossover for great impact.

1 The X-Files And Cops

The episode was appropriately called "X-Cops," and it aired during the seventh season of The X-Files. If you have not seen this episode, then you should make it your mission to check it out as it's easily one of the best in the series, which is really saying something. The episode plays out with the Cops team interviewing Mulder and Scully during one of their investigations. Shot in real time with handheld video cameras, the crew follow Mulder and Scully as they track down a werewolf. There's a ton of humor in the episode, and its super meta at times. It plays out in a really unique way compared to the rest of the series. When it comes to this list, "X-Cops" is the best because it's more of a blending of two shows than a basic crossover.

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15 Huge TV Show Crossovers You Completely Forgot Ever Happened