15 Hotties Whose Pics Were Used In Men's Mags Without Their Permission

Everyone loves seeing hot pictures of girls in magazines. Before the Internet, it was the only way you could find nude or near-nude images of women, and they were massively popular. These days, all you need is access to a search engine to find all of your needs. These magazines get a bad rap for being demeaning to women, and sometimes that is true. But other times, it can offer valuable exposure that allows these women to go on to be extremely famous. And there is so much evil in the world that in contrast, naked pictures of women seems pretty innocent. After all, it's not hurting anyone, right? Well, that might not be entirely true.

You see, over the many decades in which men's magazines have been famous, there's been a surprising amount of cases where women are put in these magazines against their will. This can happen in a variety of different ways. Sometimes, the magazines just use pictures of these celebrities without their permission. Other times, the pictures were taken so long ago that the celebrities just forget about them, and then they get published when they're famous, leading to massive amounts of regret. Sometimes the women are even underage. But whatever the case, these incidents lead to sadness, anger, and even court cases. These magazines have always been a little arrogant in their treatment of women, but this might just be crossing the line. Here are 15 women who got put in men's magazines against their will...


15 Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is one of the sexiest women alive, without a doubt. In 2006, everyone was taking notice, including Playboy magazine, who wanted to include her in their 2006 issue, which featured a list of the "25 sexiest celebrities." Jessica Alba was on the top of this list created by the magazine. Apparently Alba agreed to be included in the list, but what she never agreed to was to be put on the cover of Playboy. But Playboy did it anyway - causing a massive controversy. What Playboy did was just take another picture of Alba from a previous shoot with another magazine, and put it on the cover of the issue. For those who don't know, using a celebrity's image without their permission is actually a pretty big deal legally, so this prompted Alba to sue. Hugh Hefner managed to avoid a lawsuit only by donating a large sum to a charity of Alba's choice.

14 Uma Thurman


Another celebrity who ended up on the cover of Playboy without ever realizing it was Uma Thurman. This was back in 1996 when Uma Thurman was huge in Hollywood. Now presumably Playboy had tried and failed to get Uma Thurman to pose for them, so they chose a different route: They dug up some photos of her topless at a beach taken by some paparazzi in the bushes, and used that instead. They even made it extra creepy by putting her pictures in the lenses of a pair of shades worn by their mascot, adding a strange element of voyeurism to the cover. For her part, Uma Thurman never publicly complained about the cover, as she was famously comfortable with nudity, but the fact that the magazine went behind her back like that probably didn't make the actress like them that much.

13 Marilyn Monroe

Let's wind back time now to one of the most famous issues of Playboy ever. Back in 1953, when this issue was published, Monroe was a major star. We all know that she was a major sex symbol back then (still is) and so it's no wonder why she was included in a magazine like Playboy. But the truth is, technically she never actually agreed to be in it. You see, those photos were taken back in 1949 when Marilyn Monroe was a broke nobody. She agreed to pose nude for the meager sum of $50, and then those pictures lay in obscurity for many years. Tom Kelley, the man who took them, sold them to the Western Lithograph Company, who then eventually sold them to Playboy. Monroe never really had any say in the matter. When the scandal broke, Monroe was forced to make a public statement explaining that she needed the money for rent and had no other choice.

12 Vanna White


Another star who would eventually regret her decision to pose nude was Vanna White. In fact, her story is shockingly similar to Marilyn Monroe's - she needed the rent money, took the pictures when she was very young, and never expected to see those pictures again. But Hugh Hefner got his hands on the images and made sure that she would be smack dab in the middle of the 1987 cover. It seems Hugh Hefner and Playboy have a habit of doing this type of thing again and again. Marilyn Monroe was undoubtedly a sex symbol when her photos were released, but Vanna White was almost the complete opposite. She became a respectable host on The Wheel Of Fortune when these photos were released, and she reportedly even begged Hugh Hefner not to release the photos, as she knew they would damage her career. Hefner ignored her pleas, as you can see.

11 Charlize Theron

Another celebrity who you wouldn't expect to see on Playboy is Charlize Theron. But the cover of this 1999 issue doesn't lie. This was another set of photos that the star really never wanted to be released. She was just starting to hit it big in her film career, and so to have these images surface was a major blow to her. She had taken the photos many years earlier, when she was just an aspiring model. Charlize Theron said she never gave permission for those pictures to be used for Playboy, and she actually ended up suing the photographer who had obviously sold them to Hugh Hefner. Not only were the pictures featured in the 1999 issue, but Charlize Theron was also put on the cover, topless, and against her will. Not the kind of thing you want to see when you're trying to get the world to take you seriously as an up-and coming actress.

10 Madonna


In a tale that's probably sounding very familiar by now, Madonna's photos were also used against her will by Playboy in 1985. These were pictures that Madonna had taken 7 years prior, in 1978, when no one even knew her name. The release of the photos were done without her consent and she wasn't even aware of them being published at first. But she took a unique approach to the scandal that would make her a hero in a lot of women's eyes. She never once apologized for the nude pictures, and instead bravely said that she didn't care. She continued with her concerts and performances as usual, and didn't let it get under her skin. Many people say that the release of the photos were designed to ruin her career, but if that was someone's aim, it completely backfired. Her response to the controversy made ended up making her even more famous and loved.

9 Kim Kardashian

Let's make it clear - Kim Kardashian knew exactly what she was doing when she signed up to do a photoshoot with Playboy magazine. This was back in 2007, and the magazine really put heron the radar. She was nowhere near as famous as she is now, and it probably helped her career considerably. But today, Kim Kardashian says she regrets ever posing for the magazine. According to a 2010 interview, Kim says “I’m sorry I did Playboy. I was uncomfortable.”

But this is where it gets really interesting. According to Kim, it was her mom Kris Jenner who pressured her into doing it, and Kim says that Kris told her “They might never ask you again. Our show isn’t on the air yet. No one knows who you are. Do it and you’ll have these beautiful pictures to look at when you’re my age.” Kardashian even goes as far as suggesting that her mom "made" her do it. It seems like it wasn't even Kim K's choice to do the shoot. This is yet another example of Kris Jenner acting more like a pimp to her daughters than a mom, and we can see her doing similar things today, basically telling her daughters exactly what to do and where to appear. I can guarantee you that the infamous Kendall Jenner Pepsi commercial wasn't Kendall's idea either...


8 Marge Simpson


Now I'm sure you're all getting a little sad from hearing about all these women being taken advantage of. So let's lighten up the mood a little bit with the addition of yet another woman who didn't agree to be featured in Playboy magazine - Marge Simpson. After all, how could she possibly consent to gracing the front cover of this famous magazine? She's a cartoon character! All joke's aside, this was definitely one of the weirdest covers of any Playboy issue, and I think a lot of people are still a little confused as to why they actually did it. After all, most guys buy Playboy magazine because they want to see hot girls, not cartoon moms. This was published in 2009, and it was more an act of desperation than anything. Playboy sales had been dropping 30% at around this time, and the execs were trying anything and everything to get the numbers up.

7 Veronica Varekova

Moving on from Playboy, there are plenty of other magazines that have published photos without people's permission. One example was Maxim magazine, close rival of Playboy and every bit as arrogant when it comes to taking advantage of women.

A much publicized incident happened in 2006 when model Veronica Varekova was featured on the front cover of Maxim magazine. As she later revealed, she never actually gave her permission for those pictures to be used. The truth was that the pictures had been sold to Maxim by a photographer who had taken them as part of a separate shoot for Victoria's Secret that was then featured in GQVarekova complained that “They put me on the cover without my permission,” and that “They have no right to do it.” But unfortunately for her, her options were limited back in 2006 when this issue was published. The photographer technically owns the rights to the image, and he is legally allowed to sell them without the model's permission. Varekova did explore her legal options after the incident.

6  Lais Ribeiro


This is an interesting one. In a very rare case, Maxim magazine actually mislabelled one of their pictures, incorrectly identifying her as the wrong girl! So technically, the woman who was actually in the magazine had no idea she was being put in the 2016 issue of Maxim! Because of this, there was no way she could have given her permission. And on the other hand, the girl who thought she was going to be in the magazine saw a picture of a totally different girl when she went to her page! The two girls are pictured above. The one on the left is Lais Ribeiro. She was incorrectly put in the magazine in the place of Joan Smalls, who is pictured on the right. But you have to admit, it was an honest mistake for Maxim to make. They look extremely similar. But that didn't stop Joan Smalls from becoming infuriated at the magazine, and she posted on social media, "Get your sh*t together!"

5 Iggy Azalea

You're probably getting the picture by now that Maxim has a pattern of using photos without people's permission, much like Playboy. Such was the case with Iggy Azalea, who became stunned and outraged when she saw that she had been put on the front cover of Maxim Australia without her expressed consent. She immediately blamed her own management, who as it turns out was responsible for selling the images to Maxim and giving them permission to use them - all without consulting Iggy. The pictures published in the 2011 issue were actually taken from a shoot Azalea had done in 2011 with Complex magazine.

In a fiery tweet, Iggy Azalea said: "Im going to publicly say something to the Australian division of my record label right now because my message seems to be ignored privately. Stop giving permission on my behalf for magazines to purchase images of me that have already been printed in major publications for covers." Interestingly, one of her major qualms with the handling of this was that Maxim hadn't taken new images or done an interview with her. She felt that just reusing an old image was a lazy way to feature her in their magazine. Hard to argue with that.

4 Ruby Rose


If you're a fan of Orange Is The New Black (who isn't?) then you've probably seen this girl before. Her name is Ruby Rose, and she plays a lesbian inmate that gets into a steamy relationship with Piper. After she was featured in the Netflix series, she soared to fame. Everyone wanted to know who this Australian actress was, and various media outlets were racing to write stories about her. But one magazine, called The Untitled Magazine, may have been a bit to eager. They decided to feature an image of her with a transparent top on, through which you can easily see her nipples. Ruby Rose was furious. She had specifically asked the magazine not to publish pictures of her that showed any nudity - and yet they did it anyway. Amazingly, the magazine is now denying Ruby Rose's claims, saying they were given full permission by the actress and her PR team.

3 Emily Ratajkowski

Everyone knows Emily Ratajkowski. She's one of the sexiest girls alive today and she's no stranger to posing nude in a variety of different magazines. But there's a big difference between agreeing for nudes to be published and having those nudes put in a book and sold without your permission. That's what got Emily so angry when photographer Jonathan Leder decided to publish a series of nudes he took of the model back in 2012. She wrote on social media: "These photos being used [without] my permission is an example of exactly the opposite of what I stand for: women choosing when and how they want to share their sexuality and bodies." The book, which features hundreds of nude pictures of Ratajkowski, is available for $80. Jonathan Leder is set to make a pretty penny off Emily's sexy body - and all without her given consent.

2 An Unnamed 14-Year-Old Girl Published In FHM


By far one of the most shocking scandals in FHM's history was when they featured a topless picture of a 14-year-old girl. It seems incredible that the magazine could have made such a huge mistake. Of course, the fact that she's 14 means that she's underage, and this means that this is technically child porn. Because she was underage, technically, and (more importantly) legally, this young girl could not possibly give permission for these pictures to be used. And furthermore, as it turns out, the girl did not even agree to have that picture published either. It was most likely her boyfriend that sent in the pictures to FHM without her knowledge. The magazine was found guilty of the offense in 2007, and the girl was said to have suffered significant emotional trauma at school as she was teased by other students. FHM spokespeople said they were surprised that she was only 14, "because she certainly appeared much older."

1 Veena Malik

It's stories like this that make it obvious why FHM is no longer running. Like Maxim and Playboy, they have a long history of questionable practices. One of the most shocking incidents came after allegations that Pakistani actress Veena Malik had been photoshopped to appear nude on the front cover of a 2011 issue of FHM India. The actress tried to sue the magazine for $2 million for damages to her reputation. But the editor of the magazine immediately claimed that she photos had not been altered in any way, and that he had video footage to prove it. He even threatened to file a countersuit. This raises an important point. What if some of these women (not all) are merely saying that they never gave permission because they simply regret posing for the pictures? What if, in some cases, this is just an effort to save a bit of dignity? To some degree, you have to take responsibility for your actions, and you have to realize that posing for nude pictures might come back and bite you in the ass one day...


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