15 Hotties Who Keep Getting Dumped But We Love Anyway

Relationships in Hollywood can be a tricky thing. It’s very rare to find a truly long-lasting marriage or long-term relationship between major stars. Egos, fame, temptations, all of them take a toll o

Relationships in Hollywood can be a tricky thing. It’s very rare to find a truly long-lasting marriage or long-term relationship between major stars. Egos, fame, temptations, all of them take a toll on even happy unions and sadly too many celebrities end up being split up. Sometimes, it’s due to affairs, other times nastier stuff but it happens a lot. Some ladies, however, just seem to be destined to be hit by some relationships ending in a rough way. They can make a good show of it being on their own terms but the term “dumpee” gets tossed at them a lot and some ladies get it more than others. It’s rough but it happens, so many gorgeous women who somehow just can’t land a regular guy. Indeed, some have the bad luck to be cheated on for someone who, frankly, is far less attractive.

Some ladies are more notable than others when it comes to breakups. Elizabeth Taylor was famous for being married eight times to seven men but most of the breakups were her own doing. Some of these can look like the women were the ones at fault but you have to feel for them when it goes badly. There are slews of hot ladies with major fame who are unlucky at love and striking how they keep having relationship issues. Some have bounced back for new relationships but still are famous for their breakups that got so much press. Here are 15 of the hottest “dumpees” among the famous women of today and give hope to their male fans on how things can get better and give them a shot.

15 Kate Beckinsale

She doesn’t have as long a dating history as others on this list which no doubt makes her breakups a bit rougher to take. Beckinsale rose to attention in the mid-1990s with here great beauty and roles in Breakdown Palace. She and Michael Sheen began dating in 1995 and remained together until 2003 with Beckinsale saying she felt embarrassed he never proposed to her but they remain on good terms. In 2003, Beckinsale filmed Underworld, the hit that made her a big star, and she and director Len Wiseman hit it off nicely. While Wiseman’s then wife insists their affair started on set, each claims it didn’t until after Wiseman was divorced. The two were married in 2004 for a long relationship, working together on Underworld sequels and raising Beckinsale’s daughter Lilly. But in October of 2016, Wiseman filed for divorce after being spotted with model CJ Franco and Beckinsale a bit blind-sided. She should bounce back, but it's still something for a lady who looks so hot in leather to not be able to hold onto a man.

14 Kate Hudson

As the daughter of Oscar-winner Goldie Hawn, it was obvious Hudson would get into acting. She rocketed to fame with her Oscar-nominated turn in Almost Famous and began dating Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson. They were married in 2000 and bore a son, a great if offbeat pair. In 2006, the two filed for divorce and while Hudson doesn’t like to talk about it, indications are Robinson had cheated on her and it led to a rough patch. She was linked to some guys like frequent co-star Matthew McConaughey but in 2011 began going out with musician Matt Bellamy. They were engaged with a son, a rather long engagement that kept putting off marriage. They broke it off after four years as Bellamy wasn’t happy with Hudson’s reputation as a “flirt” although she fired back he was just as guilty. They still raise their son as Hudson has been noted for her great form and healthy routine for a body that more than a few guys would love to get close to.

13 Hilary Duff

Duff was a breakout on the Disney Channel as the popular teen heroine Lizzie McGuire and parlayed that into fame as a music star and movies like A Cinderella Story and others. She also grew from just an attractive teenager to a truly beautiful and sexy woman. When she was only thirteen, she began dating fellow Disney alumni Aaron Carter for three years which instigated a triangle with Lindsay Lohan. She began dating Joel Madden despite him being 25 to her 16 and the age difference probably was a reason they broke it off. In 2010, a grown-up Duff began dating Edmonton Oilers star Mike Comrie and they were married with Duff having a son. But in 2015, they got divorced with Duff unable to handle Comrie’s life of partying on the road and rumors he’d cheated with her a few times as well. They remain on good terms but Duff prefers the single life as she stars on the hit show Younger and showing how she’s grown up into one very hot young woman.

12 Katy Perry

As her breakout hit was titled “I Kissed A Girl,” you’d expect a hot dating history for Katy Perry. She began dating musician Matthew Thiessen before she found fame, the two breaking up after three years but remained on good terms. Perry was soon bouncing in various romances, including Josh Groban before Perry hit it off with wild British comedian Russell Brand. They began dating in 2009 and were married the next year. But things went South fast with them having issues, accusations of Brand cheating on her and he actually told Perry he was divorcing over a text message. That sent her into a “Cheetos and drinking” binge afterward before she finally got herself back on track. Perry was linked to Robert Pattinson but insisted they were just friends. Right now, she and Orlando Bloom are getting hot and heavy, including island trips and shows how the buxom beauty has plenty of inspiration for any breakup songs.

11 Kaley Cuoco

The gorgeous blonde kept her personal life mostly under wraps as she rose to fame with roles on 8 Simple Rules and other TV shows. Cuoco found fame as Penny on The Big Bang Theory, and she and co-star Johnny Galecki took their on-screen relationship to a real one but decided to keep it quiet, avoiding publicity and it wasn’t until their breakup in 2009 that most even realized they were dating. They have remained on good terms to continue the sitcom’s success. Cuoco dated Josh Resnik but they called off their engagement after less than a year. She and tennis player Ryan Sweeting began a relationship and were married in 2013 with Cuoco even getting their marriage date tattooed on her back. But in 2015 they divorced with reports of Cuoco concerned over Sweeting’s use of painkillers and rumors he’d cheated on her while touring. Cuoco had her tattoo redone to a butterfly with a note on how marking your body for a relationship was never a good idea. Currently moving on, Cuoco remains the star of one of TV’s biggest hits and proof Sweeting was no genius for dropping her.

10 Miranda Kerr

When you’re a supermodel, it’s only natural to get attached to various guys and Kerr has done that in spades. After breaking to fame, Kerr was dating an Australian financial broker and even investing her own money in him. This ended up backfiring majorly when the guy was busted for a major financial scandal and Kerr was among his victims. Kerr then moved on to date Orlando Bloom, the two a major hot couple and married in 2010. They had a son and seemed to be doing great but in 2011 came reports of friction with Bloom drinking and Kerr concerned on his cheating. They were divorced in 2013 after months of separation with Kerr admitting she hit a dark patch afterward. She bounced back as she came out as bisexual in 2014 with hints she might have had a few flings with women in the past. Currently, Kerr is with Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel and shows how even a supermodel has to put up with the hard breakup now and then.

9 Jennifer Garner

The lovely actress had a few minor credits to her name when she guest-starred on the first season of Felicity and met actor Scott Foley. They were married in 2000, together when Garner rocketed to fame on her starring role on Alias but reports had it that Garner and Ben Affleck began seeing each other when shooting Daredevil. Garner and Foley broke it off in 2003 and Garner then began dating Alias co-star Michael Vartan for almost a year. That led to Garner and Affleck finally getting together, a long relationship that included three children. They seemed like the perfect couple, Garner supporting him on the red carpet and award shows and they even poked fun at making their marriage work on Saturday Night Live. Which was why it was so shocking when the two suddenly announced their divorce in 2015. Rumors soon abounded that Affleck had been having an affair with their nanny and others although Garner wouldn’t comment on that. They have been photographed together, showing they’re at least on good terms but one has to wonder how anyone could let a gorgeous lady like Garner go so many times.

8 Sienna Miller

The British actress has gained fame for her striking beauty and willingness to take on daring roles like Factory Girl and American Sniper. As her career began to take off in 2004, Miller was linked to actor Jude Law, the two a popular sight at British nightclubs and red carpet events. They were engaged but in early 2005, Law made the public confession that he had cheated on Miller with the nanny of Law’s children from a previous marriage. Needless to say, it was over and Miller got a big boost by being “the wronged woman.” Miller then got involved with married actor Balthazar Getty, the two photographed at a beach vacation which got both into some major hot water with the press and led to the end of Getty’s own marriage. Amazingly, Miller and Law later got back together and gave it another go. It ended in 2011, not with as much press but rumors that Miller could never get over the past cheating. Currently, Miller is with actor Tom Sturridge but it's remarkable how a woman could give a second chance to the guy who thought the nanny was hotter than her.

7 Jennifer Aniston

For someone who became famous on Friends, Jennifer Aniston hasn’t had as much luck as a girlfriend. As she rose to fame, she was connected to various men like Adam Duritz and later to actor Tate Donovan. Of course, the big one is Brad Pitt as the two were the perfect media pair when they started going out in 1998. Both gorgeous and friendly, they were a hot red carpet pairing and their 2000 wedding was a major media event. But in 2004 came the breakup that made headlines as Pitt had an affair with Angelina Jolie on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Aniston was quickly made out to be the victim of a horrible breakup. She weathered it for a relationship with Vince Vaughn but they too broke up and a relationship with John Mayer also ended after that. Currently, Aniston seems to have bounced back, now married to screenwriter Justin Theroux and one hopes it works out as a lady this funny shouldn’t be alone so much.

6 Taylor Swift

A notable example as Swift has basically made her career off her notable breakups. While she’s never said his name, a boyfriend who cheated on her inspired her breakout hit “Should Have Said No.” Likewise, “Picture to Burn” was about an ex who refused to let her drive his truck and also cheated on her. She dated Joe Jonas for a time but he broke up with her over the phone, inspiring the song "Forever & Always". She and Jake Gyllenhaal had a date on a private plane only for him to break up with her via a text message. John Mayer and Harry Styles are two other guys Swift collaborated with on songs and dated only for them to break it off. Swift got her payback by slamming them both in songs. Calvin Harris eventually couldn’t handle Swift being more famous than him, leading to his dumping her as well. Swift was last seen dating Tom Hiddleston and one wonders what might happen to inspire a future hit as Swift has made being dumped a great part of her singing fame.

5 Jennifer Lopez

For a woman of such gorgeous looks and one of the most fabulous rear ends around, Jennifer Lopez sure strikes out in the romance department. She was briefly married to Cuban writer Ojani Nona, a relationship that went so badly that Lopez filed a lawsuit saying he couldn’t legally talk about it. As Lopez first broke out into fame, she began dating rapper Sean “Puffy” Combs that included both arrested in connection with a shooting. Lopez then went around with Chris Judd and married for nearly a year but it fell apart with accusations of him cheating on her. Thus began “Bennifer” as Lopez and Ben Affleck began a highly-touted relationship that included the infamous flop Gigli. They were engaged but broke it off just weeks before their nuptials and rumors abounded that Affleck had already begun an affair with Jennifer Garner. Lopez ended up with Marc Anthony for a long marriage including kids. But in 2011, they split with rumors of him cheating on her. Lopez has spent an on-off relationship with Casper Smart and later Drake but right now is single. It is remarkable how so many guys can let go of such a stunningly gorgeous woman but it adds to the aura of JLo in many ways.

4 Sandra Bullock

It’s hard to imagine someone going from the height of their life to the low as much as this. Bullock had first gotten into a relationship with Tate Donovan on the set of Love Potion No. 9 that lasted three years before they broke up. She then spent time with several men from Dallas Cowboys star Troy Aikman and then Matthew McConaughey, followed by Ryan Gosling. In 2005, Bullock ended up marrying motorcycle enthusiasts Jesse James, an odd couple but they made it work. James was with Bullock as she rode the awards circuit for The Blind Side, with him at her side when she won the Oscar. But just weeks later, word broke that James had been cheating on Bullock with slews of women, including tattoo artist Kat Von D. James apologized but was ripped to shreds by the media with massive sympathy for Bullock. She kept out of sight before coming out with the surprising news that she had adopted a baby boy. Bullock has since bounced back with more hits and is another Oscar nom, still looking utterly gorgeous, proving James a true idiot for dumping this star.

3 Scarlett Johansson

Johansson has a pretty unique dating history to benefit one of the sexiest ladies around. She was with Josh Hartnett from 2004 to 2006, the two making a good couple but split due to their busy careers. In 2007, Johansson began dating Ryan Reynolds and the two were engaged in 2008, marrying later in the year. They seemed great together, a fun couple of humor and their careers rising as Johansson locked onto the role of the Black Widow. But they split in 2010, supposedly on good terms as they do remain friendly today. Johansson then moved onto a well-publicized relationship with Sean Penn and a short run with executive Nate Naylor. In 2012, she began dating French executive Romain Dauriac, the two married and Johansson birthing a child in 2014. But just earlier this year, it was announced that they had divorced and in fact were separated in 2016. It seems astounding someone as hot as Johansson keeps losing partners but maybe there really is such a thing as a woman too hot to handle.

2 Eva Longoria

Longoria wasn’t that famous when she was married to actor Tyler Christopher in 2002. They divorced in 2004, just as Longoria rocketed to fame as Gabrielle Solis on the smash hit Desperate Housewives. Soon, the hot Latina was hooking up with Tony Parker, star player of NBA champion team San Antonio Spurs. The sight of Longoria courtside became a regular moment for fans cheering Parker on. They had a spectacular Paris wedding in 2007 with Longoria taking Parker’s last name and even tattoos for his various playing numbers. They seemed great together but in 2010, Longoria filed for divorce from Parker, revealing that he’d been having an affair with the wife of teammate Brent Barry for some time. Parker was trashed by the media for it, not to mention the stupidity of cheating on Longoria. She has bounced back, now married to businessman Jose Antonio Baston and one hopes it works out although some men wouldn’t mind getting another crack at the ultra-hot Latina.

1 Angelina Jolie

Some might call it a bit of karmic payback. Jolie took the movie world by storm in the late 1990s with her gorgeous looks, amazing talent and willingness to doff it all on camera easily. She started off marrying her Hackers co-star Jonny Lee Miller but they broke it off by 1999. Jolie then hooked up with Billy Bob Thornton, marrying him after just two months for a rather wild marriage that included tattoos and carrying vials of each other’s blood around their necks. Jolie would say their divorce in 2003 caught her by surprise as they “changed overnight” with rumors of cheating. Then in 2005, Jolie famously stole Brad Pitt on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith when Pitt was still with Jennifer Aniston, causing a huge scandal. They spent a decade as the “It Couple” of Hollywood, hanging together through thick and thin, children and Jolie’s breast surgery. But in 2016, they suddenly called it quits with rumors abounding that Pitt cheated on Jolie with Marion Cotillard on the set of Allied. Again, some might call it karma but given that Jolie is one of the sexiest women on the planet, it’s astounding any man would give her up.


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