15 Hotties Princes Harry And William Dated But Wouldn't Bring Home To The Royals

There's the "heir" Prince William and the "spare" Prince Harry. Wills is the Prince of Wales and from just about the beginning of English history, young PWs have a history of going wild, having fun, getting a lot of bad publicity, then (usually) settling down. That's just what William has done. Then there's the spare, who almost certainly won't ever be king. And as just about everyone knows, Harry has gone from being a big headache for the Royals, famous for his wild ways, to a more settled, but still wild child. And the dishy young prince is probably just about the most eligible bachelor out there. William may be famously married and loved up with Kate Middleton, but back in the day, Wills and Harry sometimes partied hard together and sometimes partied harder apart. And there have been lots and lots of hot young girls who were willing to accommodate the Princes, whatever it was they were looking for. And we know what that means. We're not talking long term hook-ups with the likes of Harry's Cressida Bonas or Chelsey Davy. We're talking, for the most part, brief encounters of a hot kind.

So, here are 15 hotties the Princes connected with that they totally won't be taking home to meet the family.


15 Carrie Reichert

In 2012 Harry and friends went to Las Vegas to enjoy the pools, the girls and the booze. What would you do if someone said, "Want to meet Prince Harry?" Well, to make a long story short, many lovelies were up for it. Then came the pool table and a spot of strip pool. But Harry overlooked one thing: Mobile phones. It took almost no time at all for pictures of a naked Harry frolicking with naked hotties to emerge. Harry went home with his tail between his legs. Then came the kiss and tell. Leggy, buxom and blonde, Carrie Reichert was on just about every tabloid cover telling the tale of her "Hot Night with Naked Prince Harry". A few days later, she found herself arrested on an old warrant for bouncing a check. She blamed the English Secret Service. Trust us, her mugshot was not as good as the one of Harry ogling her in a blue bikini. She says Harry gifted her some underpants, which, together with that blue bikini, she is donating to an erotic heritage museum in Las Vegas. No, we're not making that up.

14 Lauren Pope

The Royal Prince and the reality star? A princess in waiting? Maybe that's what she hoped for when, back in 2004, when Lauren Pope and Harry met at London nightclub Chinawhite. Reportedly, the two hit it off in a big way and danced until 3:00 in the morning. Being Royal has it privileges, sure. But there are also the odd drawbacks, like tabloids that will do anything for a juicy story. And, according to The Daily Mail, the story of the two was leaked to the press. Everyone assumed Lauren had sold out, but she claimed that the police had confirmed her cell phone had been hacked. Harry dropped her like a hot potato. So no permanent tiara for The Only Way is Essex star. A friend of hers commented, "They were starting to get really close and if things had carried on that way Lauren really could have become a princess." In real life? It would have been like Harry hooking up with Snooki or any other of the hot girls from the Jersey Shore. At last report, Lauren was taking legal advice.

13 Cara Delevingne

The hot model and the ginger prince. A few years back, Cara Delevingne and Prince Harry met at a daytime Hollywood Western-themed barbecue and spent the whole afternoon chatting and playfully teasing one another. Reportedly, Harry knew a good thing when he saw it and zeroed in on her super fast. In between flirtatious little comments, Cara kept laughing and stealing Harry's cowboy hat. Rumor had it that they saw one another several more times. But take her home to meet the family? We don't think so. Anyway, at last report Cara was maybe engaged to her girlfriend, singer St. Vincent (nee Annie Clark). But wait: In August of 2016, The Daily Mail reported that Delevingne's Suicide Squad co-star Margot Robbie, revealed that the model still "drunk texts" Harry. And then there was that cozy photobooth picture of Harry in green glasses surrounded by Delevingne, Robbie and Sienna Miller. So, who knows what the future will bring.

12 Ellie Goulding

In the summer of 2016, British singing star Ellie Goulding and Prince Harry found themselves together at the Audi Polo Challenge in leafy Berkshire. And, if reports in The Sun are to believed, they hit it off in a big way. There was talk of a kiss or two under a blanket. The good old Daily Mail reported that "Harry and Ellie only had eyes for each other all night." English bookmakers are offering odds of 5-1 that they will confirm they are dating. And marriage? Don't bet on it:  The odds are 100-1.  Anyway, how would they deal with Goulding's truck driver dad? The one with a tattoo of a bulldog smoking a marijuana joint? But, still, in October of 2016 an Australian TV interviewer did ask her if she was having Harry's baby. On live TV. She was there to promote the single she did for the film Bridget Jones's Baby. Embarrassing? In spades.

11 Cassie Sumner

They met in a bar. Harry took one look at glamour model Cassie Sumner, and invited her to join his private table. "He seemed fascinated with my breasts, because he spent more time looking at them than my face." Why are we not surprised? The Daily Mail went on to quote the kiss-and-tell Cassie as saying, "At one point I could feel his hands running up and down my thighs, and I gave him a playful slap... he snuggled up close... telling me how sexy I looked." The newspaper summed up her Royal potential as zero. We'd say that is being a tad bit optimistic. Not only is she indiscreet, but her love life has been colorful, to say the least. She dated notorious womanizer Russell Brand, but said she dumped him after he asked her to have a threesome with a prostitute. Plus, she dated James Hewitt, who had been a boyfriend of Harry's mom Princess Diana. If she had agreed to sleep with him, as she says he wanted, that creeps us out big time.

10 Isabella Calthorpe

It was said that Isabella Calthorpe was the only girl that made Kate Middleton see green. Some reports suggested that Kate once stormed out of a ball because of how much attention William was paying to the socialite and budding actress. Others say that Isabella was the woman behind William's split with Kate in 2004. So, why didn't William take Isabella home to meet the folks? Well, in a word, she told him to push off. She's a beautiful heiress and an actress wannabe who thought becoming a princess would cramp her style and budding career. Isabella was probably just too much her own woman to become a cookie-cutter princess (like Kate has become). Some say if she had given William the green light, Kate would have been history. It was said that there was a time that William was totally obsessed with the gorgeous, leggy blonde.

9 Astrid Harbord

Back to Prince Harry. Astrid's on the right. On the left, her sister Davina. You can see the problem right away. For a time, Astrid and Harry were an item. She's pretty, blonde, well-connected. Perfect? Maybe not. Her father was Charles Harbord, 5th Baron Suffield. At least he was until he killed himself a couple of years back using one of his daughter's shotguns. Hunting gun, you know? Then there's the reputation of Astrid as a party hard girl in overdrive. She and Davina are sometimes referred to as the "Hard Core" girls, who reportedly are totally into partying and drug taking. After breaking it off with Harry, party girl Astrid, pinned her hopes on banking heir James Rothschild.


8 Florence Brudenell-Bruce

She's wealthy, posh and reportedly fun, fun, fun. But, she's a model. Sometimes of underwear. That's problem number one. Number two? She was previously in a hot relationship with British Formula One driver Jenson Button. Just how hot is amply demonstrated in endless pictures of the two committing some serious PDA. Flea (to her friends) and the Prince officially became an item in the Summer of 2011, after Prince Harry broke up blonde lawyer and long time girlfriend Chelsy Davy. But, it was not to be. Some say Flea broke up with Harry because he reportedly suffers from chronic wandering eye. If it weren't for the underwear shots and the Button thing, she would have been perfect wife material.

7 Caroline Flack

She won the granddaddy of all dancing shows, BBC's Strictly Come Dancing, in 2014. But before that she was linked to Prince Harry. Seems Natalie Pinkham introduced the two in 2009. TV presenter Natalie, will forever be remembered for that tabloid picture of a very young Prince Harry with his hand firmly attached to her breast. Now, there are girls like Cassie Sumner who come and go in the flash of an eye and there are girls who get the honor of actually being photographed with the Prince. Caroline was clearly in the latter category. But, when the story got out that they were dating, that was the end of it. The Daily Mail reported her saying, "I was no longer Caroline Flack, TV presenter, I was Caroline Flack, Prince Harry’s bit of rough." She consoled herself in the arms of Harry Styles. Bit of rough is probably a bit harsh, but her totally ordinary background with a pastry chef father means she's not likely to make that all important balcony-of-Buckingham-Palace picture.

6 Jecca Craig

Back to 2003 and Prince William. Jecca Craig is the kind of well-heeled girl whose family has a wildlife reserve in Kenya. You know. The kind of place where one goes to hunt wild boar. Back in 2003, it was rumored that William visited that same wildlife reserve, became besotted with Jecca, and had what some papers call a "fling" with her. Some speculated that maybe there had even been a pretend engagement. But it went nowhere. Why? Who knows. But it is a simple fact that in Kenya, Jecca's family are part of the Happy Valley set. In other words they are white Kenyan aristocracy. In other words, politically incorrect. It is all too Colonial in a Commonwealth kind of world. But William and Jecca bump into one another now and then. Like a few years back when newspapers gleefully reported William and Harry attended a wedding where nine of their exes (included Jecca) were in attendance. It's a small world over there.

5 Tess Shepherd

Kate and William started dating around 2004. Well, it probably started before then, but it was denied. Reportedly, some of William's friends did not care for Kate one little bit, saying she was common and boring. So, they tried to hook him up with hot girls like Tess. Plus, by 2007, Kate and her self-made millionaire (some say social climbing) mother were putting pressure on William to make an honest woman out of her. But Wills was not having it. Just before he broke up with Kate in 2007, he was seen in a drunken embrace with Tess on a dance floor. Seems one of William's friends had introduced them. When William did break up with Kate, he phoned it in, jumped on a table, and declared "I'm free". Four years later, he was walking down the aisle to marry Kate Middleton. And Tess? Fifteen minutes of fame, then not much.

4 Camilla Romestrand

Harry and the pop star. Reportedly, they were introduced by mutual friends in 2010. Harry had just broken up with long-time squeeze Chelsy Davy and Camilla was the edgy, slightly kinky Norwegian singer who fronted UK band Eddie The Gun. We can certainly understand if sparks flew between those two. Cheeky PopEater (that paragon of truth in journalism) reported, “Let's just say she knows her way around Buckingham Palace but is trying to keep the relationship as quiet as possible." Quiet? Take one or two looks at the band's music videos and you can see why the whole affair was going nowhere fast. As her Facebook page gushes, "Camilla's on-stage presence oozes blonde attitude, and her searing vocals will make you shiver." Princess material? Not. Besides, Facebook says she's in New York.

3 Lisa Agar

It's 2007 and William is feeling the "let's get married" Middleton campaign very keenly. Harry had pulled combat duty in Afghanistan and William was stuck in England. The spare might be able to "fight", but the heir? No way. It was early Spring and William and his army buddies (dubbed "Booze and the Royals") were partying in Bournemouth. Today reported that it was that night he met a six foot-tall blonde performing arts student named Lisa Agar. "Come on," he said, grabbing Agar's arm and leading her to the dance floor. "Show us how it's done." Apparently William had been alternating pints of beer with sambuca, an Italian liqueur that Agar called "rocket fuel". "He was very touchy-feely and quite pissed [drunk]," Agar said. "He was not a shy boy and didn't talk about Kate." Some reports say he invited her back to the barracks for... a nightcap.

2 Ana Ferreira

Early on in his 2007 night out in Bournemouth, Second Lieutenant Wales and friends rolled up to a popular nightclub called Elements. Girls with very little clothes on were thrilled and busily threw themselves at the Prince. Again, according to Today, he soon zoomed in on Ana Ferreira, a stunning Brazilian international-relations student. Then came that much publicized picture of Ana, William and her friend. Only thing is William is grinning and firmly grasping Ferreira's breast. "I was a little bit drunk myself," she remembered, "but I felt something brush my breast. I thought it couldn't be the future king, but now that I've seen the picture, it's no wonder he's got a smile on his face! He has big, manly hands and certainly knows what to do with them." When she emailed the picture to her family in Brazil, her mother was pleased she had met the Prince, even if he had been a little naughty.

1 Jenna Coleman

Harry and the actress. It's kind of confusing because she is currently playing his many-times great grandmother Queen Victoria, on British TV. Before that, she was famous for being a Dr. Who sidekick. Before that she was on British soap Emmerdale. She and Harry were both at a charity polo match in Ascot in 2015, where they were seen engaged in PDA big time. The Prince had his hand on her knee and they were both flirting like mad. Harry is a great texter (sexter?) and it was reported that he kept texting the petite actress for a while. But some say, she wasn't having it. It's probably for the best. She's respectable enough, but a long history in a soap where her character battered her boyfriend to death (with the leg of a chair, no less) probably counts against her. As we all know, the Queen loves her soaps and probably wouldn't have missed that little episode.


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