15 Hotties Of The OC: Where Are They Now?

In the early 2000s, this was the show everyone was talking about. The OC was one of the only television shows that related to so many teenagers. It was about all the topics teens go through on a daily basis such as; having relationships, having drama with their friends, dealing with family issues, experimenting with sex, drugs, alcohol, and figuring out what they want to do in the future. This show may have caused a ton of controversy but it opened topics for parents and teenagers to talk about. This show was truly one of a kind. Once The OC aired, the amount of success and popularity the show had was mind blowing.

The ladies of The OC were well known everywhere and always got special treatment because of their status. They got invited to the hottest Hollywood parties and exclusive events that not many can go to. Some ladies knew how to handle the pressures of fame, while others didn’t. Throughout the years, many of these ladies went on to be leading stars in movies and television shows, while others fell away from the spotlight or went down a bad path. If you’re curious and want to know what the ladies of The OC are currently up to, well then you will have to keep on reading.


14 Mischa Barton (Marissa Cooper)

This Hollywood starlet is best known for her iconic role as Marissa Cooper; the hard-partying spoiled little rich girl. Before her start on the famous television show The OC she began acting at age eight, for her role in an off-Broadway play called Slavs! Being a young lead actress with a hit television show in Hollywood made Mischa's ego flare up. She became a diva on set, as well as in her personal life. She got into the wrong scene, started partying and doing hard drugs. Before she knew it she was having a mental breakdown.

A couple of DUIs and a lawsuit later and this starlet made headlines everywhere and was in the tabloids for her indecency. After doing some self-reflection she decided to leave The OC for personal reasons. Nowadays, Mischa makes headlines for her provocative photos on Instagram, unfortunately, she has gone down the same path as she did in her past and has recently been in the tabloids for her out of control and erratic behavior.

13 Amber Heard (Salesgirl)


Before this blonde bombshell was in magazines and starring in movies, she first started out auditioning for small roles on television shows like The OC. Amber played the role of a salesgirl in Season 2 of the show. She wasn’t a recurring character but that didn’t stop her from becoming a Hollywood star.

Once the show aired, she fell in love with acting and wanted to pursue that as her career. After going on countless auditions she landed a few roles in big movies. She starred in movies such as; Never Back Down, Magic Mike XXL, Paranoia, Pineapple Express, Machete Kills and many others. Being a successful working actress, she has a lot on her plate; professionally she’s doing great, but her personal life is not doing so well. She recently divorced ex-husband and actor Johnny Depp after there were allegations that when he was drunk he assaulted her. Nowadays, after a very public battle in court, he has agreed to pay Amber $7 million to settle the divorce.

12 Rachel Bilson (Summer Roberts)

This hot actress was known in the show as Marissa Cooper’s best friend named Summer Roberts. Her charismatic personality made the audience fall for her. Summer became one of the leading and most popular women on the show. This character jump had started Rachel's career. She was a newcomer on the Hollywood scene and before she knew it she was on magazine covers and doing press at events.

When the show was over Rachel was cast in a sci-fi movie called Jumper, little did she know that she would meet her real-life husband Hayden Christensen on the set. After getting married she decided to return to television with a leading role as Dr. Zoe Hart in the Southern drama Hart of Dixie but unfortunately, the show was canceled. Since she and Hayden got married a few years later, they welcomed their baby daughter and have decided to keep their life very low key and private because they don’t want paparazzi bothering them.

11 Olivia Wilde (Alex Kelly)


She played the role of Alex Kelly, the bisexual, fun, wild bartender that came to town who was caught in a love triangle with Marissa Cooper and Seth Cohen. Before her days on The OC, Olivia was awarded the No. 1 spot on Maxim magazine's Hot 100. She was also a newcomer in Hollywood and wanted to make a name for herself.

Once she proved she can act, she made her mark in movies such as; The Girl Next Door, Alpha Dog, The Black Donnellys, Tron: Legacy and many others. Besides being an actress she is also an activist. She co-launched a company called Conscious Commerce; the company's mission is to bring awareness to everyday purchases that have a transformative impact. This beauty is also a wife and mother of two. She's married actor Jason Sudeikis and the two of them live a very happy and private life without the paparazzi watching their every move.

10 Kelly Rowan (Kirsten Cohen)

Kelly Rowman played the motherly character known as Kristen Cohen. She wasn’t just a maternal figure on the show, she related to the audience watching at home as well. She was always there for her children and husband but she also had a dark past and had some skeletons in the closet; she had problems with alcohol abuse.

Before her acting career took off, she was a former model but she always had a love for entertaining. After The OC aired, she got cast in television shows such as Castle, CSI: Miami, and Murdoch Mysteries. She transitioned from television to film when she acted in the movie co-starring Emily Osment called Cyberbully. Since then, she has been acting in a crime drama series called Perception. She has a daughter and is very content staying out of the headlines where no one knows her personal business. Nevertheless, she is very grateful for the opportunities that The OC has given her.

9 Willa Holland (Kaitlin Cooper)

She played Marissa’s little sister Kaitlin Cooper. She was the fun, crazy, mini-Marissa that all the guys fell to the floor for. But in real life, Willa is nothing like her character. She works hard for what she wants; she doesn’t get anything handed to her. Once the show aired she was the newcomer on the Hollywood scene and she had to prove herself to everyone in the industry. She went on several auditions and nailed every single one of them. She went on to star in television shows such as; Gossip Girl, The Flash, The Comeback and many others. She currently plays Thea Queen/Speedy in the CW popular television series called Arrow co-starring Stephen Amell. She’s been on the series since 2012 and developed a huge fan base since the show aired. She attends events such as Comic-Con and has become very close with the MARVEL family. The future is bright for Willa.

8 Melinda Clarke (Julie Cooper-Nichol)

This sexy actress played the role of Julie Cooper-Nichol; a materialistic mother didn't care about being dramatic as long as she got her way and married a wealthy man. Growing up in the spotlight Melinda started out her career starring on the soap opera called Days of our Lives.

She loved having the cameras on her and the minute she auditioned and got the part to play Julie Cooper-Nichol, she knew her career was going to blossom. Once the show aired, she was offered acting parts in television shows such as Reaper, ChuckGhost Whisperer, Entourage, The Vampire Diaries, Vegas and a plethora of others.

When fame hit, so did Melinda’s ego. She became very self-absorbed and entitled. She used her big paychecks on plastic surgery. Nowadays she is still acting in Hollywood, currently playing the role of Grace Van Dahl in the television show called Gotham alongside her former OC cast member Ben Mackenzie.


7 Shailene Woodley (Kaitlin Cooper In The Pilot Episode)


The OC cast Shailene as Kaitlin Cooper before they decided she wasn’t right for the role. Shailene knew she wanted to be an actress at a very young age. She got her start on a television show called The Secret Life Of The American Teenager, after the show ended she decided to act in movies, little did she know she would become a mega superstar.

When she booked the role of Tris in the Divergent series, her life changed drastically. From that movie, many actors and directors wanted to work with her. She even got cast to play the role of Hazel Grace Lancaster in the movie called The Fault In Our Stars, and audiences were blown away when they saw her performance, she is a truly gifted actress.

She is not only talented in acting but an activist and humanitarian that stands up for human rights. Shailene recently got arrested for criminal trespassing and engaging in a riot, but luckily she pleaded not guilty.

6 Autumn Reeser (Taylor Townsend)

She played the sweet, innocent girl named Taylor Townsend who had the audience fall for her towards the end of the show. Autumn is nothing like her character in the show, which is quite refreshing. If you don’t know who this actress is then you may have seen her on television shows such as Valentine, Entourage, No Ordinary Family, Hawaii Five-0, Last Resort, Necessary Roughness, Pushing Daisies, Royal Pains and Hart of Dixie. She has also been in movies such as So Undercover and Sully. She’s a very busy actress in Hollywood and she has a lot of upcoming projects in the future. She’s pretty, smart and taken— sorry fellas, she is married to writer and director Jesse Warren, and they have two kids together. They are both very low-key and love to keep their life private. You won’t be seeing this actress on TMZ anytime soon.

5 Samaire Armstrong (Anna Stern)

This blonde bombshell played the role of Anna Stern who was the type of girl who was into comics growing up and loved indie music; she’s not your typical spoiled rich Californian girl, therefore when she transferred, she had the whole school talking. Much like her character, in real life, Samaire was also new to Hollywood but she blew casting directors away by her acting. She starred in many television shows such as;

Much like her character, in real life, Samaire was also new to Hollywood but she blew casting directors away by her acting. She starred in many television shows such as; The Mentalist, Entourage, NCIS: New Orleans, CSI: Miami and she even co-starred alongside Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine in the movie Just My Luck. Unfortunately, after her fame rose, she went to rehab for drugs and alcohol abuse but when she left the facility, she started surrounding herself with positive people and her mindset completely changed. Samaire is now a fashion designer and painter. She always loved being creative and expressing herself. Recently she had an art show that she invited her friends and family too.

Unfortunately, after her fame rose, she went to rehab for drug and alcohol abuse but when she left the facility, she started surrounding herself with positive people and her mindset completely changed. Samaire is now a fashion designer and painter. She always loved being creative and expressing herself. Recently she had an art show that she invited her friends and family to.

4 Lucy Hale (Kaitlin’s Roommate)

Lucy Hale had to guest-star on a plethora of television shows before she got her stardom. When she guest-starred on The OC, she played the role of Kaitlin’s roommate from boarding school in season 3. Before she was well known, she started out on a show called American Juniors and casting agents fell in love with her charismatic personality and saw how talented she was.

After the show ended, Disney gave her a shot and she appeared on a few episodes of Wizards Of Waverly Place which starred Selena Gomez. The fans fell in love with Lucy and before she knew it she was a young Hollywood’s star. She is now a very successful actress and musician. She continues to act as Aria Montgomery on the show Pretty Little Liars. It's in its last season and when the series is over Lucy will be focusing more on her true passion, which is music.

3 Paris Hilton (Kate)


This rich heiress has been a guest star on many popular television shows. She was asked to guest star on The OC when she was well known for her lavish, crazy partying lifestyle. Everyone knew who Paris Hilton was, she was Hollywood’s IT girl. On the show she played the role of Kate, an L.A. socialite interested in Seth Cohen. Just like her character, Paris is a socialite and can get pretty much any guy she wants. She grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth and since the show, she has tried her hand in acting. She starred in movies such as; The House Of Wax, Hottie and The Nottie, Bottoms Up and many more. She is not just an actress, she is a millionaire mogul. She has many retail stores overseas; she sells products from anything from makeup and dog clothes to high-end jewelry and perfumes. Nowadays, she is DJing for exclusive nightclubs and traveling all over the world.

2 Emmanuelle Chriqui (Jodie)

This Hollywood actress made her acting debut in The OC. She played the role of Jodie, Alex Kelly’s ex-girlfriend. You may have seen Emmanuelle on your television screen as her recurring role of Sloan McQuewick on the hit television series Entourage, but you can also watch her as the love interest of Adam Sandler's character in You Don't Mess with the Zohan.

This born-and-raised Canadian moved to the big city of Los Angeles to pursue her love for acting. Since then, she has been in several relationships; she has previously been linked to J.C. Chasez, Jeremy Sisto, and Clifton Collins Jr. But, right now, she is solely focused on her career and is not dating anyone. You hear that fellas? This hottie is on the market. She does many appearances on the red carpet and loves to attend events. She likes to live a very private and low key life, so you won’t be seeing Emmanuelle in the tabloids anytime soon.

1 Nikki Reed (Sadie)


This brunette beauty is mostly known for her role as Rosalie Hale in the Twilight saga series, but what you may not know is that she guest-starred on a few episodes of The OC playing the role of Sadie, the love interest to Ryan Atwood. Nikki started out acting; her first role that got her recognized was a movie that she wrote and produced called Thirteen starring Evan Rachel Wood.

She has gone through a lot in her personal life; she's divorced from American Idol singer Paul McDonald. But through all the sadness and hurt she encountered, there was a gleam of hope for her after all. A year later, she started dating actor Ian Somerhalder, the two fell in love and got married. They both keep a very low profile and have a quiet life together.

1. AnnaLynne McCord (Prom Girl)

In The OC she played the character that Marissa caught her date Volchok locking lips with at prom. You may know AnnaLynne from the remake of 90210, she played the role of Naomi Clark; the materialistic, rich, snobby popular girl in high school. She was very well known after the show’s success. She was attending Hollywood parties, going to exclusive events and truly living a lavish life, just like her character in the show.

When the show was over, she acted in a few movies such as Santa’s Little Helper, Day Of The Dead and Fired Up. But, unfortunately, she was in the tabloids after an interview she did; in 2016, she came out talking about being sexually assaulted and how it had a negative impact on her relationships. Nowadays, she continues to not only act, but is also a great role model and advocate for victims of sexual assault.


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