15 Hotties From The 90s That Did NOT Age Well

The 90s were between the end and the begging of a great century in which various medical and scientific advances were accomplished and humanity advanced forward into the vivid future we live in today as many new technologies have been created to make our life easier, but time doesn't always innovate as not everyone is lucky enough to look good forever.

Stunning models which have mesmerized our eyes in their glamorous silk dresses and bold red swimsuits years ago are now a thing of the past no one bothers talking about, especially when life took away their most precious characteristic, their beauty. The aging models now live normal lives among their friends and relatives, but they're not as shiny and alluring as they used to be. With this in mind, there is no doubt that time changes everything, and some are more or less affected by such change due to many different reasons.

From celebrities to singers and actors, no one has ever escaped the test of time, factors such as alcohol and drug addictions which have brought their youth and fame to an end as well as various usages of narcotics which helped speed up the aging process have wrinkled the skin and whitened their hair faster than ever, but while some are really lucky to keep themselves well preserved, others are not. Nevertheless, here are some of the models most affected by time which have become from beauty icons to someone you don't want to take a second look at.


15 Pamela Anderson


Believe it or not Pamela Anderson did make it on this list, that's because plastic surgeries are not being considered within this article and therefore we need to praise young Pamela Anderson for showing us how life truly changes us.

Pamela has gone through quite the change during her 30s, during which she had breast implants in order to change her look and appeal to the wide audience which knew her from the Playboy magazine that still demands her on the front cover even 22 years after her first photoshoot. As a result, Pamela Anderson has been featured in the magazine more than any other model ever was, making her truly stand out of the crowd, but nowadays she is not what she used to be and her pretty face is slowly starting to change, exposing the numerous years of modelling passing in front of her eyes, up to when she will not be wanted anymore and thus ending her career.

14 Betty White


Chances are you've already heard of Betty White from somewhere, either from TV, radio, or even books, she truly does have many things to offer out of her ample set of skills. Her career is a long road of trial and error but most of the times she has managed to put a smile on the faces of millions of people who used to watch her back in the day.

Today she is still keeping her signature smile with her, but it's not as shiny and glamouring as it used to be, her hair becoming pale and plain. It is disquieting to see that such a gorgeous actress has begun to be affected by age in such a way that she looks like a whole different person, but her personality is something she will always keep with her throughout the rest of eternity.

13 Kate Moss

The lovely Kate Moss had quite the blessing when it came to her impressive looks, the prestigious supermodel has participated in various events throughout her life, from being a Calvin Klein beauty icon to founder and fashion editor, she has done it all. Recent events in her life have started changing everything, making the 43-year-old model look older than ever.

Unfortunately, years of heavy drinking, smoking and partying have brought her glory to an end, making her almost unrecognizable from her teen years when she was looking so shockingly beautiful, but these traces of beauty are starting to rapidly disappear and there's no one to blame but her many different addictions which she is slowly starting to regret.

12 Barbara Hershey


The gorgeous actress Barbara Hershey is slowly starting to age, after 50 years of profession, it is slowly coming to an end since she isn't who she used to be anymore. The 68-year-old actress has taken a break from the TV screens for good, but that doesn't mean she didn't have a good shot while at it. She has won the "Golden Globe Award" as well as an "Emmy Award" for her role in the movie "A Killing in a Small Town", directed by Stephen Gyllenhaal.

After her breakup with Stephen Douglas in 1993, she continued into the industry of film up until today, but it won't be long until Hollywood will stop being interested in her.

11 Lauren Hutton

Gorgeous actress Lauren Hutton has changed quite a lot from her first encounter with the cameras and since then never failed to impress, being a cover girl for Vogue magazine a record 26 times as well as being offered astonishing contracts by various different beauty companies and individuals, one of which was Larry Flynt, an American publisher revolving around the production of sexually graphic videos and magazines, which has offered the actress over $1 million so that she may pose naked for the photo shoot but not before asking her 14 godchildren which she sought permission from, they accepted.

The intention was to prove that you are beautiful no matter the age, but that was not the case, as we can all see through the photoshopped beauty that surrounds us, and this case was no exception when comparing her with the live television appearance she was recently featured in, which did not shock.

10 Cindy Crawford


While Cindy Crawford is still at it, she's not what she used to be, her face structure significantly changed since and as a result, her modelling career came to an end. Most widely known due to a beauty mark on her upper lip, which acted as a unique signature which had given her the advantage throughout her modelling career.

She participated in many advertisements which have brought her fame and a good check, but her appearance is slowly fading away and she doesn't have that eye-catching figure men used to die for many years ago.

9 Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker is an actress which has also left her marks in the fashion industry, being known for her famous fashion line "Bitten", as well as being nominated for multiple various awards, some of which being the "Golden Globe Award" which she won four times, as well as two "Emmy Awards" for her outstanding comedy series.

Her first appearance was in the musical "Annie", followed up by a few other up until the day in which Darren Star, the creator of the "Sex and the City" series sent her the script in order for her to join, the reasons are obvious. The show ended on the 22nd of February 2004 and the widely critiqued actress started to age until the point where people started considering her ugly and not good enough for the Hollywood life.


8  8. Courtney Love


The incomparable Courtney Love is an American rock singer born in 1964 in San Francisco. Her extravagant beauty back in the day made thousandths fall in love, not only with her looks, but also with her astonishing voice which impressed everyone.

Her beauty proved eye-catching enough to attract the attention of the famous lead singer Kurt Cobain, from the grunge band Nirvana, with which she had a daughter named Frances Cobain, which is now aged 24. Their relationship didn't last long as 2 years later the artist was suspected to have committed suicide, most probably influenced by his heroin addiction.

Nowadays Courtney is living on with her life and going to various events which often surprise her in poses few can explain, her age starting to show from the many unsuccessful photos of the once photogenic celebrity being shared around the internet.

7 Brigitte Bardot

An example of a "best before and worst after" is Brigitte Bardot which was one of the best-known sex symbol in history due to her famous initials, "B.B", which represent beauty, the will of living, and freedom. She used to be one of the ugly girls in school no one used to look after, as stated in her memoir "Initiales B.B."

Starring in over 30 movies during her 20 years of career she had had quite the go at expressing her creative self in various different characters and individuals and has also impacted the fashion world with her innovative Bardot neckline, a style used for clothing which uncovers both shoulders and which has proved to gain significant attention in the fashion and pop culture. Bardot is now an animal rights activist and currently lives with her husband, Bernard d'Ormale.

6 Jean Shrimpton


The English model and actress, Jean Shrimpton, born on the 6th of November 1942, is widely known as one of the world's first supermodel, appearing on various magazine covers such as Glamour, Elle, and Vogue.

She has contributed to the launch of the miniskirt through her unethical appearance in Melbourne, which has shocked many. This has earned her the attention and money she was promised by the company which wanted her to promote the new dress, which was "sculpted" by none other but Shrimpton's meticulous dressmaker which has perfected her iconic white shift dress, which was 10 cm above her knees, not because of the design, but due to a minor misunderstanding in the amount of fabric required for the dress to be completed, resulting in an audacious move as this was considered a very daring measurement at the time and it therefore raised a lot of eyebrows towards the now controversial celebrity.

Nowadays Shrimpton still lives in England along with her husband Michael Cox, with which she had a son named Thaddeus Cox, now aged 38, and while she still manages to look lively, she is simply not what she used to be anymore.

5 Farrah Fawcett (Now Dead)

Farah Fawcett has managed to become one of the most successful pin-up poster model in the world due to her iconic red swimsuit photo which has been sold a world record 20 million copies, this has also influenced her to be on TV Guide's "50 Greatest TV stars of All-Time" ranking 26th.

She has also been on the television series Charlie's Angels from which she has gained a lot of popularity and which helped with her future projects. Her signature hairstyle inspired thousands copy her as it could be easily done without a mirror and it looked good on almost anyone. Years later and the charm started wearing out, Farrah radically changing in appearance and making everyone wonder what happened to her.

4 Britney Spears


The singer we've all loved at some point, Britney Spears, has started to age too - and it's going downhill, fast. Her skin isn't as soft as it used to be and her eyebrows are starting to fade away, her hair isn't as healthy as it used to be and neither are her eyes as shiny, while years of stress have erased that lovely smile off her face.

Her fame managed to bring her name on the "Hollywood Walk of Fame" and this impressive achievement is something to be truly proud of. The talented 35-year-old lives alone and her career isn't as bright as it used to be but there is always hope for her to come up with an unprecedented new single which will shock everyone and bring her name back into the charts of MTV and many others music critiques.

3 Helena Christensen

The gorgeous Danish fashion model, Helena Christensen, has changed quite a lot since her early years and has shocked many through her hypnotizing beauty. Like many on this list, she's a former Victoria's Secret Angel which has been through quite the change. After years of shining into the bright lights of the cameras, time has slowly started taking over and her skin is not as young as it used to be.

As much as she tries to hide it, wrinkles are starting to show and her beauty is slowly fading away, we can almost read the numerous years of stress from just her face, especially during her time as a creative director for Nylon magazine which proved to be a very overwhelming job as well as her continuous support towards breast cancer organizations and charities through various donations and awareness spreading through social media and many different other forms.

2  2. Apasra Hongsakula


Someone who truly stands out is the 1965 Miss Universe, Apasra Hongsakula which is the first Thai to win the Miss Universe crown, shocking the judges with her uncanny beauty which stood out of the crowd and made her earn her title, but this is not the case anymore.

Her beauty slowly declined up until today, and so did her fame. While she still manages to look good, it's nothing compared to her good years as everything has changed except her smile, which she managed to keep intact, but nothing more. The change is so significant some may not even believe these two different images are the same, they are indeed.

1  1. Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman)

One of the most well-known actresses in the 90s has to be Lynda Carter, which played in various different roles, one of which being the famous Wonder Woman. She has, as well, done voice-overs for the famous game franchise "The Elder Scrolls" which is a greatly acclaimed game series currently standing strong as it's still enjoyed by millions around the world. Another interesting fact you might want to know is that her husband, Robert Altman is the CEO of ZeniMax Media, Bethesda's parent company, which says a lot about Lynda's relationship with the game.

Her prestigious beauty has gone, and there's nothing left but traces of the once true Wonder Woman which are hidden under a glowing makeup to hide her aging wrinkles, her perfect Hollywood silhouette is now gone and so are her days of triumph, but she should be praised for making our childhood awesome with such a blockbuster movie almost everyone enjoyed watching.

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