15 Hotties From Supernatural All Men Fantasize About

Here is a list of the hottest Supernatural characters. If you're not yet a fan of the show, you may find your way to it. If already a fan, well then reading this article is likely a simple effort to ensure that one's favourite demonic, angelic, and mortal babes are present.

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Whether or not one likes the content of the show, there is certainly eye candy for all, and typically action-packed eye candy at that. Watching the infamous Bela Talbot (Lauren Cohan from The Walking Dead) wield a gun, in a ravishing dress, topped off with that arrogant British smile... fantastic. Watching either Ruby or Meg (no matter the actors playing them) take on the Winchesters (figuratively as well as literally), is a wonder to behold. There are not enough shows out there that show off the physical prowess of women... at least not enough out there that show off any sort of prowess other than sexual. At the very least, Supernatural gives the viewer a healthy dose of both sexuality, and ass-kickery.

15 Ruby #2


The second mainline vessel that Ruby takes in the show (as she is a demon after all), Genevieve Padalecki is certainly a looker... though one might think that Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) perhaps picked the wrong Ruby to marry. That's right, Genevieve, as her name might suggest, is married to one of the stars of the show. It does make sense. She is the version of Ruby that teaches Sam the most about his powers. She's also the version that jumps in the sack with him to earn his trust so that she might manipulate him to break the final seal and release Lucifer... in so doing, she gets herself killed, but she at least succeeds in her plan. So perhaps Jared should be careful, just in case Genevieve has some dark, devious, and hidden agenda. It's got to be a thought in many a man's mind as to whether or not Jared and Genevieve role play Supernatural at home. Unless she's more of a demon in the sack than Ruby might be, it may as well be worth a show. Imagine what a demon would be like...

14 Meg #2


Unlike Ruby #2, Meg #2 is certainly the more attractive of the Meg vessels. Oh goodness yes. Rachel Miner is an absolutely gorgeous woman with a sweetly sexy voice. With just a twinge of something special to the ends of her 's' sounds... there's just something about the way she speaks that is absolutely satisfying. Never mind that incredibly smokin' side-smirk she's got going on in the above picture. And if any reader here is into S&M, well she might be your girl (at least the character). There's a terrifyingly tantalizing scene with Meg strapped to a torture table, completely naked save for the straps strategically covering her breasts and... upper thighs. Oh dear. In addition to the wonderfully whimsical quality of her attractiveness, her acting ability... not just her voice, but the way she uses it; her delivery is spot on. Meg #1 seems to be a much more abrasive and out there, but Meg #2 has a relish of taking her time, and feeling the power that clearly exudes from simply her presence. A must have on this list.

13 Pamela


This feisty seer (what an ironic title to give this character) is indeed one of the Supernatural hotties. Taking to Sam Winchester at first glance, it's clear that she's got a thing for muscles, and puppy dog eyes. In spite of that though, it's clear that she plays no games, and is simply interested in going directly for what she wants. What a marvellous quality in a woman. Now why is calling Pamela a 'seer' an ironic thing for this character? Well, for those readers who are not well-versed in the show, in an attempt to contact some unknown spirit by the name of Castiel, Pamela summons forth an angel (who warns her to turn back and look away). However, thinking she knew better, she summoned the angel in its true form, burning the eyes from her skull. Her senses are still amazing after her recovery, including her sense of humour, but one can... see... the main issue here. That being said, wearing sunglasses in later episodes does not attract from the sweet sight she gives viewers

12 Meg #1


Nicki Aycox plays the first vessel that Meg takes... in actuality, Meg is the name of the first vessel, but loving it so much, the demon that took the once sweet and innocent girl's body, also took her name for future vessels (like the overwhelmingly hot one already discussed). That being said, Aycox does bring a quirky quality to the character... well she was the first to embody the character, so really it's Miner who changed it for the better. That being said though, Aycox has her moments. Even just looking at her while wielding that colt cannon above... regardless of the Bruce Lee hair and jacket. She's got some wonderfully playful eyes that have incredible intensity, and joviality at the same time. She plays a walking contradiction very well. The human character of Meg (whom viewers see in the show briefly) was a sweet girl who had longer hair, and dressed more conservatively...there seems almost to be an element of the human behind the demon with Aycox's version of Meg.

11 Lisa


Well the above photo is not from the show, but Cindy Sampson deserves to have a photo here that really shows her sexy side. Her character (Lisa) is such, at the beginning, that there's no understanding of the supernatural forces with which the world is faced. But after her debut episode, oh she knows all too well. In spite of the frightening revelation, she stays strong, and though Lisa has a previously conflicted relationship with Dean, they do eventually have a go at making things work. A single mother, and a personally powerful character, Lisa has more than just her physical features to bear fruit in the attraction department. Her ability to, without truly understanding the scope of what's after, take a stand and survive, is very appealing. Knowing that she can handle herself in abnormal situations, even though she would obviously prefer to live a "normal" life. And then of course, in spite of that, the brief mention of the fling that she and Dean had... really seems to give her some points in the sexual prowess department. Certainly not a bad combination of elements with this character.

10 Tessa


One might not expect Tessa to find her way to this list for any other reason than her looks which are, as one can see above, quite sweet and demure. The fact that the character of Tessa is a reaper might perhaps put some people off from accepting any hint of attraction to her, but there is plenty of warrant for wanting her— not her true form though... oh no. But considering that she cares enough to come to someone on the brink of death, as an attractive character to garner trust and deliver truth... there certainly is something captivating about her manner. She seems to sympathize, and empathize (though there is no real way she can do the latter). Perhaps it's all for show; a way to manipulate others into accepting the inevitable and taking the journey with her to the other side, but hey, that just means she's good at her job. And Lindsey McKeon does a great job, both at making the writing work in the show (in spite of later season screw ups), and looking good while she does it.

9 Ruby #1


Oh yes, the first and superior Ruby. The quality of this character was not necessarily improved on with vessel number two (unlike the case of the better and more beauteous Meg #2). Even just the attitude of Ruby #1, as played by Katie Cassidy, is phenomenal! Her quick, dry wit, in the face of almost all terrors (no surprise since she came from Hell) is absolutely priceless, and pretty damn attractive. Who doesn't like a good looking girl with a sense of humour? And it is even more than simply the fact that she looks smoking hot and is hilarious. She has a gravitas that one might expect more from vessel number two (which is actually somewhat absent there), as though she was given the complete story arc when she started the gig. Knowing that she was only playing the first half of the role, Cassidy clearly played it like she was going all the way. Unfortunately for Sam (more unfortunate for Jared Padalecki) he opted to sleep with the Ruby replacement. It seems clear to this author that Katie Cassidy, in looks, attitude, acting skill, and action skill, is indeed the more ravishing Ruby.

8 Lilith


Yes, Lilith does prefer to appear as a little girl, but first off: minds out of the gutter, and secondly, she thankfully has an appealing adult vessel that she climbs into. The playfulness of the character of Lilith is such that it makes perfect sense to inhabit a little girl, but seeing that attitude play out in a legally lascivious adult is lovable. Now Katherine Boecher, while not on screen for very long as the character, has got some scintillating scenes to be sure. Yeah, one has to look at Sam's sad puppy dog eyes a little too much in those scenes, but looking into her beautiful blues somehow makes up for it. Watching her seduce Sam, and then subsequently get pinned to an altar by his demon powers before she finally bites it... makes one bite one's own lip in anticipation of what could be, but unfortunately never was. There's something about seeing a seemingly innocent woman, adorned in white, pinned to an altar in a church... and while a sort of "virgin sacrifice" is present, it's clear that Lilith is far from, and the look on her face is more than enough to prove that. Boecher knows how to work a childishly playful demon wonderfully.

7 Jo Harvelle


Oh perhaps everyone's favourite almost love interest in the whole of the Supernatural series. Yeah, Sam's werewolf was pretty hot... but was a werewolf, so she gets the can, unfortunate as it is. But Jo, the young (almost too young) upstart, would-be demon hunter with a cross to bear (pun intended), and a chip on her shoulder is certainly an important addition to this list. From the very first, it's clear that she is no stranger to danger, and is quite capable of taking care of herself (at least when it comes to humans). She does become a hunter in her own right, but finds herself in enough trouble to wonder whether or not that was a truly good idea. Sadly, Jo finds her end way too soon for any viewer's liking. Her attitude, her general savvy, and her incredible looks (thanks greatly to the astounding Alona Tal), make her a total package for this show. With a magnificent mix bag of action sequences, tortured love closeups, and wonderfully witty banter, Tal gives such great breath of life to Jo that there was surely weeping over her expected, but all too soon death.

6 Jessica


Adrianne Palicki plays the smoking hot (horrible pun intended) girlfriend of one Sam Winchester. Appearing several times throughout the series, the character of Jessica is more of a haunting figure than anything: torturing Sam's mind for the better part of the first few seasons. In the very first episode, Jessica finds her way to the other side by way of good ol' "yellow eyes", and his demonic fire show (hence the horrible pun at the outset). Wracked with guilt over the whole ordeal, viewers get a glimpse at Jessica often by way of Sam's nightmares. Unfortunately most of them do involve her being engulfed in flames. That being said, there are episodes where she, as a wholly intact, normal human being, makes her way to putting a smile on Sam's face. One of the most notable being the djinn episode where Dean is plunged into an overwhelmingly life-like delusion by a creature that is slowly feeding off him. In this delusion Dean has a pretty damn hot wife, and Sam and Jessica become engaged. It's great to see Sam smiling without the weight of the world, but it's far more exciting to see Jessica in a light that has nothing to do with fire.

5 Bela Talbot


Certainly the hottest vigilante on the show, and perhaps even a hotter anti-hero over Jo's heroism. Bela Talbot, played by the incredibly well known Lauren Cohan, is a wonderful, backstabbing, well-meaning, self-interested, and smoking hot character. A huge improvement to the character that Cohan plays on The Walking Dead. Able to show off her actual voice (beautifully British as it is), and play to her overwhelmingly sexy strengths, Lauren Cohan, hands down, landed one of the greatest roles in the entirety of the series. And that's saying quite a lot, especially considering that Bela only features in a select number of episodes, tragically yet justifiably dying off in season three, and the show still running today; now a couple years beyond its tenth season. So given such little amount of screen time, it is a wonder that Cohan has been able to capture the minds, hearts... and something a bit lower, of the male viewers of Supernatural. The posh, stiff-upper lip British air, coupled with her blunt-force-traumatic wit makes Bela Talbot a force to be reckoned with, and perhaps the fan favourite as the hottest Supernatural character.

4 Becky Rosen


Alright, so maybe fans would not expect to see Becky Rosen on this list, but there are some damned good reasons why she should be. Yes, typically she's got an annoyingly dumb smile on her face, and sure, her personality doesn't typically better the situation, but still... there's something about her. She's got beautiful blues, a slightly-more-striking-than-the-girl-next-door look to her, and a smile that, while sort of silly, does warm the heart. Oh dear, sure, her astonishing fan frenzy over the "fictional" book series surrounding Sam and Dean is a little bit over the top, but make no mistake, there are not many men who wouldn't want the intense devotion that Becky shows to Sam. A woman so devilishly devoted, and hilariously happy... yes, it is safe to say that Becky Rosen makes the list with a few good qualities, and perhaps without being the least of the entries herein. Actor Emily Perkins plays this sweet, and not so subtly sexual nerd in a way that is both appealing and appalling. And really... in what way is that not true to life in near every relationship, on either side?

3 Ava Wilson


Ok, so this photo is not directly from the show, but Ava Wilson is absolutely a character of whom one must needs see the stunning quality of her eyes, and the incredible cut of her effeminate jib. Realistically this is just going on about the beauty of Katharine Isabelle, who is one hell of a cool chick from Vancouver, Canada. The character of Ava Wilson, however, is not so clearly as cool, but more fearful and subsequently ferocious. It is indeed sad to see the sweet character she was, as well as the sinister character she becomes, but there are, besides her looks, attractive qualities to both sides of this coin. The doe-eyed, innocent, and bewildered Ava Wilson is whom viewers first meet, and she is so seemingly pure it's almost painful. But her ability to stand, maybe not strong, but well enough to survive, is admirable and at times adorable. The dime-turning, vivacious villain that Ava becomes is so wonderfully perceptive and fun that while one's heart may be broken from her betrayal, it is abruptly jumping to her clutches, fantasizing for some fun.

2 Anna


Anna, this most angelic of listed characters here, is at first a seemingly mindless prophet who can hear the words of the angels. When it is discovered why she is hunted by the good guys, one finds that she is a fallen angel who turned her back on God and his host. She is truly a hero, even in spite of her ultimate betrayal (which is much more heartbreaking than that of Ava Wilson). Having a final fling with Dean when it seems like she should be spending her last night on Earth, she finds her grace, becomes an angel again, and is temporarily a teammate with the good guys. In spite of all that transpires with this character, her somewhat... different quality creates an attraction that is based on those obvious things like pure, pale skin, ravishingly red hard, and the sweetly slim cut of her body... but also on something more ethereal. Perhaps it is just that she plays an angel, but this author feels there is more to her than looks and angelic aura that bring Anna to the forefront in this list. Julie McNiven is indeed a gifted actor, in many more ways than one.

1 Mary Winchester


Perhaps unexpected on the list of possibilities for this article, but Mary Winchester (circa the 70s) is not only a fox, but one that is damned dangerous depending on one's intentions. Discovering that the reason "yellow eyes" came to the Winchesters' home in the first place, Sam and Dean find that their mother Mary (how very biblical) was indeed, along with her family, a "hunter". Even Dean can't escape the attraction he has for her (however sickening that may be to people). But thankfully, viewers can take in the bountiful beauty of Mary Winchester without enmity. Played by Amy Gumenick, the young version of Mary does come across much like the upstart little scamp that is Jo Harvelle. Both of them young, enthusiastic, gorgeous, vicious, vivacious, and keen to get on (on what they get is left to the fans to decide). One would be remiss to miss the wonderful key character of Mary Winchester in a scorching list like this.

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