15 Hottest Women To Appear On Bachelors In Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise is a show hosted by Chris Harrison. The show builds on successes of other reality television shows as it's a spin-off of two other fan favorites: The Bachelor and The Bachelorette

Bachelor in Paradise is a show hosted by Chris Harrison. The show builds on successes of other reality television shows as it's a spin-off of two other fan favorites: The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Currently heading into its fourth season, the show looks as if there is no stopping it. The elimination-style competition has done a good job capturing the hearts and minds of its fans due to the known entities involved in the making of the show. Unlike The Bachelor and The Bachelorette which generally (and they do break the rules here and there on this one) have new cast members climb aboard each and every season. But once in a blue moon when a cast member isn't chosen to be one of the finalists, the producers have taken a fan favorite and resubmitted them in as the actual facilitator of the show, the man or woman who gets their "pick-of-the-litter."

This is where the Bachelor in Paradise concept comes into play.  The series allows for producers to hand-pick the fan favorites from the previous seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and plant them into Paradise. Bringing back former contestants who both caused a great deal of drama and controversy and others who warmed the hearts of fans gives the reality television program exactly what it wants- a built-in audience frothing at the mouth to see more from these "characters." The show has effectively cast ridiculously beautiful people from both sexes. This particular article is all about the ladies and the beautiful creatures who have made their way onto the show. These are the 15 hottest women to appear on Bachelor in Paradise.

15 Lacy Faddoul


There is no need to explain the reasoning why Lacy has made it on this list. Clearly one of the top hotties to grace the small screen on The Bachelor in Paradise, Lacy stands out for her unquestionably amazing body. Her large breasts combined with her firm abs and small waist make her an absolute knockout. Lacy Faddoul and Marcus Grodd tied the knot in 2015 during an episode of Bachelor in Paradise. What could go wrong when you get married on reality TV? Clearly, a lot. They met in 2014 and saw a much better future than the one they ended up with. According to Grodd, Lacy did a 180 degree turn over her relationship and life goals and he referred to her as "controlling." More likely than not, Grodd got caught in the middle of reality celebrity "egoitis." The mental disease is only curable once a reality star's 15 minutes are up and they are humbled by the fact that they don't have the talent to match up with the attention. But Lacy is extremely hot though!

14 Jackie Parr


Brunette beauty Jackie Parr appeared in the first season of Bachelor in Paradise. Parr certainly has a body for sin. She also enjoys hanging down in the Sunshine State of Florida while she works as a stylist. Parr also does a heck of a job wearing a super-tiny little bikini and it fits her just right. Jackie Parr also appeared in the 15th season of the The Bachelor. Parr was born in Boynton Beach, Florida and loves to showcase her stellar figure on the sandy beaches. It's no wonder Jackie Parr was in contention on both shows and the producers barely flinched at the idea of bringing her back a second time around for Paradise. Although, while on Paradise, she did break a heart when the show's host laid down the law and told the cast that unless they expected their love to last stateside for a long time, cut bait now. And that's exactly what Parr did. Love may have not come by way of reality TV for Parr, but we are fairly certain she can get it when she wants.

13 Carly Waddell


Carly Waddell appeared in season three of Bachelor in Paradise. The amazing looking blonde is just as fine today as she was when she appeared on the show. She was one of three lucky couples to leave paradise engaged. Now most of these romances are expected to flame out and disappear quicker than you can say "quality writing on reality TV." So it's no surprise that the two other couples who were engaged from season three have already hit splitsville. What's more intriguing is Carly Waddell's romance has continued on. She and her cohort Evan Bass are seemingly going strong. They live together in Nashville, Tennessee. They have both posted pictures on social media confirming their love and she has already grown into the role of step-mother with Bass's three sons. Waddell is beautiful and we certainly wish the pair luck where so many others have failed.

12 Jade Roper


The world of reality television goes round and round. Jade appeared on the second season of Paradise. She fell for Tanner Tolbert on the show and the two got married. At some point, you would figure that people would get the hint. When it comes to love and reality television, the two don't mix. Apparently after the couple fell for one another on one show, shortly later they opted to shift their love onto another show, Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. That's right, the series now features reality "stars" and we use that word loosely. Jade Roper is a beautiful brunette who has stunning looks, but her new beau describes a completely differed woman at home. On the show, Tanner Tolbert describes her as a "lethargic slob." Ouch, whether she is as terrible as Tolbert says or not, we certainly dig her looks.

11 Elise Mosca


Elise Mosca is one of the hottest first grade teachers around. The Pennsylvania native started on the reality television circuit with an appearance on the Bachelor. After getting whisked away on that show, things for Mosca didn't work out so she went back to the drawing board for another reality appearance on Paradise. There, a crazy thing happened when Mosca fell for another cast mate, Chris Bukowski. However, Bukowski injured his knee and had to go home. With a budding romance in front of her, Mosca couldn't resist and abruptly left the show with him. She took a flight to Chicago and the two continued their budding love affair. However, after two months, Bukowski ended it so no fairy tale romance here. However, Mosca is still left with the conciliatory prize of being pretty damn hot!

10 Clare Crawley


Clare Crawley was the 2014 runner-up of the show. She was beautiful, sexy, and easy. Juan Pablo turned Clare down in the season finale and she went nutty on him. She tore him a new one- the cameras catching every moment of the verbal barrage. Crawley is a native of Sacramento, California. She has an 8-year-old son. She went to the season 19 premiere party of The Bachelor and got intensely wasted ahead of time. She was walking the red carpet with her friends Michelle Money and Tenley Molzahn. That's when Crawley felt ill by experiencing hot flashes, severe cramping, and unbearable nausea. The combination of all these issues led to a call by paramedics who had to act fast and administer IV's to the reality princess who was suffering from alcohol poisoning and dehydration. Crawley chalked it all up to not eating enough and never really drinking. But the reality is, Crawley got wasted and nearly collapsed on the red carpet. Stay classy, Sacramento!

9 Ashley Iaconetti


Welcome to Ashley Iaconetti! She is a beautiful and outspoken woman who appeared on Paradise. Like numerous others that have been featured on the scandalous show about hooking up and finding your future mate on reality TV, Iaconetti has also made the rounds on other shows. But we will stick here to begin. It is not a mystery to many of us that the shows are "questionable" in nature by virtue of creative editing and retakes (that's right folks, the testimonials are often written by the shows producers or they feed lines to the reality stars). This is a fundamental unspoken truth of reality TV; however, Iaconetti went public with ABC's creative editing of the hit show and called everyone out. Iaconetti also claimed that numerous contestants stated that they would agree to get engaged and then would just break it off three months later. Well, we can call Ashley Iaconetti the BIP's whistleblower! Aside from the drama, which she is good at creating, this brunette is also very beautiful.

8 Jubilee Sharpe


Sometimes you get the best things in small packages. Check out Jubilee Sharpe's tiny jean shorts! Now that's the way to wear cut-offs! Jubilee first appeared on season 20 of the Bachelor. Sharpe was known for her honesty and wasn't going to just hang around to get used like the other women. Sharpe moved on to Paradise to try her luck on the spin-off show. Sharpe didn't manage to find love on Paradise, at least not lasting love, but she did incredibly hook up with Carl King, a firefighter and Bachelorette alum who fell short on that show. These two beautiful, loveable losers found each other and now are an item! It's quite an interesting twist for this sexy reality star looking for love. We certainly hope Sharpe finds what she is looking for and we will certainly enjoy to continue looking at her!

7 Lucy Aragon


When you look at Lucy Aragon you literally can see a future with her. She isn't a busty blonde who is trying to flaunt herself constantly. She is a beautiful, brown-haired and brown-eyed beauty who looks almost like the ideal "Winnie Cooper." Her sweet smile draws you in but Aragon definitely has a body for sin; she is just beautiful from top to bottom. She is best known on the show for being a bit of a "hippie chick." She loves to be naked (winning!) and enjoys flowers and just plain silliness. It is her awesome sense of humor that has this beauty soaring in our eyes. She is a free spirit and sometimes a bit too free (yeah, that whole naked thing again- like walking her dog down Santa Monica Blvd kind of naked). She also likes to sky dive naked and is good friends with Kate Upton (Winning again!!!). Aragon is intelligent and fun and seems like a kick to be around.

6 Leah Block


Leah Block was born in Denver, Colorado. In 2016, she competed for the affection of Ben Higgins from the Bachelor. Prior to her appearance on the show, Block was an event planner in Aurora, Colorado. In addition to her time in reality TV, she also enjoys cooking healthy food, something that most certainly comes in handy for both event planning and staying sexy. Block, who clearly has a dedicated fit body, shares her cooking secrets on her food blog called Tasty Gainz. The site is dedicated to creating healthy treat recipes, something one should be able to tell from the way she looks. When Block appeared on Paradise, she shocked everyone with her giant lips. The lip injections were the talk of the show early on, and a topic that never really went away. Either way, this blonde is beautiful and we don't think she needs any more work done. She is totally fine just as she is.

5 Ferguson Twins

via Realitytvworld

Using the blueprint that Playboy established a long, long time ago (namely, why settle for one hot chick when you can have twins or even triplets), the Bachelor series thought, "why not, let's throw on a pair of hot twins and watch the waves ripple!" And ripple they did, my friends. The Ferguson Twins are not only beautiful but the gimmick also worked well for the show and their careers. Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, Haley and Emily Ferguson first appeared when they competed on the 20th season of the Bachelor. Haley was a cocktail waitress prior to making her run on reality TV. Emily also worked as a cocktail waitress but has branched out, creating the health and fashion blog Blondesense702. She also has a YouTube channel with the same name. She might not have the most followers on YouTube but hey, at least she's trying!

4 Michelle Money


Michelle Money is an actress who was interested in all the exposure she could get, so she arrived at both the Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise with goals of big exposure. The appearances helped her exposure but Money's real focus now is supposedly her young daughter. She was a single mom when she appeared on the shows and is proud of it. Michelle has described her ideal man as funny, confident, and easy-going. Unfortunately for her, more than one blog has quoted other contestants who have referred to her as a "gold digger." It's kind of hard to differentiate that from one reality show contestant to the next reality show contestant, as they all seem to have the same goal in mind, but it's not something anyone ever wants to be labeled as. Money has been accused of having an affair with married basketball star Carlos Boozer. She has a bit of a track record and she also has the goods to carry it out. We applaud her looks but cringe at her true intentions in life.

3 Samantha Steffen


Samantha Steffen was the girl that the other girls on the show loved to hate. Steffen was known as a gorgeous beauty. She was set up specifically to be the villain on the show and the creative editing by the directing and producing staff displayed Steffen in a negative light at times. The brunette beauty displays striking blue eyes that easily cast a spell over the many male suitors who seems to fall at her feet. Many of the other contestants also seemed to gawk at Steffen's natural beauty. She doesn't see herself that way but she does admit that she hits the gym four or five times a week. She maintains her body by dedicating herself to fitness. Steffen has seemed to benefit from her role on the show and has treated it as a career opportunity more than a love expedition. Perhaps that's fitting for a "character" who was portrayed in such a negative light.

2 Jillian Anderson


Jillian Anderson had initially appeared on the Bachelor season 19. And no, we are not talking about the former actress from The X-Files, although that Hollywood star is plenty hot in her own right. This beauty is impressive and being on Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise aren't her only appearances on television. She also is a news producer for Fox News Channel's DC Bureau. In addition to her day job, Anderson is also a Washington Redskins' cheerleader. Her hometown is Washington, DC and the beautiful Anderson certainly makes her hometown proud. Anderson isn't any old run-of-the-mill beauty either. With an extremely fit physique and a gorgeous smile and face, Anderson is no slouch, having graduated from Youngstown State University. One thing is for certain, Jillian Anderson is a real hottie no matter what she's doing!

1 Daniella McBride


Blonde and beautiful, Daniella McBride is a San Francisco native who we would certainly love to see with flowers in her hair. She is listed as an actress and model. McBride attended Carlmont High School in Belmont, California. After high school, she got a bachelor's degree in communications from Long Beach State University. The beauty was well on her way to getting into the entertainment industry; she was making appearances on various shows and eventually found her way into the Bachelor duet of shows. McBride is also a dedicated workou girl and enjoys traveling. She has been living in Los Angeles since her appearances on the shows. McBride is one hot beauty and although she didn't find love on reality TV, we get the feeling she won't have much trouble finding it in the real world any old time she wants.

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15 Hottest Women To Appear On Bachelors In Paradise