15 Hottest Women Peter Parker Hooked Up With

Just when you thought Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, was just a nerdy fanboy who has no game, apparently, he is a ladies' man. He may appear like a bookish dork in comics but he has a certain charisma that allows him to get some of the hottest ladies in the Marvel universe. He hooked up with blondes, brunettes, and redheads. Almost any type of lady finds Spidey inescapable.

Hence, we took the liberty to tweak his song to fit him better. "Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Does whatever a spider can. Spins a web, any size, Catches *chicks* just like flies."

Since the latest installment (and a new iteration) of the Spider-Man movie just came out, let's pay homage to the web-slinger by revealing stories about some of the ladies who captured his heart attention.


15 Mary Jane Watson

Literally, the girl next door, Mary Jane Watson or MJ is probably the most popular hottie that Peter Parker hooked up with. Although Peter had the feels for Gwen Stacy, he wasn't able to escape the charms of MJ. They flirted back and forth, and when Gwen dies, MJ took care of Peter. She ended up falling in love with Peter (and Spider-Man, later on). They enter into a relationship and Peter revealed to her that he was Spider-Man. MJ kind of knew about it for quite some time and told Peter about that.

Peter proposed to MJ countless times. Eventually, she agrees and they get married. However, since the Marvel universe has various continuities, there might be storylines where things change between them.

14 Elizabeth Allan


Elizabeth Allan or Liz, was Peter Parker's high school crush, and apparently, for him, she was the girl who got away. She used to date jock Flash Thompson in high school. Eventually, Peter had a shot with her when she agreed to be his date for prom. However, Peter missed the date because he had to put his responsibilities as Spider-Man first.

In the Spider-Man: Homecoming movie, Peter had to miss the prom to catch Liz's father, The Vulture. He was the bad guy who hijacks and steals weapons that he can resell. Spider-Man had to stop The Vulture from hijacking Tony Stark's plane, which was filled with high-grade weapons because Tony was transferring them to the Avengers Headquarters. Liz's father was imprisoned, and Liz and her mom had to move away because her dad didn't want them to see him in a trial.

13 Felicia Hardy/Black Cat

Felicia Hardy is also a student of Empire State University. Her father was a little tough on her, always telling her never to settle for second best. She was told to always be on top and to not just stand on the sidelines. For instance, if she was into sports, she was told to train to be the best player and not just become a cheerleader.

Felicia was also from Empire State University. During her first year in college, she almost got r*ped by a drunken guy. Good thing someone saved her. However, this was the reason why she began training hard in martial arts and acrobatics, so she could find and kill her r*pist.

The first time she wore her Black Cat costume to help her father escape from prison, she came across Spider-Man. With that meeting, she felt that he was one guy she could fully trust so she instantly fell for him.

When Peter and MJ broke up, she and Spidey dated for a while. However, he (later on), realized how much he loves MJ so he broke it off with Felicia. Still, the two flirt every now and then.

12 Betty Brant


A high school dropout who became a secretary at The Daily Bugle, Betty Brant was Peter Parker's first pseudo-girlfriend. Betty appeared in the movies, however, their romance was not shown onscreen. Still, in the comics, Betty quickly develops a crush on Peter when he was applying to be a photographer for the newspaper. In turn, Peter falls for her because she was tough and she stood up against J. Jonah Jameson, the newspaper's editor. Betty began to fall for Peter when she saw how he cared so much for his Aunt May, who was sick at that time.

The two dated for a few months but Peter was almost always absent when they had to go on dates. Moreover, Betty hates Spider-Man so much, which somewhat affected their relationship. In the end, they break up and she ends up getting married to Ned Leeds, who is also an employee of the newspaper.

11 Anna Marie Raven/Rogue

Rogue first met Spidey when she had to change her looks and had to deal with its effects. She absorbed Kurt's power, which resulted in her having a tail. She didn't like it and was really depressed about it. Along the way, she ran into Spider-Man and the two spend some time catching bad guys in the city. She used her new powers, which caused a spark between the two.

There was an incident in X-Men Forever where Spider-Man and Rogue have a talk. Apparently, the web slinger has helped Rogue develop her powers and deal with them properly. We all know how difficult it is for Rogue to take control of her powers. Sometimes, she can even seriously injure or kill her loved ones if she's not careful with her powers. Due to this, there was a moment of connection between the two, which led to Rogue kissing Spider-Man.

10 Katherine Pryde


Katherine Pryde, also known as Kitty Pryde, was born a mutant. She attended the Xavier School for the Gifted under the condition that she never partakes in any of the X-Men missions.

Peter Parker was Kitty Pryde's long-time crush. When Peter broke up with MJ and Kitty broke up with Iceman, the two started seeing each other. They spent most of their dates hunting for bad guys and catching them. They became partners in love and fighting crimes. There was even a time when Kitty saved Spidey by sending an X-Plane. That incident revealed the two's romantic relationship, which resulted in the world calling them a "Hot Couple." Due to this, they had to part ways to prevent revealing Spider-Man's real identity.

After their break-up, Peter got back together with MJ while Kitty moved and began dating Kenny "Kong" McFarlane. However, Spider-Man and Kitty remain partners in crime and Kitty retained her feelings for the web-slinger.

9 Cindy Moon/Silk

Apparently, Peter Parker wasn't the only one bitten by a radioactive spider. Cindy Moon, also known as Silk, was also bitten by one at the laboratory of the General Techtronics Corporation. She could have died that day if she didn't get bitten on the ankle by the same spider that bit Peter. Hence, when the two met again after that, it was undeniable that there was an instant connection and spark between them.

Cindy's power manifested when her uncontrolled webbing caused her to web her parents. Due to this incident, she was taken away from her family.

In the tangle of events that revolve around the messy life of Silk, Spider-Man has helped out a lot. He even helped her locate her parents at one point. In return, Silk helped Spidey from getting unmasked in public by Black Cat.


8 Silver Sable


Although she has no superhuman abilities, Silver Sable is a very talented athlete. She is adept in hand-to-hand combat and is a very talented strategist. She is also an expert in guns, swords, and gymnastics. She shares the same passion with Peter Parker. However, she is also known as a bounty hunter, which is why she also had clashes with Spider-Man.

Still, there is a lot of sexual tension between her and Spider-Man. There is even a comic issue called What If, where Spider-Man got married to Black Cat. However, in that issue, Black Cat died because she was killed by the Paladin. That episode began with Spider-Man and Silver Sable looking back at their past and sharing their sorrows. Later on, they fall for each other and start a relationship.

7 Carlie Cooper


Carlie Cooper is an NYPD officer who is close friends with Lily Hollister in high school and helped Peter Parker find an apartment in the city with another police officer, Vincent Gonzales. She also helped Harry Osborn get over his alcoholism.

Carlie has almost the same power as the Green Goblin due to the same serum running in their blood.

Carlie started dating Peter after the incident at the Spider-Island. However, she was the only person that Doctor Octopus told about the real identity of Spider-Man before he died. Later on, this knowledge affected their relationship, which resulted in their break up. She had to part ways with Spider-Man because her psychic blind spot power was getting weak when she was near him. In the end, she decided to leave New York City for good to get as far away as she could from Peter.

6 Michelle Gonzales


The tensions between Michelle Gonzales and Peter Parker are some of the strongest ever in any continuity. The two have had a strong love-hate relationship. Michelle is the sister of imprisoned police officer, Vincent Gonzales, who also happened to be Peter's roommate on the "Brand New Day" continuity.

When they first met, they hated each other. Even if they didn't know each other that well, they were just annoyed by each other. However, when Vincent was arrested, Michelle had to move in with Peter and be Peter's new roommate. However, there was a time when Peter got kidnapped and was replaced by The Chameleon. He went after Michelle and wooed her. So, when the real Peter got back, there was already something between them, which weirded out Peter at the start. Unfortunately, what they had didn't last and she returned to Chicago when her brother was released from jail.

5 Sophia Sanduval


Sophia Sanduval, or Chat, is a mutant who can speak to animals. She was Peter Parker's girlfriend in Marvel Adventures continuity. She always knew about the Peter Parker/Spider-Man dual identity but she never spoke about it. Instead, at the start, before they were even together, she often helped the web slinger with his crime-fighting.

She developed deep feelings for Peter, so much that it troubled her that she had to keep a lot of secrets. She wanted to reveal to him that she knew about Spider-Man, however she was scared that he might leave her. When Peter learned about this, he left Chat for a while but also returned to continue their relationship. Peter realized that it was better this way because he could share things with his girlfriend without needing to hide anything, even his true identity.

4 Emma Frost


Emma Frost is a telepath. She's best friends with Chat Sanduval, a mutant who can speak to animals and was Peter Parker's girlfriend in Marvel Adventures continuity. Emma played a key role in discovering Spider-Man's real identity, which she shared with Chat. Emma develops a crush on Peter and she even threatened to erase Chat's memories. Uh-oh, red flag! However, it was unfair to Chat then because she wasn't aware of Emma's developing feelings for Spider-Man.

Still, even if she seems like a crazy girlfriend, she and Peter shared a kiss a few times and even dated for a while. However, she created a big mess in her life, and that's why she got arrested and spent some time in prison for her crimes. This resulted in the two parting ways.

3 Debra Whitman

Debra Whitman is also a student at Empire State University and classmate to Peter Parker. She turned out to be a secretary in the future at the biophysics department of the university. Later on, Peter eventually falls in love with her. For a few months, she and Peter dated. However, since Peter had lots of duties as Spider-Man, he was constantly missing in action. He kept missing out on dates and giving lame excuses as to why he couldn't make it. This took a toll on their relationship and they eventually broke up.

Debra was known to be mentally unstable. Later on, she developed schizophrenia possibly caused by her strong suspicions that Peter Parker was also Spider-Man. Due to this, she decided to leave the city.

2 Gwen Stacy


Of course, the first among the hottest women that Peter Parker hooked up with is his first love, Gwen Stacy. She was from Empire State University and she was almost immediately attracted to Peter's intelligence. Later on, she even got struck hard by Peter's body after he got bitten by that radioactive spider. Peter also falls hard for Gwen, and later on, they started dating for real. Even the word "wedding" got tossed around a lot between the two, which proves that they were in it for real. Unfortunately, the Green Goblin caused chaos between the two. He tossed Gwen off the Brooklyn Bridge and Spider-Man tried to save her but ended up snapping her neck.

Even years after that, Peter is still haunted about whether he could have really saved her or if he was the one who killed her.

1 Jean Dewolff

Jean Dewolff is a police detective and was the daughter of a popular New York City policeman, Philip Dewolff. She ran into Spider-Man when she was investigating some bombings in the city. She became a close ally to Spidey.

There was one bombing investigation that led her to know that the bomber was her own brother, Bryan. Her brother was dressed in costume to hide his identity and he was doing the crimes because he was under the spell of their father. Bryan turned out to be the Wraith.

When Jane first met Spider-Man, she instantly felt attracted to him. However, she didn't tell him what she felt. She tried to reveal her feelings at one point, but Spider-Man was asleep and only his living costume was manipulating him. They hooked up then but Spider-Man didn't remember a thing.

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