15 Hottest Women In The X-Men Universe

At this point, it seems like almost everyone has had a conversation at one time or another about how comic book movies have taken over our cinemas. You may be like us and fall thoroughly on the side of people that are totally ok with that as long as the adaptations are well made or you could fall in the opposite camp that says enough is enough. However you feel about this largely overpowering trend you can’t deny that a lot of talented actresses have appeared in the bevy of superhero movies that have been produced since the trend came to prominence.

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe serving as the king of the genre, there is a tendency to forget about the other comic book movie universes that have been created. There is the burgeoning DC Extended Universe that is in its opening stages but the longest lasting one is undoubtedly the X-Men franchise of films. With the first film in the series arguably starting the trend, although it owes its existence to Blade despite a lot of people having no idea it was adapted from comics, it is surprising that it doesn’t get the props it deserves. We’re not innocent in that either as we have put out several articles in the past about the MCU but not nearly enough about the X-Men Universe specifically. Deciding we needed to rectify that oversight, we took note that many beautiful women have played characters that originated in the X-Men comics and are well-known to dress in tight and revealing clothes. After coming to that realization it inspired us to put together this list of the fifteen hottest women in the X-Men Universe of films.

First off, we want to make it clear that we only considered the beauty of the actresses who played someone in the X-Men franchise. For our purposes, we were only interested in live action depictions of these characters so despite there being a lot of animated versions of these characters that were voiced by gorgeous women they do not apply. Additionally, since we are looking at the entirety of the X-Men Universe people who are set to appear in the upcoming series Legion, that is supposed to take place in it, were considered. However, nobody from the announced shows that will follow it, including Hellfire, were considered as the series hasn’t been filmed yet so there is no way to know who will actually appear in it.

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15 Lynn Collins as Kayla Silverfox

One of Team X in the comic books, Silverfox was right there alongside Wolverine and Sabretooth but in X-Men Origins: Wolverine she took on a much more passive love interest role instead. While longtime fans of the character may have disappointed by her diminished part in the story, at least they kept her mutant status intact, showing her as a powerful telepath. Brought to life by the incredibly gorgeous actress Lynn Collins, we certainly enjoyed watching her portray the character in no small part due to her looks. Still, we wish we got the chance to see her in other films as we would have enjoyed seeing her more fleshed out.

14 Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat

If you’ve only known the X-Men through the film franchise you may not realize it but in the comic books, Shadowcat is one of the most important members of this superhero team. Joining up at a very young age, for years on end she served as the reader’s point of view of the group as she was the rookie that got an up close and personal view of their heroic adventures. Highly beloved by an entire generation of readers because of it, whoever took on the role had a lot to live up to but fortunately, they were able to get an extremely talented actress like Ellen Page for the role. Only five foot one, Ellen is far shorter than the average movie star but she has one hell of a body on her.

13 Gina Carano as Angel Dust

From one character that is linked to the Weapon X program to another. This time around we’re looking at Angel Dust, a character that was one of the two main villains in the 2016 Deadpool movie that was a success with fans, critics and at the box office. Shown to be a person that was artificially mutated by the shady Canadian government program, she was granted superhuman strength, stamina and speed in short bursts and held her own with Colossus. Portrayed by real-life MMA fighter Gina Carano, she was able to come off as a real danger to the pair of heroes and Deadpool. A stunning woman in real life, we’re very pleased to see her forays into the acting world and so far this is our favorite role she has received by a long shot.

12 Anna Paquin as Rogue

Via moviesjacket.com

In the comics, Rogue is one of the most tragic members of the X-Men throughout the majority of her history. Able to make emotional connections to the people around her but incapable of ever feeling their skin on hers in order to keep them safe, her existence is an, unfortunately, lonely one. That said, there have been a number of other major characters, like Gambit and Magneto, who have risked their own well-being for a chance to have their way with her. Looking at her when brought to life by Anna Paquin makes us understand taking such an outlandish risk much more than ever before. We may not be tasked with deciding between the possibility of living the rest of our lives as a husk of our former selves and the possibility of an intimate night with her but we can always fantasize, right?

11 Rose Byrne as Moira MacTaggert

Via sciencefiction.com

One of the most intriguing characters in the X-Men comic book Universe, Moira MacTaggert is one of the only purely human characters linked to the team that isn’t out to get them. A genius of the highest order, she helps the team in a number of technical ways and over the years she has created many bonds with major team members. When it comes to the movie universe her principal relationship is with Charles Xavier who has a deep seeded crush on her throughout despite sending her away for her own safety. Portrayed by Rose Byrne, an Australian actress whose profile seems to have risen significantly since first playing the character, we’re very happy to see her career gaining momentum. After all, there are few actors who more confidently combine her graceful and elegant looks, incredible poise, acting skills and a surprising amount of comedic timing together.

10 Aubrey Plaza as Lenny Busker

Via tumblr.com

A character that very little is known about prior to the series release, if you read the Wikipedia page for this upcoming show, Legion, it has an interesting description of her. Written up to be an “impossible optimist despite a history of drug and alcohol abuse and a rough demeanor”, it certainly makes us look forward to seeing the depiction of her role. Set to interact with one of the most powerful mutants ever brought to life in a live-action X-Men adaptation, the effect her character will have on her schizophrenic friend could go in any number of directions. Embodied by Aubrey Plaza, the fact that they got someone like her, who is appearing in seemingly more and more movies by the day, makes us think that she will play a major role. A beautiful woman, her dry manner of speaking may make some people ignore just how attractive Aubrey is but we definitely do not fall into that category of people.

9 January Jones as Emma Frost

Via Pinterest.com

Anyone who is aware of Emma Frost from the comic books would have been able to tell you that she has always been one of the most sexual characters associated with the team. Instead of wearing a more typical superhero costume her garb of choice for years on end can really only be described as lingerie, especially during her villainous years. Eventually joining the X-Men, even when she became a good character who was involved in the running of a school for youngsters, her outfits remained awfully revealing even if they weren’t quite lingerie anymore. That is why it made perfect sense to cast January Jones to play her in X-Men: First Class. An alluring woman with a body that most women would kill for, she also has a face that brings to mind the Hollywood beauties of yore.

8 Halle Berry as Storm

Via shminhe.com

One of the stars of the original X-Men trilogy, Halle Berry is one of the most beautiful women who ever made a regular living as an actress in Hollywood. With a career that began in the early nineties and continues to this day, despite all of those years of work, the X-Men movies are arguably her most recognizable work. A former Academy Award winner, her career took off while making these movies and unfortunately has fallen during her tenure in the franchise too. Still, that hasn’t done anything to diminish her looks, as evidenced by Esquire Magazine naming her the sexiest woman alive in 2008 and can clearly be seen by anyone whose eyes work well. In fact, the only reason she didn’t rank better on this list is their insistence on having her wear horrible and unflattering wigs when she brings Storm to life.

7 Sophie Turner as Jean Grey

Via digitalspy.com

One of the main stars of arguably the most popular show amongst fantasy fans ever, Game of Thrones, Sophie Turner seems poised to be a huge star going forward. Cast as Jean Grey as a youngster in X-Men: Apocalypse, when the film came out it was revealed that her role was much bigger than many expected as you’d be forgiven if you thought she’d mainly operate as a student. A very pretty redhead with a slender frame and enchantingly pretty face, we totally understood when Scott Summers was instantly entranced by her as soon as he could actually look upon her. The only part we found hard to buy was that they seemed to write her as a bit of an outcast prior to that. Even if her powers understandably scared the people around her, years of teen movies have programmed us to believe that someone as good-looking as her would have people falling at her feet.

6 Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique

Via wall.alphacoders.com

One of the biggest film stars of this generation, Jennifer Lawrence has managed to balance critical acclaim and award-bait movies with blockbuster filmmaking. When it comes to the latter style of film it is though two major franchises, The Hunger Games and the X-Men movies, which is why her role as Mystique is so important to her career. A character that is regularly seen seducing her prey, when we see Jennifer Lawrence’s face and body sans the makeup that turns her blue we can completely understand why people would fall for her feminine wiles. On top of that, when she does don the blue skin the opportunity it gives us to get a view of her sexy body is simply magnificent. The combination of these two aspects of her image in these films demands that she gets a lofty spot on this list.

5 Famke Janssen as Jean Grey

Via Pinterest.com

One of two women who made our list due to their performances as Jena Grey, Famke Janssen’s version of the character just barely beats out her younger competition. While there is no question in our minds that both women would look amazing in practically any role, it is the more mature confidence that Famke brings to the role that makes her win out. Carrying herself as a fully actualized woman who has spent her life in control of her emotions, there is a feeling we get from her version of the character that she is just dying to let go. In the majority of the scenes she shares with Wolverine the flirting that she does with him hints at a passion below the surface that we just can’t get enough of.

4 Fan Bingbing as Blink

Via hollywood.com

A character that we feel like she is only in the movie for a blink of an eye, Fan Bingbing’s portrayal of the fan favorite character is one we wish we got a lot more of. Seeing her powers brought to life on the big screen, the ability to make portals people can jump through and end up somewhere else in the world, we were truly impressed with the physical manifestation of her undeniable powers. That said, we were even more drawn to looking at the woman as her unique hair and facial markings did nothing to blunt how attractive the actress is.

3 Morena Baccarin as Vanessa

Via Pinterest.com

Introducing a romantic interest for the character of Deadpool, someone who takes everything to the extreme, seems like an unenviable task in every way. Someone who is able to tame Wade Wilson on any level would have to be both beautiful and badass if they expected the audience to believe that she could earn the affections of such an outrageous person. The perfect combination of fantastic writing and an actress that brings gravitas and gorgeous looks to whatever part she plays, shortly after Morena Baccarin’s Vanessa was introduced we were infatuated, too. When there was a scene in which she was shown in the buff (aside from Ryan Reynolds' body making it so we couldn’t quite see any of her naughty bits), we were simply smitten.

2 Rebecca Romijn as Mystique

Via dailymotion.com

While there is no question that Jennifer Lawrence is the bigger movie star of the two women who’ve played an adult Mystique in the X-Men films, that has no bearing on our ranking here. Instead, we simply focused on the looks of the people involved and while Ms. Lawrence is pleasing to the eye she can’t hold a candle to former supermodel Rebecca Romijn. A blonde that is hot enough that major companies shelled over oodles of dollars just to be able to capture her image wearing their clothing, it takes a world-class beauty to get and retain a career like that. In fact, if she spent a little more time looking human in these movies there is no question she’d have taken the number one spot but as it is she falls just a little bit short.

1 Olivia Munn as Psylocke

Via comicbookmovie.com

The way Psylocke is written in X-Men: Apocalypse isn’t something that any reader of the character in the comic books will be familiar with. A member of Apocalypse’s Four Horsemen, she is mostly silent and deadly but at least we got to see her in her traditional costume that is very revealing and dazzling. That gave her a huge edge in this ranking as there is no question that we absolutely loved seeing a woman as attractive as Olivia Munn in clothing that seems that hugged every rise and fall of her impressive body. In fact, if you have any questions about what inspired us to put her in our top spot at all, we direct you to take a look at that photo of her in costume and we’re guessing any such queries will fall away.

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