15 Hottest Uniforms From Around The World

When it comes to uniforms, there has always been a certain sex appeal factor. Women have often stated that they love a man in uniform, and even the Magic Mike film series has shown just how popular ce

When it comes to uniforms, there has always been a certain sex appeal factor. Women have often stated that they love a man in uniform, and even the Magic Mike film series has shown just how popular certain uniforms can be in the male stripping world. Yet, it’s not just women that can appreciate the appeal of a super sexy uniform. Men have their fair share of sexy female uniforms to choose from, since there are a multitude of professions that go above and beyond to bump up the appeal to male audiences. This is made blatantly clear during the Olympics since the uniforms for women’s volleyball, gymnastics, and even ice skating are titillating enough to bring an abnormal amount of male viewership. Perhaps these men truly are interested in seeing these female athletes at work, but in truth, they are probably just gawking at their skimpy uniforms and hoping for a wardrobe malfunction.

While the Olympics can provide an ample amount of gawking time for male viewers, the time between the games can be filled with a myriad of other options for sexy female uniforms. Whether it’s from the comfort of your own home or a quick trip to a local show or restaurant, there always seems to be somewhere that utilizes the female form in the best way possible. Uniforms can often be thought of as a bit stiff and uncomfortable, but that doesn’t mean they all have to be. From barely-there tops to Halloween-style costumes, check out our list of the 15 sexiest uniforms from around the world and see how some professions are made instantly better with a few pieces of fabric.

15 Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill Waitress


Although a uniform consisting of a bikini top, cutoff shorts, and cowboy boots should seem like it deserves a more lucrative spot on the list, it’s difficult to grant it the utmost highest sex appeal marks it may deserve. Anyone that has been to a poolside bar or even the local swimming pool has seen a woman in a bikini before, so it’s not really as provocative as it may seem. However, it is definitely a favorite in Bikinis, Texas. Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill is a franchise sports bar in Texas, and features all of its waitresses dressed in a makeshift bikini cowboy ensemble while serving barfare and drinks to its predominantly male clientele. The first location was opened in 2006, and has since grown exponentially in popularity. Perhaps it’s the simplistic attitude of seeing the waitresses in bikini tops or perhaps it’s the overall enthusiasm of chain “breastaurants” throughout the U.S. Whatever the case, the uniform is definitely a huge draw in bringing in customers and keeping the clientele intrigued during the commercial breaks on the many flat screen televisions.

14 Twin Peaks Waitress


Coinciding with the “breastaurant” theme, Twin Peaks first opened in 2005 and has since branched out to become a highly successful chain restaurant and bar. The slogan of Twin Peaks is “Eats. Drinks. Scenic Views.” Obviously, they mean more than just the wilderness theme of this lodge-like atmosphere. The waitress uniforms aren’t as unvarying like other similar restaurants since Twin Peaks likes to change it up at times. Typically, the waitresses wear super short khaki shorts with a plaid tied shirt, but at times it has been known to vary to include just a simple black bikini top. The restaurant chain has also changed the waitress uniforms to include holiday-themed ensembles (most likely to entice customers to visit more often just to see what the waitresses might be wearing). Unlike other restaurants and sports bars that follow the scantily-clad waitress theme, Twin Peaks doesn’t have any standout menu items that have broken into mainstream popularity. However, the ever-changing and super sexy uniforms seems to keep drawing in the customers in droves nonetheless.

13 Flight Attendant


The Golden Age of commercial flights was no doubt in the 1960s since this is when air travel was at its most glamorous. This was back when flight attendants were only women, and they were known as stewardesses that ensured everyone had a light for their in-flight cigarettes and the ashtrays were always quickly emptied. This time was immortalized during the television series, Pan Am, starring Christina Ricci, but was sadly canceled before it could gain momentum in its storyline. Air travel seemed to go downhill since then, with ultra cramped planes and increased charges for things that were once free. However, things are starting to turn around for the air travel industry, with companies starting to offer more leg room and much more stylishly dressed flight attendants. It seems that they’re trying to bring back the glamour of air travel, and are starting with the appeal of the sexy flight attendant. Korea Air has redesigned their flight attendant’s uniforms, China Eastern is now offering a stylish cinched waist uniform, and Singapore Airlines brought a French haute couture designer to revamp their flight attendant’s look. The friendly skies just got a little friendlier, and the sex appeal is definitely there!

12 Professional Cheerleader

Cheerleaders are one of the highly controversial aspects of professional sports since many argue that it is demeaning to women and perpetuates negative role models for young people watching the game. In fact, many teams have done away with their team’s cheerleading squads altogether like the Chicago Bears doing away with the Chicago Honey Bears cheerleaders. Regardless of how certain individuals may feel about cheerleaders (namely, that it’s not a real sport), the sex appeal of their uniforms is undeniable. The squad with perhaps the most recognized uniform is the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Although the puffy sleeves and corny vest top isn’t exactly the pinochle of provocative apparel, the white booty shorts and plunging neckline make up for it. The ensemble is paired with a pair of cowboy boots and some great pom poms and the uniform is complete. The squad is meant to represent Texas at its finest, with women that make up the all-American girl look with a southern twist. While many people think of it as demeaning to women, to making the squad as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader is actually a highly coveted position that provides a great opportunity for young women.

11 The Rockettes

Everyone can agree that professional dancers and performers have the ultimate in sexy uniforms, whether it’s the Vegas showgirls with their burlesque costumes or the professional ballerinas wearing nothing but a leotard. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that The Rockettes have made the list for super sexy uniforms. Their yearly performance at Radio City Music Hall is something that many have turned into a family tradition outing, but it’s hard to only stay focused on the choreographed routines. With legs for days and glittering ensembles, The Rockettes have a kind of sexiness with a more wholesome twist. While the raunchy sexiness that comes from seeing a Vegas showgirl remove a few feather boas has its place, sometimes true sex appeal comes when a woman is confident and super talented. The Rockettes have a rich history mixing modern dance and ballet, and are known for their ultra high leg kicks that show off this sexy feature onstage.

10 Show-Me’s Waitress


Proving that not all of the chain restaurants hoping to capitalize on the male fascination with the female form is able to maintain popularity, Show-Me’s is a prime example of how not all “breastaurants” can turn into the next Hooters. The uniform consists of a pair of shiny black booty shorts that were skimpy enough to be considered a pair of boyshort panties and a cropped black tank top with the company name sprawled across it. The baring midriff and the scooped neckline helped to show off just the right amount of skin, and the bright company logo definitely helped to draw attention to the ample bosom of the waitresses. Yet, not everyone was onboard for this chain restaurant coming into their neck of the woods. In 2011, a Naperville location in Illinois famously closed after just 10 months after their grand opening, with many residents protesting the concept and the scantily-clad waitresses. With Naperville being consistently voted as one of the top cities to raise a family in the U.S., it might not have been the smartest decision to open a Show-Me’s based on their potential clientele.

9 Professional Dancers

Professional dancers aren’t always limited to a specific genre, which is especially true for those that participate in competitions like Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance. Many are required to come up with their own routines, implement different styles of dance, and work with those that may not be as experienced or skilled. In an effort to increase their appeal with the viewers and judges, these professional dancers often use their ensembles to help amp up their routines. From the professionals to the amateurs, there is a specific uniform that these dancers must adhere to in order to compete on the same level throughout the competition. Some of the secrets behind Dancing with the Stars have been leaked out over the years, and many of them have involved the intricate details of the behind-the-scenes costume department. From nude mesh to millions of rhinestones, these custom-made costumes are created to enhance the specific assets of its contestants. While audiences are supposed to be watching the footwork, it can be made difficult when the costumes include barely-there dresses held together with nothing but a few glittery strings and strategically placed rhinestones.

8 Ring Girl

Ring girls have a long history in combat sports, whether it’s in professional boxing, wrestling, or mixed martial arts. While you can argue that the crowd needs to be able to keep track of what round the competition is in, it seems that the round count could be displayed on any one of the many monitors at an event. It’s obvious by the uniform that the importance of the ring girl’s role is more than just holding up a giant number. She is the sexy relief in between rounds, and is meant to offer up some eye candy for a predominantly male audience. The ring girl’s uniform varies, whether it’s at a heavyweight boxing match or a UFC fight. However, they are pretty much generally the same. Oftentimes, it’s just a bathing suit style ensemble with a pair of really sexy high heels. It usually contains some sort of logo for a particular fight, organization, or promoter. While it may seem like a dead-end job with a short shelf life, many ring girls have actually made quite a career out of their short time in the spotlight. From lucrative endorsement deals to landing a millionaire husband, you might want to take an extra look the next time a ring girl comes traipsing across the screen.

7 Hooters


Hooters was the restaurant that practically birthed the idea of scantily clad waitresses serving up bar fare and drinks. Founded in 1983, the restaurant chain became hugely popular among men looking for a chance to surround themselves with beautiful girls. With a name like Hooters, you’d think the waitress uniforms would have an emphasis on the breast area, but the real draw to their ensemble is the signature orange booty shorts. Although, it’s worth noting that the plunging Hooters t-shirt isn’t exactly full coverage and the white color doesn’t do much for keeping things modest. Hooters came under fire for some of the problems arising from some of the male managers and how they were treating the girls, as well as the pressure for the waitresses to maintain their figures. There were even some men that took issue with the fact that there weren’t any opportunities for male waiters to make it into the any of the franchise locations. Yet, even with all of the controversy over this restaurant chain, they have continued to thrive in popularity. There has been more of an emphasis on the quality of their wings in recent years, and even women have been known to get a hankering for some Hooters wings now and again.

6 Tilted Kilt Waitress


The Tilted Kilt Pub and Eatery franchise has cashed in on the male’s desire to surround themselves with scantily clad waitresses while they eat and drink. This is a Celtic themed sports bar and restaurant that requires their waitresses to dress in ultra short plaid skirts, a top that is basically just a push-up bra wrapped in a bit of white fabric, and some knee high socks. Although the male waiters are also required to wear kilts, it’s difficult to fully embrace the uniform as traditional Celtic. Basically, the uniform is a sexy school girl’s costume, but the side satchel does help it to look a tad more ethnic. Every part of the uniform is carefully thought out, right down to the Mary Jane styled shoes each of the waitresses must wear. The midriff is completely exposed, so there isn’t a lot of leeway for women that aren’t very fit in the stomach area. Yet, with their breasts practically popping out of their tops, there probably isn’t a lot of focus on how well toned they are in the ab area.

5 Playboy Club Waitress

Back in Playboy’s heyday, the company opened up the ultimate boy’s club in Chicago, Illinois. Opened in 1960, the Playboy Club was more than just a lounge or restaurant, it was a place to showcase talent and even interact with real-life Playboy models. Some of the waitresses were even featured within the pages of the magazine, and the sheer experience of being at the Playboy Club was noteworthy. While there was a time when The Playboy Club became a chain franchise with differing locations popping up all over the world, the majority of the clubs have since closed. Yet, the iconic Playboy bunny waitress uniform remains in the memories of all who have seen it. Hugh Hefner was quoted by Vanity Fair when he talked about his trepidation over how to convert the fantasies provided in the Playboy magazine into a club atmosphere. Yet, he definitely seemed to have the winning formula when he came up with the Playboy Club uniform. The satiny black leotard looks reminiscent of a 1950's pinup and the bowtie collar classes it up a bit, but it’s the fluffy bunny tail that truly makes the outfit. The Playboy Club in London celebrated its 50th anniversary in July 2016, and allowed The Daily Mail to have an intimate look at the Playboy waitresses getting ready backstage. The uniforms are just as sexy, and adding a pop of color here and there let’s customers distinguish their favorite Bunny with ease.

4 Heart Attack Grill Waitress


In a society that enjoys watching shows like Man v. Food, it should come as no surprise that there are restaurants that cater towards going to the extremes when it comes to food portions. Heart Attack Grill is aptly named due to its over-the-top menu items, and has even come under fire for the sheer magnitude of the calorie count on some of their offered dishes. Yet, their Octuple Bypass Burger (8 beef patties) and Flatliner Fries (cooked in pure lard), aren’t the only factors in drawing in new visitors. The hospital theme of the restaurant requires the waitresses to dress as nurses. This coincides with another of their gimmicks, which is giving away free burgers and fries to anyone that weighs over 350 pounds. The waitress/nurse requires these customers to weigh in before they get their free food, but since they’re wearing a Halloween-style sexy nurse costume they probably don’t mind.

3 Professional Female Wrestler

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While wrestling has always been known to encompass skin-tight uniforms, whether it’s at the college level or in the Olympics, but professional wrestling has taken the outfits to a whole new level. To be fair, even the male pro wrestlers don barely-there ensembles, but the women definitely have the short end of the stick. Things have become a little bit better for female pro wrestlers in recent years, and they are finally starting to get the respect that they deserve. Shows like Total Divas and Total Bellas have put an increased focus on the women of WWE, but have also highlighted their scantily clad uniforms. It’s difficult to say which of the WWE female wrestlers have the most provocative uniform, but the Bella twins will most likely be at the top of anyone’s list. Their barely-there red ensembles brings the sex appeal to their wrestling performance.

2 Geisha House Staff


Geisha House Steak & Sushi is a Japanese restaurant in Las Vegas with a twist on the traditional sushi restaurant you might find down the street. The menu consists of traditional and contemporary Japanese cuisine, as well as American grilled meat. Some of the staff members are dressed in geisha-style ensembles (although they aren’t exactly traditional). Rather than the intricate and covered up geisha dresses, these are the sexier kind that are super short and feature a plunging neckline. However, the real draw to Geisha House is their signature “Body Sushi” offering. A naked woman is sprawled out on the table, and the sushi chef begins to cover her up with pieces of handcrafted sushi rolls. Just so customers don’t get too squeamish about eating food directly off the skin of an unknown woman, the sushi is actually placed on leaves that are strategically placed to cover the naked woman’s body parts. While this may not be technically categorized as a uniform, being dressed solely in food definitely amps up the sex appeal factor for these staff members.

1 Lingerie Football League Player

In 2009, the Lingerie Football League was founded to the chagrin of feminists everywhere. While it was admirable that a league was created to provide women with the opportunity to play American football professionally, the fact that they were made to wear lingerie was a definite step back from the right direction. The league consists of an all-female team with gameplay featuring tackle American football in a 7-on-7 format. Games are played during the spring and summer and showcase professional arenas and stadiums. In an effort to gain more viewers and fans (or just give the league a tad more credibility), it was rebranded in 2013 with the name, the Legends Football League. However, the women are still forced to wear lingerie as their football uniform. Although each team has their own colors and graphics, the uniform is pretty much the same. Booty shorts that are similar to what can be found in the Victoria’s Secret catalog and a matching bralette top is the standard uniform, and of course a few pads to make it look at least semi-professional. Yet, it’s hard to take them seriously when they’re wearing garters, ribbons, and lingerie while running around on the field.

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