15 Hottest Tiffani Thiessen Pics That Put Saved By The Bell To Shame

Kelly Kapowski has come a long way since Saved by the Bell. Of course, we’re talking about the beautiful actress Tiffani Amber Thiessen, or just plain Tiffani Thiessen, the moniker she adopted when she was trying to shed her sweetheart image. And man, did she ever shed that, simply by shedding her clothes.

After starring on the classic high school sitcom, Tiffani took her cute girl crush status and turned it into s*x goddess. While doing some research, we discovered so many hot images that we just had to make a list. These shots would make Zack Morris blush, and AC Slater’s head would explode. Tiffani doesn’t mess around. We’re talking intimate scenes, both straight and lesbian, in hot tubs. There are photoshoots with sheer tops or no tops, leaving little to the imagination. There are enough shots of Tiffani in her lingerie to fill an entire photo album.

With the recent announcement that Tiffani landed a role in a new Netflix show, Alexa & Katie, we felt we should celebrate the actress. As always, we have selected only the finest, most wonderful images. We’ve included shots from TV, films, and magazines. We’ve uncovered both the controversial and the explicit, and everything else that would have gotten her expelled from Bayside High.


15 Black Bikini

Now, this is the quintessential “hot girl in a bikini” pic. Here, we have Tiffani leaning over, with the lighting just right and the hair and makeup perfected. You can pretty much guarantee that any attractive actress in Hollywood has done this exact same pose at some point in their early career. Tiffani just nails it though, right? Her 36D’s aim is to please, and this makes nobody happier than Zack Morris. So, if you’re a fan of the show, you probably remember the beach episodes and the Zack Attack band, and even the college years and the Hawaiian adventure. But did you also realize that Zack and Kelly got married? Unreal, right? The title of the final installment with those iconic Bayside characters is Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas. Of course, there was drama because Zack’s parents did not approve, and therefore did not fund the ceremony, so the gang decides to drive to Vegas and get married at the Stardust casino on the cheap.

14 Fishnet And Glasses


Tiffani was going through an odd stage in this one. She looks like a nerdy fisherman or something, pairing modern spectacles with a shirt made from macrame. Her hair looks undecided as well, as if the blonde bleach was wearing out and the brown was coming in underneath. Not that we’re complaining. It’s still a hot pic and a very revealing one at that. This is another outfit that leaves little to the imagination. People often give fellow Saved by the Bell alum Jessie Spano, aka Elizabeth Berkley, a hard time for taking it all off in Showgirls, and yes, that was an extremely explicit film. But as this list proves, Kelly Kapowski was no angel either. She never went all-out and did anything that involved a 30-minute chair dance, but she did like to take her clothes off too. I mean, who doesn’t?

13 Ladies Man

One thing that we like about Tiffani is that she doesn’t take her sexuality too seriously. Tiffani has been featured on Funny Or Die, and has also appeared in a number of comedies like this one, The Lady’s Man, based off of the SNL skit of the same name, starring Tim Meadows. In this scene, Tiffani plays Honey DeLune, who invites Leon Phelps over to her house. Getting the ball rolling right off the bat, Honey answers the front door in black lingerie. Leon gives her plastic flowers and a box of wine, and then they go inside to get more comfortable. Honey serves Leon a glass of his favorite cognac, but before he can take one sip, she undresses him. She removes his leopard print thong and gives it a sniff. Then, she gets on her knees, and Leon exclaims “Hey, Macarena!” as she tends to his most famous asset. While they are in the act, Honey’s husband, Will Ferrell, comes home and interrupts.

12 Smiling On Knees


Well, this is such an interesting image, isn’t it? What in the world is this body positioning implying? Tiffani sure looks happy to be a part of this project. The shot was taken to promote the provocative FOX television series, Fastlane. We did find several images of this setting. In other pictures, Tiffani is unlatching the man’s belt. Here, again, we have a topic that Saved By The Bell never had the courage to approach. There was all that talk of how cute Kelly was, and how much Zack liked her. But what was he going to do if he did actually date her? There is cute innocent kissing, but that’s where the dialog stops. Maybe it would have been nice if there was an episode where the characters brought up the topic of s*x, especially safe s*x, during the dawn of a nationwide HIV scare. Instead, the show was about high school kids who acted like fifth graders.

11 Denim Bikini

The ‘90s was a terrible time for fashion, right? What in the world is Tiffani wearing now? Looks like a denim bra, with white cotton granny panties. Somehow, only Tiffani can manage to make this outfit work. She looks great and throws off that confidence, like she knows she looks good. Mr. Belding would not approve of this outfit. There was no dress code at Bayside, but this outfit would have caused quite a stir. Thank goodness there was no dress code, though. Just imagine if AC Slater had to wear an oxford and khakis instead of tank tops and acid wash jeans, with the elastic cuff, of course. Or if Lisa Turtle had to wear a plaid jumper instead of her neon patchwork silk blouse. Screech would have benefited from a uniform, though. His clothes were so bright and ill-fitted, a standardized look would have made him appear as far less of a dork.

10 Sweet Dreams


Here is a screenshot of Tiffani in the movie called Sweet Dreams. This is the scene where Tiffani makes love to a dude in a hot tub. You can’t see him in this shot, but he’s also in the tub seated right behind her. Like many of Tiffani’s love scenes over the years, nothing is actually seen, especially since most of her films were made for television. Either that or they were just so bad that the studio had to sell the rights to TV to try to break even. We’re not exactly sure how that works, but we are sure that the films are terrible. They can’t be that bad with a scene like this in them. But overall, they are poorly written, directed, and acted. This film is about a woman who wakes up with amnesia and finds herself involved in a murder mystery. How many times has that plot been rehashed?

9 Clothing Optional Beach

This is a great shot of Tiffani, clutching her chest up against a rock on the beach. Many beaches on the northwest coast have these types of rock formations on the sand. But who knows where this shot was taken. Tiffani seems comfortable here in her element because she was born and raised as a SoCal beach girl. Tiffany hails from Long Beach, California where she was raised by her mom, a homemaker, and her dad, a landscape architect. Tiffani made her break when she was crowned Miss Junior America in a national beauty competition in 1987. From there, she went on to become the Cover Girl “Model of the Year” in 1989. Shortly after that, she was cast as Kelly Kapowski and the rest is history. During those early years, she also guest starred on Charles in Charge and Blossom.


8 In Bed


You’ve got to love this shot. It’s the most organic of any of them on the list. Here, we have a spread done for Esquire magazine. The format is called “Me in My Place” and dozens of actresses have participated. The photographer just shows up at the woman’s house and takes pictures of them wearing their own clothes in their own beds. It adds a bit of reality into the mix for a change, instead of the typically canned feel of a photo studio. So what did Tiffani decide to wear when she had guests over? Well, you can’t beat a plain old pair of white cotton panties. Tiffani is rocking them in the best way possible. She also can be seen during this shoot wearing a black bra that is spilling over. She looks more confident than ever in this at-home shoot, a quality that is very attractive.

7 Tin Tub

Here is a photo of Tiffani in a good old-fashioned tin bathtub. If we’ve learned any personal details from this list, it’s probably that Tiffani likes white cotton underpants and that she likes taking baths. She has two love scenes (that we know of) in tubs and now, she’s doing a very revealing photo shoot in a farmer bath. Tiffani also got in the tub a few times during her run on Beverly Hills, 90210. Many forget that the actress starred in that iconic series, but Tiffani has done way more than that. She’s stayed busy over the years appearing in several vaguely familiar series, including Good Morning Miami, Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place, and White Collar. She’s also done voice work on Disney’s popular cartoon, Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

6 Big Sombrero


This scandalous photo shows Tiffani absolutely in the buff. The only thing shielding her from our sight is an enormous hat. Who doesn’t like a big awesome hat, right? Keeps you cool and free from sunburn, especially if you’re not wearing any clothes. So, who in the world has truly encountered Tiffani with no clothes on? Well, she dated 90210 alum Brian Austin Green for a while. Of course, he later moved on to Megan Fox. Was that an upgrade? Tough call comparing two girls who seem to come from different planets. Fox seems way more dangerous than Tiffani’s wholesome appeal. Another famous ex of Tiffani’s was David Strickland, the actor, largely known from Suddenly Susan. The actor committed suicide while they were dating. Terrible! Tiffani eventually recovered from the tragedy, however. She married Brady Smith, an actor on White Collar and they have two kids together.

5 Nice Jeans

What the heck is going on in this picture? It looks like Tiffani is taking her pants off. On second glance, she is reaching into her pants to do heaven knows what to herself. Whatever she’s doing, Mr. Belding would definitely not approve. However, many of the fanboys would. Tiffani has millions of fans, whether they admit it or not. Justin Bieber wore a Kelly Kapowski shirt at one of his concerts, and admitted his childhood crush on her. Chris Paul, the NBA star, also admitted to having a special place in his heart for Kelly. Two 90210 alums do not like Tiffani, though. Tori Spelling used to be a close friend, but not anymore, for some crazy reason. Jennie Garth and Tiffani also “broke up” and that was after Tiffani stood as maid of honor at her wedding. Man, these Hollywood types are so catty sometimes.

4 Married With Children


This may have been the first role where Tiffani branched out of her super safe Saved By the Bell image, and played a hot character on Married With Children. Compared to Saved By the Bell, Married with Children was as risque as it gets. The show was hailed by critics as the filthiest sitcom ever, and the religious right was trying to ban the show from playing on local FOX networks. Here, we see Tiffani coupled off with Bud Bundy at a high school dance. You can tell she still has that fresh Kelly Kapowski look on her face and guest starred here, during her Saved By the Bell run. How in the world did Bud land such a hot date anyway? Maybe this was a dream sequence. Knowing Bud, he surely said something awful in the end and got slapped in the face.

3 Wet In White

This beautiful, white, off-the-shoulder outfit would have been perfect for Kelly Kapowski’s wedding, right? Or if not that, then maybe Zack could have enjoyed seeing this one on their honeymoon. Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas, in 1994, was the last installment of the series. But what about a more current reunion? Well, in 2015, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon did an eight-minute skit that blew everybody’s minds. In the skit, Jimmy plays the new kid at Bayside High, on the school hallway set with every detail intact. Then, Mark Paul Gosselaar shows up in full Zack costume, complete with blonde wig, pink shirt, and acid wash jeans. Then, Mario Lopez, dressed as AC Slater, arrives, followed by Jesse Spano, Mr. Belding, and then finally, Kelly Kapowski. Seems like this reunion skit saved the best for last.

2 Super Sheer


You’ve got to trust us on this one. This shot is cropped, but the full image online leaves nothing to the imagination. Just below the frame is a hide-nothing shot of the twins. It’s unreal how see-through this dress is...if you can call it a dress. It’s more transparent than a screen door. Tiffani is showing her finest assets here. A leave-nothing-to-the-imagination type of ensemble that only meant one thing—Tiffani was ready for the raunchy scripts. Show this image to casting agents in Hollywood and all of the sudden, your inbox is full of garbage. Mountains of manuscripts that totally rely on gratuitous nudity and rely very little on plot. And, Tiffani signed up for quite a few of those films. Total duds where she took off her clothes, but then nobody ever knew about it.

1 Fastlane

Here is a screenshot taken from the TV show Fastlane guest starring Jaime Pressly. In this show, Tiffani finds herself in a few intimate situations. For this episode, Tiffani is confronted by Pressly, and they have a pretty heavy make-out session. What would the gang back at Max’s think of this? After all, the show was super-duper safe. There were zero mentions of gay kids, gender conflicts, race, or anything like that. That is unless you consider Slater’s wrestling outfit scenes a little bi-curious. Seriously though, the one episode that touched on a socially controversial topic was when Jessie Spano became addicted to speed pills so she could study. The one controversial episode is probably the most famous one ever. “I’m so excited! I’m so excited!” she exclaimed, and Zack hugged her to tell her she had a problem.

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