15 Hottest Stars That Appeared On True Blood

Prior to HBO releasing the adaptation of The Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris in 2008, there was already an incredible fan base for the book series. Yet, introducing the storyline of Sookie Stackhouse and the vampires “coming out of the coffin” further helped to build fans for the books. Unlike George R. R. Martin that seems to write his books at a snail’s pace, Harris was able to continuously dole out new books for the series the entire time the HBO show was running. Yet, showrunners at HBO chose to deviate from the original storyline of the books and went into a whole new direction with the show. This allowed for more characters to be added, new scenes to be dreamed up and a way for fans to get a whole new spin on the world of Bon Temps.

While people watched the series for the mythical creatures and romantic storylines, millions of people also watched for all the sexy actresses showing off on screen. Since it was shown on HBO, there weren’t any limitations on nudity for the series and the showrunners definitely took full advantage. Practically every episode contained a sex scene or two and even the act of drinking blood was made to appear erotic. Although the series concluded after seven seasons, fans can’t help but reminisce about all the sexiest scenes from the series. Check out our list of the 15 hottest starlets seen on True Blood and see if your favorite character made the cut.

15 Kristina Anapau

via HBO

In Season 4, Kristina Anapau was introduced as a new character on the HBO series. Portraying the faerie role of Maurella, Anapau was seen as so beautiful that it was a bit unbelievable to the small folk of Bon Temps. Andy Bellefleur even started to believe that he had been dreaming or hallucinating when he had sex with Maurella in the woods after being made to walk home. Being sexy enough to entice a man into sex in the woods after only a few moments of talk, Anapau definitely captured the attention of viewers when she first appeared. Things changed a bit when she became inexplicably pregnant and ready to pop within a short time after their tryst in the woods. However, even Anapau somehow even made that whole experience look a bit tantalizing. The light beams during the birth of the babies and the cries of ecstasy weren’t exactly the typical labor pains of a human being. She was definitely out of this world, which became blatantly clear once she seemed to have repeated orgasms during labor. While her character may have been a little off-the-wall, seeing Anapau on the red carpet makes her a definite contender for being on the list of the sexiest starlets seen on True Blood throughout the series.

14 Lindsey Haun

Although Lindsey Haun had some success on the Disney Channel film, The Color of Friendship, and even dabbled in the music industry, Haun has never reached true mainstream celebrity status outside of her role on HBO’s True Blood. Starring as Hadley Hale, the cousin of Sookie Stackhouse, she had a number of scenes with the Vampire Queen of Louisiana, Sophie-Anne LeClerq. As the lover to the Queen, there were some pretty steamy girl-on-girl scenes, as well as lingerie shots with Haun traipsing around as a major dish. Sadly, she didn’t have much of a role on the series. She was seen during the times when Bill and Eric had to visit Sophie-Anne LeClerq and looked pretty great in her pigtails and farmer’s daughter ensemble. With only a small percentage of fairy blood, she wasn’t exactly irresistible the way Sookie was but she definitely had enough appeal to capture the heart of the Queen (as well as the viewers).

13 Amelia Rose Blaire

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When Amelia Rose Blaire was first cast on True Blood, it seemed that she was just another actress that was plucked from the masses. No one had really remembered seeing her in anything and True Blood became the true catalyst into making a name for herself as an actress. However, she’s actually been studying acting since she was quite young. She even spent a summer with the British American Drama Academy in London studying Shakespeare. So, this isn’t the case of an actress that had very little talent but was solely picked to be another pretty face on an already successful series. Yet, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that showrunners would want to pick someone special to portray Willa Burrell, the woman that would later become Eric’s progeny. Obviously, Eric didn’t take the role of “Maker” lightly and Willa was the perfect person to fill that spot, despite the fact that he needed her to try and change the mind of the Louisiana Governor, Truman Burrell. When she started off in the series, she was a bit buttoned up and audiences couldn’t see her true sex appeal. Yet, that all changed once she became a vampire. Not only could Eric see the appeal in her but fans got to see how sexy she could look when she shed the good girl image.

12 Karolina Wydra

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Starring as Violet Mazurski, Karolina Wydra was introduced into the True Blood series during Season 6. As the head vampire in the female section of Burrell’s Camp, she was seen as incredibly strong, assertive and sexy. As soon as Jason Stackhouse was thrown into the section, Violet claimed him as hers. Yet, that didn’t stop after the vampires made their way out of the camp. While the scenes involving Wydra in a prison-like uniform were actually pretty hot, the show didn’t hesitate to put her into something more revealing once her character could choose her own attire. The sex scenes between her and Jason were definitely over-the-top but at least it showed fans how Jason could finally be persuaded to settle down with one girl. The relationship didn’t last, even though Wydra’s character made it back to star in the final season of the series. However, fans were left with some great memories of Violet during the short time she was featured on the show.

11 Jurnee Smollett-Bell

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Jurnee Smollett-Bell joined the cast of True Blood in Season 6 as the freedom fighting character hoping to protect all of the supernatural species being persecuted for their differences. While her relationship with Sam Merlotte started off a bit rocky, the two ultimately fell in love and married. Nicole Merlotte didn’t have many scenes that allowed her to show off the true beauty of Smollett-Bell as an actress but that didn’t mean fans weren’t able to see it shine through. Her sex appeal is only made greater by her appearances on the red carpet. While the bleeding heart aspect of her True Blood character wasn’t always seen as attractive (especially since it put her and the supernatural species in danger at times), it only adds to her appeal off screen. Jurnee Smollett-Bell has been extremely active in philanthropic efforts since early on in her career and has chosen roles that have increased attention on certain societal concerns of the world. Perhaps this is why she chose the role of Nicole Merlotte in the True Blood series as well.

10 Courtney Ford

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Courtney Ford made her first appearance on the True Blood series during the premiere episode of Season 4. Starring as Portia Bellefleur, she was the attorney to Vampire Bill before becoming his lover. Her status as a high-powered lawyer had some major sex appeal but that didn’t come close to what viewers became privy to when she had an ultra hot sex scene with her new vampire boyfriend/client. After learning that there was actually a distant relationship between the two, Bill broke off their relationship. Portia wasn’t exactly keen on the breakup, so Bill had to “glamour” her in order to get her to finally accept it. That really was too bad for viewers since male fans would have definitely loved to have seen a few more nude scenes involving the actress, Courtney Ford. The dark hair and light eyes were a great mix for this sultry actress and the stern exterior only added to her hotness factor.

9 Deborah Ann Woll

via HBO

While True Blood is based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries book series by Charlaine Harris, the Jessica Hamby character was unique to the HBO adaptation. It was difficult for HBO to remain completely true to the book series since the books focus almost solely on the Sookie character. In order to complete the storyline and have a larger cast of characters, HBO decided to implement other characters that weren’t in the books. Deborah Ann Woll starred as Jessica Hamby and quickly became one of the favorite characters of the series. As Bill’s progeny and the girlfriend/ex-girlfriend of Hoyt, she showed audiences the life of a newly-made vampire in the sexiest way. From her sexy Red Riding Hood ensemble for Halloween to her out and about looks at Fangtasia, this was one of the characters that created the sexiest scenes in the series. For some added appeal, the Baby Vamp blog allowed fans to get even more of the character and her shenanigans even after the episode was over.

8 Janina Gavankar

via HBO

Janina Gavankar is arguably the most talented actress that has ever appeared on True Blood. Trained in the performing arts, Gavankar is a skilled pianist and orchestral percussionist and has even dabbled in singing. Yet, most people know her for her roles on television. When she starred as Luna Garza, audiences loved seeing the female side of being a shapeshifter. Sam Merlotte always gave some great scenes transforming into this animal or that but the Luna Garza’s character had the unique ability to transform into a human being as well. Sam Merlotte’s brother also obtained that ability after the incidents involving the death of his parents but somehow Gavankar’s character was a bit more appealing. However, it wasn’t the scenes involving her transformation into other characters that had fans swooning over Gavankar since there were a variety of scenes that showed her appearing in an ultra sexy light. From trying to seduce Sam in his office to appearing topless in front of Sam’s brother while he shapeshifted in his trailer, fans won’t long forget her appearance in the True Blood series.

7 Lizzy Caplan

via HBO

Lizzy Caplan first appeared on the True Blood series when Jason Stackhouse went to Fangtasia looking to score some vampire blood. She looked like just another pretty girl on the arm of Jason but this time, she was also into vampire blood and a hippie lifestyle. Yet, all that changed when she roped Jason into kidnapping Lafayette’s friendly vampire. While she definitely seemed more than a little psycho for her attitude towards kidnapping and killing vampires, audiences were able to forgive her once they saw all of the sultry sex scenes with her and Jason. The series had never shown sex on vampire blood in that way before and fans got to see the mystical way the vampire blood affected those on it during intercourse. From the nude watery-like scenes to just the plain old basement sex scenes, Caplan proved that she wasn’t opposed to baring it all on screen. Unfortunately, her time on the show came to an end at the hands of Rene Lenier when he killed her Amy Burley character with his belt.

6 Bailey Noble

via HBO

Bailey Noble starred as one of Andy Bellefleur’s daughters with the fairy, Maurella, on True Blood. This part of the storyline was met with a bit of criticism since the daughters grew up seemingly overnight due to their mystical aging ability. Yet, due to the hotness factor of Bailey Noble, fans quickly got over their aging feature due to their fondness for seeing Noble in her underwear. Whether it was traipsing around in her nightgown or having an innocent romantic encounter with Holly’s son, Wade, Noble looked pretty good playing the role of Adilyn Bellefleur. She was the only one of the sisters that was able to survive the attack by Jessica at Bill’s house and fans were mighty glad that at least one of the hot fairy sisters was able to survive. Life wasn’t easy for Adilyn in a world filled with vampires and her intoxicating scent wasn’t very helpful in keeping them at bay. However, the limited time she was on the series was filled with some great scenes that let her show off her major sex appeal.

5 Alexandra Breckenridge

Alexandra Breckenridge is an actress that has the uncanny ability to transform herself for a role. She’s actually been seen in a number of hit TV series over the years, so it’s hard to think of her as one particular character. For True Blood fans, Breckenridge is known for her role as Katerina Pelham. She was introduced as one of the witches in Marnie Stonebrook’s coven at the Moon Goddess Emporium but it was later revealed that she was working on behest of Vampire Bill. Her look at the emporium was unassuming and a bit nerdy but she had a completely different look when she was having sex with Bill in his office. She again changed her look when she was dressed in all black and seemed to look more like one of his other security officers down by the cages. Things didn’t end well with her since Marnie thought of her as a betrayer so her character didn’t make it to the finale of the series. Yet, it wasn’t going to end with her becoming Bill’s new main squeeze anyways so her demise didn’t truly affect the storyline. Fans have to just appreciate the limited screen time Breckenridge had on the series.

4 Kelly Overton

Kelly Overton is a highly talented actress, writer and producer that has been involved in a number of different endeavors in the entertainment industry. She starred in True Blood as the werewolf, Rikki Naylor, and gained a huge fanbase for fans looking to watch a female werewolf that was super hot. The only previous female werewolf depicted in the series was the ex-girlfriend of Alcide Herveaux and her psychopathic tendencies didn’t exactly make her the most desirable character. Fans were thrilled to see Overton’s character replace her in the arms of actor, Joe Manganiello, and even more so once they saw some of their sex scenes. The two seemed like a perfect match for one another and the Naylor character was even cool with the idea of a threesome. While Naylor didn’t exactly look attractive when she was overdosing on vampire blood, people were able to forget that image pretty quickly once she was back to her sexy self.

3 Evan Rachel Wood

via HBO

Evan Rachel Wood has always been known for steering more towards the dark side than some of her fellow actresses in Hollywood. From dating Marilyn Manson to some of her questionable ensembles on the red carpet, Wood was the perfect choice to play True Blood’s Vampire Queen of Louisiana, Sophie-Anne LeClerq. When she was first introduced to audiences, she was feeding on a girl in her newly renovated “sunroom” and was donning a red lipstick look that resembled something out of the 1920s. With an appetite that mostly consisted of females (mostly just Sookie’s cousin, Hadley), Wood’s character had immediate sex appeal. Later, she had a darker look when she was donning all black in her mourning attire after the death of her husband. Yet, she never lost the sex appeal of a super hot vampire in the True Blood series. After crossing Bill and Eric, her character didn’t survive but she made enough of an impression with fans that she wasn’t forgotten by viewers.

2 Anna Camp

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Anna Camp portrayed the character, Sarah Newlin, on the True Blood series and first made her appearance during Season 2. Just as other characters on the series made a transformation of sorts with their characters, Sarah Newlin also had a myriad of different changes to her persona on the series. She started off as the wife of Reverend Steve Newlin and had the persona of a typical God-fearing church wife. Yet, her adulterous tryst with Jason Stackhouse completely shed that persona and she quickly transformed into the bitter ex-wife. Later, she became the main force behind Burrell’s camp and then transformed again into a brunette guru-loving woman that went into hiding. Regardless of what her character was doing in the series, Anna Camp always maintained a sexy look that puts her high on this list. Whether it was her blonde look that showed her being fantasized by Jason Stackhouse or her brunette look where she was seductively performing Downward-Facing Dog on the yoga mat, she constantly had fans tongues wagging while watching the series.

1 Anna Paquin

via HBO

As the main star of the HBO series, True Blood, Anna Paquin is undoubtedly the hottest actress from the series. The entire book series, The Southern Vampire Mysteries, was based solely around Sookie Stackhouse and the details surrounding her romances and tribulations. While the HBO adaptation added more to the storyline that veers slightly from the book series, it still ensured that viewers got a good eyeful of the favorite Sookie Stackhouse character. From when she first lost her virginity to vampire Bill to the super sexy threesome fantasies, there was always an Anna Paquin scene that had male viewers drooling while watching an episode of True Blood. Audiences all seemed to have their favorite nude scene involving Paquin, whether it was her time with Bill or Eric, but the one constant was always Anna Paquin in all her glory. Fans of the series are definitely missing seeing those sexy scenes with Paquin but she definitely gave enough memorable moments throughout the series to keep people watching reruns whenever they need their Anna Paquin fix again.

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15 Hottest Stars That Appeared On True Blood