15 Hottest Sitcom Screenshots Of Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco is arguably the hottest actress in Hollywood today. Whether you watch television or not, you have definitely noticed this girl in the media. Her Insta looks great, the paparazzi follows her everywhere, the hackers stalk her phone, and her body just keeps getting hotter.

Her show, The Big Bang Theory, was just renewed for another two seasons on CBS, which surely makes her very happy, and much richer. In the current season (Season 10), Kaley, Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki, each made one-million-dollars per episode. That's a crazy amount of cash for a 22-minute sitcom. So much cash for an ensemble comedy, that the lead actors may have felt a little guilty. In a show of solidarity, the power trio took a $100K per-episode pay cut. So, for the upcoming seasons (11 and 12), the supporting cast members will receive a raise. What a bunch of sweethearts, right?

But if you ask me, Kaley should be making two-mill an episode. Sure that's excessive, but her sex appeal is what drives much of the ratings. Okay, Melissa Rauch, as Bernadette, is a smoke-show too, but nothing compares to Penny.

To prove just how hot this actress is, we've compiled a list of screenshots, that show Kaley doing her finest work. These images were taken from TV shows throughout the actress's career, not just Big Bang. This way you can see how her talent and beauty has developed and endured.


15 Eyes on the Prize

They're not real, you know. Kaley has spoken openly about the fact that those perfectly round 34Cs are not natural. However, she has no regrets, and nothing even close to guilt. She told Women's Health in November 2016, "Years ago, I had my nose done, and my boobs -- best thing I ever did. Recently I had a filler in a line in my neck I’ve had since I was 12." She also stated, "I don’t think you should do [plastic surgery] for a man or anyone else, but if it makes you feel confident, that’s amazing." So, would we even know who this woman is were it not for plastic surgery? Maybe not. She went under the knife at 18, a very young age, which is such an awful decision for most girls. But for Kaley it sure seemed to pay off, quite literally.

14 Paris Bikini


Here is our first bikini shot of the beautiful blonde doing what she does best-- looking incredible. She may have gotten surgery on her breasts and nose, but those abs, and great arms are all Kaley. This picture is a great shot to showcase the actress's pixie hair cut. Many dudes are split about the hair factor. The majority of guys don't care about hair, at all, while others may be turned off if the hair is too short. Shorter hair can sometimes make a woman look older, like a mom. The milf look isn't always a bad thing, but longer hair does evoke a sense of carefree youth. In some cases, short hair can give women a male appearance, but that certainly is not the case with beauties like Kaley.

13 Lawnmower Bikini

Here is a screenshot from the awful Lifetime movie about Drew Peterson, the Illinois cop who killed his wife, Stacey. Kaley played Stacey, and for some reason the director decided to include a shot of her mowing the lawn. Sure, this TV movie wasn't exactly a sitcom, but because it was so comically bad, it qualified. Rob Lowe played the smarmy as hell cop, who loved being in the media spotlight. He laughed with reporters and made jokes, while he was supposed to be mourning the untimely death of his dear wife. Peterson was accused of killing her, and the next minute he is making funny faces at the media. Just picture Donald Trump, with arrogance dripping from every pore of his being-- that's how Drew Peterson behaved during his murder trial. Not cool. Thank goodness the sleazeball was convicted and is now behind bars.

12 Charmed


Hey, do you guys remember that awesome show on the WB called Charmed? How could you forget it? The show is still played constantly on reruns on TNT. As far as I know, the plot surrounds a bunch of attractive witches, who wear smoking hot outfits, and argue with each other. I guess it's not officially a sitcom, but close enough. The show has featured some real honeys including Shannen Doherty, Alyssa Milano, and Rose McGowan. Kaley joined the cast during the 8th and final season, just in time to wear this wonderful blue outfit, as seen above. What exactly is this thing, anyway? A leather halter top with buckles in the front? The royal blue color, combined with the choker, armbands, and the gold belt, make this ensemble look like a WWE outfit, or a superhero costume. Either way, she looks great, and we are not complaining one bit.

11 Britney Impression

This is a hilarious shot, and probably a dream come true for Kaley. Kaley is 31-years-old, to turn 32 in November, so she was in the prime of her formative years, around 16, when Britney Spears was in the height of her career. Like millions of fans around the world, Kaley must have spent hours singing along to Britney songs, and mimicking the choreography in her living room. Kaley is a very musical person, and has performed show tunes onstage. Back in May she sang some Grease songs with her Big Bang castmates, at a charity benefit for Alzheimer's disease. Later that night, Kaley performed a solo number from Chorus Line, which really stole the show, thanks to her sexy little red outfit. Kaley starred on Lip Sync Battle, in this shot, which again, is not technically a sitcom, but close enough.

10 Best Laundry Room Ever


There are some great scenes in The Big Bang Theory that take place in the laundry room. Have you ever lived in an apartment building and had to walk downstairs to clean your clothes? It is the biggest pain in the butt ever. That's why many people don't live in an apartment building for many years. Many of the characters on this show have resided here for ten years, despite having well-paying jobs, but that's a plot hole that we'll just ignore for now. Besides, who would ever want to move away from Penny? In this scene, Penny tried to seduce Sheldon by stripping down to her bra and even kissing him. Then Sheldon revealed (shocker) that he was a virgin. Penny decided that was going to be too much work, and her attraction towards him evaporated.

9 Another Hot Charmed Shot

Here's another still from the Charmed season that Kaley starred in. She looks as pretty as ever, with layered blonde hair, and a strapless top. If you look close you can see a sexy tan line on her shoulder from a string bikini. Charmed was a show that knew what is what doing when it came to sex appeal. The show was produced by Aaron Spelling who was also the mastermind behind such shows as Beverly Hills, 90210 and Melrose Place. Towards the end of his career, young, hot females seemed to be the key to any Spelling success. Now with Big Bang Theory, Kaley is working under another famous TV producer, Chuck Lorre. Lately, Lorre has become known as the raunchy-comedy king. He has produced such hits as Two and a Half Men, and Mom.


8 The Babydoll Chemise


In case your girl has a birthday or anniversary coming up, this outfit is called a babydoll chemise, and it is sold by Victoria's Secret. While doing some research for this article, I came across a pretty interesting website called Worn On TV. They seem to be huge Big Bang fans, and many of the outfits are cataloged per episode in great detail. For example, if you like Sheldon's nerdy t-shirts you can find out where he buys them and even click on the link. The "Spaced Invaders" shirt he wore on this episode sells for $18.95. But back to Kaley. Man, is she looking great in this outfit or what? In this scene she teases her future husband Leonard, by wearing sexy lingerie, and then leaving the room, with the computer on. Leonard is left alone to have an awkward Skype conversation with his mother.

7 Go Owls!

This screenshot is taken from her time on the sitcom called 8 Simple Rules, which she starred in from 2002-2005. This is the show that John Ritter led until his untimely death. The tragedy was truly awful, but the show capitalized on the publicity, and adapted the cast, bringing in David Spade. In this shot, Kaley's body is looking toned and healthy, with a perfect midriff, and nice pair of tight shorts. She is often seen in these images with her arms akimbo. That's a fancy word for arms out at her sides. She knows how to look good and this is a position that accentuates her frame and makes her chest stick out ever so slightly.

6 Naughty School Girl Outfit


This isn't a traditional screenshot, it's more of a compilation of screenshots, all taken from one great scene in 8 Simple Rules. This outfit really gives you a sense of the rebellious character she played on that show. The look takes us back to her love for Britney Spears, who made most dudes long for a school girl after her "Baby One More Time" video. That's back when videos had some pull, and shows like TRL hyped the hell out of them. Videos aren't that big of a deal anymore, which makes the popular ones from the past, like "Baby One More Time", that much more legendary. We must admit however, that Britney's uniform was a little more believable. Both women had way too much midriff exposed, but at least Brit had more realistic school colors. I just can't see any Catholic schools ever approving pink plaid.

5 Lip Sync Battle Bra

Here's another shot from Lip Sync Battle, with Kaley looking as hot as ever. For this song she performed a Ludacris hit and brought the house down. Co-hosts LL Cool J and Chrissy Teigen, were shocked that the blonde was willing to get down and dirty. Besides the fact that she's merely wearing a sports bra as a shirt, Kaley also did a number of lunges and other highly sexual improvised moves. Getting up on stage to perform runs in the family. Kaley's sister, Brianna, was a contestant on season five of The Voice, and got two judges, Christina Aguilera and Cee-Lo Green, to turn their chairs around. Bri was cut during the knock-out rounds, and Kaley was pissed, taking to Twitter to complain.

4 Lovely Tank Top


Sometimes the simple pleasures in life are the finest. Here we have a Big Bang Theory screenshot of Penny wearing a nice white tank top. She looks pretty good, even though it appears to be morning, and she's not quite ready to face the day. It also appears to be slightly cold in the room, since Sheldon is wearing long sleeves. Penny's kitchen counters look pretty cluttered, right? You ever see a hot selfie online, and then look at the background and notice that the room is a disgusting mess? Cleanliness goes a long way when picking a potential mate. Just remember, if she's messy now, that messiness will only increase after marriage. And if you are already a messy person, the two of you may be a bad combo. Penny, however, would be an exception. Nobody is perfect, and you have to weigh your options carefully.

3 Pretty in Pink

Now this screengrab from 8 Simple Rules was improperly titled. Pink? Why pink? It's obvious that Kaley is wearing a cream colored top. And it's a lacy, seductive top to be precise. Oh, now you see the pink we were referring to. Remember when it was in style to show off your thong? Well, that's what Kaley is doing here, representing the suggestive style to a tee. This image was taken circa 2003, and Sisqo's "Thong Song" came out in 1999. The show is set in Detroit, and styles do take a few years to filter into the mid-west, so the timing makes sense. The show's title 8 Simple Rules, is actually short for "8 Simple Rules to Dating My Teenage Daughters." Can you imagine having your daughter go to school wearing this? Kaley was playing the promiscuous teen perfectly in this scene.

2 Showing Up With Her Friends


One of the most fascinating phenomenons of success in Hollywood, is the power of the casting agent. The cast of a production is of huge importance. We've all heard stories of how major actors lost their chances at huge films by turning down risky scripts. And we've heard other tales about young actors losing parts, and not making it big for another decade. So let's keep that in mind, and look at this screenshot, taken from The Big Bang Theory. Which one of these beautiful women would you choose to be the female lead? Casting is not such an easy job after all, right? How can you choose? But if you look a little closer there is something that draws your eye towards Kaley. She has that inexplicable "it factor" that has led to her undeniable success. Maybe our eyes are drawn to her because we know her, or maybe it's an innate attraction that was there all along.

1 Happily Sadistic

Okay, so there is, in fact, an exposed nipple in this article, but unfortunately it does not belong to Kaley. That's Leonard, played by Johnny Galecki, and he's all tied up with no place to go. Galecki has had the golden touch when it comes to sitcoms. He's gone from a long successful run on Roseanne, straight into huge financial success on Big Bang. Along the way he's also appeared on favorite sitcoms like Blossom, My Name is Earl, and Entourage. In all of his experiences, he seems happiest in this scene though, doesn't he? And who wouldn't be? There you have Penny all dolled up in a red bustier with her cleavage pushed up to the sky. This couple dated in real life from 2008-2010, which must have been awkward, working together after they broke up. Dating people at work is not advised. This was Galecki's second on-set romance, after dating Sara Gilbert, his love interest on Roseanne. Gilbert, now a married lesbian, later admitted that she realized she was gay while dating Galecki. When Kaley divorced, rumors swirled that she and Johnny might reunite, but they are currently dating other people.

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