15 Hottest Screenshots From Total Divas

Over the years, it's been rather apparent that the WWE isn’t afraid to sink their teeth into different avenues. Back in the summer of 2013, the company took the risk in launching a reality based series focusing on the real lives of the Divas and man, has it ever paid off! With six seasons under their belt, it's no secret that she show has been a huge success.

In addition, it's serving as a launching pad for some of the Divas, including the Bella twins. Because of the show, the two are now mainstream names. Perhaps not even the WWE could have predicted the success such a show would garner.

In this article, we dive deep into the archives and take a look at some of the steamier screenshots ever taken throughout the show's six seasons and 87 episodes. Names like Naomi, Natalya, Eva Marie, Alicia Fox and Renee Young, make the list. Of course, the usual suspects like Rosa Mendes and the Bella Twins are also featured a heck of a lot in this piece.

So without further ado, sit back, relax and enjoy this article which takes a look at the hottest screenshots from the show thus far. Be sure to share the link with a friend. Here are 15 of the hottest screenshots from Total Divas. Let us begin!

15 Playing With Eva’s Goods

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Looking back at Eva’s WWE run, it’s pretty safe to say that her best time with the company was spent away from the ring and on the reality show of Total Divas. With less of an emphasis on her in-ring prowess, she was able to show a different side of her throughout the show and it made her a big time favorite. That’s all great and everything, but it seems like her run with the company is slowly coming to end. The rumor mill suggests the WWE might just absorb her contract till it runs out.

As for the fantastic picture, this incident took place during an episode of Total Divas, which saw Marie get a new breast implant after sustaining a health scare. As you can see in the picture, the other Divas weren’t too shy when it came to touching the enhancements and for that, many of the male fans were smiling from ear to ear.

14 Paige & Rosa Kiss

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During Paige’s first episodes of Total Divas, we got to see that she had quite the wild side. Obviously, nobody was expecting that side to be as wild as the leaked pictures, but, we did in fact know she had a second gear when it came to partying. In an episode of Total Divas, things got hot and heavy as Rosa planted a kiss on Paige, providing the viewers with quite the moment. Paige backed off a little bit, but Rosa however, was full on. Rosa would even try locking lips with Nattie on another episode. Mendes admitted to being bisexual during one of the episodes back in 2014, but she’s now living life happily alongside her male partner, Bobby Schubenski.

If you’re an avid fan of Total Divas, and not the biggest WWE follower, you probably missed out on Rosa’s announcement that she was retiring from the business after a ten year career. Since giving birth to her child, Mendes has decided to shift her focus on raising her kid which is an admirable decision. At the age of 37, it seems like her WWE days are over.

13 Maryse & Eva Waxing

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Total Divas goes very deep when it comes to exposing the personal lives of WWE Divas. On this episode, they went a step further showing the viewers the deep details that go into a photoshoot. Before Eva and Maryse posed in their fantastic Baywatch-inspired outfits, they were forced to undergo a deep waxing treatment. The footage unveiled quite a bit as the wax was even used on their backsides. Judging by the screenshot above, it’s pretty apparent both have been eating their fair share of Booty O’s on a regular basis.

Maryse is one of the newest cast members on the show. According to the rumor mill, she was initially asked for the launching of the show, but plans went the wayside because of a problem with the Bellas. However, things have come full circle and she’s now back on WWE TV regularly serving as the valet for her husband The Miz.

12 Nikki’s Tattoo

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Without a doubt, the biggest stars of Total Divas are the Bella twins. The WWE doesn’t take that lightly, and they pounced on their fame giving them their very own reality spin-off, Total Bellas. The twins continue to serve the company as social media giants. The impact made by the two is something very few could have predicted.

The wonderful screenshot you see above is a heart on fire that’s conveniently located on Nikki’s backside. Bella got the tattoo done at a younger age and decided to keep it. However, on this episode, her sister Brie was getting a tattoo in a similar location removed as she was set to enter motherhood. Brie mocked Nikki for not getting her tat removed but Bella was having none of it claiming John was a fan of the fiery heart. No matter how you feel about the tat, it was quite the moment seeing Nikki pull down her pants, showing the Total Divas audience the heart. It was one of Nikki’s many steamy moments on the show. Future article, 15 of the hottest screenshots of Nikki Bella from Total Divas.

11 Rosa’s Not So PG Waxing

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Judging by all the notable steamy moments Rosa had on Total Divas, it seems like she made a greater impact on the show than she had during her in-ring days with the WWE. Rosa entered the company through the Diva Search pipeline and would later get introduced through a Beth Phoenix intern storyline. During her run, Rosa’s accomplishments were quite limited, failing to win a single championship in her decade-long run.

Total Divas was another story as we got to see a lot more personality from the Canadian. She provided the show with countless moments, including this not so PG situation when her fellow buddies Alicia Fox and Paige, aided her in waxing a certain private area. The clip was quite the visual and pretty graphic. Hot or not, such a screenshot deserves consideration on such a list. Props to Paige and Alicia Fox for being such troopers in this one!

10 Mandy Cleavage

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Joining the 2015 cast of Tough Enough, Mandy Rose didn’t win the competition but she got so much more than the actual winner. With a heck of a look and great athleticism, Mandy was signed to a WWE deal. Not only did she report to the Performance Center, but she was also included onto the cast of Total Divas. This really goes to show how highly the company thinks of Rose. At the age of 25, her future looks insanely bright. Rightfully so, the company is taking their time with her call up.

Outside of her in-ring career, it’s no secret to find out that Rose is stunning to look at. Her social media account on Instagram is littered with A+ pictures, and her popularity continues to trend upwards with more than 700K followers. Her Total Divas involvement added to her popularity and the picture above is yet another example of her absolute hotness as she rocks a cleavage friendly top.

9 Nattie Returns The Favor

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Wrestling her entire life, Paige was brought into the WWE at a young age. Rarely can any wrestler say they had the type of debut Paige had after she won the Divas Championship in her debut match. She became the youngest champ in Divas history claiming the title at 21.

As she got more comfortable, she began to get more and more edgy. One moment might have crossed the line when she licked veteran Natalya during a match. The incident was documented on Total Divas and the Canadian was none too pleased about the altercation. Nattie would get revenge on Paige as you see in the picture above, licking the youngster's face backstage. It provided the viewer quite the moment and let’s be honest, it was also pretty darn hot to look at. Nattie remains a big part of Total Divas to this day, while Paige’s scenes have been cut down dramatically due to her current relationship with the company.

8 Renee Unleashed

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One of the best parts of Total Divas is the fact that we get to see some of our favorite female WWE stars away from their gimmicks. The show gives us the opportunity to truly see who these people are outside of the ring. Some, come across insanely different and one of those people is WWE’s top broadcaster Renee Young. On-screen, the Canadian plays the role of a clean-cut broadcaster, working as a backstage interviewer, and host panelist. She also has her own show Unfiltered with Renee Young, along with being the host of Talking Smack.

Young herself has admitted to finding it difficult trying to portray such a professional look due to the fact that she’s quite quirky off-screen. Renee actually aspired to be a comedian earlier on in her life which really shows she’s got some personality. Total Divas has shown us that fiery side as she’s not afraid to have a good time as you see in the picture above. Not to mention her countless disputes with Natalya. The girl’s got game!

7 Nattie Gets A Spanking

She started training back in 2000, and believe it or not, it was always Nattie's destiny to make it in the WWE. It took a while however, as Natalya worked the indie scene for a couple of years till she finally signed on with the company. Only a one-time champion, some would argue that she enjoyed better exposure on Total Divas than she has in the ring. However, things finally seem to be going Nattie’s way since the brand split as she’s played more of a prominent role over on SmackDown Live. The company has been trying to change her to a heel, but the crowd just isn’t buying into it all that much. Many believe that it’s due to the fact that she’s just too loveable and genuine on Total Divas.

That being said, she’s been pretty “bad” at times. This picture shows one of the moments as she gets a gentle spanking during one of the episodes. We also saw Nattie in some stunning lingerie as she tried to spice things up with her husband Tyson Kidd. Seems like the Canadian can do it all!

6 Naomi & The Pole

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It ain’t a secret, Naomi’s been eating her Booty O’s on the regular and even asking for seconds. Whether it’s on Total Divas or SmackDown Live, her curves are on full display. It’s hard to find a Diva with a better booty in truth.

All jokes aside, we couldn’t be happier with Naomi’s recent success inside of the squared circle. Naomi was struggling with her identity and the company finally decided to consider an idea she pitched years ago. Her 'feel the glow' persona finally passed with the WWE after numerous test trials. She’s now enjoying the success of her idea as the current Women’s Champion over on the land of opportunity, SmackDown Live.

Along with in-ring success has come some notable Total Divas moments from the beauty. This one in particular made our eyes bleed as Naomi worked the pole to perfection. That darn Jimmy Uso is one lucky son of a gun!

5 Bellas Chopping The Wood

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As we said before, the Bellas have provided us with countless moments on the show. This one however, was one of the very best as the duo put on a sexy pair of jeans along with just their bras as they chopped wood alongside their men (Daniel Bryan and John Cena). Bryan was certainly the weak link of the group but we’re sure most fans weren’t paying much attention to that as the Bellas stole the show with their outfits.

Nowadays, both of the twins are spending most of their time away from the WWE. Nikki is currently enjoying some time off working projects outside of the company. She was recently spotted at a charity event overseas alongside Will Smith which is quite the accomplishment. As for sister Brie, she patiently awaits the arrival of an overdue baby as she’s set to pop any day now. We truly believe both will return at some point in the future.

4 Fox In A Bikini

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Surreal to think that Alicia Fox has been in the WWE since 2006; to put things into perspective, she joined Ohio Valley Wrestling when signing a deal with the company. She spent a couple of years developing her talents, and she finally joined the main roster in 2008 after her FCW run.

Her in-ring success has been quite limited in the last couple of years which is a shame given her great talent. In addition, Fox is only 30 if you can believe, despite her wealth of experience being in the company for more than a decade.

However, she's had some decent success in other areas, like Total Divas, as she joined the initial cast in October of 2014. Total Divas has shown the viewers just how well liked and popular Alicia is amongst her peers. Not to mention that she's provided us with some smoking hot moments including this screenshot of when she was laying around in her bikini. It was a hot moment and one of the better screenshots from the show.

3 Nikki Gets Spanked

Really weird that as children we despised spankings but as we get older, we wouldn't mind seeing a smoking hot Diva take a gentle shot on the backside. That's exactly what took place in this screenshot as Nattie gives her buddy a gentle tap on her backside. As we've seen on countless episodes of Total Divas, Nikki Bella isn’t afraid to show skin whether it be rocking some serious cleavage or even, wearing some tight attire that exposes her booty. Nikki has a lot of pride when it comes to her booty, putting in lots of work in the gym. John has also helped her out in that regard, introducing her to a heavier style of training. Without a doubt, she's perfected the squat at this point.

Still only 33, we can expect to see Nikki's face quite often even if she's out of the company as a wrestler for the time being. Whether it be on social media or Total Divas, Nikki's face will continue to make the headlines for quite some time.

2 Rosa In The Buff

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As you can see from this list of screenshots, Nattie has been caught in the cross fires of some uncomfortable moments in several instances. This is yet another example of that as Rosa answered the door of her hotel room completely in the nude as the Total Divas cameras were rolling. It was an uncomfortable sight for Nattie, although the viewer didn't feel the same, as Rosa's nakedness was a welcomed sight. Obviously though, the image was blurred. Settle down folks, the WWE's a family company nowadays!

Quite clear that Rosa made a bigger impact on the reality show than in the actual in-ring product. Mendes was brought in as a guest in season 2, but would join the main cast for seasons 3 and 5. She's now living a quiet life in the Pittsburgh area raising her beautiful daughter, Jordan Elizabeth. As we stated earlier in the article, she announced her in-ring retirement recently as she's set her sights on becoming a full-time mom.

1 Nurse Nikki

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If a nurse always looked that good, most of us would be getting hurt on the regular. This particular episode of Total Divas showed us how lucky of a dude Cena really is outside of the ring as Bella rocked a stunning nurses outfit putting on a show for her man. Without a doubt, eyes bled watching this scene.

You're probably well aware by now, but in case you were living under a rock, Cena and Nikki are now happily engaged after John popped the question at this past WrestleMania. Nikki is currently planning out the engagement, which is no doubt set to make even more headlines. If you want to keep up with Nikki's everyday life, you can now do so by following her on YouTube. The Bellas Channel has received rave reviews, and the twins have already more than half a million subscribers, which is quite the accomplishment!

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