15 Hottest Redheads In Men's Favorite Industry

There's just something about red hair that gives women that exotic look that drives men crazy. There are many reasons why redheads seem to capture our attention, but one main reason would be the fact that they're so rare. In fact, redheads only account for about 2% of the world's population.

There are many other interesting facts about redheads like the fact that they're basically mutants since the recessive gene, MC1R, is considered a "genetic mutation." And let's not forget that there are different types of redheads, such as golden red, bright orange, and strawberry blonde, just to name a few.

In the past, redheads were considered soulless. During Hitler's reign, the Nazis went as far as banning marriage between two redheads since they were considered demonic and would produce demon offspring -- not a good time or place to be if you had red hair, obviously.

However, in today's society, redheads may be rare, but they aren't vilified like they used to be. Quite the opposite actually. Whether they're celebrities, public figures, or involved in other industries, redheads seem to get a lot of attention for their unique look. Society has not only embraced them but has also promoted their beauty to where it should be.

Indeed, redheads do stand out in a crowd, and for that reason, they're extremely popular. So it's no surprise that they have their own place in all facets of society, including the other industry.

So if you have a thing for redheads, you've come to the right place.

15 Audrey Hollander

'Hardcore' Audrey Hollander was born and raised in good old Kentucky, USA as Lindsay Gene Abston Brush. The natural redhead grew up in a strict, conservative family and had ambitions of becoming a school teacher after graduating from Loyola University in Chicago with a degree in Elementary Education. Fortunately for us, she ended up choosing another career path.

She married her future husband and business partner Otto Bauer in 2000 and got her start doing homemade movies with her partner before joining the industry full-time. She's done countless movies and has won numerous awards including the AVN Award for Female Performer of the Year in 2006.

After divorcing her husband in 2011, she took some time off from the business before eventually rejoining a year later. She now has her own website and continues to shoot movies as often as possible.

14 Sienna West

If you like them buxom and busty, Sienna is the girl for you. A beautiful redhead, fittingly from Orange County, California, she worked at Hooters before making her way into the business. Sienna's parents are actually from Uruguay and moved to Miami when she was only ten years old.

Not only did she work at Hooters, but she also did bikini competitions and was an erotic dancer at many of Los Angeles's hotspots. That's where she met people from the industry, which led to her transition to doing movies. She's done tons of different shoots for all the major players, and she's been nominated for countless awards -- a busty Latin redheaded beauty indeed.

13 Elizabeth Marxs

This sexy redhead model is probably best known for being Playboy's Cybergirl of the year in 2014. She's done modeling shoots for all the top magazines and websites including Hustler, Maxim, and FHM, to name a few.

The Texas beauty, who boasts an all-natural 34DD-25-35 frame, is also a social media star and loves posting her pictures on her Instagram account. What do you expect from someone who's a mix of Scottish, Native American, and Spanish ancestry? You've got to love the mixed blood, which produces such beautiful people. Elizabeth now lives in LA where she continues to model and shoot movies for everyone to enjoy.

12 Scarlett Pain

Probably the second best name on the list and one of the hottest. Again, no shortage of tiny, barely five foot, Californian girls as that's exactly what Scarlett is. Once a high school cheerleader and member of the choir, Scarlett is now fully tatted up and entrenched in the other industry.

You can find her almost anywhere, still using the school girl theme mixed with the bad girl theme and doing it to perfection. From pigtails to tattoos, Scarlett loves driving the boys wild. This is probably the reason why she's so popular. She's done shoots for all the big names in the industry and has been nominated and won countless awards, and she's still in her prime -- definitely one of the top redheads around.

11 Sophie Dee

This Welsh superstar has been in the business for quite a while now, winning countless awards and being mostly recognized for her impeccable breasts, which she had done in 2009. Sophie also has stunningly seductive eyes, which she's been complimented on throughout her career.

Although she's a natural redhead, she's had her hair dyed many times over the years, so it's no surprise that you would have trouble believing that she's actually a redhead since she's done so many shoots with different colored hair.

She got her start doing lap dances and stripping in Birmingham, England, before becoming a topless model. She made the move to the US in 2005 to start her career in the other industry and has been going strong ever since. Got to love her accent, too.

10 Janet Mason

Cougar alert! This Californian beauty has gained an immense following since her debut in 2000. She's mostly known for her MILF movies, as well as for all of her interracial scenes, and, of course, for her amazing figure, which she works hard to maintain.

Born in 1967, the now 50-year-old (and she doesn't look a day over 30) got her start when she made her own amateur website back in 1998. The website became so popular and Mrs. Mason enjoyed the work so much that she decided to join the bright lights of the industry and make it a full-time gig.

The savvy veteran is very comfortable behind the camera and knows just how to drive all the boys crazy, including her husband, who fully supports her career choice. It seems like Janet will be around for many more years to come.

9 Katja Kassin

This tiny little redhead bombshell was born in Leipzig, Germany and started out as a nude model at the tender age of 20 years old. After shooting her first movie in the other industry in 2002, she decided to make it a full-time job and moved to the United States in 2003.

The German didn't waste any time settling into her new profession, and in her first month in the business alone, she shot a mind-boggling 25 scenes. So it's no shock to anyone that she's now done over 700 films in her career and counting.

Katja continues to live in Los Angeles despite her failed marriage to fellow adult star Sledge Hammer and continues to make movies, which she's a natural at.

8 Justine Joli

Born in 1980 in St. Louis, Missouri as Seana Lynn Hawkins, Justine is another redhead who loves showing off for the camera. She also goes by other monikers such as Swan and Hope and enjoys changing her hair color to suit the appropriate character. By the way, it's much harder for redheads to change their hair color -- another redhead fact for you.

Joli began her career working almost exclusively in men's magazines and appeared in many issues of Penthouse and Hustler. She even featured on the cover of the March 2002 issue of Hustler and was the September 2007 Penthouse Pet of the Month. "Joli was named Penthouse Pet of the Year Runner-Up in the May Issue of Penthouse magazine," according to Wikipedia.

She's also admitted that she's very much bisexual and loves her girl-on-girl scenes.

7 Elle Alexandra

Time for another California girl, this time from Bakersfield, to be exact. Born as Ashley Bohannon, this redhead stunner is of mixed Irish and Cherokee Indian descent -- quite a combination as you can see.

Elle worked as a commercial print model in her younger years. She also finished as first runner-up in the 2007 Miss Teen Bakersfield Pageant contest, which was a beauty competition for locals. A couple of years later, she began her new career while she was still a teen.

Elle loves 'hardcore' scenes and has done tons of movies in her time behind the cameras. She still enjoys doing the modeling thing as well, only this time, she does it as an 'adult model.' If you haven't heard of Elle, we suggest you look her up. You won't regret it.

6 Kylee Strutt

This time, we move north of the border and welcome the Canadian beauty, Kylee Strutt, to the list. Born in British Columbia, this little 5'1 redhead vixen is a natural -- and we're not just talking about her hair, which is dyed anyways. Having 34DD implants doesn't hurt either.

To be honest, her career revolved around her enhanced breasts, which were the theme of many of her shoots during her brief time in the industry. She may have retired and settled down, but she's left her mark and has given us plenty to remember her by, especially that sexy red hair she enjoyed showing off, among other things, as previously mentioned.

5 Victoria Lynn

Time for some young blood as we introduce you to the former Penthouse Pet of the Month for February 2014, Ms. Victoria Lynn. At only 22 years of age, Victoria already has a lengthy and successful track record as a model. She's now transitioning into other parts of the industry as she looks diversify her portfolio, and ours, too.

At only 5'0 tall, she's what we would call a 'spinner.' Not only does she have the dirty red hair and sexy face, which is the reason for her prominent modeling career, but her 32D-22-32 all-natural body seems to be grabbing most of the attention lately. She'll go on to have many more years in the business, so expect to see a lot more of her for years to come.

4 Nikki Rhodes

Another petite 5'1 redhead and another model/actress that hails from California, Nikki Rhodes is no stranger to the cameras. And don't let the small frame fool you; she has a buxom, curvy frame to go with her red hair and good looks. Nikki is also very intelligent -- not to say the others aren't. According to her bio on IMDb, Nikki was "a straight-A student in grade school and was already attending college at age 15 and went to law school for two and a half years."

Brains and beauty! She started out in the business as a makeup artist before going behind the cameras where she's been nominated for numerous awards. She also does a lot of modeling gigs, which includes a shoot she did for Penthouse. Her various tattoos add another dimension to her sexiness.

3 Red Fox

Obviously the most appropriate name on the list. No, not that Red Fox, which is spelled 'Redd Foxx.' This Red Fox is from Ukraine and is a model with beautiful long red hair. For those who have a fetish for the redheads, this chick is for you. Not only does she have the sexy red tint, but the green eyes and the 5'8 frame with those long legs make her the full package. Red is a knockout.

Now that she's Stateside, you can find her in Cali doing her thing, which involves tons of modeling, obviously. She also has various social media accounts, just like all of the other girls, so she isn't hard to find. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other social media sites, these girls aren't hard to find. You've got to love the internet.

2 Heather Carolin

Yet another Californian knockout. What a State! Heather is of Irish and Scottish descent, which, by the way, constitutes a majority of the redheads in the world, or at least it used to. Ginger hair was even considered royalty in the past.

Anyways, back to Heather, who started her career at 19 when she became Playboy's Playmate of the Month for April 2002. She stayed with Playboy for several years doing photo shoots and videos before she finally transitioned to the other industry. She's become so popular that she's even been asked to do music videos for "Use Me" by Ryan Montana, "Remember" by Disturbed, and "Could It Be Any Harder" by the Calling.

1 Jayden Cole

Jayden has done it all. From photo shoots for popular magazines like Playboy and Penthouse, where she was the Penthouse Pet for the month of December 2009 to doing movies on the biggest cable channels like HBO and Cinemax, Jayden is a true professional. At 5'9 with gorgeous red hair, Jayden really stands out. That's probably why she's in such high demand.

Jayden is also a really good dancer and has performed all over the place starting in her teen years. This is what helped her get noticed and jump-started her career as a model and entertainer. You can find her almost everywhere hosting, being interviewed on radio shows, podcasts, iTunes and Playboy, or doing photo shoots, music videos, television, movies etc. etc..

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