15 Hottest Reality TV Stars That Burn Up Our Screens

Over the years, reality TV has really taken off. People just lap it up. We love seeing the supposed real-life goings on of some of our favorite cast members. A lot of these stars come into reality TV just being regular Joes and Jills, and because of their exposure and the fan following they get, their careers take off, and they can certainly be deemed to be celebrities, although a lot of people find that the "celebrity" tag that’s put on such people is pretty ridiculous. But there have also been plenty of already high-profile so-called celebrities who have wanted to get in on the act and attempt to carve out careers for themselves – or revive their careers – by getting into the action, by getting a piece of the now pretty massive reality TV pie.

Getting your own reality TV show used to be a big thing. It used to mean that you were someone, that you were pretty popular. This type of genre of TV has now expanded and includes quite a few definitions and subgenres, which has meant that now, such shows are popping up left, right, and centre. It seems as if there’s a new kind of show starting every other week, which is torture for those who think reality TV is a load of rubbish, but heaven for those who think otherwise.

One thing’s for sure, love it or hate it, you can’t deny that there have been some stunningly hot women who have graced our screens on reality TV shows. If you’re one of those who can’t stand reality TV, take a look at these beauties and they’re sure to convert you, or at least make you sit up and pay some interest when their shows are on. These are 15 of the hottest reality TV stars, some of whom are currently doing the whole reality TV thing, and others who have been there and done it and are now building upon the success and fame they achieved onscreen.

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15 Trishelle Cannatella


Trishelle Cannatella can pretty much attribute everything that’s come her way to her exposure on various reality TV shows, and the fact she’s stunningly beautiful of course. She’s seriously hot, which meant people took to her immediately and continued tuning in as she worked her way through the reality TV world.

Her first role was on MTV’s The Real World: Las Vegas, and from the success and fan following she achieved on that show, MTV saw fit to get her involved in many other projects. She’s also had a role in The Surreal Life, in reality game shows, and – something that made her fan following go through the roof - Playboy: Girls of Reality TV. Yes, Trishelle is also a Playboy model and has even posed nude for the lads’ mag.

This beauty’s been a tad quiet as of late. She has recently gotten married, and looks to be enjoying plenty of family time, but no doubt she’ll grace our screens on one reality TV show or other in the future.

14 Paris Hilton


Paris Hilton is one of those who people say is famous for being famous. That might be the case, but she craves the limelight, knows what people want, and is happy to oblige.

The heiress rose to fame essentially by splashing her family’s cash around. She got some help along the way and exposure from being a part of Donald Trump’s modelling agency – one of his models – started going out on the town to please the tabloids, and then, what some people may say was her big career move that propelled her even further into the limelight – appeared in a leaked sex tape. Her sex tape was supposedly leaked, but if it was, it couldn’t have happened at a better time – it coincided with the premiere of her reality TV series, The Simple Life, in which fans got to see Paris, well, essentially live what they’d deem to be the simple life, doing manual labor jobs and whatnot.

Whatever she was doing on that show, she still managed to look graceful doing it, not to mention incredibly hot. That was essentially the whole premise of the show – hot girls struggling as they attempted to work menial jobs – and it worked, as it ran for five seasons.

13 Stephanie Pratt


Here’s another American reality TV personality, but Stephanie has not only conquered the U.S. and their reality TV scene, she has made a success of things across the pond too, making a name for herself as a reality TV star in the U.K.

Her book, Made in Reality, sums up her life in the limelight beautifully. Stephanie Pratt made her foray into the world of reality TV as a twenty-year-old, when she started becoming a regular cast member on The Hills. In fact, her brother got in their first; Spencer Pratt rose to fame on that show, paving the way for Stephanie to eventually follow suit.

Then she began appearing on U.K. TV, in what’s essential the British equivalent of The Hills, Made in Chelsea. Her popularity surged when she began appearing on that show in 2013; the fans and the show just love her, and consequently she’s a still a cast member. As a result of her fan following in the U.K, she began getting more opportunities on British TV. Celebs Go Dating – a reality TV dating program – has been her latest venture, but before that she appeared on Celebrity Big Brother.

She’s one of the hottest TV personalities around and one of only a select few who have made a career out of being a reality TV star on different shores. Stephanie has been in the game for the last decade and no doubt we’ll be seeing a lot more of her on our TV screens. This is one woman who you can really label as being a reality TV queen.

12 Hilary Cruz

The beautiful Hilary Cruz has a pretty swanky name, and one that fits in perfectly with her lifestyle and career choices.

The brunette bombshell caught the eye of many during her teenage years, which is when she started competing in beauty and modeling contests and won the high-profile pageant Miss Teen USA 2007. It was a televised event, and one person that was certainly watching was Donald Trump – or at least those in his team. They definitely saw something they liked in Hilary – being super-hot was probably the major factor – and cast her in Trump’s newly-formed reality TV show, Pageant Place, which aired on MTV. Her stint on the show – although it only lasted for eight episodes and was cut after the one season – propelled Hilary to a new level of fame. She’s since appeared in a couple of music videos, has been a judge at Miss Teen USA 2016, and has started brushing shoulders with some big names in the entertainment industry, but she’s still waiting to get her big break in Hollywood and fulfill her dream of becoming an actress.

11 Ivanka Trump


Ok, so now Ivanka Trump is known around the world for other things, but aside from just being the president of the United States’ daughter, she’s also a pretty successful businesswoman, fashion model, author, and – what many people would have known her for before her dad was elected – a socialite, and former reality TV personality. She’s not in the same mould as someone like Paris Hilton for example, but she achieved plenty of fame from her time on TV nevertheless. Anyway, this article’s not about who’s achieved the most fame due to their reality TV exploits, it’s about the hottest reality TV stars, and Ivanka Trump certainly falls into this bracket.

Her first stint in reality TV was when she began appearing on The Apprentice by her dad’s side. She then had numerous other TV appearances, including another on reality TV, Project Runway Season 3, where she was a guest judge.

The blonde beauty’s undoubtedly the best looking in the Trump family, and certainly one of the hottest on reality TV.

10 Jillian Michaels

Now, if you fancy getting fit, losing some weight, and embarking on a health kick, who better to whip you into shape than celebrity personal trainer, Jillian Michaels? The star of the reality TV series The Biggest Loser, Jillian rose to superstardom on that show. She was known within celebrity circles beforehand, but that show gave her a whole new fan following. We got to see Jillian in her element, doing what she does best, and although it was an extremely tough show for the contestants being trained by Jillian, having her barking orders and motivating them must have made the gruelling weight loss journey that much more sweeter and manageable.

Jillian’s a shrewd businesswoman, and has used the exposure she’s gained from the show to pursue other ventures. The television personality and personal trainer was such a hit on the show that E! snapped up the deal to air her own reality TV series, Just Jillian, which premiered in 2016.

9 Kendra Wilkinson


Model Kendra Wilkinson was made famous due to her association with Hugh Hefner. Although she was never actually a Playboy Playmate, she was definitely one of Hugh’s – without meaning to sound sinister – favorite girls, and consequently, she got to grace the cover of Playboy, got numerous other modeling gigs, and gained an avenue into the world of reality TV. She was a cast member on the show The Girls Next Door which was produced by Hugh Hefner himself, and she gained such a fan following that she became a star of her own spin-off shows, Kendra and Kendra on Top, a show that’s still ongoing.

People just lap up Kendra, her family dynamic, crazy antics, her sizzling self, and her personality which seems to be tailor made for reality TV. She’s essentially grown up on reality TV, and has certainly established herself as one of the hottest and most-watched television personalities around.

8 Vanessa Simmons


Vanessa Simmons was famous before she began appearing on reality TV – some may say famous for being famous. Her dad, Joseph Simmons, is a rapper – and also incidentally a practicing minister – and his fame and accomplishments meant that all his offspring grew up in the limelight. They’re all actively involved in the music industry, and in reality TV. They are the focus of the show Run's House, which chronicles the goings on in the Simmons’ household. The show was a hit between 2005 and 2009 where it aired on MTV, and Vanessa emerged as one of the hottest and most loved cast members. So, when the show disbanded, Vanessa and her sister jumped straight back into the swing of things, and starred in the spin-off series Daddy's Girls, which gained a decent amount of success over its two seasons. Vanessa now earns her way appearing on various TV shows, making special appearances, and she’s also risen to become a prominent TV actress - all because of her stints on reality TV.

7 Lucy Watson


I’ve mentioned Stephanie Pratt and how she came along to British shores and took the U.K. reality TV world by storm by appearing on Made in Chelsea. Well, before she started appearing on the show, there was one cast member who was already the head-turner in the Royal borough, the woman that every woman wanted to be and every guy wanted to be with – and most did get to be with her – Lucy Watson. She’s absolutely stunning; if guys were asked who their perfect woman would be, it’d be Lucy, or at least someone like her. She’s got a stunningly toned physique, drop dead gorgeous looks, and is just – what many would rate to be – perfection. Add into that her sassy attitude, her hard outer shell with a gooey centre, and she’s just enthralling to watch on the show. She’s one of the primary reasons its ratings have gone through the roof.

6 Joanna Krupa

Model Joanna Krupa has used the fame she achieved strutting her stuff in modeling gigs and posing for the camera to branch out and make a success of things in the world of reality TV. She has appeared on reality TV shows such as Dancing with the Stars, Top Model, and The Real Housewives of Miami.

If you’ve got the looks and the personality to match, which Joanna certainly has, there’s always going to be opportunities to make it work on TV. Although Joanna has achieved the majority of her fame for being a reality TV star, she’s also acquired a pretty decent list of film and TV credits, appearing in TV shows and films since the early 2000s.

If you’ve ever seen Joanna – and if you haven’t it’s a sure bet that you’ll be keeping an eye out for her on TV after seeing her pic – you won’t find it a surprise that she’s managed to get to where she is today.

5 Nicole Richie

4 Kristin Cavallari

I’m sure that everyone would agree that Kristin Cavallari is absolutely stunning, one of the hottest women to have graced our TV screens. She’s now in the public eye mainly for her charity work and for being a doting mom and wife to hubby, Chicago Bears star Jay Cutler. But she rose to fame and started off her career in the entertainment industry when she was still in high school. She starred in the reality TV series, Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, and it was her love life that was one of the show’s central storylines. Then the reality TV opportunities began coming thick and fast. Kristin has since been a cast member of The Hills, Get the Party Started – which proved to be a major flop – and has had a number of minor roles in various different shows and movies. But now it appears as if she’s a full-time mom, although she’s still a favorite target for the paparazzi.

3 Erika Jayne

The blonde bombshell Erika Jayne always wanted to be a performer in some capacity, so during her teenage years, she went to L.A. in search of stardom and to make her dream a reality. She started her career at the age of 19, getting small roles on TV, and then the big opportunities started coming. She began doing what she had always wanted to do, singing, but also began establishing herself as an actress, not to mention an almighty TV personality.

In terms of her recent successes, aside from her music, she’s started making waves in the world of reality TV. She appeared in an episode of Tanked, but by far one of her top accomplishments has been as a cast member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She quickly became a fan favorite on the show due to her sassiness, fun and often provocative personality, and of course, the fact that she’s super hot. Erika’s just perfect for reality TV in every which way, and I’m sure fans can look forward to seeing her as a main housewife on the show for many seasons to come.

2 Brooke Hogan


Of course, the show, Hogan Knows Best, was primarily about the wrestling megastar and the all-American hero Hulk Hogan, but we got to see plenty of his family – his whole family dynamic – during the show, and one family member that rose into the limelight because of it was the Hulkster’s daughter, Brooke Hogan. She was only a teenager when the show first aired in 2005, but we got to see her blossom into a beautiful young woman over the next four seasons, and her popularity skyrocketed. It wasn’t just her looks that made her so popular. She personified that ditzy blonde persona, but fans still found that incredibly endearing. She was just a real down-to-earth girl, and her nature resulted in her emerging from the show as a top reality TV personality. As a result of her increasing level of stardom, when the show was discontinued, the VH1 network made Brooke the centre of her own show, Brooke Knows Best, and from that moment on, her career in the entertainment industry’s just gone from strength to strength.

1 Kim Kardashian


Having Kim Kardashian, the queen of reality TV and one of the people who helped popularize the concept of reality TV, at the helm of this list was a no-brainer. She’s a reality TV, and now all-round TV, personality megastar and is one of only a few who have managed to sustain their level of fame on reality TV – hers has actually increased – for around a decade, since the hit show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians first aired way back in 2007.

Now, before a lot of you start wondering, why aren’t Kourtney, Khloé, Kendall, Kylie, Kris and other personalities from the show on this list? I hear you, but for the sake of variety I made the decision to include one person from the show on this list, otherwise the entire article would just be comprised of Kardashians, Jenners, and other people from their lives on the show. You may have your preferences, but Kim K’s regarded to be one of the hottest celebs – celebs in general, not just TV stars – in the world and has, in a way, revolutionized reality TV and what it means to be a reality TV star and public figure.

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