15 Hottest Power Ranger Characters You Never Noticed As Kids

We've gone through and selected the cream of the crop.

When Mighty Morphin Power Rangers first came out, no one had any illusions about what the show was. If you were kids watching it, it was never about the acting or the special effects, it was just a bunch of teens kicking ace and setting the world right. Life was simpler then. We didn't understand production value; we didn't go looking for plot holes. If we did, we would have hated Power Rangers. We watched the show because it was entertaining. Yet, like many children's shows, there was something else that we, as kids, missed in all the various Power Rangers shows. We never fully recognized how big of a role sex appeal played in the show. Sure, we all had our own crushes on certain characters, but through the years, Power Rangers featured a huge number of especially hot characters. For the most part, the women on the show were scantily clad in as little fabric as possible or squeezed into skin tight leather outfits. It was glorious. Even the monsters were given sexy outfits to play with our young and forming minds. So now we're looking back at the highlight reel and we've realized just how incredible it was.

When we go through all the hottest female characters from Power Rangers, we came to fully grasp just how sexy this show was. Every season there was at least three or four really attractive women, both Rangers and villains. Some of these women were brought back and reused, often switching to the good guys to give the character a whole new look. So we've gone through and selected the cream of the crop. We looked at both the beautiful faces and those whose sex appeal was enhanced by ridiculously revealing outfits. In the end, we arrived with a list so hot that it will surely surprise everyone, except for maybe the true diehard Power Rangers fans who probably have these character's posters on their basement bedroom walls. Either way, here are the 15 Hottest Power Ranger Characters You Never Noticed as Kids.

15 Rita Repulsa II

The original Rita Repulsa, the one that many of us are more familiar with, was actually just reused footage of the Witch Bandora from the original Japanese series Zyuranger. That version of Rita was portrayed by Machiko Soga, with the screeching English voice dubbed in by Barbara Goodson. Though Soga was amazing in the role, there was a noticeable improvement in Rita's looks when the character came back during the second season. The voice remained the same, but Rita had gotten a facelift, now played by the markedly more attractive Carla Perez. Though Rita looked nice in her normal outfit, we got a glimpse of what she would look like in human clothes during one of the season finales, and we liked what we saw. Rita was all flirty and cute as a human and we all forgave her past misdeeds immediately. Compared to many on this list, Rita might not seem like she stacks up, but she gets extra points because she's the original villain.

14 Camille

Camille is one of those villains whose sexy quality is difficult to discern because she's always scowling. She's also much better looking as a villain than as an ally of the Power Rangers. As a villain in Power Rangers Jungle Fury, Camille was second in command to Dai Shi and was a pretty good challenge for the Rangers. When Dai Shi takes over Jarrod's body, Camille becomes sexually attracted to him, which makes for some spicy interactions between the two. We may not rank Camille as highly as many fans do because she has a tendency to look really great in one scene and completely average the next. Though she dropped a bit because of this, she still deserves to make the list and she certainly is one of the hottest Power Rangers villains.

13 Dulcea

Easily the best part of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, Dulcea was the breathtaking beauty that came out looking fine as hell in that green nature bikini thing. Not to say that her face wasn't attractive, because it was, but the majority of the appeal for Dulcea was in her outfit and her body. Wearing that getup for the entire time, it was hard not to focus on Dulcea's body. She looked amazing. The actress who looked so good in that outfit was Gabrielle Fitzpatrick. Early on in filming, Fitzpatrick got sick, so Mariska Hartigay was brought in to film the scenes. Eventually Fitzpatrick came back and they reshot the Hartigay scenes, but we're left with some great stills of a young Hartigay looking pretty sexy herself. Of all the outfits in Power Rangers, Dulcea's might be the sexiest. She works out.

12 Lily Chilman

Lily Chilman was the gorgeous Yellow Ranger in Power Rangers: Jungle Fury and has become one of the more memorable actresses from the show. We don't recognize Chilman purely because she was so hot as the Yellow Ranger; Anna Hutchison, the actress playing Lilly, went on to have a pretty good acting career post-Rangers, appearing in Spartacus: War of the Damned and Cabin in the Woods. If you ever watched either of those shows, you'll remember Hutchison. Oh, you'll remember her alright. Even though in Power Rangers, Lily was always the nice and sweet one, we know that in her later roles she is able to play the dominant sexy woman very convincingly. There's a chance we're retrofitting her more recent work into this past role a bit, but who cares? Look at her. She's gorgeous.

11 Marah

Marah was one of the nieces of Lothor, the main villain in Power Rangers Ninja Storm. She and her sister, Kapri (who doesn’t make this list because Marah is much hotter), were the comic relief in this series, playing ditzy and brainless henchmen for the most part. Marah is not really all that evil and even ends up in a weird relationship with one of the good guys. Though her outfit for the majority of the show is silly and distracting, Marah has plenty of moments when she's dressed normally and we get to see how attractive she really is. It's no wonder Dustin falls in love with her, with those big eyes and pouty lips. After Marah and her sister join the Wind Ninja Academy, Marah says that she's uncomfortable in the ninja outfits because they make her butt look too big, but we disagree, Marah. We disagree.

10 Trakeena

Trakeena is the villainous daughter of Scorpius and the main villain in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. She would also appear in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, but she was played by a less hot actress. The original Trakeena was played by Amy Miller who is heart-stoppingly sexy. Like some of the other hot villains on the show, Trakeena knew she was sexy and talked about it all the time. She even stole the beauty from all the women on an entire planet because she was jealous they were prettier than her, Evil Queen style. Trakeena had a dominatrix thing about her, which might have made her even more attractive. This insect-themed beauty was even hot when she morphed into a bug, which is pretty impressive.

9 Sydney

If you gave up on Power Rangers after the few couple of seasons, you might not have known that the show started recruiting some seriously attractive women to play the roles of the Rangers and villains. In Power Rangers S.P.D., for example, Alycia Purrott was brought in to play Sydney, the Pink Ranger. Just in case you can't tell from the photo, Sydney was stupidly hot. In the show, Sydney knew she was hot and went to great lengths to ensure she always looked good. She did and we always appreciated it. She was a little bit sassy and has a tiny bitchy resting face, but she is one of the best-looking women in the show's history, and a great contribution to the sexy legacy of the Pink Ranger.

8 Tenaya 7

Starring in Power Rangers RPM, Tenaya 7 was one of hottest villains we ever saw in any of the Power Ranger shows. Played by Adelaide Kane, Tenaya 7 was bad then good then bad then good, but always hot. She has an Eliza Dushku thing going for her, which is another way of saying dark and mysterious and attractive. Even though she spent most of her time straight-faced or snarling, Tenaya 7 had a sex appeal that didn't quit. Her skin-tight outfit really brought out her personality in the best possible way. During many of the fights, Tenaya would bring her visor down, which covered too much of her beautiful face, but her outfit made sure fans were always happy. Turns out that Tenaya 7 was Dillon the Black Ranger's long lost sister if you cared at all for her plot significance.

7 Katherine Hillard

Katherine Hillard is best known for being the second incarnation of the Pink Ranger. Like many of the Pink Rangers, Kat was really attractive. She was so attractive that the show kept finding new ways of keeping her on. She was evil then good, then weirdly turned into a child, then good again and adult-aged again. She was then brought in in the Turbo series, which no one complained about because she looked incredible during those years, and then she came back again in Super Megaforce. All in all, Kat was one of the longest serving Power Rangers and a true fan favorite. The actress Catherine Sutherland is an Australian who did go on to do some other work, but being the hot Pink Ranger will always be her claim to fame.

6 Summer

If you weren’t watching Power Rangers up until Power Rangers RPM and you're anything like us and love iZombie, you might be surprised to learn that Rose McIver was once the Yellow Ranger named Summer. Obviously, being that Summer was played by McIver, she was stunning. Summer started off as a spoiled and bratty character, but she was soon turned into the love interest for a couple of different male Rangers. With Summer's run as the Yellow Ranger, she helped beef up the costume's status, adding her name to the leaderboards as one of the hottest women to ever don the Yellow Ranger's leather, which, as you'll see, is a great list to be on.

5 Kimberly

Kimberly is the true OG on this list. The first Pink Ranger and the first hottie on the show. Played by Amy Jo Johnson, Kimberly had the sweet, girl next door thing on lockdown. She may not be as hot compared to some of the models they got on the show in the later years, but Kimberly was always a fan favorite. Besides, compared to her co-stars in the early years, Kimberly was a rocket. Kimberly and Tommy, the Green Ranger, had an on-again off-again relationship on the show, which allowed her to play the love interest, something fans were dying to see. Jo Johnson would go on to have pretty good career in acting, showing up in Saved by the Bell: The New Class, Felicity, Flashpoint and a number of guest starring roles in huge TV shows.

4 Divatox

Divatox was the sexy main villain in Power Rangers: Turbo. At first, Divatox was played by Hilary Shepard Turner in Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, wearing one of the most revealing outfits in the show's history. This beautiful pirate queen and her incredible cleavage gave fans a whole new appreciation for the wardrobe people for the Power Rangers, though the outfit was dramatically toned down for the show. Shepard Turner went on maternity after signing on for the Turbo season, so she was temporarily replaced by Carol Hoyt, who wasn't as convincing in the part. One of the best things about Divatox is that she knew she was hot and would play it up as often as she could. Well, she was right. Divatox went down in the history books right away as one of the sexiest villains, even though her face was partially covered. That just goes to show you how amazing her outfit really was.

3 Kira Ford

Kira was the Yellow Ranger in the Power Rangers Dino Thunder season. Kira's a punk that has an attitude like no other, but her hotness is unmistakeable. Sadly, Kira's legendary sex appeal is a victim of circumstance. If it wasn’t for our next entries, Kira would not only be remembered as the hottest ever Yellow Ranger, but she would have been the hottest character in Power Rangers history. The actress, Emma Lahana, would only go on to have some small roles in a few different shows, until she landed a part on Hellcats as one of the sexy cheerleaders. In Power Rangers, Kira's style and bangs sometimes covered up how hot she really was, but we weren’t fooled. She's number three of all-time.

2 Astronema

Astronema, the primary antagonist in Power Rangers in Space is the one that most fans point to when they think of super hot supervillains from Power Rangers. Astronema changed her hair quite often throughout the show, but she never took a day off from being sexy. Ok, fine, the bang-less redhead look was a bit nasty, but every other look was incredible. She took turns being a villain and a Power Ranger as well, which was a good decision by the show because she was too much of a fan favorite to let walk away. Going by her birth name, Karone, Astronema was also one of the hottest Power Rangers, choosing skin tight black leather as her go-to outfit. She didn't look so bad in that Pink Ranger outfit either. Played by the gorgeous Melody Perkins, Astronema comes in at number two of all-time on our list of hottest Power Ranger characters.

1 Maya

Maya played the Yellow Ranger in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and she made an otherwise forgettable part impossible not to remember because of how hot she is. The actress, Cerina Vincent, is used to playing the hot girl in film and TV. In fact, that's really all she's played. She was the sexy and mostly naked foreign exchange student in Not Another Teen Movie and the eye candy in Cabin Fever. Of all the actresses to get a part on Power Rangers, Vincent is easily the hottest. In truth, she's one of the hottest women on the planet, so it's not really that fair. On the show, they tried to contain her sexiness a bit, but they couldn't restrain it completely. While the fight scenes were usually the best parts of Power Rangers, we all groaned every time Maya was covered up. She alone made Power Rangers Lost Galaxy worth watching for everyone, young and old.

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