15 Hottest Plus Size Models Who Should Never Get Any Smaller

Long gone are the days when the modeling industry only praised size zero models. People’s perspectives have changed a lot and with that, they have accepted the fact that being a plus size model is actually awesome. However, there are people who still criticize plus size models. There are many plus size models all around the world who are very successful today. They follow famous models like Melinda Parrish and Ashley Graham to inspire themselves. Saying that these plus size, sensational and beautiful models have made so many women love their body by creating positive thoughts in one’s mind through social media wouldn’t be wrong.

It is not like plus size models are creatures from another planet. They are models just like any other model. In fact, some of the plus size models are more valued today than slim ones. However, being a plus size model is not a piece of cake. They have to go through a lot but the way they ignore criticism and stay strong is truly inspiring. You need to love your body even if everyone tells you to make changes. It is a long yet fruitful struggle. Read below to get to know more about the hottest plus size models who should never get slim.


15 Robyn Lawley

The 27-year-old is famous for her modeling skills as well as her outspoken personality. The Sydney-born beauty has appeared on the covers of different famous magazines like Cosmopolitan, and In Style Australia. In 2015, she became the first plus size model named Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition’s Rookie of the year.

Recently, she showed her rage about the Kardashians and the image they promote to the public. She said, “I am so sick of the Kardashians. I am so sick of all that Barbie doll bullsh*t. You have got to empower your mind.” She mentioned that all she wants is diversity.

Additionally, the Aussie model is sick of hearing negative things about being a plus size model. Lawley is not only a successful plus size model but a feminist, a photographer, a designer, and a mother who loves her body and hopes for a positive change in the modeling industry regarding diversity.

14 Jessica Vander Leahy


Jessica Vander Leahy, the hot plus size model comes from Australia, is a successful model with a plus size body who loves her look and tells every woman that it is time to be kinder to your body. Jessica is a model as well as the founder of “Project WomanKIND,” a web series that is all about exposing the real you and loving your flaws. She's famous for celebrating diversity since 2006.

Jessie and her Aussie model friends (Stefania Ferrario, Olivia Langdon, Sophie Sheppard, and Margaret Macpherson) undressed themselves for “Project WomanKIND.” The website was created to encourage positive conversation about a woman’s body, to love her curvy-imperfect figure. In an interview, Leahy said, “It started with an Instagram post which grew into a mini web-series, and then a series of essays and today it’s moved into advocacy for certain issues. PWK is still growing and deciding what it wants to be, and I want it to do so. The bottom line is it will always be a positive place for women to come when they need a little insight and inspiration.”

13 Kaela Humphries

Speaking of the Kardashians, here's one model who was briefly related to them! In the beginning of her modeling career, Kaela was known as the sister of Kris Humphries, the basketball player who was once married to Kim Kardashian. However, she is now famous as one of the hottest plus size models in the world. No doubt, this hottie gained success after a lot of hard work, not because of a certain famous family.

The size 16 model has worked with many famous brands and magazines like Ford, Richie Rich, and Evans.

12 Tess Holliday


Tess Holliday is a size-22 model who’s changed the meaning of “supermodel.” The mother of one took the fashion world by storm and made them redefine what it was to be a plus size model.

If you don’t know then let me tell you that she was bullied so badly, she had to drop out of school. According to a report, Tess is the first plus size model of her height and size. Moreover, she is in the list of world’s top plus size models. She has a gorgeous face with a hot curvy figure which has broken the stereotypes.

She is currently working with many famous magazines and brands.

11 Whitney Thompson

The hot and sexy plus size model, Whitney Lee Thompson was born in the United States. She first hit the scene after becoming the winner of the tenth cycle of America’s Next Top Model, the show famously created (and hosted) by supermodel Tyra Banks. Whit is also famous for appearing on the cover of Jacksonville Magazine, among other publications.

Moreover, she is represented by Elite Model Management, Wilhelmnia Models, Milk Models, and OKAY Models. She also owns a restaurant and living a happy life with her husband, Ian Forrester.

10 Barbie Ferreira


The young, cute, and super sexy Barbie was born on December 14, 1996. The 20-year old, Barbie Linhares Ferreira has got sexy looks by birth and confidence from her mother. She is one of the most famous, outspoken and curvy models in the world today.

This size 12, talented woman has been the face of many brands like Misguided, Target, Mango, Lane Bryant, and Aerie. American Eagle is the campaign that gave her the most popularity. The famous plus size model believes in the mantra, “Be yourself.” In the last month of 2016, she posted a photo on Instagram, celebrating her stretch marks. She wrote, “Mi lil stripes are out here. Noticing how cute my body can be despite lil changes!” I must say she is courageous enough to show her real and flawed self in a world where most people desire to be perfect.

It is important to note that this little girl has big dreams for herself. She has dreamed of becoming a successful actress since she was a kid. Well, we hope that all of your dreams come true!

9 Saffi Karina

The 30-year-old is a British plus size model who is famous for having a hot body and great modeling skills. The gorgeous Saffi lives in Wandsworth, London. This hottie is also an actress and TV presenter who works internationally. She has worked in many advertising campaigns such as Debenhams, Marks & Spencer, Speedo and John Lewis.

Saffi was dropped by her agency because she started gaining weight and refused to diet. But her plus size body did not stop her from achieving success in the modeling industry. In 2013, she launched a curve project in London for plus size women who dream of becoming a model.


8 Jennie Runk


The beautiful and super hot Jennie has been working in the modeling industry since she was 13. Miss size 16 has appeared in many look-books and campaigns for Lane Bryant, H&M, and Marina Rinaldi. You must know that she is the first plus size woman to appear in H&M’s swimwear catalogues.

Runk has a perfectly curvy body, long auburn hair, a statuesque figure, ocean blue eyes, and a charming smile. When she was a kid, people used to tell her “You should be a model,” because of her beautiful looks and perfect body.

At the age of 13, she was discovered by a local model scouting duo, Mary and Jeff Clarke of Mother Model Management. At that time, she did not have a plus size body, she chose for it to be this way. In a world where most of the women are crazy about having a slim and sexy body, Runk decided to gain weight. Hats off to your courage!

7 Katya Zharkova

The top Russian model was born on 30 October, 1981. She is a talented model as well as a great actress, TV show host, and TV producer. And guess what? She still managed to complete her PhD despite her busy schedule.

The size 12 hottie takes care of her physique but not in a “I-want-to-lose-weight” way but to stay healthy and active. The beautiful blonde has appeared on the cover of Cosmo, showed off her flexibility for Fitness magazine, and hosted many popular TV shows. The list does not end here, as she has even demonstrated an incredible flexibility on Dancing with the Stars in Russia.

As reported, Katya had a rough childhood because she always had to keep moving with her family from one region to another as her father was a military officer. Katya’s mother is a former photographer so this is how she started dreaming about becoming a model. After a lot of hard work, she was finally recognized by Cosmopolitan’s editor-in-chief. In November 2006, she became the first plus size model to appear in Cosmopolitan Russia. In the past, she did a nude photoshoot with a slogan, “What’s wrong with our bodies anyway?” The multi-talented woman was supported by many, but there were people who criticized not only her body but other plus size models as well. But this did not stop her! She is still working to make women love their bodies without changing anything about them.

6 Denise Bidot


The Miami-born beauty is a successful plus size model who is proud of herself. Denise Bidot, 30, has done lots of work in the modeling industry. The work of this hot curvy model has made her a leading figure for women of all sizes. She has worked with many brands such as Forever 21, Levi’s Jeans, Target, Macy’s, Lane Bryant, Nordstrom, and Old Navy.

The mother of an 8-year-old daughter, she's currently represented by MILK Management in the UK and Muse Models in New York City. In 2014, Bidot became the first plus size model to walk multiple runways during New York Fashion Week.

While working with Target, she proudly showed off her stretch marks and cellulite. She stated, “I am proud of my stretch marks. For so long in my life, I thought those were things I needed to hide or things that made me imperfect, and I came to realize that those are the qualities that made me unique.”

Denise is a body activist who wants women to love themselves just the way they are. “It is about time we reprogram the way women think, and it is important to push that toward women who need to understand that beauty is not one-sided,” Denise said in an interview.

5 Rayna Salcido Alvarez

One more plus size model who should never get slim is Rayna Salcido Alvarez. The beautiful Californian model has been in the modeling industry since 2006. There is no doubt that Rayna is a hard working person who has worked with many famous brands. Some of her clients include: Leg Avenue, Domino Dollhouse, Skorch Magazine, Unique Vintage Clothing, Plus Model Magazine, Torrid, Sealed with a Kiss Designs, and Youtheary Khmer Clothing.

Like the other plus size beauties on this list, Rayna is a model who doesn't listen to the haters, and who loves her body and profession.

4 Tara Lynn


The hot American model is from Seattle, Washington. She is a well-known personality in the modeling industry because of her perfect curves and modeling skills. The size 14/16 model broke into a thin-obsessed industry as the face of H&M’s “Big is Beautiful” campaign. Tara has appeared on the covers of many magazines which is a great achievement for a plus size model. In 2010, she made an appearance on the cover of Elle France’s plus size fashion shoot. Later in June 2011, she appeared on the cover of Vogue Italia. She has also been recognized by Elle Quebec, Time magazine, and Glamour. After appearing on the cover of Elle Spain in 2013, she made a confession. She confessed that it is hard to make clothes look great on big women. As expected, there were many negative reactions to her confession, especially coming from a plus size woman. Poor Tara should have thought before saying something controversial.

3 Hayley Herms

Saying that Hayley Herms can pull off anything and everything wouldn’t be wrong. The 21-year-old is a plus size model, singer, actress, writer, and entrepreneur. There is no doubting that Hayley has a dynamic, bright, and awesome personality.

Hayley highly believes that one should not go with the flow, but should create their own flow. She has been a dreamer since birth. At the age of 12, she knew what she wanted and she kept working hard to achieve what she has today. Saying “working hard” is easy but nothing fell into her lap, the beautiful woman went through one hell of a time to get what she has achieved.

The size 18 has been turning heads both in the fashion and music industry. Her passion for modeling has made her one of the most famous models around the globe today. She can look chic as well as attractive and hot without being skinny. We hope that you will achieve everything you have ever wanted, Hayley!

2 Ashley Graham


The voluptuous plus size model and entrepreneur was born in Lincoln, Nebraska. The name of this hot American model is on everybody’s lips right now. Ashley Graham is well-known for showing off her sensational curves and beautiful body in lingerie and swimsuit shoots. Undoubtedly, her curvy body is a work of art.

Ashley Graham is climbing the ladder of success very fast and there is still so much to achieve. At the age of 13, she signed a contract with an international modeling agency. The 29-year-old has been on the covers of Elle Quebec, Cosmopolitan, SELF, Maxim, and Style Magazine. But wait, it doesn't end there! She has been featured even in the Shape issues for Vogue, Elle UK, and Harper’s Bazaar.

In February 2015, she starred in #CurvesinBikinis which made her the very first size 14 model to appear in an ad in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit edition. In Feb 2016, she became the rookie for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit and also landed one of three covers of the magazine. Moreover, Glamour named her “Woman of the Year” in November 2016. In December 2016, Ashley was named one of the “25 Most Intriguing People of the Year.” It seems like 2016 was her year, doesn’t it? In fact, she was recently named one of Time's 2017 “Most Influential People in the World.” Additionally, she has hosted international events such as Miss USA 2016 and Miss Universe 2017

1 Melinda Parrish

Undoubtedly, Melinda Parrish is one of the hottest and most valued plus size models in the world today. However, her achievements did not just fall into her lap, she actually worked hard to reach this stage in her life. She is a talented woman and it is not only about her modeling skills. Melinda is also a lifelong athlete, former Naval officer, writer and body positivity advocate who is a size 14 and 210 lbs.

Melinda is on a mission to make you love your body. She says “I am a plus size model who wants you to love your body harder than ever before.” In 2016, the famous model shared her weight loss struggles and diet in a Facebook Live video. However, when she tried to “boost” her post to get more viewers, Facebook rejected it. On this, she said, “My goal was just to open up and reveal some of what I have gone through personally and create a dialogue.”

Parrish was just trying to share a positive message with other plus size women. She was confused when Facebook rejected her request to boost her post. It is important to note that the response which Parrish received was totally overwhelming. Eventually, Facebook boosted her post.

The international plus size model is taking on the industry on several fronts. In past two years, she has worked with well-known brands like Slink Jeans, Lane Bryant, Gwynnie Bee, JC Penney, Danskin, and Lisa Aviva. Moreover, she has made appearances in Plus Model Magazine, and Curva Magazine.

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