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15 Hottest Pictures Of Blake Lively You Have To See

15 Hottest Pictures Of Blake Lively You Have To See

Blake Lively is one of the hottest celebrities alive right now. She got our attention with her role on the hit television show Gossip Girl, and since then she has been heating it up even more. Everything about her just oozes sex appeal. Her beautiful blonde hair is wavy and thick, cascading down past her chest like a golden waterfall. Her eyes are a piercing blue that’s cold, striking, and almost intimidating, and yet at the same time the color is strangely welcoming. Her lips are soft and sensuous and it is a joy to watch them move as she speaks during her many movies and television show roles. It’s no wonder that she’s an actor! Her breasts have been flaunted and paraded around on almost every television show or movie she’s been in, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why. Her cleavage is so glorious that even if the movie she’s in is bad, people will buy tickets just to see her amazing bust. Her legs seem to go on forever, stretching downwards to the floor in a tight bundle of wiry muscle. Although she has many other amazing features, her legs are what her fans go wild for.

It’s not hard to find hot pictures of this goddess. Almost every single picture ever taken of Blake Lively is hot. There’s also a small army of die-hard fans who spend their time looking for the hottest pictures of this actress, posting the best ones all over the internet. There’s also the fact that Blake herself makes no effort to hide her amazing body, and she often wears the tiniest, tightest, and shortest dresses out to big events. In addition, the paparazzi are always trying to catch her in her most revealing moments, and sometimes they strike gold. Enough talking – here are the hottest pictures of Blake Lively you will ever see.

15. Her Rolling Stone Photoshoot


Back in 2009, people were just beginning to discover how hot Blake Lively could be when they started tuning in to Gossip Girl. And if that didn’t get their attention, this Rolling Stone photoshoot definitely did. At the end of the day, everyone knew who Blake Lively was, and just how much of a goddess she really was. The shoot features Blake Lively and Leighton Meester getting down and dirty with each other, and the shoot has some blatant and obvious sexual vibes. Leighton sucks on Blake’s thumb in an extremely suggestive manner, and then they break out the ice cream. Is there anything hotter than watching two young and beautiful actresses share an ice cream cone, seductively licking their treat while staring into the camera? I can’t think of anything hotter, personally. This photoshoot definitely went down in history as one of Blake Lively’s hottest moments ever.

14. That “Savages” Scene


In 2012, a movie starring Blake Lively called Savages came out. It was directed by Oliver Stone, and featured stars such as John Travolta and Benicio Del Toro. It’s a story about the drug trade in Mexico, and it received average reviews. But none of that matters, because the real reason this movie matter is because it contains a juicy sex scene with our favorite young actress, Blake Lively. The scene features her and two other actors having a threesome in a hot tub, and it certainly got people talking. She was shared by Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson in the steamy scene, and although it looked hot as hell on camera, the actors reveal that it was very awkward to act out. “I was just glad it was over with, to be honest. It’s very awkward to do, to be honest,” said Taylor Kitsch. The scene went down as one of Blake Lively’s hottest on-camera scenes ever, and it made headlines around the world.

13. The Breastfeeding Incident


Fans of Blake Lively were treated to a very special gift after she posted a picture of herself breastfeeding on her Instagram page. The photo went viral after it was posted back in 2015. The actress had just given birth to her 6-month old daughter, James. The caption added to the photo reads, “The PERKS of breastfeeding.” She’s long been known to add wacky captions to her Instagram pictures, but could it be that she’s suggesting that she enjoys breastfeeding? There are a lot of women who admit that the act is actually pleasurable for them. Around that time, the actress spoke about feeling fulfilled now that she was a mother, saying, “It’s not having it all; it’s about doing it all, but it’s dangerous to dilute that to a catchphrase… Having it all could be having a happy, healthy family, and you could be a mom who stays at home, and that is the most admirable thing you could do. Or it could be having a profession that you really believe in, and not having a family, and doing what fulfills you.”

12. The Famous Jimmy Fallon Interview


Blake Lively is famous for showing off almost every inch of her legs with her short dresses, and those legs were fully on display when she visited Jimmy Fallon on the set of his talk show. The interview happened back in 2012, and it certainly got a lot of people talking. Right from the beginning, it was clear that her dress was way too small. She was also shifting around in her seat constantly, causing her dress to ride up further and further, revealing more and more of her long legs in the process. She was caught trying to pull her dress down on more than one occasion during the interview, but these efforts were mostly in vain. This interview became so famously sexy that Amy Schumer even made fun of Blake in a Comedy Central sketch much later, in which she is purposely showing off her legs and flirting with the talk show host. Schumer expertly captured just how flirty Blake Lively was.

11. Her Wardrobe Malfunction,_2009/blake_lively_upskirts_09.html


Blake Lively has had a ton of wardrobe malfunctions over the years, but this was probably her best. These photos were taken back in 2014 when Blake was getting into her Lexus convertible in Los Angeles. You’ve really got to hand it to the paparazzi here, they did a great job of capturing the exact moment when Blake’s skirt flew up all the way past her waist when she got into the car. It looks like she’s not even wearing pants as she sits down into the car. I guess that’s the price of wearing such short skirts! Another funny moment happened before she got into the car, as she seems to be showing an unidentified woman part of her skirt. In order to show her the skirt, she had to lift it up, showing off her amazing legs. What exactly was wrong with the skirt? There have been many rumors, with some even suggesting it was a semen stain. Whatever it was, it’s clear that the skirt seems to not want to stay down!

9. Her MQ Bikini Photoshoot


Sometimes Blake Lively’s hottest pictures are when she’s actually trying to show off her body, not when some paparazzi hiding in the bushes sees something they’re not supposed to. Such was the case when Blake did an unforgettable photoshoot for MQ Bikini. The “MQ” stands for “Men’s Quarterly,” and men definitely took notice when Blake graced the pages of this magazine wearing a tight and extremely revealing swimsuit. Some people say bikinis are much sexier than traditional “one-piece” bathing suits, but pictures like these prove that one-pieces can be just as sexy. Her long legs are fully on display in these pictures, and the deep, plunging neckline of this swimsuit also does a great job of fully showing off Blake Lively’s gorgeous cleavage. This shoot captured so many sides of Blake Lively. On one side, it shows her classy look; the prim and proper swimsuit looks very respectable and beautiful at the same time. On another hand, it shows off her playful side, as it looks like Blake just wants to play around on the beach. And finally, it definitely shows her sexy side in a subtle and amazing way.

8. The Braless Baseball Game


Blake Lively looked like she was bored at this baseball game, but we are anything but disinterested when we look at these pictures. The reason is blatant and obvious – it is quite apparent that Blake forgot to wear a bra that day. Either that or she just didn’t feel like wearing one. More and more young women are saying no to the bra, preferring to “free the nipple.” It looks like Blake is on board with this movement, and this is a great thing. In all honesty, it looks like Blake just got out of bed. Her hair is a mess, and it looks like she threw on all of her clothes in a rush. Despite her unpolished look, she looks hotter now than she ever has. Her hair might be a bit of a mess, but it’s actually very sexy that way. She was spotted with her co-star from Gossip Girl Penn Badgley, and he got front row seats to this nipple show.

7. Vogue Magazine


The pictures from Blake’s 2010 Vogue photoshoot are mouth-watering. There’s just no other way to put it. This is Blake Lively at her hottest. She’s wearing a tiny dress that just barely covers her, her hair is swept back in a messy but hot way, and her cleavage is looking glorious. One can get lost staring into this picture, dropping slowly from her face to her chest, and finally the long, twisting labyrinth of her legs. The photoshoot was “surf-themed,” and the other pictures featured Blake in bikinis and getting in the water. That’s why her hair has that “wet” look. Her body looks firm and toned, and she’s obviously been working out. This is because these pictures were taken just after Blake was involved in The Green Lantern alongside Ryan Reynolds (now her husband). To get ready for this role, in which she played a superhero, she had to get her body into tip top shape. And that makes this time in her life the prime moment for such a sexy photoshoot.

6. The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee – Part One


The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee was a 2009 movie that was directed by Rebecca Miller, and featured some of Blake Lively’s hottest and sexiest scenes ever. Blake plays the role of Pippa in a series of flashbacks to her youth. She discovers her mother is taking amphetamines, which causes her to move in with her aunt and her lesbian lover. Pippa later gets caught filming erotic videos with her aunt’s lesbian lover, and is thrown out of the apartment. Then, she hooks up with a man 30 years her senior after becoming addicted to drugs. The two become romantically involved and Pippa later has children with this man. The much older man and Pippa (Blake) have a steamy sex scene in the movie during which Blake gets fully nude. You won’t find many other pictures that show her completely naked like this!

5. The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee – Part Two


Due to the nature of this film, the footage is a gold mine for those looking for hot pictures of Blake Lively. As you can see, her character Pippa gets very adventurous during her life. In this scene, she is dressed in a skimpy outfit that leaves very little to the imagination. Her gorgeous long legs are flaunted in her tiny, frilly skirt. This scene was one that took place at Pippa’s lesbian aunt’s apartment, and this was definitely one of the hottest scenes out of the whole movie. Speaking about the movie, Blake said, “Everybody is uncomfortable with those scenes. You’re never going to be comfortable being half-naked in front of anyone. But, it was fine. It was a short scene. For me, it’s more uncomfortable to watch it. It’s like, ‘Oh, no, all these people are seeing me like this!'” She also went on to say, “Well, I think it’s uncomfortable, laying in strategically placed clothes that are taped on your body, in front of some strangers. That’s always uncomfortable.”

4. The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee – Part Three


I wasn’t lying when I said The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee was a goldmine for Blake Lively hotness. Looking at these images makes one want to immediately start watching this film. Some of the more kinky scenes from this movie take place at Pippa’s aunt’s house, where she meets her aunt’s lesbian lover. She gets convinced to take part in a series of erotic lesbian photoshoots, and as you can see, things get very naughty. Pippa, Blake’s character, gets handcuffed and wears a very skimpy outfit. She also is put across the knees of her dominant lesbian friend, who starts spanking her with some kind of paddle. Blake admits she had lots of fun during this scene, saying, “All of it was fun. It was fun to scream and cry and push my mother. It was fun to crawl around in Lederhosen and have Julianne Moore ask me to meow and spank me, as odd as that seems. Here I was thinking, ‘I finally have the most respectable job of my life, and I’m getting spanked and being asked to meow.’ It was a little bit of an oxymoron.”

3. Bikini Body


Blake Lively has an undeniably hot body, and it looks flawless in a tiny bikini. The actress is very familiar with wearing bikinis, as she grew up in sunny Los Angeles. As a young child, she spent a lot of time on the beach, and she loves her home state of California. Although she spent a lot of time on the beach, she only surfed once while growing up. Later, when she was cast in 2016’s The Shallows, she had to learn to surf to play the role. She must have worked very hard to learn as much as she can, because in the movie she seems like a pro. She did use a stunt double, but that was only for the wider scenes, and Blake really did surf in a lot of the takes. These pictures just show how good she looks in a bikini. It’s tight, tiny, and shows off as much Blake Lively as possible – just the way we like it.

2. Elle Magazine


Another one of Blake Lively’s hottest photoshoots was the one she did with Elle Magazine. She’s actually appeared in the magazine numerous times, but this was perhaps her hottest appearance on the famed magazine’s pages. Once again, the focal points of this image are those long, amazingly sexy legs, and we really can say that they are fully on display in this case. She wears a hot red “onesie” that looks like something she’d wear around the house when no one else is home. Her hair also has that messy but sexy look, like she’s just hopped out of a long, steamy shower. Although she may seem like an innocent, obedient housewife in this photo, she’s actually quite dominant around the house, as her husband Ryan Reynolds found out. He tried to steal one of her cupcakes during a video interview she was doing with Vogue, and she jokingly threatened to kill him.

1. Caught


The last picture we have of Blake Lively has to go down as one of the best pictures ever taken by any paparazzi, ever. This photographer, who surely deserves a gold medal for his prestigious contribution to the world of journalism, captured this amazing moment during Blake’s vacation in Mexico. This was back in the day when she was dating Gossip Girl co-star Penn Badgley, and the two got awfully physical, even when they were out in public. Penn grabs a handful of Blake’s butt while the two are making out, and we can only imagine how amazing that must have felt. Speaking about his relationship with Blake, Penn said, “Obviously, there’s chemistry there. She’s a great girl.” From where I’m standing, that seems like a bit of an understatement! There was a series of other photos that were snapped while these two thespians enjoyed their trip to Cancun, and they included more make out sessions, as well as splashing and playing in the water.

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