15 Hottest Pics Of Trump Girls (And Chelsea Clinton)

To add to the lunacy of this presidential race, perhaps one the most ridiculous races in all of history, we are going to throw in an article on hot presidential children. In this case, that would be n

To add to the lunacy of this presidential race, perhaps one the most ridiculous races in all of history, we are going to throw in an article on hot presidential children. In this case, that would be none other than Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton. Indeed, we recognize the hypocrisy in condemning Donald Trump for his sexist actions while titling this article “15 Hottest Pictures of Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton". But they are much more than a piece of, well, you know, in the words of Donald Trump.

These are two wildly successful women; while one went on to pursue higher education, the other built her own empire on an already existing one. These women have advocated for a variety of issues, from the burden of student loans to the opioid epidemic to paid maternity leave. Both are exemplary women in their own right. Even in the wake of #GrabYourWallets, and the boycott of Ivanka Trump’s clothing line, we have to give them credit for their part in the future of America when they could have chosen to not have a role at all. Melania Trump, for example, has been largely uninvolved in the presidential race. And with that, we present to you the 15 hottest pictures of Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton.

15 Ivanka's Most Popular Picture


14 Friends


Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump are both powerful women in their own right and naturally, were acquaintances and even friends in the past. Campaigning for similar things, the two are hot in their own way and extremely relevant at the moment. Even after Chelsea Clinton questioned Ivanka’s father’s importance on equality, Ivanka insisted that the two are still friends, saying, “Why has it been rough?! I still consider her a very close friend, and she considers me as well. We have a great relationship.” Clinton shares similar sentiments, saying, "We were friends long before this election, and we will be friends long after this election." She also added that, "Our friendship didn't start in politics, it's certainly not going to end because of politics. I have tremendous respect for Ivanka. I love her family," she added. "She's a working mom, like I [am]. We have so much more in common than we have disagreement about."

13 The Secret Trump Daughter


With so much attention on Ivanka Trump, it wouldn’t be fair to leave out her younger, half-sister, Tiffany Trump. She receives little to no press and appears to have somewhat of a distant relationship with her father, although she has been present at all debates. To recall, the 22-year-old Tiffany is the daughter of Marla Maples and Donald Trump, Marla being the woman Donald had an affair with and then went on to briefly marry. Tiffany recently graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and is pursuing a music career.

12 A Sneaky Peek


11 The Missus

Look at that body, girl. Right? Mr. Donald Trump is a lucky man. To clarify, this is Melania Trump, America’s potential but highly unlikely first lady. You may not know too much about Mrs. Trump because she has maintained somewhat of a low profile during her husband’s run (you know, aside from that time when she plagiarized Michelle Obama’s speech). She has been very reluctant to participate in the presidential run, saying in the past that “I chose not to go into politics and policy. Those policies are my husband’s job.” She has most recently come under fire for continuing to support Donald Trump despite the serious sexual assault allegations against him.

10 You Can't Go Wrong With Lingerie


9 Pocket Pool


8 Your Potential FLOTUS


And to think that this isn’t even the sexiest picture of Melanie Trump, the potential First Lady. Indeed, she would be the only first lady to ever pose nude (which she did for a French men’s magazine along with another model, in bed, three years prior to meeting Trump). Of course, because Melania posing nude is all we really care about, she also posed nude for GQ Magazine in 2000. In the most symbolically ironic photo she is seen handcuffed to a briefcase while on one of Trump’s private planes. Keyword here being handcuffed. We do have to pity Melania Trump, who has endured a lot of public humiliation during her husband’s presidential run. But the fact that she continues to stand by him in the wake of the sexual assault allegations is problematic for many.

7 Ivanka Does It All


In the same way that Chelsea Clinton has come under attack for her parenting, Ivanka Trump has also experienced something similar things by the media. It was up until very recently that the press had been very kind to Ivanka. That was until she was interviewed by Cosmopolitan Magazine, where she was asked a question about a comment her father had made in 2004, particularly that pregnant women were an “inconvenience” and why Trump’s childcare plan doesn’t include fathers. While Ivanka ended the interview early, at some point she insisted that Donald was “a great advocate for women in the workplace.”

6 A Powerful Woman


5 Chelsea In A Bikini. Why not?


4 Chelsea Takes It Off


You won’t see Chelsea Clinton bearing a lot more skin than this (usually she’s very conservative, wearing mainly suits), but there is always a certain appeal in modesty. In this picture, where Clinton is on the cover of Elle Magazine, she takes a bit more than usual off. In the interview, which came out in May 2015, Elle described Clinton as “thoughtful and candid. She talked about a variety of topics in the interview, but among the most interesting might have been the fact that she was the one who convinced Bill Clinton to change his stance on gay marriage.

3 Ivanka Built An Empire

via:Digital Spy Forums

We get to see all of Ivanka in this one, all the while in a tight black dress. Of course, the picture is dark which perfectly reflects Ivanka's increasingly troubled brand, but we will get to that.

2 A Woman's Advocate


We have included this entry in opposition to the media (and others) who have criticized Clinton for missing her child’s first day of Kindergarten, an article originally published by The Daily Mail. This picture is symbolically beautiful: a powerful woman holding her first born child, showing that she can do it all. She graduated with an undergraduate degree from Stanford University before moving on to Columbia University for a master’s degree. She then completed her doctorate degree from Oxford University in the subject area of global governance structures. Clinton, while a former NBC reporter, now works for the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative. Yet the media has attacked her recently for missing her child’s first day of Kindergarten, which isn’t at all relevant to the campaign. It has since been labelled “mother shaming.” Clinton was actually away campaigning in North Carolina. Interestingly, the article also mentioned that Hillary was also absent because she had pneumonia while there was no mention of where Bill Clinton was.

1 A Smokeshow


Coming in at the number one spot, we have Ivanka Trump looking like a total smokeshow without seeming like she’s even trying. Indeed, this picture perfectly reflects Ivanka’s own branded image of a woman who can do it all. She can make it home to tuck her children into bed every night while still being a productive, career-driven woman. Her lifestyle brand, Women Who Work, is based on this very exact image.

Indeed, Ivanka looks as pretty as ever. Say what you want about Trump, but you can’t say that she doesn’t work hard. On her schedule, she said, “I wake up probably at 5 a.m. most mornings, and I try to get ready, get everything I need to do to start the day before the kids wake up at 6:30 or 7.” She went on to say that “We have breakfast together as a family, which is something that I very much treasure, then it’s off to school, then to the races in the office," she said. “Then I come home in the evenings, which is a huge priority for me to be there for dinner and bedtime. Because I’m leaving early to be there for that time during the course of the day, I’m working to one, two o’clock in the morning after they go to sleep.”

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15 Hottest Pics Of Trump Girls (And Chelsea Clinton)