15 Hottest Pics Of Stacy Keibler Showing Off Her Legs

She’s more than just a pretty face with a pair of breathtaking legs.

The beautiful Stacy Keibler has legs that literally go for days. Her gorgeous legs resulted in some calling her “The legs of WWE” and “The Weapon of Mass Seduction”. Her legs are so stunning that they could probably bring world peace and stop wars. There is nothing that Stacy Keibler can’t do. She is a model, actress, cheerleader, dancer, former WWE and WCW wrestler and all around superstar. However, she is best known for having the most impressive legs in Hollywood. Her gorgeous legs are an incredible 41 inches long and she stands at 5 foot 11. Her legs are so valuable that she even had them insured. Her incredible beauty and phenomenal legs often draw her a lot of attention.

Stacy started her career with minor acting roles and small modelling gigs. Later, she became a cheerleader and eventually ended up working in professional wrestling. Her career continued to skyrocket with an impressive showing on the reality series Dancing with the Stars. Her success resulted in more work in film, television and modeling gigs. Additionally, her personal and dating life has received a considerable amount of attention. Regardless of her great accomplishments in her career everything always comes back to those beautiful stems. Her legs have broken hearts and left the world speechless. She’s more than just a pretty face with a pair of breathtaking legs.

15 Late Night Legs

In this pic, Stacy Keibler shows off her stunning legs in this short black dress. The picture is from an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in 2013. She wears a gorgeous black dress that highlights her phenomenal legs that go for days. There is a good chance that nobody even noticed Jimmy Fallon during this interview. Stacy isn’t just a pair of beautiful legs and a pretty face. In fact, she attended Towson University on a partial scholarship where she had a 3.7 GPA. Around this time she received minor modeling gigs and landed small roles in the films Liberty Heights and Pecker. At the age of 18 she became a cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens of the NFL. One can only assume that during this interview Jimmy Fallon may have had a difficult time focusing.

14 Dancing Machine

In this pic, Stacy wears a very simple outfit that still highlights her amazing legs. She wears a green top with short jean shorts. She walks the red carpet at an event sponsored by Maxim and Molson. She likely made heads turn and had all eyes on her as she struts her stuff. Her gorgeous legs are once again on display for the world to see. In addition to being smart, beautiful and having legs that go for days she is best known for her incredible dancing skills. At the age of 3, Stacy joined the Jean Kettell Studio of Dance and took lessons in ballet, jazz and tap. She also started modeling by the age of 6. These skills have served her well throughout her career. She often incorporated her dancing into several of her wrestling characters. It also helps that she has unbelievably long and athletic gams. She likely had everyone buzzing at this event as she showed off her incredible legs.

13 Million Dollar Legs

Stacy leaves her fans in a love daze as she poses on this motorcycle. She shows off her phenomenal legs in a short-striped skirt while she sits on the bike. Stacy looks so hot in this picture that she might actually melt the motorcycle. She puts a lot of effort and work into maintaining her stunning stems. She uses the method of dry skin brushing to keep her legs looking perfect. She scrubs her legs with a body brush to remove all the dead skin. It helps with cell renewal, blood circulation and releases dangerous toxins from the body. Additionally, she had her gorgeous and very valuable legs insured. She’s never revealed how much they’re insured for but rumours suggest her legs are insured for several millions of dollars. She noted that it was a long and difficult process to have her legs insured. She had to fill out a large amount of paper work and felt like she was buying a home. She said about the process, "I feel like it's as hard as buying a house. Like, you have to get a loan for your body."

12 Short Shorts

Who wears short shorts? Stacy Keibler wears short shorts. In this pic, the gorgeous Stacy struts her stuff in short black and white shorts. Her incredibly long legs are on display for everyone to drool over. Stacy started to watch wrestling in the late 90s because of her then boyfriend. At the time the now defunct WCW was one of the top wrestling organizations in the world. Their flagship show Monday Nitro, featured a dance troupe known as the Nitro Girls. In 1999, WCW held a competition to find the newest member of the Nitro Girls. Stacy beat 300 other girls to win a spot with the Nitro Girls and $10,000. She initially went by the name Skye and could be seen every Monday. It was also the first glimpse the world got of her unbelievably long and beautiful legs. As she struts her stuff in this picture she certainly turns heads and leaves her fans in a daze.

11 International Legs

During Stacy’s time in wrestling she was one of the tallest women in WCW and WWE. Her long and gorgeous legs served her well in the world of wrestling. In late 1999, WCW decided to break the Nitro Girls up and started to incorporate them into storylines. Many of the girls were unhappy about this but Stacy jumped at the opportunity. Her name was changed from Skye to Miss Hancock and she became the manager of Standards & Practices. She was often seen wearing a short black business attire. Her trademark was to jump on the announcer’s table and dance seductively. Later, she started going by her real name and was the manager for David Flair. During that time one of the more infamous storylines she participated in revolved around her getting pregnant. Rumours suggest the David Flair’s father Ric Flair was going to be revealed as the father of Stacy’s child but the storyline was dropped. In this pic, Stacy looks incredibly beautiful while showing off her gorgeous legs in a black dress while she attends an event at the Toronto International Film Festival.

10 Late Night Legs II

Here Stacy Keibler appeared as a guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. This time she rocks a pink dress while showing off her beautiful and stunning legs. Stacy has a strict diet that she generally sticks too. She usually avoids eating dairy, gluten and sugar. She focuses on getting lots of protein and eating vegetables. After giving birth she slightly changed up her diet and mostly eats organic food. For her breakfast she would eat raw oatmeal with raspberry leaf tea and for a snack would have an avocado or mango with sea salt, pepper and raw olive oil. Her lunches usually consisted of Mediterranean salad while her dinner would consist of bison stew or chicken stir-fry. For other snacks she generally sticks to seaweed wraps, hummus and baked apples. It should come as no surprise that it takes a great amount of work to have legs that stunning.

9 Love and Legs

Stacy Keibler’s legs look like an 18-year-old teenage boy drew them. Sometimes they just seem unreal. However, her legs are very real and very beautiful. In this picture, Stacy shows off her impressive legs in short black shorts. She looks beautiful as always and likely broke some hearts that night. Stacy is clearly beautiful and has dated some of the best-known celebs. During her time in WCW, Stacy dated the son of iconic wrestler “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, David Flair. During her WWE stint, she had an on screen and off screen relationship with Andrew “Test” Martin. Later, she dated actor Geoff Stults. However, her most high profile and talked about relationship was with actor George Clooney. Stacy and George dated from July 2011 to July 2013. George Clooney is an Academy Award winning actor and filmmaker. He has appeared in several critically and commercially acclaimed films, including Three Kings, Syriana and Gravity. Stacy is now married to Future Ads CEO Jared Pobre and they have one child together.

8 Workout Plan

Here Stacy shows off that her legs aren’t just stunning but also long and athletic. She was born with these beautiful legs but it still takes a lot of work to maintain them. In this pic, she wears her workout attire and boxing gloves while she shows off her impressive flexibility. Prior to giving birth, she would do an intense 18-minute workout plan that was created by her then personal trainer, Juliet Kaska. This workout focused on core, strength and cardio exercises. Stacy gave birth to her daughter Ava Grace Pobre in 2014. After giving birth she used a full body, low impact workout created by her personal trainer Nonna Gleyzer. This workout incorporated unique workouts, including ballet arms, trapeze pull-up and side ups. This workout combined with eating healthy helped her get back in shape after giving birth. It’s no wonder that her stunning and incredible legs always look so phenomenal.

7 Stealing The Spotlight

In this pic, Stacy rocks a black dress at the 2011 Spike Video Game Awards. Her stunning legs shine through, stealing the spotlight from everyone else. In 2006, Stacy officially retired from professional wrestling. She decided to purse other opportunities and endeavours in her career. She’s continued to model but also moved on to a television career. In 2007 to 2008, she appeared in several TV series, such as October Road, What About Brian and The Comebacks. She also guest starred in an episode of George Lopez around that same time. In 2010, she guest starred in the 100th episode of How I Met Your Mother, “Girls Versus Suits”. She played the “hot bartender” that Barney Stinson was chasing after. She also appeared in the 2001 film Bubble Boy. In 2013, she hosted the reality competition cooking series Supermarket Superstar on Lifetime. Additionally, she guest starred in numerous TV series, including Blue Mountain State, Chuck and Psych. Stacy’s stunning legs leave her fans feeling light headed and endlessly drooling.

6 Stacy and Torrie

This is a bonus pic because not only does it feature Stacy Keibler, but also the beautiful Torrie Wilson. Stacy shows off her gorgeous legs while posing with her best friend Torrie. Torrie is equally as beautiful and stunning as Stacy. They pose on a motorcycle while both show off their stunning legs. Stacy and Torrie both came over to the WWE together after working for WCW. In their first pay per view match they formed a team to face Trish Stratus and Lita. They feuded from time to time on screen but off screen were close friends. They were roommates for a while when both were living in Los Angeles. Additionally, they’ve vacationed together in places such as Italy and Cabo. They were even seen together attending a Met Gala after-party. They were once spotted going on a jog together in Lake Como. They’ve managed to remain good friends after all these years.

5 Legs of the WWE

In this pic, Stacy Keibler makes her WWE debut wearing black shorts showing off her beautiful legs. The son of WWE owner Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, escorts the smoking hot Stacy into the ring to cause some chaos. From the look on Shane’s face he clearly knows Stacy is the hottest woman he’s ever linked arms with. In 2001, the WWE bought its competition WCW and Stacy was one of the few wrestlers that had their contracts purchased by WWE. She occasionally wrestled with her most high profile match at WrestleMania XX. That night she formed a team with Miss Jackie to face Torrie Wilson and Sable in a tag team evening gown match. She also worked as a manager and managed several WWE stars, including Test, The Dudley Boyz and Scott Stenier. She was also an executive assistant to Vince McMahon in storyline. The final team she managed was the superhero duo of Rosey and The Hurricane. During that time she went by the name Super Stacy. She left the WWE on very good terms to pursue other ventures.

4 She’s Got Legs, And She Knows How To Use Them

There have been several memorable songs written about beautiful legs, such as ZZ Top’s “Legs”, Rolling Stones' “Shake Your Hips” and Rod Stewart’s “Hot Legs”. Surprisingly, none of these songs are about Stacy Keibler’s stunning legs. Two of the songs were recorded before she was born and one when she was very young. However, all these songs apply to the gorgeous Stacy Keibler. In fact, Kid Rock performed a cover of ZZ Top’s “Legs” that she used as her entrance music in the WWE. In this pic, she leaves her fans speechless and breathless as she shows off her stunning legs. She wears a beautiful gray dress that puts her gorgeous stems on display. She looks smoking hot in this picture while her incredible beauty and stunning gams draws all the attention in the room. It’s actually a bit of a surprise that no songs have been written about her gorgeous legs. However, one can assume that her stunning stems will serve as inspiration for a song about legs some day.

3 Hottest Legs

In this pic, Stacy Keibler poses on the red carpet for a Maxim event. She turned heads and left the photographers begging for more as she shows off her stunning legs. She wears a short, little peach dress that highlights her exceptional gams. Stacy Keibler is made to be a model and has been very successful at it. She has appeared in several popular men’s magazines, such as Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, FHM and Maxim. She has appeared on the cover of Maxim on two separate occasions and is often ranked in their Hot 100 list. Her highest ranking was back in 2008 when she placed at number 5 on the Hot 100. Additionally, she’s appeared in FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women list. She was invited by Playboy to pose nude in their magazine twice but turned down the offer. Between 2005 and 2006 she served as the Fitness Editor for Stuff magazine. She both wrote and modeled for her own column, Getting Fit with Stacy Keibler.

2 Dancing With The Stars

Stacy Keibler participated in the second season of the reality dance competition series, Dancing With the Stars. It was the first time that such a large audience got to see her incredible beauty and stunning legs. In this pic, she fiercely competes while showing off her long and athletic stems. She was a dominant force during the season with many fans and critics predicting she would win. Her dance partner was Tony Dovolani, and together they received four perfect scores. In week 5, she got a perfect score of 30 for her samba dance. It was after this show-stealing performance that judge Bruno Tonioli nicknamed her “the weapon of mass seduction.” Shockingly, she was eliminated in the final episode and ended up placing third while Drew Lachey won the competition. She might not have won but appearing on Dancing With the Stars gave her a massive amount of exposure.

1 Weapon of Mass Seduction

Staring at this picture for too long can cause dizziness, loss of speech, endless drool and falling in love. Here Stacy shows off her stunning legs in a gold dress. Her incredible beauty and phenomenal legs manage to make this dress look smoking hot. Not only are her gorgeous legs on display but she also flashes her beautiful smile that is lighting up the room. Stacy has been exceptional in all of her career endeavours. She’s had a successful career as a dancer, model and wrestler. She also expanded her career into film and television. In this pic, her beautiful legs are the center of attention while she enjoys a night out. There is a good chance that she broke many hearts that night. Her stunning legs are just the beginning of her many amazing qualities that make her one of the hottest and most beautiful women in the world.

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15 Hottest Pics Of Stacy Keibler Showing Off Her Legs